Home Alone Ch. 02

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Her heart beat faster as she heard his foot steps approach; her insecurity almost took over and panicked her into covering up. She steeled herself and tried to look relaxed and sexy for him, she knew his eyes would automatically go to her fur lined pussy which was facing the doorway from between her wide open thighs.

When the look of shock on Dan’s face turned to a wide grin she finally relaxed.

“Wow” he said while rubbing his cock through his pants. “What are you doing?” he asked, knowing it was a dumb question.

“Watching TV” she replied.

He glanced at the TV and saw a guy getting a blow job. That’s it? Just watching TV?”

“And fantasizing about a daytime lover” she purred as she ran her finger the length of her sultry slit.

“Wow” he said again, inflating her ego.

The outline of his aroused cock was now quite apparent through his pants, which also emboldened her. “Why don’t you take that thing out and bring it over here” she taunted. “Maybe you’d like some of that” she said, motioning to the guy getting blown on TV.”

He did better than take it out; he slipped out of his pants and underwear, she’d never seen his cock look so stiff or point straight up like that before. As he approached her his boner bounced with every step.

He walked his craving cock right into her mouth, after all the fantasizing it felt good to have a real cock in her mouth.

Her pleasure bud ruled once again, banishing any inhibitions and beguiling her with reminiscences of prior pleasures which she once again lusted for.

While sucking his cock her hand went automatically to her steamy beaver, she dipped a finger in to lubricate it, then rimmed his asshole tauntingly with it before sliding it in and finger fucking him. He groaned loudly and instinctively moved his hips to and fro, she relaxed her mouth and remained motionless, letting him fuck her face.

After several minutes he suddenly pulled his glistening cock from her mouth. “I don’t want to come yet” he said hoarsely “I want to fuck you.” She hadn’t heard those words bursa escort from him in a long time; just the thought of getting fucked had her salivating. “Oh yeah, and I want to get fucked” she replied provocatively.

She slowly fingered her clit while she spoke. He stepped backwards to get a good look at her. “I’ve never seen you like this” he said, his cock pulsating and looking like it was about to go off. “It must be your daytime lover.” “How many times did he make you come” he asked..

“Three or maybe four” she answered brazenly.

” Mmmm” he mused “did he fuck you?”

“Yes, after I came all over his face” she teased.”

“Does your daytime lover have a name?”

She realized he was getting off on their conversation so she decided to take the lead. “Yes, his name is James.” “Do you want to know what happened between James and me before you came home?”

“Oh yes” he drooled, while stroking himself.

“James came here this afternoon, we talked for awhile but we couldn’t deny the sexual tension between us, we both knew what we wanted.” “He’s really a shy man but he found the courage to put his hand on my breast, I didn’t resist.” “He got bolder, so I let him kiss me.” “I could feel his cock poke me between my legs when he held me close.” “He started to undress me in our hallway, I didn’t stop him.” “When he had me naked he went down on me and ate my pussy so well that he made me cum.” “Up to then he was doing everything and I wanted to please him so I took him by the hand and brought him down here.” “I told him to relax and I began to undress him.” “When he was naked I kissed him and gripped his hard on, which was big and hard, then I went down on him and sucked that beautiful big cock.” “While I was blowing him I fingered myself and came again.” “While he was fucking me I came two more times.”

Dan looked as though she was torturing him, his face was contorted, and his cock looked like a steel rod. “And right now I’m ready to get fucked again, and I want you to fuck me like James did. “Oh, I’m so close, she said as she touched her bursa escort bayan clit, “all of this dirty talk has got me so horny, please fuck me.”

A look of pure lust came over his face. He had enough conversation; he came at her cock first. He positioned himself between her open legs and then draped his body over hers. They locked lips and his cock found the opening to her greasy gap all by itself.

She threw her legs over his back, “fuck me” she demanded. He thrust his cock deep into her yearning pit. “Oh yeah” she moaned.

He picked up the pace “oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me” she groaned while cumming all over his thrusting cock.

He squeezed her tit and hungrily sucked her nipple.

She wondered who this horny man, fucking her, was. Her husband rarely fucked her before, being content with a quick blow job, and usually leaving her frustrated. Now he was on top of her fucking her like a stud, his cock harder and bigger than ever, filling her pussy and lasting so long. She surmised that it had to be the teasing and dirty talk, which, she discovered, got her hotter than a pistol as well.

But right now none of that mattered because those luscious sensations were welling up in her again. With every thrust forward his pelvic bone made contact with her still enlarged clit.

She decided to see how far he was willing to go with her daytime lover game while savoring another orgasm.

“Oh, you’re fucking me so nice” she groaned into his ear “and you can fuck for soooo long.” “You already made me cum, you naughty man, make me cum again.”

He started fucking her harder. “That’s it, fuck me hard, make me cum again James.”

Her words seemed to unleash the animal in him. His cock turned into a piston, relentlessly pounding her receptive pussy. It wasn’t long before she was squeezing him tight between her thighs and cumming hard again.

“Oh James, I’m cumming all over your big, beautiful cock.

She felt his body stiffen and his cock throb inside her, erupting, shooting load after load of hot sperm deep inside her.

“Oh escort bursa James, I feel your cock pulsating inside me, cum baby cum.” He let out one final groan, almost a yell, and then collapsed on top of her, their sweat covered bodies clinging to each other’s.

“I think you like playing games” she said when their breathing finally got back to normal.

“Tell me the truth, babe, how many times did you cum today?” he asked her.

“Six, so far” she giggled.

“Where has this hot, horny woman been all my life?” he asked.

“Asleep, inside of me, waiting for James to bring her out” she replied “It appears that James has discovered a hot, horny man inside of you too” she added.

“What ever it is, I love it” he said. “Is he coming back any time soon?” he asked.

“Whenever I feel like having James over I’ll call you and you can come and watch him fuck me” she said.

She felt his cock begin to stir and touch her pussy lips. “Is that you James?” she kidded.

She called him at work regularly over the following weeks, to inform him that James had been there and had left her naked, wet and still horny. Only once, because of an important meeting, did he not respond by rushing home and having her tell him what James had done to her before fucking her himself.

One day she was really horny and planning to call him at work when she wondered how he would react to a real daytime lover. The more she thought about it the hornier she got. They had a mutual friend who couldn’t keep his eyes off her when they were together.

Her husband often joked that Marc was horny for her and how he’d like watch them go at it.

She would have had a hard time saying no to Marc herself, he got her wet with his eyes and he had a great body.

She thought that something might have developed between the three of them if their sex life hadn’t gone off the tracks when husband got a promotion at work and became a workaholic.

She wondered how she could entice Marc to her place and see if the same attraction existed between them. She nervously fumbled with a book of personal telephone numbers. She was in luck his home number as well as his number at work was there. Just the idea of calling him had her hands trembling and her pussy moist and tingling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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