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Synopsis: My name is Howard. I work heavy construction jobs on bridges, tunnels, and industrial plants. As I recuperate at home from a construction site accident that left my legs badly injured, my next door neighbor Sarah helps me in many ways. I in turn am helping her with her knowledge and experience of sex. She is a fast learner.

Sarah visits me almost every day when her husband is at work. We enjoy all types of sex, but she seems to be obsessed with taking it up the ass. I don’t mind at all, I am happy to help her satisfy her curiousity and her desire.

My big, heavy casts have been removed, and replaced with smaller and lighter versions, which has made my life much better. I can move around freely now, and I am not confined to the wheelchair anymore. I am still a month or two away from returning to work.

Even with her appetite and my stamina, we can’t have sex all of the time. One afternoon while we were casually web-surfing, we came across a site that advertised supplements that increase semen production. Ingredients like L-Arginine, Zinc, something from Pomegranate, and a long list of herbal stuff.

Sarah said, “I think I will get you some of this, as a little present from me.” She took out her credit card and placed her order, with my address for shipping. I said, “Are you sure this is a present for me, or is it for you?” She just smiled and said, “Make sure you take it every day as recommended!”

The package arrived a couple of days later, and I dutifully started taking the capsules every morning. I didn’t see Sarah until the next Monday. She said her husband had been complaining that she hadn’t been keeping up with the laundry, and their apartment was a mess. I could understand that, because she had been spending almost every day with me.

Around 11:00AM on Monday she let herself in, and said “Hi!” while she started to strip. When she was naked, she climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, with her butt right at the edge of the bed.

She said, “No need for any foreplay, just whip it out, shove it up my ass, and fuck me until you come!”

“Aren’t you the romantic one” I replied, pulling my shorts off over my casts. My cock was already growing stiff, and I stepped up behind her and touched it to her anus. She had become used to taking it up the ass without any artificial lube. I had stretched her asshole permanently during the weeks we have been seeing each other.

I was careful, nevertheless, and I pushed it in slowly so as not to hurt her. She held perfectly still, with her eyes closed, obviously enjoying the feeling of being penetrated. I put my hands on her hips and held her tight, and fucked her with long, steady strokes.

I felt my orgasm building, so I pushed all the way in and she gave a little grunt as the last half-inch went in. Stretched or not, my cock was as much as she could possibly take up her asshole.

I didn’t intend to, but I let out a wild animal sound as I started to come. Her eyes opened wide with amazement as spurt after spurt of hot cum squirted into her.

“My canlı bahis God!” she said, “That stuff really works! It felt like you were giving me an enema!” When I finally caught my breath I answered, “Yeah. But keep it in you. Don’t let it out like an enema.”

We rested for a while in each others arms, but then she hopped up and said, “I have to run. I am meeting a new friend for lunch.”

“Oh, really?” I replied sarcastically.

“It’s not like that, silly! Jennifer is my new friend. She just moved in to the apartment two doors down from mine. We have so much in common, we talk about everything. “

“I suppose that includes talking about us?”

She looked embarrassed as she said, “Well, when two women get together they do talk about sex, you know. Men think we are so full of shame we would never admit anything. That is definitely not true!”

“In fact, Jennifer has said she would like to meet you.” Now her face turned red, because she obviously meant a lot more than “meet me”.

“Are we going to do a three-way with her? How could you set something like that up with a woman I have not even seen?”

Sarah said, “I am sorry if I have upset you. Please just let me bring her over tomorrow, and if nothing happens, nothing happens.”

I reluctantly agreed, and Sarah left for her lunch date. I thought how rude it was for her to assume I would be interested, especially since this Jennifer was probably fat and ugly. I was in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

The next morning, Sarah let herself in, and trailing meekly behind her was Jennifer. I was astonished. She was about the same age as Sarah, and absolutely beautiful. About five foot four, slender figure, small but nice breasts, very pretty face.

“Howard, this is Jennifer. Jen, this is Howard, the nice guy I told you about.”

We both stammered through the introductions. She was obviously shy and timid because it was clear that she was there to take part in the sex that Sarah had told her about. Now she was having second thoughts about it. It had sounded exciting and sexy when they talked about it, but now that we were face to face it felt different.

Sarah jumped in to try to save the day. She said, “Look, Jennifer, I know you are curious about what I told you. You said you could hardly believe it. I want you to watch us, and you will see that it is true.”

She stripped off her clothes, and went to the bed in the same position as the previous day. She said, “Howard, come here and do me the way you did yesterday.”

I pulled off my shorts, and my growing cock swung into view. Jennifer gazed at it with a little bit of awe. Her face was red, and she said, “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

I put my cock up against Sarah’s asshole, and pushed the head in effortlessly. Sarah just smiled sweetly at Jennifer, and I pushed it in bit by bit. Jennifer’s eyes were fixed on the spot where my cock was disappearing up Sarah’s ass. She looked like she was hypnotized by the sight. I kept going until I pressed up against bahis siteleri Sarah’s smooth butt, and I started to fuck her.

Sarah said, “See, Jen? It is true! I told you I was not making it up!”

Jennifer was transfixed, and she was clearly getting aroused. Sarah pulled away from me, and my cock slipped out of her. “What the?” I said, but she put her face close to mine and whispered, “Go in the bathroom and wash it. When you come out I will have a nice surprise for you.”

When I returned to the room, Jennifer was in Sarah’s position, completely nude. Her face was buried in the bedspread, because she was ashamed of what she was doing, but she wanted to do it anyway.

She was on her knees, with her pretty butt up in the air. Her sweet pussy was glistening and slightly open. I made a promise to myself to fuck her pussy on my first opportunity, but I knew it was supposed to be up her ass this time.

Sarah took some lube from the tube on the nightstand, and expertly put it up Jennifer’s asshole. I was surprised by how casually she did it, because when I first made her do it to herself she was mortified. She pushed her long, slender finger all the way up Jennifer’s ass, and slid it in and out.

Sarah motioned for me to stand behind Jennifer, and she silently mouthed the words, “Shove it up her ass!” Sarah spread Jennifer’s pretty little butt, and I put my cock up against her tiny asshole.

I pushed harder and harder, and all of a sudden about three inches slid up her ass. She let out a shriek and said, “Stop!” Sarah looked at me and very quietly whispered, “Shove it all the way in!”

I could feel her asshole slowly stretching as it accepted the invasion of my cock. Jennifer calmed down, and I started to ever-so-slowly ease it up into her. I realized what was happening with Sarah. She had been turned on originally by watching anal porn movies. Now she was creating a live anal scene, and she was excited.

Her face was as close to Jennifer’s butt as she could get it, and she was staring intently at my cock, halfway in. She reached in and traced around my cock with a finger, right where it entered Jennifer’s asshole. She took my cock in her hand, and tried to push more of it in.

I said, “I will do that. We need to be considerate. This is her first time.” She whispered, “I know. But I want you to get it all the way in her!”

Jennifer reached back and felt the remaining four inches of my cock, and said softly, “Yes, please. Give it all to me.” It was surprising to me that a woman who wanted it in the ass that much had never asked anyone to do it. I guess Sarah had given her a fairly safe and easy way to satisfy her deep-seated urge.

Jennifer took deep breaths like a woman in labor as the rest of my cock slid into her. Sarah, meanwhile, was furiously playing with her pussy. Jennifer’s asshole gripped my cock tightly all the way from the base to the tip. I fucked her with short strokes, just an inch or so out and back in.

Too soon, I started to come. The magic herbs had done their work, and I bahis şirketleri pumped a huge load up into Jennifer. She exhaled and said “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” as each separate spurt went into her. Sarah brought herself to an orgasm at the same time.

When I pulled my still-hard cock out, some cum gushed out of her and dribbled over her pussy into a puddle on the bed. Sarah practically dived for it, and licked it up. Then she licked Jennifer’s clit and made her come in about 30 seconds.

We fell into a three-way hug on the bed, with Jennifer in the middle. I dozed off for a few minutes, and when I opened my eyes, they were passionately kissing. It’s a double-standard, but two men having sex is disgusting to me, while the sight of Sarah and Jennifer touching tongues was erotic.

We eventually got up and dressed, and the two of them left together. I slept for the rest of the day. I was totally drained and exhausted.

The next day, Sarah stopped by for a quick cum injection. She was in a hurry again, to meet Jennifer at the Mall for some Girl-shopping. It was begining to annoy me that she just wanted a fast fuck from me, she preferred to spend her time with Jennifer.

I got a pleasant surprise that night, however. At about 8:00PM there was a knock on my door, and it was Jennifer. She got right to the point. She said, “I know that Sarah comes over to see you during the day, when her husband is at work. I don’t have a husband, and I would like to see you in the evenings. Is that OK?”

She sat down next to me, and reached into my shorts. I usually just wear shorts with no underwear, because it is easier to get them on over my casts. She took my cock in her hand, and it started to swell. She said, “I would like to get used to having this in me. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but Sarah told me that it doesn’t stay that way.”

“When I felt you cum in me, it was the most intimate, erotic feeling I have ever had. I knew that I would want it again and again. When a guy cums in my vagina, the wet feeling just gets wetter. Up deep inside me the other day, I could feel your cock twitch and pulse, and I could feel every bit of cum go into me.”

“I talked to Sarah, and she is OK with me seeing you in the evenings, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her seeing you during the day.”

She continued, “How about if I just suck you off tonight? Then we can do more tomorrrow night. I am still a little sore down there.”

She went down and took the tip of my cock in her mouth. She stroked the rest of it as she licked and gently sucked. In a few minutes I warned her that I was going to cum, but she kept it in her mouth.

The supplement was still working, and I gushed cum into her mouth. She swallowed it as fast as she could, but some of it ran out of the corners of her mouth and dribbled off her chin.

She said, “That tasted kind of funny. I think I prefer getting it in me from the other direction.” She stayed and talked for a while longer, and then left, saying “See you tomorrow at about 8:00PM.”

How can one man be so lucky? I got on-line and ordered another bottle of the herbal supplement, because I knew I would be needing it.

Getting my legs caught under that machine turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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