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I arrived at the hotel a little before our agreed meeting time and waited in the coffee shop/bar which took up much of the hotel entrance. Inside me were a mixture of feelings the first and most over powering of which was nervousness. Some of the other emotions which were going through my mind were guilt and worry. However above all of that, I was very very horny! I had never been with a guy before, certainly not one who I had never met before.

Ed and I had first made contact over the internet about a couple of months before, we had met on a chat website dedicated to people who want to masturbate together and explore their sexuality. When we first chatted we discovered that we were both very similar, Both Ed and I were 20 year old university students from nearby towns. Although we were both straight, it turned out that both of us were fascinated by men and indeed we both had some desire to ‘try with a guy’. During the following, very hot, chat sessions we chatted about all sorts, chicks, sports, gay and straight porn, but the over riding theme was that both of us really wanted to masturbate with another guy. Neither of us had had a chance to do this in our youth, although searches on Google and other websites revealed this to be a very common occurrence.

As our chat sessions got more involved and personal we moved from trading porn and began to fantasize about what it would be like if we were to get together and jack off with each other. Slowly over the next month or so, our chats became extremely hot, I found myself enjoying more intense orgasms that ever before and I was cumming much bigger loads further that I had previously experienced. The first time we fantasized about being together we imagined that we were sitting next to each other on a bed watching a porno movie, slowly we took our clothes off and masturbated while the film played out, the only physical contact which occurred was that our legs were touching and became interlocked, this was enough to put me over the edge. The second and third time Ed and I sat facing each other and I cummed all over myself thinking about our hot sweaty legs rubbing against each other and out knuckles bumping as we jerked off our hard cocks.

A week passed before the next time we were both online, as soon as we began to chat, Ed excitedly informed me that he had bought a webcam, I almost cummed then and there at the thought of seeing him! I asked him if I could watch him, he said sure but there was one condition. He wanted me to direct him on cam, meaning that I would tell him exactly what to do to his body. Without hesitation I agreed and he switched on the cam. Ed was sitting in an high back swivel chair, far enough back from the cam so I could see from his knees to his shoulders, he was not planning to show his face to me, just yet. I told him to stand up, which he did. Then I told him to take of his shirt, which he did to reveal some nicely toned hairless abs. At this point I was so hot, I had taken of my clothes and was sitting on my bed, naked, wanking my uncut cock furiously. I was having to stop from time to time to prevent myself from enjoying what I knew was going to be the most powerful orgasm in my life. Standing there with only shorts on, I instructed Ed, to turn to the side, this revealed his large tent. He dropped his pants on command and was soon standing there in his boxers. These were the next to go and Ed was now standing before me naked and hard. He was average height and had a very hairless well built body, he explained casino oyna that he shaved himself regularly. His cock was at least 7 inches and when I told him to give me a close up it revealed that he was cut and was more that proficient in producing precum!

“How are you doing?”

“This is the fucking horniest I’ve ever been, I think I going to cum soon,” was the reply from Ed.

I was easy to see what he meant. Now sitting in his chair, he has visibly shaking from nervousness and excitement, he was idly stroking his hard cock and occasionally moving down to give his balls a rub.

“This if the biggest my cock has ever been!” he added.

“Me too man, I’m sitting here with a fucking huge raging boner, I wish u could see it!”

“What now?” asked Ed

“Stop stroking your cock, stop touching yourself,” I replied


“trust me man, stop touching yourself, and read this.”

I was about to tell him my hottest fantasy, what I wanted to do to him. As Ed sat there naked and horny, I sent him the following messages.

>>Imagine you and me sitting together, facing each other, close.

>>Our legs are interlocked and our cocks and balls are pressed hard together.

>> I’ve got hold of both of our hard, wet cocks and am stroking the together so fast that there’s precum flying off the tips.

>>Suddenly I stop and let go. Slowly I lie you back, so you are not on your back with me kneeling above you

>>Your cock is sticking up in the air and I rub it with the tip of mine.

>>I move down to your balls

>>Now, I’m tickling your balls and focusing on that area between the back your big ball sack and your hot ass

>>I lean over you and kiss your shoulder

>>Next I move down to your nipples and give them both a nice wet licking

>>Slowly moving down your body, I lick, kiss and suck all over your hard abs, I can feel your quivering as I put you into pure ecstasy

>>Now, my face is over your throbbing cock, I pause for a second and then gently blow in it. You’re shocked and shiver, splashing even more precum around

>>I take your big tight balls into my mouth and suck and tug on them

>>Then I wrap my lips around the base of your cock and move my tongue around

>>Slowly I make my way up your shaft, and now i’m looking down your long shaft, licking the head

>>At the same time i’m rubbing your balls and fingering your wet ass

“Now, wank!” I told him

Ed quickly grabbed his now cock and jerked himself furiously. His hand was moving so fast up and down his hard, shiny cock that there was precum flying everywhere. His balls was bouncing up and down ferociously. Within about 30 seconds he cummed. It was the biggest cumshot I’ve ever seen, he shot one load over his head and the rest was pouring all over his chest. Ed seemed to by cumming for about a minute and in that time I shot my big load, 5 thick ribbons all over my chest. I was now sitting chatting to Ed, both of us covered in cum. Ed sent me a message as he rubbed the cum into his chest,

“Lets meet up.”

If I was able to, I would have cummed again in that moment.

It was now a week later and, after a series of emails, we arranged to meet at this hotel in the city. As I sat in the lobby remembering the hot chat sessions that Ed and I had enjoyed, someone came down and sat beside me. It was him! We sat together for about half an hour trying to get to know each other but it was awkward because we were both canlı casino so nervous. Ed, it turned out was blonde, he had a very round face with full lips. He was the hottest guy I had ever seen.

Shortly we both decided that it was best to check into the hotel, so we did just that. By now it was about 7 in the evening and the hotel was quite busy. We got out room and made our way up to the 15th floor. Upon entering the room we noticed an open suitcase on one of the beds but before we could do anything about it someone walked out of the bathroom to find us in his room.

“What are you doing here?” he demanded

Ed replied, “Well this is the room which we were given, there must’ve been some mistake down stairs.”

“Oh, well what should we do, why are you guys here?”

I was getting nervous, I didn’t really want to tell him why we were there because it was embarrassing, but I decided that we were probably never going to see him again so I said, “We both bicrious virgins, here to jack off”.

His reaction what not what I expected. First he raised on eyebrow and then smiled. After a moment he said “You win! I’m here to meet with someone for some fun too, but I guess I can go to they’re place.”

Ed and I were both relieved, but he continued, “I’m meeting my friend in about half an hour down stairs, do you mind if I hang out here and have a shower? My names Tom by the way”

The idea of this stranger showing in our room, turn me on immediately and I would tell Ed was getting hot too. Ed replied “Sure.”

Unexpectedly, Tom started to undress but continued talking. “I have to admit I think what you guys are doing it fucking hot, what your plan for tonight?”

Ed and I looked at each other. We didn’t have a plan. “Not really sure, neither of us have done anything like this before” I replied.

“Really, so neither of you have seen a man wank before?”

After explaining that I had seen Ed cam, we told him that we hadn’t.

“Oh” said Tom.

Now Tom was in his boxers, he turned around and pulled them off. “You know, before I go out on a date, I usually like to rub one out so I can last longer later on. Do you mind?”

Before we could reply, Tom had turned around and was slowly jerking off his semi erect cock. Tom was a bit older that Ed and myself, perhaps about 25 or 26 and he had a body to die for, every part of him was solid, muscular and tanned. Ed and I were stunned.

“Do me a favour, sit down on the edge of the bed over there. I want to show you something” Ed and I did as we were told.

“So neither of you have seen a hard cock before?” As he spoke he came and stood right in front of us, his cock extending between Ed and me. We were to mesmerized to say anything

“And neither of you have seen a man play with his balls”? He went got onto the other bed and stood in his knees. One of his hands was stroking massive cock and the other was playing with his balls.

“I’m guessing that neither of you have seen a man use his own spit as lube” He spat on his cock and kept stroking

“And you probably haven’t seen a man finger fuck himself in the ass.” As he said this, his fingers extended between his legs and to his anus. It was hard to see if Tom was actually penetrating

“You know guys, this is really fucking hot, but I do have to run.” He got up and went to the hotel room desk, leant on it with one hand and cummed. There was a lot of cum! And Tom made sure to squeeze it all out.

After putting on his show, kaçak casino Tom stood before us naked looking at his cum on the the shiny glass top of the desk. He said “You guys can keep that”, as he licked the hand which he’d just beaten his cock with. As his cock went flaccid, he walked to the bathroom and got in the shower.

Ed and I sat there, stunned. We were looking at each other, not knowing what to do next. I said to Ed “Fuck man, that was hot!”.

“Hell yeah. How about when he had his cock between our faces” was the quick reply

“Man, I just wanted to grab it!”

“Mate, right now I would fucking do anything. I’m so goddamn horny!” As Ed said this, he laid back on the bed, I could clearly see his boner. He saw me looking at it and I stood up

“Ok, I’ve seen your cock, now you should see mine” In one swift motion I pulled down my jeans and underpants to reveal my throbbing and already wet cock. Ed sat up and his face was now less than a foot from my cock. I was swaying about, having a hard time standing still because I was so hot. Staring at my cock, Ed said

“So, last time you sucked me off. So I guess it’s my turn to do you!” Before I could say anything, Ed started sucking my cock.

Fuck, I was in ecstasy! To start with Ed kissed the tip of my cock, nothing else. For about five minutes, he continued to peck at it, each time drawing a string of precum back to his lips. He told me to turn around and close my eyes, which I did. I heard him walking around and then I felt him rubbing my cock, but something was not right, it was warm and wet. I looked down to see Ed rubbing Tom’s cum into my cock! Ed turned me back around and took the head of my cock into his mouth. My cock was dripping with a strangers cum, it was warm and sloppy and dripping. Ed was catching the dripping cum and rubbing it into my balls. And then, suddenly, I felt pressure on my ass.

It startled me and I jumped, pushing Ed away. It was Tom. He saw that we had used his cum and said

“Well that didn’t take long did it boys! Nice cock there by the way! Anyway, don’t let me disturb you, I’m off!” Tom was grinning and as he spoke, he picked up his bags and left.

As soon as Tom left, Ed went back to sucking my cock. I told him to wait for a sec. “I’ve got an idea” I told him. “Take of your clothes”. I went to the desk and scooped up the remaining cum, it was still warm. When Ed had become naked I rub the cum on his cock and worked it in. I began to give him a hand job. Ed did likewise to me and we were now both standing there naked, close together rubbing our each others cocks.

As I stroked Ed’s cock with one hand, and caressed his body with my other, I was admiring his smooth hairless, muscular body and thinking “Fuck, I only met this guy an hour ago!” I think this made me even hotter. Ed and I were almost dancing around the room slowly exploring each others bodies. Before long Ed was standing with his back to me, and I was exploring his buttocks with my cock and rubbing his cock, chest, neck and shoulders. He did the same to me and his warm hands felt like velvet gloves.

After a while we found ourselves lying on one of the beds in the room completely out of breath. We were both athletic guys and even though we hadn’t been at it for that long, but we were both feeling the effects of the excitement and adrenaline which had been passing through are bodies.

“What’s next?” I asked Ed, still panting as I looked at and admired his sweating, playfully smiling face.

Ed moved towards me so that our hot sweaty bodies were touching. He grabbed the back of my next and pulled me towards him, he wispered in my ear “I’ve got an idea.”

To be continued…

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