I Thought We Were More Ch. 15

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Jacob woke up on an unfamiliar couch. As he rubbed his eyes and looked around, Daniel came walking through the living room, completely naked.

Again Jacob’s days in the swim team made him a decent judge of penis size, even though he didn’t swing that way, and Daniel was a larger than normal fellow. He was lean and muscular and even had six pack abs that were well defined below well-toned pecs.

“Hey cutie. You were quite a hit last night.”

“What happened? How did I wind up here?”

“Probably the boss’s device is causing you to pass out after you blow your load. It is pretty taxing on your body to have that thing pumping you full of horn-dog hormones.”


“Yeah, that thing gets you all riled up and ready to fuck and then when you finally shoot your load, the relief on your brain is so overpowering you just pass out. It happens the first couple of times but you will get used to it. One thing that won’t go away though, sex will be all you can think about. The boss loves making little zombies out of his pets, but at the same time he won’t let you do anything illegal.”

“I have had plenty of control.” Jacob said.

“Last night they put you in a box with your dick hanging out. Were you in control then?”

Jacob looked at the ground for the first time. It was then that he realized he was still naked. He quickly through a pillow over himself.

“Oh please honey, I’ve been admiring you all morning. Covering up now doesn’t do any good.”

Jacob rolled his eyes and kept the pillow covering himself.

“What do you know about this device and what it does to me?”

“Oh, a lot more than you would think.” Daniel said turning his back to Jacob. A star-shaped scar sat on his shoulder and another one was on his lower back. “I can’t tell you too much right now, just know that you need to stick to his original plan for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“Going to the society is considered a bail out. It isn’t as bad as if you jerked off, but it is still not his original plan for you.”

“What do you mean ‘the society’?”

“Where you were last night, it is a group of people that call themselves ‘the society’. They consider themselves troubled people, they meet in a big group every other day to watch sexual acts take place on stage.”

“What about themselves do they consider troubled?”

“Their insatiable appetite for sex. They are addicted to the meetings themselves. They show up every meeting begging to see lewd acts of sex and masturbation so that they themselves can get off. They do it all around each other and in plain sight. Then eventually they can’t make love in the way that actually society would consider normal. They have to have someone watching in order to get off. They have to have sex all around them just to become aroused. And now you are their newest prize. They have seen you. And they will be looking for you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I wouldn’t worry too much. Heather is doing her best to protect you. She worked it out with the boss to where they won’t see your face. But if they did they would look for you in everyday life.”

“And what would they want to do when they found me?”

“Probably the same thing Miss Molly did to you. And something tells me, this lifestyle isn’t exactly what you prefer.”

Jacob looked down at his feet again. Daniel had hit home that time. He thought back to Heather touching him and the people the night before putting hands on his most intimate parts. He had craved it in a way he never had before.

Even Clair had caused him some reservation and regret after they had been intimate. Right before the devices had been put on him he had been thinking of a life of monogamy. Now it seemed as though he was being artificially driven towards polygamy, and he was finding himself loving it.

“For now, I suggest you focus on completing your mission. You want the devices off, do what it is you were told to do. The Boss has more clients than just the ones at the society.

Chances are someone wants to see you do some very specific things. Getting your two day relief by going to the society will only get worse for you. The first time was kinda fun for me too. The second time, I got the relief I needed, but not as quickly or as pleasurably as I had hoped. I never got to see what happened if I had to go there a third time. I imagine it wouldn’t have been pleasant.”

Jacob looked at his watch. It was almost three in the afternoon. He had missed all of his classes. He got dressed and found he was at an apartment complex on the other side of town from the campus.

Daniel drove him back to his car after putting on clothes himself. Jacob thanked him and drove himself back home. He couldn’t take his mind off of what Daniel had said. How twice now he had basically failed this person that had these devices installed on his body. Jacob couldn’t help but get angry at the situation.

It would have been one thing if he had disappointed someone he cared about. But this was a person that had just casino oyna decided they were going to make Jacob do some task that they wanted to see. He had failed someone that he wished he didn’t have to care whether or not he disappointed them.

He thought about the marks on Daniel’s back. He had the device on at one point too. Now he didn’t anymore. What had he done to get it removed? Would pleasing this so-called boss really put an end to this high tech leash he had been hooked up to?

Jacob’s phone rang.


“Hey.” Alex’s uncharacteristically quiet voice was on the other end of the phone.

“What’s up? You sound kind of sad.”

“Oh, I dunno. I just got a lot on my mind. Could I come over?”


15 minutes went by and there was a knock at Jacob’s door. Jacob opened it and allowed her to walk past him. She headed straight for his bedroom. She was wearing her pajama bottoms that nearly fell off of her whenever she didn’t hold them up. Her typical “4 sizes too big for her” T shirt was what she was wearing on top. As far as Jacob could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Uh, is there something I could help you with?” Jacob said locking the door and following her.

When he got to the bedroom behind her she crawled into his bed and held her hands out to him.

“I just need my buddy that used to cuddle with me. Would you hold me?”

“What happened?”

“Girlfriend broke up with me.”

“That was quick?”

“Yeah yeah, you are asking too many questions.”

Jacob smiled down at her. He climbed into bed next to her and she pressed herself against him. After about 30 minutes of lying there Jacob realized that she was asleep. He had too much to think about to sleep himself and besides it was still early in the evening. The sun had not even gone down yet.

He lay there staring at the ceiling wondering what he was going to do about getting the devices off of him. Fortunately he had put his cell phone on the night stand next to his bed because he could hear it vibrate. He reached over without disturbing Alex and picked up the phone.

“She is a perfect match.” The screen read. It was from Heather.

Jacob texted back.

“She is off limits.”

“You don’t understand how excited the boss is about this one. When he saw her his whole face lit up. She is beautiful. You two have chemistry. She is in your arms right now. What else could you want?”

“She isn’t a one night stand. I care too much for her to do that.”

“I don’t think the boss is going to understand that. He has already said once he feels like you opted for getting a release from the society because he hasn’t used the device to discipline you yet.”

“Well I am not going to do anything to her so tell him to go ahead and zap me. It will electrify her too and then she will start asking questions. His whole cover will be blown.”

“I know you think you are in a position to negotiate here but the device can be detonated remember?”

“So now you people are murderers and bullies?”

“I never said we were good people. And you wouldn’t believe the money people will pay to see this stuff. Now protect your friend and yourself: fuck her, finger her, go down on her…hell touch her nipples for all I care, or things are going to get ugly.”

“Do I need to do it right now? Can’t I at least let her sleep?”

“I suggest you do it as soon as possible.”

He would need to be tactical about this. He couldn’t let her know anything was wrong but he needed to be somewhat direct at the same time. He decided he would be as direct as he possibly could be.

She was laying on top of his right arm with most of her front pressed against his side. This meant he couldn’t use his right hand at all. Instead he crossed his left arm over his chest and let it come to rest on her hip. He slowly worked his left hand to where the bottom of her shirt was and slid it under the fabric.

His fingers traced over the fabric of her pajama bottoms until at last he could feel the bare skin of her hip. He then slowly slid his hand up her side letting his fingers slide over her skin, going especially slow as he reached her ribs. He brought his hand back, this time letting it slide across the side of her breast and then traced down her tummy to her belly button.

His finger swirled around her navel a couple times before he withdrew it from her beneath her shirt. She breathed in deeply as his hand returned back to the left side of his body and she sighed softly and continued to sleep.

His eyes had been closed the whole time he had touched her. When he opened them he found that she seemed to cuddle closer to him. He let his hand move back across his chest to her and this time as it disappeared beneath her shirt he let his fingers once again rest against her stomach. He let his thumb and pointer finger trace across the muscles in her stomach and back up to her side just above her hip.

He slowly stroked her skin in this area for a long time until he could tell her breathing canlı casino seemed to become heavier. He had turned his head and was now watching her despite the small amount of light that was in the room. He couldn’t tell but her eyes were open. Suddenly she spoke up.

“What are you doing Jacob Liefson?” she said out loud.

His hand rocketed back out from under her shirt.

“I’m sorry.” He said. “I just wanted to remember how incredible your body is.”

“That sounds like something you do with your mind, not your hands. Now not only did you wake me up, you woke me up with soaking wet panties.”

She reached over him and turned on the lamp next to his bed. Then she moved herself to where she was sitting on top of his stomach. She looked deep into his eyes.

“Just what are you trying to accomplish here?” She asked him.

He looked away from her slightly. “I told you, it was nothing more than me getting carried away. I’m sorry if I stepped over any boundaries.”

“I could hardly blame you.” She said. “I still help myself to Rose every time she invites herself to crawl into my bed. I’m not mad at you for touching me.”

Jacob smiled. “Thank goodness.”

She looked at him for a long time. Finally she spoke again.

“I’ll be mad at you if you don’t finish what you started.”

Jacob couldn’t believe how well that had gone. Alex dropped back down on the bed and cuddled up next to him again.

“Want to hear something crazy?”

“Of course.” Jacob said.

“That day Rose caught us fooling around, she is over it.”

“Why is that crazy?”

“It isn’t just that. She was mad at me at first, but after a while she admitted she was mostly mad that I had gotten to fool around with you first. Although as a person she is still pretty pissed off at you”

“Because of our last argument?”

“Yep. But don’t worry. Rose is very forgiving.”

“I hope she can forgive me. Everything got out of control so fast. And for some reason I thought I could make everyone happy.”

“When you try to make everyone happy, you usually wind up pissing everyone off. I suggest you focus less on everyone’s eternal happiness and zero in on the more short term.”

“What do you mean?”

“Having sex with you was my first ever shot at monogamy. I know it was a short lived one but it was the first time I have ever tried to do anything long term. It just doesn’t work for me. I much prefer living in the short term. As long as everyone knows what is on the table no one can get hurt that way.”

“Rose seemed like she was hurt when she caught the two of us.”

“That’s because Rose was trying to do something long term with you. Oddly enough she wanted to keep short terms with me while she made something long term with you. But she got hurt because she was putting her feelings into being something special with you. Now, she is back to short terms with me.”

Jacob laughed and then smiled at Alex. “Well good for you. You got your short term back.”

Her face turned serious. “I still haven’t gotten to the crazy part yet.”

“Well come on then.”

“Rose says the only way she will forgive me is if I convince you to let her fool around with you.”

“Why does she think I need you to convince me?”

“Believe it or not she is very shy.”

“Well get her over here then.”

“What about me? You got me all turned on while I was sleeping. I woke up wanting to pounce crotch-first onto your face.”

“Get Rose over here and you can either watch or join in.”

Alex’s eyes grew wide. “I don’t know what happened to you Jacob Lifeson…But I like it.”

A quiet yet excited sounding knock could be heard at the front door. Jacob and Alex answered it together. Rose stood there looking as if she wasn’t sure who was going to answer the door. They welcomed her in and the three of them made their way to the living room.

“Well, the three of us have certainly been in this room together before, but under much different circumstances.” Rose said shyly.

“You mean we weren’t all here to fuck each other?” Alex said without holding anything back.

Jacob seemed to hang back from the two girls. Of the three of them he was the only one still standing up.

“Where do we even begin?” He finally said.

“Hmmmm, that is a tough one actually.” Alex said as she put a hand to her chin. “Me and Rose have fucked before. And me and Jacob have fucked before. So that leaves Jacob and Rose that haven’t ever touched each other. I vote the two of you start off and I will watch.”

Jacob turned to Rose and her entire face turned red. “I uh, I haven’t been with a guy in so long. Alex is pretty much the only person I have been naked around. Before that it was almost two years since I had been with a guy.”

She seemed to try and hide her face from the both of them.

“So, me and Jacob should start?” Alex said turning to Jacob.

“No wait…I want to…ummm.” Rose seemed very unsure of what it was she wanted.

“What did you envision when you came kaçak casino over here?” Jacob asked.

“Well… oh my, I don’t know how to explain this. Sometimes when me and Alex are intimate, we let our legs intertwine so that we can press our… sensitive areas together. The feeling of Alex’s parts rubbing against mine is always more than I can handle.”

“Would you prefer if I didn’t get involved?” Jacob asked doing his best to make eye contact with Rose. He wanted to make absolutely certain this was what everyone wanted before they began this little encounter.

“Well, I also wanted you inside of me before the night is over.” Rose said. This was the first thing she had out right said without hesitating.

“I’ve got a great idea.” Alex said. “It’s clear Rose is the most nervous out of the three of us. I say we team up on her first.”

Jacob smiled. “Ok, just tell me what to do.”

Alex pushed Rose into Jacob’s bedroom. She reached down and grabbed Rose’s shirt by the bottom. She quickly pulled it over Rose’s head and threw it to the floor. Alex was still wearing her pajama bottoms and her large T shirt. Rose was now wearing a lacy bra, blue jean pants and socks. Alex took each of these off one at a time. When Rose was down to bra and panties Alex stopped.

Rose’s skin was the color of coffee that had a ton of cream poured into it. She was thin like most of the girls on the soccer team but her stomach was not as muscular as Alex’s. She was however more curvy. Her hips were wider and her breasts slightly larger. Her bra didn’t even seem that supportive but it was obvious it didn’t need to be. Despite their size her breasts were incredibly perky and stood out away from her body naturally.

“How ya feeling Rose?” she asked.

“Very wet.” Rose giggled.

Alex pushed Rose back first onto the bed and climbed on top of her pinning her down on her back. She reached under Rose’s back and like an expert unclipped her bra. She pulled it off in one motion and tossed it across the room. Then she removed her own shirt. The two girls were now down to bottoms and that was it.

Jacob couldn’t see much of Rose but her tan skin seemed to glow underneath the legs of Alex. He was now standing next to them beside the bed. Rose’s torso stuck out from between Alex’s legs as she prepared to move in and start working away on her.

“You work on her bottom half and I will work on the top. Let me get her really turned on first.” Alex said.

She bent down and began to kiss Rose gently on the mouth. Jacob walked around to the end of the bed. From here he could see Alex’s butt resting comfortably on Rose’s pubic area. As Alex’s kisses started to move down Rose’s cheek to her neck Alex’s butt lifted off of Rose.

Jacob used this opportunity to reach out with both hands and grab Rose’s panties. He slid them down to her ankles and lifted them away from her feet. Then he looked back up at the two girls. His eyes worked their way up Rose’s perfectly toned legs to her crotch which was directly beneath Alex’s bottom.

Alex’s stomach was pressed against Rose’s so that she could softly kiss her ears and neck over and over again. Rose’s outer labia were small and somewhat wrinkled looking but already seemed to be smoothing out as they began to fill up with blood.

It was funny to Jacob to see Alex still wearing her panties while Rose’s were now removed. But he still couldn’t help but be enchanted by the bulge of Alex’s pussy against her panties sticking out from under her strong toned ass.

What made it even better was the fact that directly underneath Alex’s snatch was Rose’s naked vulva just waiting to be touched. The labia had already become much fuller and smoother as Alex continued to turn Rose on by kissing her and licking her neck.

Jacob leaned down in between Rose’s feet and began to kiss her calves. He let his kisses work their way up her legs till he was at her mid-thigh.

Jacob was working his way up Rose’s body while Alex was working her way down. Already she had reached Rose’s left nipple which was small and light brown in color. Her tongue swirled around the areola and finally found its way onto the tip of the nipple.

Jacob was kissing his way up Rose’s other leg now. Her left leg had already gotten its fair share of gentle kisses and when Jacob looked up at what he was sure was his finally target he found that her pussy was not only getting more swollen by the second it was beginning to dribble a little bit of moisture from the opening.

Rose was already starting to make a noise like she was in pain. Only every once in a while would she let out a sigh that indicated she was enjoying everything they were doing to her.

Jacob slowly kissed his way up to her hips where Alex’s butt accidentally bumped into the top of his head.

She looked back and said, “Oh are you already to that point?”

He nodded thinking she would scoot out of his way a little but instead she lifted herself up enough to wear she could slid her own panties off. Now both girls were naked. Alex was still mostly on all fours above Rose so that she could kiss and lick on her nipples and breasts.

Rose continued to lay with her arms and legs comfortably spread out across the bed.

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