Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 07

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The alarm clock went off loud. Katie had a deep sleep and hit the reset button after about 7 beeps. She was so relaxed from masturbating the previous night in a sort-of phone sex outing with her wife, Amanda, who was away visiting her brother.

Still thinking about Amanda and how much she missed her, Katie was still in a light fog with a heavy heart. She moved slowly to the bathroom, where she turned on the bath faucet and sat down on the toilet to pee. When she finished she flushed the toilet, dropped a soap cube in the tub and stepped into the hot water and turn the faucet to the “off” position.

Katie leaned back in the tub and continued her thoughts of Amanda, not so much of Amanda’s body, but just the way she smelled, the way she held her arms around Katie in a tight squeeze. The way Katie could be caught off-guard only to find Amanda staring at her. Katie licked the saliva that was about to drool out the sides of her mouth.

The bath was hot. The bubbles were forming. Katie closed her eyes and touched herself, using her left hand to caress her clitoris.

“Ooooooooh,” Katie moaned as she continued to move her fingers in a clockwise rotation on her erect clitoris. casino siteleri At the same time Katie was using her right hand to slowly caress her inner thighs which increased the stimulation of her body.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” Katie continued to moan as she was nearing an orgasm. Katie moved her left fingers to rub the front of her vulva as her thumb kept rubbing her clitoris. Her breath quickened to an almost hyperventilating speed. She kept her eyes closed, thinking only of Amanda, and continued to stroke her inner thighs and rub her clitoris.

For a moment she moved her right hand so it caressed her mons veneris right above her labia. This was a very sensitive area for Katie and she got very aroused from just a few touches there. Katie’s left fingers were rubbing her outer labia in a small circular motion.

“Ooooh… Oooooh,” Katie repeated over and over again as she became completely wrapped up in her own pleasure.

She moved her right hand back to her thighs and inserted two fingertips of her left hand into her vagina, rubbing against the sides with her thumb still massaging her clitoris.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh,” Katie moaned her thoughts continued canlı casino focusing on Amanda. Katie moved her right hand to caress her left breast and nipple and moved her left fingers so they pressed up against her vagina finding her own G-spot. Suddenly Katie stopped breathing. Her mouth opened wide as she had a massive orgasm. Her body shook and had a tingle sensation for a few seconds until the orgasm subsided.

“That was a good one,” Katie said to herself.

Katie used a washcloth to rub soap over her body and rinsed off in the water. She used her right big toe to pick up the stopper and sat in the tub as the water drained out. Her thoughts continued focusing on Amanda, in the manner she spoke, how she twirled her hair with a finger when she got anxious. How she often cracked her chewing gum.

Suddenly Katie had a wonderful idea, something she hadn’t done to herself since she was just starting to masturbate. With the tub three-quarters empty, Katie turned the faucet on so the water was warm yet not hot. She slid down so her butt was against the front wall of the tub, then got on her back and leaned her butt up so the water rushed against her vagina.

“Oooooh. kaçak casino That’s nice,” Katie said, and continued to moan as the water rushed into her at a steady rate. Katie used her hands to stimulate her breasts, caressing the soft flesh, circling her areolas and rubbing her nipples.

It didn’t take long for Katie to have another orgasm, with Katie leaning her head back into the water and letting out a low moan. She continued laying under the faucet as the tub started filling up. She reached under her butt to pick up the stopper, but stayed under the rush of water. It kept falling and falling and Katie’s mind was swimming with pleasure. She came again and then let the water clean her up before she pushed herself back, shut off the faucet and got out of the tub. She grabbed a towel and started drying herself off and put her make-up on rubbed her peach scented anti-perspirant roll-on under her arms.

Katie got dressed, first putting on a white bra and matching panties, then getting into her pantyhose and slipping into a yellow sun dress with a scoop neckline spaghetti straps wrapped around her neck. She finished the ensemble with a pair of low-healed strap heels, and some jewelry, including a few gold bracelets and a pearl necklace.

Driving to work, she kept glancing at her wedding ring, but stopped herself from going any further.

“I have cum enough this morning,” she thought to herself with a laugh.

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