Kim’s New Life Ch. 22

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As promised, Kelly continued to specify every article of clothing that I wore, and didn’t wear, to work, most of which we had purchased the day I moved in with her. Her attempt to loosen and eventually eradicate my puritanical leanings was working. Her unequivocal love made being obsequious effortless. Each day came with a new surprise. However, I am getting ahead of my story.

Wednesday was a day of classroom training. I felt comfortable wearing a soft, knit sweater, pleated skirt, thigh highs and 3-inch heels. Even though she permitted a bra, my nipples were noticeable because of the soft cups, but not the rings. She had surprised me with a new “day collar” that she had purchased online. It was a basic choke chain with a heart lock. She said I could wear the lock in the back or the front.

We had set up a special classroom with a server, computers and training software, so everyone could perform hands-on, training using their own company’s databases. It was a concept I had developed for training on our software. We converted one department at a time except when departments interfaced with one another; i.e., HR and payroll. Until the conversion was complete for that department, our software would automatically update the database on the training server each night by making a mirror image of real-time data. This system permitted the trainee to experiment (and make errors) without affecting the operating data base. After I completed formal training for a department, the classroom would be available 24/7 for any individual desiring to experiment with the new software. I had extra terminals installed for use even when formal training was being conducted. Since this mirror image was replaced nightly with new real-time data, any changes made by trainees would be replaced. My modus operandi for the conversion was to first work on the most difficult aspects (with respect to using the software) then move to the least difficult. That way those needing the most training would have more time to work with it.

Kelly permitted me to silence my cell phone, but I had to keep it on vibrate, when in meetings, or when training, with explicit instructions to return calls or texts as soon as possible. I felt it vibrate during the first training session after lunch. She left a voice mail, “Hi Pet. If you can’t be home by five, please let me know. We’re going out to dinner and the restaurant is a forty-minute drive from home. We have a six o’clock reservation.

My last training session was scheduled to end around four. Afterward that I had to meet with Diane, the CIO. I updated her daily and after each training session. We discussed the individuals I felt would need more concentrated, one-on-one training. This meeting rarely took more than half an hour, so being home on time would not be a problem.

When I entered her office, Diane complemented me on my choice of clothing. “I apologize for saying that again, Kim, but it’s true. While your old styles were very professional, they really did look somewhat, well, homey. You can’t believe how many times I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t want to take a chance. One just does not say things like that in today’s work environment. I promise this will be the last time I will comment.”

“I really appreciate the compliment, Diane. Please don’t stop. Complements stroke my ego. I must admit that I do feel different now.” I wondered what she would think if she knew the whole truth. Initially I thought she might be Sandra’s Mistress, but, if she were, I think she would have revealed that fact by now. We had a lot to discuss but when I told her I had a dinner appointment, she said I could finish her update in the morning.

Kelly was home and waiting in the den when I arrived. Only my collar was on the table. I stripped, crawled to her and presented the collar properly with the requisite words. She locked it on, after removing my new day collar, and kissed me. “Your clothing and footwear for tonight are on the bed, pet. You do not have time for a bath. Dress quickly and return to me.” She was already dressed for the evening, wearing a black, long-sleeve, ruffle neckline, jersey dress that ended at mid-thigh. Since I didn’t assist her in dressing, I wasn’t sure if she was wearing black thigh-highs or a garter belt and nylons. I could tell she was sans bra, but panties were also questionable. Basic black pumps with 2-inch heels adorned her feet.

The dress awaiting me was stunning: An ivory, sweater-dress, with a shoulder cut-out. I glanced around to insure Kelly had not followed me and quickly checked the label. It was a Revolve Micah Sweater Dress. I knew it wasn’t inexpensive, and outshined the one she “made” me purchase.

When I saw the rest of the clothes she laid out, a black garter belt and a pair of black nylons purchased from Victoria’s Secret, bikini panties, in a matching pale blue, the latter surprised me the most. I started with the garter belt and nylons, pulled the panties up over them, then slipped the dress over my head. It felt wonderful against my skin. A silver double chain belt that hung low on casino siteleri my hips made a great accent. Finally, I pulled on the 4-inch spike heel pumps from Foundations Unlimited. I checked my reflection in the full-length mirror. The top was molded to my upper body. My nipples and their rings were prominently displayed. I loved what I saw.

Kelly whistled when I walked into the den. “Damn, pet,” she exclaimed, “you clean up nice. You look even better in that dress than I thought you would.”

I did a pirouette for her and replied, “Why thank you, My Mistress. You’re the one who is responsible for teaching this slut how to dress properly.” She simply smiled. “Is this dress one of yours?”

“No, pet, I bought it especially for you.”

“Why thank you, ma’am. I love it. What’s the occasion?”

“Nothing special, little one. I bought it just because I love you.” She stood, kissed me and said, “That’s enough chatter. Let’s get moving or we will be late.”

As we walked towards the door, I could not remain silent. “Mistress, I am not questioning you, but my collar doesn’t seem to go with this dress.”

“Oh, gawd, Kimmy, I completely forgot. Thank you for reminding me. Don’t worry; I won’t punish you for bringing that to my attention. I’ll get a replacement.” She then ordered me to stand. Her grin revealed that there was more to this than was obvious. It also told me that she didn’t simply “forget.”

She returned carrying some chains with small links and a white leather collar that I estimated to be three inches wide. I realized that the collar would be even more obvious than my regular collar to anyone around us. And, because of the width, I would be continuously aware of its presence throughout the evening. The always-present padlock snapped shut.

Holding up the chains, Kelly asked, “Can you guess what these are for, pet?”

There were two, each about six inches long. Two additional pieces, about nine

inches long, were attached to the center of the six-inch pieces.

“Other than assuming that I will be wearing them, Mistress, I have no idea.”

Kelly smiled, knelt and wrapped one chain around my ankle. The piece attached to the center was pulled under the arch of the shoe. The three ends were connected by a small lock on the inside of my ankle. The second chain set was similarly locked around my other ankle and boot. “There, my pet. You won’t be able to remove your boots without removing the chains. Just for your information, the keys to the locks, including the one on your collar, will remain at home.”

The collar had a stainless ring in front and one on each side. Kelly clipped a leash to the front ring, picked up her purse, and handed me a clutch purse. “It contains all you will need tonight, pet; a driver’s license for identification and your credit card.” Even though I was connected to the leash, she permitted me to walk beside her to the car. Since she had said it would take fifty minutes to drive to the restaurant, I knew it would not be Lisa’s.

Just outside the front door of the restaurant, named Jewel’s, Kelly removed the leash, much to my relief, and coiled it but kept it in her hand. With the key to the lock at home, the collar would remain in place.

I knew it was an upscale restaurant as soon as we entered. The employees wore white shirts, black ties and black skirts or slacks. The table coverings and napkins, white and black, respectively, were linen, and fresh flowers decorated the tables. As we followed the maître d’ to our table, which was in a semi-secluded booth, Kelly whispered, “You don’t have to pull your dress up yet, pet.” The “yet” worried me. Then she indicated, by a nod, that I was to sit opposite her. I was somewhat surprised when she placed the tightly coiled leash on the table next to her plate, causing me to wonder where this was going.

Our server approached the table. “Good evening, ladies. My name is Amber. I will be your server this evening. Would you like a drink or an appetizer to start?”

“Both, please, Amber. We would like an order of calamari and two glasses of your best Shiraz,” Kelly replied. She picked up my menu, handed it to Amber and said, “My pet won’t need a menu. I will be ordering for her.” I wondered if I will ever stop being shocked when she publicly embarrasses me. Rather than using my slave name, her comment to Amber was another way to advise me of my ‘status’ for the evening, even though we were in a very public setting.

As if this were a daily occurrence, Amber took the menu and replied, “Yes, ma’am, I understand.” She then glanced at me and smiled.

While waiting, we continued the casual conversation we had started during the drive, which primarily consisted of discussing our individual days at work. Amber returned, placed the wine and appetizer on the table, looked at Kelly and said, “May I ask a personal question?”

“Of course, you may, Amber. You may ask anything you wish. To be honest, I would be disappointed if you didn’t.”

Amber turned to look at me and spoke, “Well, your companion’s collar is canlı casino quite evident. I probably wouldn’t think much of it except for the leash lying on the table and the comment you made. Do they mean what I think?”

“May I answer her, Kelly?”

“Yes, you may, pet, but I think you should address me properly,” Kelly replied grinning.” She knew I didn’t use her title on purpose.

“Thank you, My Mistress, I’m sorry for forgetting.” I started to blush as I provided the explanation that I knew Kelly desired. I touched the collar with my fingers. “You referred to this as my collar, Amber. Even though I am wearing it, the collar is the property of Mistress Kelly. It is an outward symbol and a continuous reminder, to me and to the world, that I belong to her. She attaches the leash to the ring in the collar to literally lead me where she wants to take me. But more important, in a figurative sense, it is a sign of her control over my life and that I am to trust that she will not lead me astray.”

“Oh, damn!” was her only comment before quickly turning to leave.

Kelly chuckled and said, “I think you got her attention, pet.”

When Amber returned with our main course, she commented to Kelly, “OK, I am intrigued by your relationship. Do you mind telling me more?”

“Do you have a few minutes?”

“Yes, you are my only customers, right now.”

Amber sat down beside me to listen.

“Ah…I have agreed that I will be obsequious to My Mistress for one month, which means I will do anything she desires that doesn’t interfere with my work. In other words, I have agreed to be her submissive.”

At Kelly’s direction, I continued to provide additional details about our Mistress/slave relationship. Partway into my explanation Amber stopped me and said, “I hear what you are telling me, but, as a feminist, you need to know that I find it difficult to understand how any woman would degrade herself to the extent you are indicating.”

“A week ago, I would have said the same thing, Amber. On the outside, I am a strong, independent person. Somehow Kelly discovered someone who wanted to give herself to another woman. I find it refreshing to obey the orders of My Mistress when with her yet be a leader of people when at work. Yes, it is a corundum, but I do it out of love.”

When I finished Amber asked, “So you will obey any order of your Mistress.”

“As long as it is legal,” I answered.

She looked at Kelly and said, “I still find it hard to believe. You’re really doing a charade, aren’t you?” I didn’t realize it, but she was falling into Kelly’s plan to provide me with a small dose of public humiliation.

“Would you like a little example, Amber?”

“Oh, heck, why not?” she replied.

“Well, Kimmy normally does not wear underwear. Tonight, I permitted her to wear panties. Maybe I should not let her get too used to wearing them.” Kelly then looked at me and said, “Take them off, pet.”

Understanding what she wanted, I still had to incredulously ask, “Here, ma’am?”

“Did I tell you to go somewhere else to remove them?”

“No, My Mistress, you didn’t.”

I felt the heat of embarrassment start at my toes and move quickly upwards. I knew my face had to be bright red as, with only a small moment of hesitation, I raised my hips, hiked the dress up enough to slip my thumbs into the waistband of the panties and quickly push them off. I tried as hard as I could, but it was nearly impossible to discretely slip them down my legs and over my shoes.

I wadded the garment into a ball while still under the table and held it tightly in my lap.

Wordlessly Kelly extended her hand to me, palm up, and wiggled her fingers. My face became more flushed as I placed the offending piece of fabric on her hand. “I wonder why they are so damp.” She exclaimed. Then she said, “I don’t think this is how I taught you to fold your clothes, little one.” I retrieved the ball, folded them and placed them back in Kelly’s hand. “Much better, pet. Are you still sitting on your dress?”

I answered, “Yes, ma’am,” while rising enough to pull the dress from under me. I knew I was now somewhat exposed.

“Nothing is permitted between her bare ass and her chair when she is not wearing panties, Amber. She will be receiving a spanking when we get home for forgetting that rule.”

“Oh shit,” Amber commented before adding, “Oops, sorry for that comment. My pager just went off. Your food is ready.” She quickly dashed away.

Amber had to take care of new customers after serving our meals and, thankfully (to me) didn’t get a chance to talk to us again. Amber brought the check and Kelly paid with her credit card. While we waited for the receipt, Kelly said, “This is my treat, Little One.” I thanked her and she said, “You are welcome,” then added, “You may pick up your panties, pet, but keep them in your hand. I will give you instructions for them later.” Amber returned with the receipt and Kelly asked, “Do you have time to lead my pet to the door, Amber?”

“Yes, ma’am, it would be my pleasure. I’ll ask kaçak casino an associate to look after my tables for a few minutes if you to accompany you to your car,” she replied.

Kelly handed the leash to Amber who clipped it to my collar while smiling like a Cheshire cat. To add to my embarrassment, she actually stopped and asked her associate for assistance on the way out.

I followed them to the car where Kelly said, “kimmy, do you have anything you would like to give Amber as a “memento” of the evening?” There was no doubt what she meant. I handed Amber my panties.

Amber gave the leash back to Kelly, and asked, “May I kiss her, ma’am?”

“Yes, you may, Amber.”

“OMG,” I thought, “I could get used to this,” as Amber planted her lips on mine and thrust her tongue into my mouth.”

After I received a thorough tongue fucking, Amber said, “Wow! I must admit that this has been an experience I won’t forget. I’d better get back to my other customers.”

“Before you go, Amber, would you mind opening the door for kimmy.”

She didn’t hesitate. As I entered the car, Kelly said, “Remember, little one. Don’t sit on your dress.”

Amber watched while I pulled my dress up and totally exposed my shaved slit to her. “I’m liking this more, all the time! Thank you both” she exclaimed and walked away.

Kelly started the car, but, before pulling out of the parking lot, she turned, kissed me and slipped her hand between my legs. “My cunt is dripping. Did my slut enjoy new experience?”

Although she already knew the answer, the question was not rhetorical. It demanded an answer, and I could not lie. “Yes, My Mistress, she did.”

“Exposing you turns me on, also, little one. I will give you more opportunities in the future.” I knew she would.

Once inside our house, Kelly removed the locks and chains from my shoes and waited while I stripped. Like a little kitten, I followed her, on hands and knees, to the den. (I know, normally kittens and cats are not led around on a leash, but I have a friend who takes her cat for a daily walk around the block on a leash.)

Kelly pulled her dress up to her waist, sat on the sofa and spread her legs. Drawn to the fragrance of her bare pussy like a cat drawn to catnip, this kitten did not need a verbal invitation. I put my arms under her legs, raising them slightly, then leaned forward and started running my tongue through her folds lapping the sweet, copious, juices from them.

I started thrusting my tongue in and out of her hot vagina when she screamed, “For gawds sake, kimmy, your mistress needs to cum. Do it NOW!” To answer, “Yes, Mistress,” would be wasting time. I eagerly attacked her clit, sucking it into my mouth and flicking it with my tongue bringing on the climax she desired. I wanted to continue lapping at her pussy, but sat back, at rest, and watched her slowly recover.

Soon, she leaned forward, licked my face, still covered with her juices, and kissed me. “Little one, I think we need to continue this in the bedroom.”

I continued to wear the collar while we made love in bed that night. It was, of course, chained to the bed.

Each day with Kelly brought something new and unique. Usually it was wearing one of my new outfits, or something she had me do as her slave. Thursday was no different. But this time the unexpected wasn’t from Kelly and had nothing to do with to our relationship; at least directly. Jenna, the assistant to the president of my company, called and said Mr. Fields wanted to meet with me the following afternoon. They had received a call from the VP of Human Resources at Hunter Industries. Mr. Fields needed to personally discuss it with me. She added that it was something he didn’t feel that he should discuss over the phone. I had not planned a routine trip to my home office over the weekend and asked if he would be willing to meet the following week. She said, “I am aware of the subject he wants to discuss and am positive it would be in your best interest to meet with him as soon as possible.” I asked if she could give me a hint and she replied, “I’m sorry, Kelly. I was instructed not to reveal any information.” I, of course became very worried that someone had reported my involvement with Kelly, or maybe it was my change in clothing, even though Diane had given her approval. Of course, hers wasn’t an official approval. Jenna and I were friends, so I told her about my “new look.” We discussed the situation and she said I shouldn’t worry even if what I suspected turned out to be the reason he wanted to talk. Out of desperation, and trying to push my point, I asked, “Ok, Jenna, then I need to ask if I should make plane reservations to return here after our meeting?

“All I can say, Kim, is that no matter what the subject, or outcome. of your discussion may be, I think you will want to return.” Damn, she wouldn’t even reveal a hint.

I immediately called Kelly who said she would have to change some plans, but realized it was something I had to do. I arranged to fly home Friday morning and, assuming I would still be gainfully employed, wanted my return to be Friday evening. Regretfully, the first available flight wasn’t until Saturday afternoon. Regardless, if he was going to fire me, I wanted to be back with Kelly as soon as possible.

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