Kyle’s Summer

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“Who’s ready for the best time of their lives!” Martin roars, and 250 people cheer in response.

I add my voice to the throng, pumping my arms in the air and doing the most idiotic dance possible. A group of eleven-year olds, distracted from their cheering, eye me warily.

“Give it a day or two guys, you’ll be dancing right along with me.” I say, smiling.

“Yeah you will!” Christy screams, jumping next to me. We jump in a circle together in front of the bemused kids, the ones who will be following our lead for the next two weeks. All around us other counselors act in a similar fashion as their new campers mill about in uncertainty, unsure of just how much too let go on this, the first day of the summer.

Martin Jones, camp director of Rivermount for fifteen years, leaps up.

“This time will go by fast, so I won’t waste any more time talking. I’ll see everyone at dinner!”

He runs off and everyone cheers again. Me and Christy, co-counselors, bump fists before turning back to our campers.

“Alright everybody, first up is the swim test. Everyone in bathing suits, everyone have towels?”

Some nod, some stare at the ground, three girls who arrived together giggle in the back.

“Good enough, to the swimming pool!” Christy, a never-ending ball of energy, leads the way, and I fall into step next to her.

“How am I doing so far?” I whisper.

“Great!” She slaps me on the arm. “I told you there’s nothing to it. You are the coolest person these kids have ever met. You’re the cool older brother, uncle, and dad all rolled into one. After a day or two, you’ll feel like you’ve been here as long as anyone.”

She smiles again, and it’s impossible to not return it. Someone taps me on my arm. I turn and see one of my campers.

“What’s up bud?” Names will come later.

“Mr. Kyle, is there a bathroom by the pool?”

“Yeah man,” I laugh. “And no need to call me ‘mister.’ Kyle is just fine.” I turn to the rest of our group. “Everyone else hear that? I’m just Kyle.”

“But I’m Queen Christy!” Christy yells turning and walking backwards, with a few bounces between each step. “Make sure everyone remembers that!”

A couple of her girls giggle. Most of my guys can’t stop staring. I can’t blame them. Christy told me during staff training the week before that she’s grown up in gymnastics. She certainly looks the part, her body short yet lithe, her breasts pronounced on her slim frame. She spins around again, her blonde ponytail whirling through the air.

“Everyone walk like a dinosaur!” I roar and join in, and we arrive at the pool doing our best impression of a t-rex. We scream and high-five and turn to face our kids, who are slowly walking twenty steps behind us.

“Ah well,” Christy sighs. “First day. We’ll wear ’em down.”

“I hope so.”

“Wait until day three.” She whispers. “You won’t even recognize this bunch of mopers.”I grin, then take the initiative when they catch up to us.

“Behold, my new friends, the Rivermount swimming pool!”

I throw my arms out to either side in a grand display. The kids stare past me, their uncertainty growing.

What goes by swimming pool here could much more accurately be called a ‘swimming hole.’ A large, chlorinated man-made pond wreathed by reeds, with a, H-pier, floating docks, and inflatable toys dispersed throughout.

“Is it safe?” One of the girls asks.

“Safest place you can go swimming anywhere around.”

“I thought it’s the only swimming place around.” One of my guys. I point him out.

“That is a solid observation, and I appreciate it. But look at all these lifeguards!” I throw my arms out again, pointing to the numerous guards walking the pier and docks. “Everyone will be fine!”

My words aren’t even needed. Christy, showing her experience, has already stripped down to her swimsuit and is charging along the pier to the water.

“Everyone with me! But… no one run!” She jumps in, and the kids hasten to catch up to her. I throw off my shirt and follow behind their cautious stampede, counting heads as we go. Safety first, right?

A burly guy stops us at the water’s edge. Greg, the head lifeguard and a good guy.

“Hold on now, you guys here for the swim test?” 14 heads nod, doing their best to appear calm. Greg smiles at them.

“There’s nothing to it.” He begins explaining the rules as I jump into the water near Christy. We tread in slow circles as we await our campers.

“Best idea you ever had, Kyle, working here for the summer?”

“Oh yeah? How long have you been here again?”

“Been working five years, started as soon as I was sixteen. I was a camper for the ten before that.”

“About the only one who’s been here longer than me,” another voice says. I turn and grin, because my favorite part of the pool just swam over on her lifeguard tube.

“Hey Heather!” Christy says. I repeat the greeting. She smiles back, a beautiful sight beneath her still dry, salt-tousled hair.

“How’re your kids?”

“Not bad.” Christy shrugs. “They’re here for two weeks, they’ll be begging canlı bahis to stay before they leave.” She jerks her head at me. “Just as long as this one survives, we’ll be fine.”

“Come on Kyle! It’s your first day, you big dweeb.” She smiles as she says it, and I have a hard time finding the words to respond.

“I’m fine! Christy here is doing a good enough job for the both of us, anyway.”

“Not for the last time either,” Heather says, and Christy smacks her exposed shoulder. A shrill whistle pierces the air, followed by fourteen screams and splashes. Our group surrounds us in the water.

“Against the dock!” I yell above the chorus of sound. “Let’s get this thing done!”

Two days later I’m up with the sunrise. I should have been here yesterday, but opening day wears on everybody. I made sure not to miss it today, however, and I jog from my cabin to the main road in silence. A quick warm-up once I reach the pavement, and I’m moving.

I’m no championship runner, but it’s time to myself and my thoughts. Something often missed at college, and even harder to find at a summer camp. I settle into my gait and near the main gate just in time to see another body round the curve ahead of me. Curious as to who would be out here as well, I speed up.

I round the corner seconds later and do a quick jig. Some hundred yards ahead of me is the body that the pool water had hidden from me two days earlier. Long legs, lean and tan, their intersection hidden by pink cotton with black spandex peeking out beneath. That look drives me wild. I increase my speed again. Hips that jut just enough before curving back in at the waist, a tanned torso covered only by a lime-green sports bra. I’m closing in fast. Her hair, light with streaks of blonde, bobs before me in a ponytail.

I slow twenty yards back, before dropping back further. The last thing I need is Heather thinking me a creep. I drop back a healthy distance and drink in the view as we move along the road.

She turns two miles down, smiles when she sees me. I return it and wave. We pass with no words spoken, and I give her some extra room before I turn.

She turns into the camp well ahead of me, and is stretching by the pump house when I see her again. She straightens as I run by and says something. I pull out my earbuds and stop.

“What’s up?”

“I said, do you run every morning?” I shrug.

“That’s the plan. Didn’t make it yesterday, I was beat.” Her smile is sympathetic.

“First day is rough on you counselors. Glad I’m a lifeguard.” She stretches up and the muscles of her stomach pull tight, her breasts rise. I try to disguise my stare.

“Must be hard life, lazing by the pool all day, saving enough energy for a long morning run.” She glares at me over a mocking smile.

“Wake up earlier and you might catch up to me next time.”

“So… you do this every day?” She laughs.

“That’s the plan, especially with the food they serve us. It’s honestly delicious, right?”

“Seriously.” I grin. “I thought camp food was supposed to be terrible.”

“It’s kept me coming back fifteen years.”

“You and Christy?”

“Yup. Speaking of,” she does one last quick stretch. “I need to go make sure she’s up. See you at the pool!”

“See you here tomorrow.” She stops and turns.

“I better, slacker.” Heather winks. I smile. And make sure I don’t watch her walk away.

The day goes by fast. We don’t make it to the pool, but I’m out the door of my cabin the next morning two minutes before sunrise. I meet Heather down by the pump house. As we finish stretching, I notice her shorts are rolled higher than they were the day before.

I try not to notice.

Time goes by fast at a summer camp. My two weeks with Christy was up in a whirlwind, and as she said, our campers were begging to stay. I run with Heather every morning, we get pretty close. Christy and I, dealing with the trials and tribulations of 14 pre-teens, get a lot closer.

The kids leave Saturday morning. Saturday night, we meet up with the other staff who were free, more than ready to unwind.

The staff retreat is a battered old cabin on the riverside, a decent walk through the woods from the rest of the camp. Two stories, plenty of cobwebs but no electricity, we make it our own. Coolers and ice keep the drinks cold. Tiki torches keep the bugs away. The moon reflecting off the river provides the atmosphere.

“Hell of a job, noob,” Christy raises a beer. I clink my bottle against hers.

“I learned from the best. You’re masterful with those kids.” She waves her hand.

“You learn a lot over the years. You pick it up fast, and you weren’t a bum. Most times it’s the girl counselors carrying the guys. I never had to do that with you. I appreciated that.”


We each take a swig of beer.

“Hey, I’m going catch those girls over there. I’ll see you later, alright?” I raise my glass.


She bounces away, and my eyes are drawn to the shorts that cling to her muscular form. I shake my head and move to the bahis siteleri edge of the candlelight, taking in the view of the river.

“Beautiful, right?” I turn.

“Hey Greg, how’s life?”

“Pretty damned good right now. How was your first group?” I smile in the darkness.

“Awesome. We were really tight by the time they left. I had a phenomenal time.”

“Good. It seems like you did a great job. Everyone has spoken really highly of you.”


“Yeah. It can be tough to find good guys to work here.”

“Christy was just saying something about that.”

“She has had to deal with plenty of crap. But you held your own against her, and she’s the best. Nicely done.”

“Thanks man.”

We fall quiet. The beer in my hand is soon empty. I take a breath.

“Not that I minded working with her at all.” Greg nods.

“She’s a ton of fun, right?”

“She is. And gorgeous.” Greg laughs.

“That she is. Surprised you haven’t brought it up yet.” I look at him.

“Why’s that?”

“Come on, man, you’ve seen most of the guys here drooling all over her, flirting with her non-stop. You were her co! You’re not blind.”

“That I did. I even had to say something to a couple guys once.”

“And that’s what makes you different.” Greg said, pointing at me for emphasis. “The bulk of what we do here is in the water, so everyone is in their suits. Guys think that just because girls spend the bulk of their time in a bikini that they’re fair game. You don’t, you do your job well, and that’s what makes you different.” I take another drink, forget the bottle is empty.

“I mean, it’s not like the girls are exhibitionists about it or anything. I’m just trying to do a good job.”

“You are, man. Keep it up.” I look at him again.

“So what, you’re never tempted?” He sighs, guilty.

“It can be hard to keep your eyes averted, I’ll say that. But most of the girls are like little sisters to me. Besides, I have a girl on the other side of the state. She’s mine, I’m hers.”

“Sounds serious.” He shrugs.

“Hope so. We each graduate in December. Plan on marrying her soon after that.”

“Damn.” I say. “Quick, isn’t it?”

“We’re 22. Yeah we’re young, but… when you know you know.” He grins at me. “You know?”

I raise my bottle. “Won’t argue to that. Congrats, man.”

We keep talking. The party continues behind us. The night gets late, Greg says his farewells, and I move through the crowd towards the cabin. A hand grabs mine, pulls me away.

“Where have you been?” Christy’s voice, hot in my ear. I pull away and smile at her as she drags me behind the cabin.

“Talking to Greg. I…” Her lips on mine. She pulls my face towards hers, but still she is on her toes. She doesn’t let go for a long time.

“I’ve been waiting to do that all night,” she says, her voice husky, deep. I can’t think of the words. I kiss her again. We hold it longer this time.

She is a foot shorter than me, but still she pushes me against the back of the cabin with no problem. I slide down on to an old bench. She straddles my lap. My hands on her waist, I pull back.

“What’s happening here?” She pecks me on my lips.

“Not enough.”

She kisses me again, and now our tongues slide past each other’s lips. Her hands run down my arms. Mine slide up her back, pulling her lips tighter against mine. I’m erect, already straining against the Velcro of my board shorts. She wriggles her hips, grinding her pussy against me.

“You already feel amazing,” she whispers, before kissing me again. One of my hand stays against the back of her head, the other slides down her back. I slide my hand inside of her shorts, inside the bikini bottoms underneath. She moans as I squeeze her ass. Her muscular legs tighten on either side.

She is humping hard against my shaft now, moaning as she continues to kiss me. Her ass squeezes against my legs. My hand comes up under her shirt. I untie her bikini top. Both my hands go up the front of her shirt, grasping her boobs. Her nipples are hard against my palms, her mounds soft. Her moans deepen. Her entire body, so tight already, shudders.

Christy breaks our kiss and hold my head back, staring into my eyes. She continues to grind her hips against me. I feel the warmth through the thin layers. Her mouth forms silent words. I circle her nipples with my thumbs before squeezing them. Hard.

That is enough for her. Clasping her mouth back against mine, she moans as her hips buck against me. I push up to meet her. Her tongue swirls around the inside of my mouth. Her body goes rigid and she pulls me against her. I tighten my grip on her nipples.

We remain locked until her body slackens against me. She rests her chin against my forehead.

“You know it’s been a long time when we can keep our clothes on,” she gasps. I grunt. She looks down.

“Oh baby, I’m sorry!” She bites the tip of my nose. “Just one second.”

I slide my hands from Christy’s breasts. Her shirt still askew, she kisses down my body. She pulls up my shirt. She’s on her knees bahis şirketleri in front of me. She unties my board shorts.

Her phone rings. She pauses.

“That’s Heather’s ringtone.” She says. She looks up at me.

“I know this is terrible timing…” I grin.

“Do what you need to do.”

She give me a grateful smile and kisses my stomach before stepping away. A quick, hurried conversation. She turns back to me, grimacing. She hangs up.

“Heather… something came up. Something bad.”

I grit my teeth, trying to ignore my desperate need for a climax.

“Is she okay?”

“Yes, it’s… she got a rough phone call tonight. She’s in tears.” I sigh.

“Go. She needs you.” She drops to her knees again.

“You’re disappointed. Here, let me…” I stop her.

“Not now. Heather needs you. Hopefully it’s not too much information, but I can take care of myself.”

She smiles at me and kisses me again, long and deep.

“We’ve been friends for fifteen years, roommates for five. I’m sorry. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She runs off into the woods, retying her top as she goes. I lean my head back against the wall. I sigh again.

I don’t expect to see Heather the next morning, but she is standing by the pump house when I arrive. She bites her lip as I walk up.

“Hey,” she says, nervous. I smile.

“Hey. Everything okay from last night?” She reddens. It’s adorable.

“Yes. I am so sorry! My dad called me with some bad news, and I really needed to talk to her. I had no idea that she was… that you two were…”

“It’s fine,” I say, waving her off. “Seriously. I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“I’m fine,” she says. Too fast. There’s something in her eyes.

“You sure?” Heather laughs.

“Of course. Let’s run.”

Unlike other runs, today we’re silent. We reach our turnaround point without another word. I don’t like it.

“This your normal pace?”


“This how fast you normally run?” She shrugs.

“How about a race?” She look at me.

“First back to the pump house.” Her eyes narrow.

“What are we racing for?”

“I don’t know. Loser buys winner a drink from the store tonight.” She scoffs.

“That’s it?”

“Alright, loser flashes the winner.” A spark in her eye.

“That’s better. Let’s go.”

She quickens her stride and pulls ahead. It has been some time, so I hang back to enjoy the view. She looks back and catches my stare. Her eyes light up and she quickens her pace.

“Gonna need to go faster if you want anymore!” She yells back. I’m not worried. We have plenty of room.

We near the camp’s entrance after a few hard minutes. Heather is breathing hard, in short gasps. I am too, but I know what I have left. As she readies her turn, I make my move. I lengthen my stride and catch up to her just inside the camp gate.

She snorts in surprise but ups her pace. Neck and neck we race towards the pump house. I had held back just enough of my reserve. I pull forward in the final thirty paces.

“Damn it!” Heather gasps as she falls against the whitewashed wall seconds after me. She’s breathing ragged gasps. She’s covered in sweat, her hair is pulling free from her ponytail. Her chest is heaving.

She looks gorgeous.

“Good run,” I say holding out my hand. Her eyes narrow again and she slaps my chest.

“You could have beaten me by a lot more, couldn’t you?” I stammer to buy time.

“How much have you slowed down these last few weeks for my sake.” I stare at her.

“Are you serious? Hardly at all. You can move.” She huffs.

“Whatever.” She grabs my hand and pulls me behind the pump house.

“What are you doing?”

“A bet’s a bet, isn’t it?” For the second time in 12 hours I’m pushed against a back wall by a woman. She steps away. She grasps the bottom of her sports bra with both hands.

“Ready for your winnings?” I nod, stupefied.

Heather pulls up her top. My knees almost sag. White orbs highlighted by crisp tan lines against her dark torso. Pert and full, a sharp contrast from her slender frame. Her nipples are hard against the morning air, the humidity just beginning to take over. I take in her full body, almost nude before me. Her eyes are hard.

“You are so beautiful.”

“You think so?” The words are a challenge. They break me from my stupor.

I’m moving before I think of what I’m doing. Her hands come up, but I kiss her before she can stop me. She wraps her arms around me. It’s my turn to push her against the wall. We don’t break the kiss for a long time.

“Do you get turned on when you work out?” I ask. She grins.

“Why do you think my showers are so long afterwards?” I don’t give her another chance to speak.

I kiss her lips, her hair, her neck. She grasps at her sports bra with a feeble attempt. I push her hands away.

“Not yet,” I gasp. I grasp her breasts with both hands. Firm and soft, they fill each hand. I kiss all around them, my lips finding her nipples after several long moments. She moans in appreciation. I know our time is short, however, and I have further work to do.

I push against her breasts, keeping her pinned against the wall. My lips take a purposeful turn south. She gasps when I reach the waistband of her shorts.

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