Little Tease

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We pull into the parking lot of a new club that neither of us has ever been to but they play 80’s dance music and I’m in the mood for that. I’m in the mood to dance. We go in and, luckily, grab a table next to the dance floor. The music is loud and the air smells of smoke but there’s an energy in the club that is palpable. We get settled and glance around the bar, checking out the crowd. Our waitress comes over and we order drinks.

“Ed, I’m going to run to the restroom while you wait for our server to bring the drinks back,” I tell you over the hard pounding of music. You watch me as I stroll across the room, weaving between tables. I’m wearing one of your favorite outfits and it shows off all my curves to their best advantage.

I’m not gone long and when I get back I bend over to kiss you softly, lingeringly on the lips. I’m leaning against your thigh and your hand is stroking my calf; the little dress that I’m wearing leaves my skin bare to mid-thigh. I’m looking down at you and you can sense that something’s up by my smile… all-false, big-eyed innocence and anticipation. I have a secret and it’s obvious. When you raise your brow in question, I take your hand and wrap your fingers around silk.

Leaning close, I whisper into your ear, “Will you hold these for me?”

Opening your hand, you see that I’ve given you my panties. Your hand glides up my leg and over my ass… nope, no panty lines, they are definitely the ones I was wearing when we left home. At that moment a great song begins. Dancing around you, I gesture to the dance floor. I walk backwards, singing to you and swaying my hips. I turn my back and leave you watching me. Caressing the silk between your fingers for a moment, you glance down, smile and then pocket my panties. Throwing a flirtatious smile over my shoulder, I begin to move to the music. My entire body is lost to the beat. You settle back in your chair… waiting… watching… wondering what I’ll do next. I glance up and watch you slowly sip from your drink. My mind wanders as I watch your lips touch the glass… images and fantasies dance through my brain.

I’m dancing for you and you can tell. The way I’m moving echoes the way that I’ve ridden you countless times before; my movements starting in my hips and working through my body. The look on my face is closely akin to the look I have while you’re deep inside me and you feel the first tingling of arousal. You can see the muscles of my quads flex as I dip down and then slowly rock up. I’m half-Hispanic and my heritage shows through in my rhythm and grace. I’m dancing to turn you on. It’s not anything that’s too overt, just subtle glances and the slow circle of my hips, the slight flushed look of my cheeks. I’m thinking of you as I dance, remembering the feel of your hands on me. I’m supremely conscious of the fact that I’m not wearing underwear… and so are you. I can sense it whenever I catch your eyes. I can almost feel the heat of your gaze whenever I dip down, swaying my hips… teasing you with the barest glimpses of flesh. Periodically men come up and try to start dancing with me. You can’t hear what I tell them but they always glance up at you and then move away. You figure I’m probably telling them something about you carrying a big gun and being very possessive. I like knowing that you’re the one I’m going home with and I want you to have eyes that are only for me.

You decide to come and dance with me. I watch you set down your drink, turn to bostancı escort bayan bargain with the table next to us so they’ll hold our place and walk over. With a deeply seductive smile, I crook my finger and beckon you to come hither. You try to get a little handsy but I step back a bit and shake my head at you. I want any touching that happens to be because I initiate it. I want to tease you. I want you to hunger for me… tempt you with what you want but then pull back. As the music plays I teasingly brush against you, slide down you, my dark eyes are intense and never leave yours. I run my hands down your chest and then back up under your shirt… touching flesh. I lightly rake my nails over your stomach, feeling the quick inhale and tightening of your muscles. I smile at you… teasing. You know I like to tease and you like that about me. You know that I like turning you on and making you want me. I revel in the joy of giving you pleasure and the knowledge that I can make you feel things that no other can. Slipping my hand from under your shirt, I lightly caress the back of your neck. Always lightly, my touch is soft and delicate… and it’s not enough, not nearly enough. I turn around and press my back against your front. Despite my short stature, the heels that I’m wearing bring me to a height that almost has our hips level. Rocking my ass against your erection, you reach for my hips and pull me tightly against you. Your wonderful cock nestled nicely between my ass cheeks. Bending over, I lightly touch the floor with my fingertips and then roll my hips in small circles as I stand up… caressing you as I go. The image of me naked and bent over, taking you into me, my bare ass pressed against your stomach flashes through your mind. You want me and the knowledge that I’m yours causes your breath to catch.

It’s hot in the club, I lift my hair and it cascades over my arms. I feel you blow gently along the back of my neck. Goose bumps rise along my arms and I long to feel you press your lips against my neck, the slide of your tongue from the base of my neck into my hairline. I want you and I can feel my loins quicken with need. I let my hair slide back in place between my arms and feel the silkiness of it as it settles and cascades to the middle of my back. Reaching up behind me, I slide my arm around your neck and tilt my face up towards yours, then pull your lips to mine for a kiss that leaves my knees weak. I know that you’re equally affected because the erection that has been pressing against my ass hardens further still.

At that moment the song ends and I nonchalantly walk away as though I weren’t just a moment ago pressed up against you, leaving you standing on the dance floor. I head to the bar and you, feeling a little frustrated, head back to our table. You’re beginning to question whether you’ll make it through the evening. We’ve been away a little too long but luckily our table is still unoccupied and you head there to make sure that it stays that way. When I get back I’m holding a shot of tequila, a slice of lime, salt and a B52. I smile. It’s time for a body shot. I set everything on the table and straddle your legs. When I sit I make sure that the hardness of you is pressed into the softness of me. I rock my hips to make the fit absolutely perfect. Your wonderful hardness is cradled within my moistness. You can feel my heat and wetness through your jeans. Turning you on turns me on and we both know it. It’s a good ümraniye escort thing that the club’s dark otherwise someone might notice the mark that I will inevitably leave on the front of your pants. You wrap your arms around my lower back and pull me tighter into you. I rest my feet on the seat of the chair next to your hips, which places my knees at about your shoulders. I rock my hips a bit, and that makes you catch your breath. I hear that slight inhale and smile.

Resting my forearms on your shoulders I run my tongue along your lips and when your mouth opens, my tongue slips in to meet yours. The taste of you turns me on and I get a hot ache where my clit begins to swell. Moaning softly I end the kiss, then hand you the salt and twist my hair out of the way. This is your cue and you’re very good at it. I present my neck to you in offering and you run your hand up my back, into my hair. Making a fist you guide my head and neck to you. I catch the eye of a woman watching us from another table and smile broadly, just as your mouth connects with my neck my smile softens. A little moan escapes my throat and my eyes drift closed. You tongue my neck – slowly, starting with gentle pressure and long strokes then with increasing roughness. The glide of your tongue up the side of my neck makes me quite sure that my spine has melted and is on the floor at your feet. Then you bite the thick cord along my neck and, thankfully, the club is loud because so is the moan that I can’t help. With eyelids that feel like lead, I lean back and hand you the salt. Making eye contact I tip my head again and let you sprinkle the salt. You dip your tongue between the cleavage that’s just visible at the top of my dress. I laugh, “Hey, there’s no salt there,” I tell you as I shake my head with sternness and then laugh from deep in my throat.

“No? I could’ve sworn that some fell off your neck,” you murmur.

“Hmmmm…” is my reply.

I place the lime in my mouth and wait for you to lick, drink and then suck.

After you’ve kissed me and sucked the lime from my mouth, I pull away, do my shot and slip off your lap. You watch as I go back onto the dance floor, leaving you sitting there. Always teasing, taunting and suggesting with my body movements, I work my body in time with the music. I want your eyes to be on me alone. I want you to think with pride that I’m going home with you and not a little bit of arrogance when other men glance my way. Every couple of songs I swing by and whisper things in your ear… just enough to keep you hard and to trigger memories.

“I LOVE it when you take me fierce and possessively – with rough intensity. I love it when you claim my body as yours and mark me and making sure that I never forget that I belong to you,” I purr.

“I LOVE it when you let me take control and master you. I love to ride you and seek my own pleasure. I love taking you into me and slowly sliding up and down you as I watch the pleasure that dances across your face. The lowering of your eyes lids as I press you deep into me. And when you finally can’t take it anymore so you roll me over and use me hard “

“I LOVE it when you’re soft and gentle in the mornings and my body is still pliable and warm from sleep. When I can feel the whisper of your breath on my neck and the silky hardness of you as you slide deep into my wetness. As you gently kiss my neck and bring me to wakefulness.”

“I LOVE it when I take your cock escort kartal into my mouth and hear you moan. I LOVE rolling my tongue around the head of your cock and then sliding you as deep as I can into the warmth of my mouth. I LOVE the heavy weight of your balls in my hand, warm and solid and the musky smell of you.”

That’s the final straw; it’s time to head home. Standing abruptly, you take my hand and drag me to the door.

As we’re leaving, I secretly grin and revel in the power of making you lose control… almost. The drive home is quiet and filled with tension. I glance over at you and you look like a man on a mission…filled with intense concentration.

The door is barely closed and locked, but you’ve already got my dress tucked around my hips and your finger is stroking my clit. My bare ass rubs against the roughness of your jeans and I feel the hard solidness of your cock pressing against me, straining to get out. My head is thrown back against your shoulder and you’re heading us into the living room. My pelvis hits the arm of the couch and I fall forward with my ass in the air and my face pressed against the seat cushions. I’m wearing sandals with heels so I’m the right height when you get on your knees and press your face into me. Your tongue, like silk, tastes my wetness, swirls around my clit and then slides deep. Caressing me, up and down, in and out, swirling around my clit and gently sucking. The couch muffles the moan that comes from deep in my throat but you hear it anyway. You stand up and lean over my back.

“Oh, no, babe, you can’t cum yet.”

I whimper, “Please, Ed… please, Baby,” and push back against you. The loud crack of your hand against my ass mingles with the gasp of pleasure and shock that comes from me. I hear the sound of your zipper and the rustle of your jeans as they fall to the floor. You gently rub the sting you’ve left, grip my hips and push deep into me. I moan low in my throat. Even though I’ve wanted you all night and I’m soft and wet, taking you so quickly and deeply is still an adjustment. I feel my body as it stretches and accommodates you. The arm of the couch that prevents me from moving only means the hard, powerful thrusts of your cock push you deeper into me. Your hands pull me back as your hips push forward taking me to the point between pleasure and pain. I rise on my tiptoes to take you deeper into me. You feel like home and I don’t want it to end. My cries of pleasure are muffled in the pillows. I know that you’re getting close because your thrusts become faster and harder. I claw the couch with my fingers and bite down on the fabric. I’ve needed this… needed you all night and I long to come fast and hard. I want to reach between my thighs and caress but my clit but the couch arm is in my way. I’m desperate to meet you when you orgasm but I’m not at the right angle. And, I feel the heat of your sperm as it spills into me and hear your groan of satisfaction. We both take deep grasps of air and will our hearts to slow. I moan at the loss of your fullness as you slide out of me. Taking my hand, I follow you into the bedroom on rubbery legs.


An hour later, I hear your slow breath as you sleep. I’m wide-awake and fully aroused. My body is like a tightly wound wire, ready to burst. I’m tempted to get up and get my vibrator to relieve the tension you left me with. When I can’t stand it anymore, I throw back the covers to get it. As I’m preparing to slip my over the side of the bed, you roll over and pull me close. I feel you smile into my neck as you whisper, “Shhh… go to sleep. I’ll take care of you in the morning.” I lie back in bed and desperately will my body to relax and then grin… “Paybacks are a bitch,” I think to myself.

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