Liz and Mitch and the Young Friend

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Mitch and Liz’s young friend could easily be their own son.

Mitch and Liz were quite settled in Italy although they often thought about their earlier life in the US. Work had brought them to this part of the world. One Monday morning in work Mitch was introduced to Robbie an eighteen year old boy from California and asked to show him around and generally make him feel at home. They immediately hit it off and got on well together.

At the end of the day Mitch went home to Liz his wife of many years and Robbie headed off to the bedsit he was renting. Over dinner Mitch told Liz about Robbie who said, ‘You must invite him round for dinner.’

Mitch replied, ‘Yes, I’ll mention it tomorrow.’

At the work the next day Mitch invited Robbie round to dinner that evening who was more than happy to accept the invitation. Already he was getting fed up spending the evenings alone.

After work Robbie jumped into Mitch’s car and they went back to his place. Liz had showered and dressed rather tartily but then she didn’t get many chances these days to show off her voluptuous body to 18 year males. She put her make up on and admired herself in the mirror. It really was a while since she had dressed like this and it was having a very nice effect on her. The thought of being able to expose part of her body to a young man made her feel rather damp between her legs and she parted her legs and rubbed herself through her panties. Liz looked at the clock, she had about 20 minutes before they were going to arrive home and Liz was getting wetter by the minute.

She slipped her skirt and panties off and sat down on the sofa. Her legs were soon wide apart and her hands went to her ever dampening pussy. She always kept herself shaved and a finger easily slid inside her, then slowly out and then back in again. For Liz masturbation was still a daily pleasure that she adored. She slid a second finger inside her and imagined it was Robbie’s hard cock giving her such intense pleasure. As much as she wanted the pleasure to continue she knew time was getting tight and her other hand found her clit. In a matter of a few seconds she was bringing herself to a wonderful orgasm.

Liz lay back on the sofa for a few minutes taking in the wonderful feelings her body had just experienced. Suddenly she had a naughty thought, she would leave her panties off. She ran upstairs to the bathroom and dropped them into the laundry basket. As Liz went back downstairs she heard Mitch’s car draw up outside.

She heard the key in the door and went to greet them. Mitch said, ‘Liz this is Robbie, Robbie this is Liz.’

Robbie held out his hand and said, ‘Very nice to meet you Mrs Jackson.’

‘Oh you must call me Liz,’ she replied.

Robbie smiled and was immediately transfixed by her low top which showed plenty of her ample cleavage.

She turned and led them into the living room. Robbie who was immediately behind her couldn’t keep his eyes off her long legs. It was as usual a warm Italian evening and she didn’t need to wear nylons or pantihose.

Mitch made his excuses and went upstairs to change leaving them alone. Liz poured Robbie a cold beer and they carried on chatting. Even at this very early part of the evening it was obvious they were going to get on well. Robbie just couldn’t keep his eyes off Liz’s magnificent tits and her mind kept racing back to what she had been doing to herself only 20 minutes ago and imagining it was Robbie doing it. They sat down opposite each other and as Liz crossed her legs she exposed a large amount of bare thigh. Robbie was now getting a very nice feeling in his groin even though Liz was clearly old enough to be his mother.

Mitch returned having changed into some casual clothes and got himself a beer. Liz went off to the kitchen and started bostancı escort bayan to bring dinner in. Robbie asked where the bathroom was and Mitch told him. As Robbie went upstairs he passed a double bedroom and wondered what Liz and Mitch got up to in there.

He went into the bathroom and had a pee. As he stood and washed his hands he noticed the laundry basket and looked inside. There at the bottom were the panties that Liz had dropped in there. He picked them up and smelt them and took a deep breath and inhaled the wonderful aroma of a female pussy. Robbie was getting hard now and he dropped his trousers and underpants and wrapped the panties round his hard cock and started rubbing. He knew he couldn’t be too long as dinner was about to be served. He also knew that he really couldn’t cum in the panties either, but suddenly he was beyond the point of stopping and he ejaculated a huge amount of hot cum into Liz’s panties.

This now gave him a huge problem as he couldn’t put them back in the laundry basket. Robbie quickly took his underpants off and now put on Liz’s spunk soaked ones. Although they were very wet and sticky Robbie loved the feel as he pulled the white silk panties up tight against his cock and balls. It reminded him of home where he regularly wore his mother’s and his sister’s panties. In fact it was him wearing his mother’s panties that had recently turned him on to the pleasure of wearing ladies undies.

He went back downstairs with the sticky panties tight against his skin. Dinner was on the table and he sat down opposite Liz, barely able to keep his eyes off her tits. She really did remind him of his mother and how as an eigtheenth birthday present she had let him play with and suck her nipples before progressing to full mother and son fucking and eventually brother and sister fucking.

Although Robbie had just cum he found that the lovely feeling of the sticky white silk panties was making him hard again. They finished dinner with a couple of glasses of wine and then sat down on the sofa and relaxed and chatted.

Suddenly the phone rang and Mitch answered it. He chatted for a minute or so before hanging up. He said, ‘Sorry love but I’ve got to pop back to work for a short while, I shouldn’t be too long.’

He got up and went out. They heard his car pull away. Liz poured Robbie another glass of wine and said she had to go to the bathroom.

Liz did what she had to do there and something made her look in the laundry basket. She was astonished to see that the pair of panties she had left there had gone and she knew that Mitch hadn’t moved them – it could only have been Robbie.

She went downstairs and sat next to Robbie on the sofa and said, ‘Have you taken something of mine from the bathroom?’

Robbie felt himself getting redder and very embarrassed. ‘I’m very sorry, Mrs Jackson,’ he said, ‘I don’t know what came over me.’

Liz said, ‘You don’t need to apologise I just want to know how long you’ve been taking ladies panties.’

‘Oh, I really don’t want to talk about it, I am very embarrassed by it,’ he replied.

‘Well I’m not,’ Liz ordered him, ‘Tell me about it.’

‘Well it was only recently when my mom and dad were out and I was wandering round the house and went into their bedroom and looked in the laundry basket and there was a pair of my mom’s panties. I picked them up something made me sniff them. I could see they were stained and I loved the smell. I felt myself getting hard and I took my trousers and underpants off and put her panties on. I stroked myself through the panties and made myself cum in them. From then on whenever I could I wore a pair of her worn panties. As my sister was older than me I started wearing hers too.

‘Are you wearing mine?’ Liz asked.

Robbie ümraniye escort nodded.

‘Show me,’ she said, leaning forward and unbuckling his belt. She unzipped his trousers and pulled them down.

Liz was shocked, not just to see her panties but how wet and sticky they were.

‘Have you cum in them?’ she asked.

‘Yes, Mrs Jackson, I’m so sorry, I kept looking at your breasts and was so turned on that when I went to the bathroom and found your panties I just had to masturbate into them, I am so very sorry, I’ll buy you some more,’ Robbie replied.

‘Don’t be silly,’ she said, ‘I don’t need you to buy me anymore, I want to see what you’ve been doing.’

She could clearly see how sticky they were, but she could also his erect cock poking out the side.

She said, ‘Well you’re obviously still excited, I hope you’re going to fuck me.’

‘Oh Mrs Jackson, I want to but what if Mitch comes home soon?’

‘Don’t worry about him, he loves me fucking young men,’ she replied.

In fact, Mitch was actually in the other room watching what was happening. He had arranged for the phone call after dinner so that he could leave Robbie and his wife alone. He had driven off but parked round the corner and walked back in. He was excitedly watching from the kitchen.

Liz had now taken Robbie’s or should that be her panties off him and had lifted her skirt and was slowly lowering her wet pussy down on top of his hard cock. She leaned forward and they kissed passionately, with her tongue forcing its way into Robbie’s mouth.

She pulled her top down and her breasts out and put Robbie’s hands on to them. He didn’t hesitate to start pinching and squeezing her hardening nipples.

Liz was riding Robbie’s cock faster and faster, rising up slowly and then plunging all the way down as fast and as hard as she could as both their orgasm’s approached.

Mitch could see how excited they both were and had now taken his clothes off and was standing with his erection sticking out in front of him.

He simply walked in and said, ‘Anyone mind if I join in?’

For one moment Robbie froze with panic but as soon as he saw that Mitch was OK with the situation, continued fucking Liz.

Mitch stood beside his wife who grabbed hold of her husband’s cock and started rubbing it. Robbie was mesmerised at the size and hardness of it. It was the first one he’d seen besides his own in an erect state and he realised that what he saw excited him.

When Liz said, ‘I think Mitch would love you to stroke his cock.’ Robbie didn’t hesitate and reached out for it. He loved the hardness of it and soon he was wanking it as if it was his own.

Liz said, ‘I think you need to make us both cum now.’

Liz could see that his orgasm was approaching and she knew she was about to cum. Robbie had sped up his wanking of Mitch’s cock and as soon as he had deposited his hot spunk deep inside Liz’s welcoming pussy concentrated on bringing Mitch to a wonderful cum splattering orgasm which soaked Liz’s breasts and nipples.

She took Robbie’s hands and put them on her breasts and said, ‘Rub Mitch’s cum into my nipples.’

Robbie did as he was told and loved the feel of the hot sticky white stuff which only made her nipples even harder.

Mitch sat down beside them on the sofa while Robbie’s recovering cock was still embedded deep in Liz’s pussy. Soon they both felt his cum trickling out.

Liz then said to Mitch, ‘Robbie likes wearing ladies undies and I thought we could all go up to our bedroom and let him try on some of my undies.’

‘Good idea,’ Mitch replied.

Liz lifted herself off Robbie’s cock and with her skirt still up round her waist and her tits out of her top they went upstairs. Liz could feel Robbie’s escort kartal cum trickling out of her pussy and down onto her thighs.

When they got upstairs Liz undressed totally and went over to her underwear drawer. She found a quarter cup red satin bra and red satin open crotch panties and put them on Robbie. The feel of the satin underwear was soon getting him hard again and his cock was soon sticking out through the opening. Then Liz found a matching garter belt and some fishnet stockings and pulled them up his legs and fastened them. The more underwear she put on the more excited and erect Robbie became.

Liz even managed to find a pair of high heel shoes that she managed to squeeze Robbie’s feet into. A dash of red lipstick was applied to his lips and Robbie was led to a full length mirror to admire himself. He felt and looked very sexy. Liz said, ‘Walk around, let us admire you.’

Robbie paraded in front of Liz and Mitch. The fact that they were old enough to be his parents made it even more erotic. He could see that Mitch too was fully erect and Liz’s nipples too indicated how aroused she was. Robbie’s cock was throbbing with excitement and although he had only just cum he was clearly ready to cum again.

Liz laid him down on the bed, his erect cock standing to attention, she lowered her breasts down to his mouth and said, ‘Suck mummy’s nipples, suck mummy’s milk from them.’

Robbie loved the feel of Liz’s hardened nipples in his mouth as he sucked deeply on them. Then he felt a hand on his cock. He knew that Liz had her hands on his face as she fed her tits to him so he realised that it was Mitch. The stroking and rubbing was so gentle that it didn’t bother Robbie that it was another man doing this to him.

Liz then straddled Robbie’s face and lowered her pussy over his mouth. As her pussy came into contact with his lips he loved the smell of her cunt juices. As he started to lick and kiss her pussy he realised that his cock was being sucked. It was so arousing that the fact that it was Mitch sucking him that he didn’t mind. The feelings he was getting on his erect cock were sensational and he didn’t want him to stop. Robbie was now licking and sucking Liz as hard as he could and when she positioned her clit over his mouth his lips sucked on it and soon he felt her gushing cunt juices soaking his face as she had a wonderful oral orgasm.

It was only a few seconds later that Robbie’s orgasm approached as Mitch clamped his lips tight around his young cock. Liz had turned round and was watching as her husband bought their young guest to a wonderful sucking orgasm. As Mitch’s mouth took the full force of Robbie’s powerful cum, Liz leaned forward and kissed her husband and swapped Robbie’s cum from his mouth to hers.

They lay recovering when Liz said, ‘I think it must be Mitch’s turn to be sucked off now, what about it Robbie?’

For a moment Robbie was unsure, but he tentatively lowered his mouth over Mitch’s huge cock and he immediately loved the feel of hard cock in his mouth. Although this was the first time he had ever done this he knew exactly what to do. Liz looked on fascinated as she saw her husband’s cock disappearing in and out of their young friend’s mouth. In fact the site of it was making Liz quite aroused again and she sat on the bed with her legs apart and slowly finger fucked herself.

It too was arousing Robbie and now Liz reached forward and started rubbing his cock as he continued sucking her husband. Robbie was soon very aware of Mitch’s imminent orgasm and was determined that like Mitch he was going to make sure that not a single drop of cum escaped from his mouth and he clamped his lips tight around the head as Mitch pumped wad after wad of hot white sticky cum into their young friend’s mouth.

With Liz bringing first herself to another orgasm and then squeezing another one out of Robbie’s cock they all soon fell fast asleep.

A couple of weeks later and Liz, Mitch and Robbie now regularly share a bed and in Robbie and Liz’s case now both share Liz’s underwear.

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