Lovers Kept Apart

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I started to realize that I was drifting out of sleep a while ago, feeling so lovely and warm I stretched just a little, not enough to awaken but enough to brush my cock against my sheets and realize I was semi erect and getting harder. In a measureless second my mind remembered last night when we spoke on the phone, and I find you, talking to me across the seas. You are all sleepy and look lovely, its nearly dark and you want to nap but you cant as you are turned on.

You don’t realize I’m there of course as I take in what I see, you, lying on your sofa, you’ve undone your jeans enough to be able to get your hand inside, I look harder to see whether your hand is inside your panties or whether you are touching yourself through the soft material. I move closer feeling compelled to know, trying harder to see and imagining my hand where yours is. I can see your jeans rise a little and then fall and I can hear your voice, still talking to me, becoming more and more turned on.

As I watch the picture shifts and you start to become aware that I am with you now, the look on your face suspends reality accepting the dream without question and I walk towards you as you play with yourself, your hand moving more quickly now, your eyes and mouth a little wider as I stand beside your sofa and begin to slowly take my clothes off, my t shirt first then lastly I undo my belt and unbutton my jeans, bursa escort you can already see I’m hard, my cock just waiting for me to undo the last button and then slowly slip them down, I’m not wearing any underwear and as I pull my jeans down I hesitate to make sure that your eyes are watching in anticipation, just waiting for the moment when my hard cock springs finally out for you…..I’m now naked in front of you and you can see I’m in good shape, flat tummy, toned and soft skin.

I lean over you and as you play with yourself I kiss you. Your mouth opens and I slide my soft tongue in to meet yours, just touching tips sensually, beginning to explore each others mouths, you slide your tongue into me putting your free hand around my neck to pull me into the kiss harder, out of the corner of my eye I see that your have arched your back and that your hand is playing with you in short bursts as we kiss, your breathing begins to get erratic and you realize you are not far way from cumming.

I break the kiss and pull your top up revealing your bra, in a single move I push your bra over your breasts and take them in both hands, squeezing your nipples just hard enough for you to gasp, pushing them with my thumbs against my forefingers, then rolling them and squeezing them I take each one into my mouth, flicking them quickly with the tip of my tongue to wet them, then sucking them hard in bursa escort bayan between my lips before I continue to roll and squeeze them, your nipples are so hard. Leaning back, I look into your eyes as I slip your jeans down to your ankles I can see your panties and the wet patch that rises in a line along the gusset and I reach down to touch you.

I’m now kneeling beside you, my cock is hard and you reach down to squeeze it, just rubbing your thumb over the tip and gently stroking the shaft a little as you wait for me to touch your pussy, which I do. At first I place my hand flat with my palm on your pubic bone and my fingers curling away down in between your legs, I can feel your heat and you pushing yourself into my hand, you’re moaning now as you want me to touch your clit but for the moment I just push against you and look into your eyes as your hand is wrapped around my cock tugging it spasmodically. And now, I slip your wet panties down, and as I do they reluctantly let go of your pussy just springing away as I pull them over your knees and leave them around your ankles with your jeans, I can see your pussy juice in the gusset and I can smell you now, so hot and wet.

I touch your wet pussy with my index and middle finger, stroking your wet lips in small circles, squeezing them together gently over your clit at the same time, I cant resist leaning over you and tasting escort bursa you, your pussy juice tastes so hot and sweet but for now I slip my thumb and forefinger inside your pussy lips and find your hard clit. I take it between my fingers and squeeze it for a second, checking your reactions to make sure I have you and then begin to pull it in little soft strokes away from you, then roll it between my fingers, then move it from side to side, each movement sending different sensations through you. And then I change rhythm; rubbing your clit with my thumb now against the top of my forefinger it allows me to slide my forefinger in and out of your pussy. As it goes into you I touch your G spot and in one single motion I am now squeezing your clit and touching your G spot at the same time. You arch your back more now, you are so wet, I take a nipple into my mouth and bite it gently as you begin to realize you’re cumming. And you begin to cum, feeling it beginning to rise inside you, unable to stop, feeling all your nerves beginning to climax together you realize the orgasm that is about to hit you is going to be huge. As you cum I kiss you and you kiss me back, your body in spasms as wave after wave of orgasm hits you, I can feel you wide open mouth against mine, moaning at the same time in pleasure.

The wave passes and you sink back to the sofa, you’re so tired now my darling, so sleepy. I cover you up with a warm blanket and make sure you are warm, and then I kiss you gently and tell you I will always love you no matter how far apart we are and that I will keep you safe forever before fading back into my waking dream far away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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