Lovers Reunited

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As Amanda walks thru the movie theatre parking lot fishing for her car keys in her purse she thinks to herself, that’s about the worst $8 I could have spent but at least the popcorn was good. Just as her fingers locate her car keys she hears a voice from behind her calling her name questioningly. She stops and slowly turns to see who it is, tightening her grip on her keys. She waits for the voice to step into the streetlight. Suddenly she sees him. It’s Glenn, her high school sweetheart and first lover.

As Glenn approaches Amanda holds out her hand and says “Glenn, it’s good to see you again.” Glenn stops and stares into her eyes grinning from ear to ear. She returns the smile.

“Just a handshake Amanda? How about a hug for old time’s sake, huh?” He asks.

Amanda laughs and embraces him, inhaling his scent as she hugs him. It instantly drives her wild and starts to melt her insides. Glenn can feel his cock start to harden as his mind drifts back to another time she was in his arms. As Amanda releases Glenn he reaches up and tucks a lock of her silky honey blonde hair behind her ear.

“It’s good to see you again Glenn. When did you get back in town? Last I heard you had moved to Texas.” Amanda says.

“Just got back last week and it’s great to see you again too Amanda.” Glenn replies. Both are quiet for a moment, not knowing what to say. Amanda tries to slow her heartbeat and cool her insides as she stares into Glenn’s eyes but it’s pointless.

Glenn lets his gaze travel down Amanda’s body and back up again before asking, “Amanda, I hope this isn’t to forward of me but would you like to have dinner with me next Friday?”

Amanda’s heart leaps. She smiles wider and says “Absolutely. How about The Olive Garden on Saddlecreek around 6pm?”

“Perfect.” Glenn responds.

He pulls out is wallet, a pen, writes on the back of a business card and hands it to Amanda.

“I put my home number on the back. Feel free to use it anytime.” He says winking at her.

Amanda lets her fingers trail his hand and linger for a moment as she takes the card and says “Thanks. I’ll see you on Friday Glenn.” before turning and walking to her car. Glenn stares at his hand for a moment, shocked at how just her touch could set his skin on fire in such a beautiful way. Her week passes by uneventfully until finally its Friday afternoon. Amanda has taken off early to prepare for her date with Glenn. As she lotions her legs after her shower Amanda’s mind drifts back to high school. She and Glenn were inseparable then. She smiles as she remembers the long nights spent dancing under the stars, the flowers he’d buy her for no reason, the way he’s smile at her like she was the only person in the world to make him smile, and the nights they spent together. Her last thought causing her pussy to become moist as she vividly remembers the way his cock would dance for her and set her insides aflame.

Amanda shakes her head, snapping herself back to the present and softly tsk’s herself. He’s just a friend now and you don’t even know how he feels about you, she mentally reminds herself. She sighs. She checks the clock. 4pm, still plenty of time. Amanda, wrapped in only a towel, stands in front of her closet sorting thru clothes to wear. Fourty-five minutes and three trial outfits later she settles on a midnight blue skirt that stops just below mid thigh, a light blue button up the front dress shirt, her white lace bra and her black stilettos. After thirty minutes of messing with her hair Amanda realizes it will never do what she wants it to and decides just to leave it down. 5:15pm, almost time to go. Amanda double then triple checks her appearance in the mirror, making minor adjustments here and there, never seeming to be quite satisfied. She checks her watch, 5:30pm, time to go.

She gathers up her purse and jacket, deadbolts the front door behind her, starts her car and drives to the restaurant. Traffic is surprisingly light for a Friday night and she arrives early. After finding a close parking spot Amanda turns off the car and checks her appearance in the rearview mirror one last time. 5:46pm. She sighs, wondering if it’s to soon to go in and wait for Glenn. Unconsciously she drums her nails on the steering wheel as she debates with herself and tries to calm the butterflies in her stomach. Glenn sees her from the picture window of the restaurant and knows what she’s thinking. Amanda hasn’t changed much he thinks to himself as he stands and walks to her car. He gently taps on her driver’s door window, startling her. As soon as Amanda realizes its Glenn she smiles and reaches for the door handle, only to notice Glenn has already opened the car door for her. They both laugh at her momentary embarrassment of being caught deep in self debate. Glenn’s eyes and smile radiate warmth to Amanda as she blushes and says “Thank you.” “Shall we?” Glenn asks and motions to the restaurant.

Amanda shakes her head yes. They walk to the front doors together and Glenn ataşehir escort opens it for her. Once inside Glenn asks the hostess for a table for two in the back corner. Dinner goes exceedingly well and by the end of the night both of them have realized how much they still care about and love each other. It’s just like old times Amanda thinks, and a warning flag goes up in her mind. He left you once and broke your heart, there’s no guarantee he won’t do it again her inner voice says. She quickly quiets it by telling herself Glenn has changed, she can tell. Turning her attention back to Glenn she notices he’s staring at her, not speaking. “What?” Amanda asks. Glenn takes a deep breath and says “Amanda, I’ve missed you but I didn’t realize the extent until tonight. I was wrong to leave and I understand that now.”

All of Amanda’s concerns begin to melt away as pure joy begins to bubble in her stomach. She smiles at Glenn, almost mesmerizing him with the way her smile reaches to and seem to come from her eyes. Amanda reaches across the table and takes Glenn’s hands in her own, giving them a gentle squeeze. They sit for a moment not saying anything, just staring at one another. Lost in the peacefulness they’ve found.Their waitress, giggling to herself, clears her throat and says “I’m sorry but its closing time and I have to ask you to leave.”

Glenn stands, shrugs at the waitress, pays her and says “Time flies when your having fun.”

They hold hands as they walk to Amanda’s car. Just as she starts to unlock the car door Glenn says, “Amanda, I’m not ready to let you go yet.”

“Me either.” she replies. “Come to my place Amanda. We can talk or watch a movie. Just be together and enjoy each other’s company for a while longer. Please?” Glenn asks, pleading with his eyes.

“I don’t know where you live.” Amanda replies, buying herself time to think for a moment and weigh her options.

“That’s ok. I’ll drive. We can come back and get your car later.” Glenn volunteers. Shaking her head no Amanda says “I don’t want to be a bother Glenn. It’s ok. I’ll just follow you in my car so you don’t have to leave again once your home.”

Knowing how stubborn she can be, and not wanting to push her and lose this chance Glenn agrees. The whole time thinking to himself if he has his way she won’t be leaving tonight. Amanda smiles, gets in her car and waits for Glenn to lead the way.

Halfway there Amanda’s subconscious takes over and she asks herself how well she really knows him? Is this a good idea? Has she thought this through completely? She almost turns the car around. Then she remembers how good he makes her feel, how wanted, how special and continues to follow him. When they reach Glenn’s house he opens her car door for her and leads her to the front door.

Once inside he makes them popcorn, pours soda’s and points to the movie case telling Amanda “Pick whatever you want to watch.”

They sit on the couch, the bowl of popcorn between them and settle in to watch If Only. Glenn can’t help thinking how beautiful Amanda looks in the dark with just the light from the tv to outline her. How smooth her legs look, the feel of her soft hair in his fingers, and the memory of her soft lips. His cock starts to harden.

Glenn moves the popcorn bowl and gently tugs on Amanda’s hand “Scoot closer, let me hold you Amanda.” He whispers.

The butterflies return to Amanda’s stomach as she positions herself next to him, so close she’s almost on his lap, her legs curled up so her knees are resting on his thigh.

They both smile and look back at the tv as Amanda rests her head on Glenn’s shoulder. Pretty soon Amanda can feel Glenn’s fingers tracing circles on her shoulder, running down her smooth arm, back up, under her hair, gently caressing the sensitive spot behind her ear and back to her shoulder repeatedly. Lost in the gentleness of his touch Amanda sighs, snuggles closer and allows her hand to travel the length of Glenn’s thigh, wavering back and forth from the outside to the inside.

As her hand approaches his crotch Glenn swallows and closes his eyes at the passion beginning to burn within him causing his cock to harden further. She knows what she’s doing. Amanda had realized during dinner the effect her touch has on Glenn. It’s the same effect his touch has on her, pure passion and the need to set it free.

Glenn’s hand roams over her shoulder and down to graze the side of Amanda’s breast. Instantly causing her nipples to harden and fire in her to burn brighter for him. She inhales deeply trying to quench the flame but to no avail. The pure masculine scent of him only causes it to burn brighter and hotter. Amanda can feel herself growing wet for Glenn. She lifts her head from Glenn’s shoulder and licks his neck, with just the tip of her tongue. Once, twice. He opens his eyes and looks down at her as his hand moves to cup her breast. Her eyes are glazed over with passion and partially closed, her lips barely parted.

A kadıköy escort bayan look of pure seduction on her face. God she looks beautiful like that he thinks to himself. He tips his head down to kiss her but misses. She’d moved. She’s straddling his lap now. Using just her forefinger tip she turns his head to look at her. She lowers her head and kisses him.

Gently, her lips barely brushing his as she rotates her hips just a hair on his lap. Rubbing the crotch of his pants against her wet pussy. She starts to pull away from the kiss. Glenn tries to lean towards her and Amanda puts her palm on his chest and pushes him back against the couch again.

“Not yet cowboy. I get to play first.” she says.

Glenn’s cock is almost throbbing with anticipation now. Amanda kisses him again, longer and deeper this time. By the time the kiss ends she has his pants unfastened and unzipped and his shirt completely open. Exposing his chest to her. She pulls his belt off, places his hands above his head and ties him to the back of the couch.

Seeing the surprised look on Glenn’s face Amanda almost laughs. Instead she gives him a devilish grin and begins nipping and kissing his chest as her hands remove his pants and boxers. She lightly drags her nails up his arms as she straddles him again. Fusing her fingers in his she kisses him as his throbbing cock has its first contact with her pussy. It jumps trying to position its self to enter her but she grinds down harder on him. Pinning it so he can feel the warmth of her pussy lips against the length of his cock.

“When did you start wearing thongs?” Glenn asks her in a husky voice, amazed that he can form words.

Amanda giggles softly in his ear and replies “There’s a lot that’s changed about me. Are you ready for lesson number one?” Glenn nods his head and sighs as she takes his earlobe in her mouth and sucks it. Still grinding her hips against his she moves her mouth down to his neck, sucks on his shoulder, then kisses a trail towards his nipples. She pinches one and sucks the other at the same time. She can feel Glenn’s cock twitch. He’s enjoying this she thinks to herself. Still seated on his lap Amanda sits up, slowly unbuttons her shirt and lets it fall off her to the floor. She rises just a little and removes her skirt. Placing her lace covered breasts right in front of Glenn’s face. He tries to reach for them and is reminded of his restraint.

She hovers there for a moment, teasing him, enjoying tempting him. He cranes his neck forward trying to reach her breasts with his mouth and she arches backwards. Glenn looks into her eyes as she unfastens her bra, slides the straps from her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. She leans forward to kiss him again, this time pushing their bare chests together letting him feel her hard nipples against him.

Amanda slides down his body, dragging her nipples down his chest, his stomach and over his thighs until she’s kneeling in front of him. She wraps her hand around his full thick cock and strokes upwards to the tip as she takes his balls in her mouth. Licking and sucking his balls she guides her hand over the tip of his cock and places it in her palm. Her thumb caressing just under the tip she gently squeezes his cock head in rhythm with his balls coming in and out of her mouth. As he watches her she slides her hand over the tip, down the top of his shaft and licks up the underside replacing her thumb with the tip of her tongue. She licks the tip, around the top, and thru the slit. As she takes the head of his cock into her mouth she makes eye contact with him. She wants to see the expression on his face as she begins to suck him.

Further and further between her moist lips he watches his cock go. He can feel her hand on his balls now as she begins to suck him. He strains at his restraints again dying to run his fingers thru her hair and hold onto her. Glenn moans as he feels her nose hit his stomach. He tries to raise his hips to her but she pushes him back down. Up and down, in and out of her mouth he watches his cock go. He closes his eyes and tips his head back in pleasure, moaning her name. Tighter and tighter she sucks on his cock. He can feel her teeth dragging across him as she sucks him like a delicious piece of hard candy. He feels his cock stiffen and his balls tighten. Not yet he says to himself, not yet.

“Suck me Amanda, suck me hard baby.” He says.

She moans against the head of his cock as it hits the back of her throat sending vibrations and shivers from his cock to his thighs and up his spine. Amanda can taste his pre-cum and knows he’s getting close. She stops, pulls him from her mouth and blows cold air on his warm moist cock. Started Glenn looks at Amanda and finds her grinning again at the way his cock twitches and dances for her. Before he can question her motive or the purely exotic sensation it sent racing thru his body Amanda has straddled him again. She places the head of his cock just inside escort maltepe her almost dripping wet warm pussy and grabs his sides.

With her knees spread as wide as she can get them she pulls on his sides, digging her nails in and slams herself down on his still erect cock. Up and down she starts her motions, rotating her hips as she raises and lowers herself on him. She digs her toes into the back of his knees as she rides him like he’s never been ridden before. Her swollen lips meet his and their tongues dance and fight for control as she takes him deep inside her. Amanda moans as Glenn bites her bottom lip. Her eyes blink as he bites harder and she begins to taste blood. Amanda grinds harder on him showing her pleasure. She can feel Glenn’s hands on her back now. He’s wiggled them free from his restraints. He grabs a handful of Amanda’s hair and pulls her head away from his. “Now your mine.” he tells her with a devilish grin.

Holding her in place with an arm around her waist Glenn stands. Amanda locks her ankles around his hips, keeping his cock buried inside her pussy. Pulling her head further backwards Glenn kisses and sucks on Amanda’s neck as he walks to his bedroom. Keeping himself firmly planted inside her. Glenn lays Amanda on the bed and reaches for the headboard.

Before Amanda can protest he has her wrists securely tied with satin straps. She tugs on the restraints, testing them. They’re tight, no getting out of these. Glenn grinds his hips into Amanda’s as he takes one of her peaked, red nipples in his mouth. He sucks on her, flicking his tongue over her nipple, bites, releases and bites her again.

“Glenn, oh yes Glenn, please” Amanda says.

Glenn replaces his mouth with his hand bites her other nipple, leaving teeth marks in both. He slowly pulls his cock from her warm pussy folds as he nips down her stomach, leaving teeth marks along the way. One hand trails down her thigh, over her knee, down her calf and back up as he inserts two fingers in her pussy with the other. Amanda tips her head up to look at him just as the tip of his tongue makes gentle contact with her swollen throbbing clit. He flicks his tongue over it as he pumps his fingers in and out of her pussy. Fast, then slow, then fast again goes his rhythm. Amanda’s hips buck in response as he sucks her clit into his mouth. He lets it go, scraping his teeth on it as his tongue licks around the outside of her pussy.

“Mmm, so good Amanda. You taste so good. Just like honey.” he says to her softly between licks. “Tell me what you want Amanda. Talk to me.” he asks of her.

Her only response is to moan his name. Her eyes have closed and her mouth is open as she breathes deeply. He removes his fingers from her pussy and slaps her thigh.

“Not good enough Amanda. Tell me what you want or I stop now” he says, knowing full well he won’t.

Her eyes fly open and she stares at him “You wouldn’t, would you?” she asks.

“Try me.” he replies grinning as he licks her pussy juices from his fingers.

The sight of him licking her from his fingers makes Amanda grow wetter and her nipples perk even further.

“Anything you want Glenn, surprise me.” is all she can manage to say with her pleasure fogged brain.

Glenn grins at her, grabs her ankles and crosses her legs. As he pushes her knees to her chest he slides his long hard cock into her dripping wet warm pink pussy. He seats himself completely inside her and begins to fuck her. She can feel his balls slap against her ass as he moves in and out of her. Pinning her legs with his chest he grabs one of her breasts and squeezes hard, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He slaps her ass with the other gently at first. Then harder and harder as he drives his engorged cock in and out of her causing her to moan and cry out his name. Amanda strains against the satin ties, dying to reach him and run her nails up and down his back.

It doesn’t work, she’s stuck tight. He can feel Amanda’s pussy muscles tighten around his cock and begin to spasm as she cums on him. Still he fucks her, harder, gritting his teeth. He takes her toe in his mouth and sucks on it as he drives himself into her. He can feel his balls tighten, threatening to cum.

Glenn grabs her waist and flips her over. Amanda opens her eyes to see the sheets below her. She uncrosses her legs, spreads her knees, and arches her back. Opening herself up to him. Glenn rakes his nails down her back, scratching her as he rams his red swollen cock in and out of her. Amanda can feel his balls slapping against her clit, causing her breath to quicken and come in gasps. Glenn slaps her ass repeatedly, leaving pink marks on her white ass as he reaches the other hand around and rubs his fingers across his cock and Amanda’s wet clit. His fingers moistened, he brings his hand back around and begins to massage around her anus with his thumb. Amanda moans louder. Glenn slowly works one finger, then two into her anus, stretching her for him. Amanda cums around his cock a second time at the sensation of his fingers in her anus. Glenn places the head of his cock at the opening to her anus and inserts himself as he removes his fingers. When he’s halfway inside her he reaches up and grabs her tits with both hands.

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