Lust for Old Woman, the Dish Washer

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A squatting figure peeing , it must be the dish washer. I tremble with slight excitement. I watched the rounded ass. I tried to walk as casually pass her pretending not noticing her. The street light showed enough from the side view. The urge to see her pussy closeup, to touch her pussy and to fuck her starts boiling in me.

I can recall vividly her pee shot at least 2ft infront of her and her round ass. She must have held back her urge to pee for quite sometimes, thus letting out a jet of urine. I can imagine her parted pussy lips hanging loosely. It thrilled me as the urge to fuck her mounts making my cock hardens.

I was sitting in my parked car casually finishing my cigarette when I caught sight of a familiar figure. Slightly over sized T shirt and a baggy pants rummaging the trash bin looking for empty cans and other items of recycle value. Now it dawned to me that the dish washer woman was reduced to a scavenger. Rummaging from bin to bin.

I had waited long enough for this first move. Took a $20.note , locked my car and confidently walk up to her and push the $20 note into her hands. She started thanking me aloud as I hurried canlı bahis away . The last thing I wanted was attention from passer by. I felt extremely happy with the achievement.

I did a follow-up 2 days later. She was no way to be seen. I gave up and continued my wild fantasy, imagining while jerking till my cock went soft.

I planned my next move. How shall I get her to be in privacy with me? A few options popped up. Still the best depended on the situation, I thought.

I had just parked my car when I caught sight of that familiar figure. Yes, yes there she was, scavenging. She must be in her late sixties, childless and widowed. Her hair was trimmed short like a man. Slightly stooped and must have been plump in her younger days. I readied a $20 note , locked my car and approached her. I pushed the money into her hand and told her that I will be waiting for her at 7pm just here. She looked up and frowned at me. Confused and surprised at what I told her, this time she didn’t thank me. I hurried away to avoid attention.

7 pm, my car was already parked at the same spot. I waited. She might not come because she was confused, bahis siteleri doesn’t mess around, a thousand reasons perhaps. A third cigarette and still waiting. Then a familiar figure appeared, looking left and right, I hurriedly drove over to her and quickly ushered her into the back seat. I drove and parked at the lonely end of the town near to a street lamp. I joined her at the back seat.

I started the conversation by recalling the days when she was a dish washer. She did say something but I didn’t listen much. I was focused on her peeing incident which I did successfully brought up. She chuckled while I continued telling her how aroused I was and had always wanted to fuck her. She grinned and said something I can’t quite catch.

I started to unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, then proceeded to unbutton hers. She shifted a little, a sign telling me she allows me to strip her. I was uncontrollably excited but managed to pull off her baggy pants and her much loosened worn out panty. The street light allowed me to see her fair thighs and rounded belly. Her belly were soft. I parted her thighs and her almost bald pussy came to view. I touched bahis şirketleri her slit, she squirmed a little. I lifted a thigh and her pussy came to total view. It was slightly fleshy, the lips were purple and darkened at the edge. Wrinkled and loose. Inside was pale pink and her pee hole was red at the rim.

I was too aroused that ejaculation was eminent, any minute, any time. I might not be in time for penetration. I managed to free my cock and point at her entrance. My precum made it easy to penetrate her dry aged pussy. I pump slowly suppressing the urge to ejaculate. Her pussy began to lubricate, she moaned a little, omg! she getting aroused. At that point I couldn’t hold back, I pushed deep into her and exploded. I pumped her in a frenzied mode and laid limp on her. I was spent, my cock was still throbbing as I pulled out. She was still thighs apart when I pulled up my jeans. Are you done she asked? I made an effort to touch her pussy. It was slippery and gaping. I slid three fingers in and felt her inside warm.

I told her I need to go to buy packed food. I left the car, walked to the food stall and made my order, went to the nearest tap to wash my hands which by then was slightly sticky. The food packing was slow, I need more time to recover, to get another erection and fuck her till she cum. So I lit another cigarette and waited for the packed food.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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