Lust, Romance and Everything Else

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For many years I have been staring at his beautiful girlfriend Leanne. My mate Glen have known each other for 5 or so years. He and Leanne had been together for probably 4 years. I remember earlier when he first introduced her to me, I thought wow, you lucky man, she was beautiful and a sexy looking girl. Yes us guys do get envy thoughts when a mate brings home that new girl. Our minds start that mind game thing. What is she like? Would we like her? And of course we won’t see much of him now, you know what I mean.

But over the years, I got to know her quite well. She wasn’t a great talker but she was charming, feminine, a very nice lady. But there was something sexy about her. I am always attracted to that “girl next door” kind of girl. Physically, I was attracted to her but that was as far as it went. We got on pretty well and shared many jokes together when we all went to social occasions. But when that happened, there was always that thought, she is so nice. Glen and her made a great team. They seem so happy together. There seems to be plenty of intimacy between them. And occasionally I would think, what was she really like? I guess that’s just normal to think like that. After all we are just human.

So it was a surprise to find out from Glen that she had “dumped” him for “no reason at all.” He was pretty upset when he told me. And he called her every names “under the sun.” He tried to explain his side of story but was incoherent at the time so it came across a bit muddled up. I tried to console him. We just drank one night while he just complained about her. I told him the honest truth, there was always two sides to every story and they needed to give and take. I told him to call her and spend more time listening to her.

But I also wanted to hear her side. I made a point of trying to contact her. Of course I didn’t mention it to Glen. He probably wouldn’t like the idea of me being involved in trying to “solve their problems” with her.

Anyway please let me describe her for you.

Leanne is a petite in statue. She had long wavy hair. She is a brunette. She is 28 years young. Her complexion fair and pretty. She has great figure that most women would probably envy. You know the one’s, you ladies out there. The women that you love to hate. Yeah she tends to eat what she likes.

Anyway I digress. Let’s get back to the story.

This story is based on true events and has been modified. Again if you don’t like the explicit graphic nature of this story please don’t read further.

So the story is I thought I would just casually ask her what’s up, hoping she would talk to me. I didn’t get a response for a few hours. So I thought oh well I did try. But admittedly I wanted her to respond just a little sooner. When she finally answered, she was pretty laid back. There was no hint of the goings on with her relationship with Glen. She’s a cool chick I thought. She doesn’t want to lead anyone on. But I needed an excuse to get together with her without making it obvious I was up to something. So I replied telling her Glen wanted me to pick up a few things from her place and thought I could help and of course I didn’t bother to ask him why don’t you pick it up yourself. She didn’t blink an eye, never letting on something was wrong with her and Glen. She just said, sure thing come on over any time. But then I forgotten I had a prior appointment. It was in my haste that I forgotten my dental appointment. So I messaged her back that it will have to be another day. I am sure I can wait to see her, I thought aloud. She probably thought its just Jason being an idiot, always forgetting things. And just maybe she will become curious enough and will let me know what’s happening.

That night I was at my place. I had just cleaned up after dinner and was planning to relax in front of the TV, when there was a knock on the front door. Damn, who troubling me at this time, I asked myself aloud. Probably Glen. Damn it, if it’s him why didn’t he text me first. Don’t you hate it when people don’t give you prior warning!

At the front door, I asked. “Who is it?”

A female voice replied. “It’s just me, Leanne. Can I come in? I got Glen’s things you asked for.”

Immediately I was less stressed and surprised it was her. Actually quite relieved. Now maybe she can tell me her side of the story.

“Yes of course!” I replied quickly while opening the door.

“So sorry for bothering you!” She smiled back. “I guess you know about Glen and myself?”

“Er, yes just a little bit. He hasn’t said much. Come in, good to see you!” I smiled back.

I grabbed Glen’s things which she neatly packed into a couple of bags. Leanne was wearing a beautiful floral dress. She looked rather stunning. Very feminine. I can smell her sexy perfume on her. She looked more petite and slim. Maybe she’s been stressing out and not eating properly, I thought.

“Have you eaten? I just finished. Just chilling out.” I explained.

“I am OK, thank you!” She replied.

So we sit down on the couch. pendik escort I offer her a drink but she declined. I become a little nervous. It’s never happened before, but I am now alone with her. I feel a warmth in my loins. A tiny throbbing. I asked her whether everything is OK, trying not to mention too much about what Glen has told me.

Suddenly she breaks the awkward silence.

“I called it quits with Glen. He’s just an idiot. He’s an a…hole! She begun coolly.

“He’s hasn’t changed. Still stubborn and we fight all the time,” she went on.

I just listened and nodded my head, trying not to disagree with her in anyway. Probably because I liked her and it’s doesn’t happen at all that we are alone together. Call me a typical male, but I found her attractive. Although we have known each other for around 4 years, it was a breath of fresh air to hear her emotional side. I looked at her as she spoke about issues in their relationship. She looked like a blend between that lady Meghan and Victoria Beckham. It was her perky nose, smile and beautiful eyes. I wasn’t going to tell her what she was doing wrong or even saying wrong. I just wanted her to know I am there for her and I am a good listener. I may not agree with everything said as I have already heard Glen’s side, but actually wanted to get to know her better.

Most of my replies to her were just nods and the occasional short verbal replies. I didn’t ask too many questions, preferring to hear her out. She kept playing with her hair, while she spoke.

After her few minutes, there was a short awkward silence, then she got off the couch and moved closer, right next to me. My heart began to race and I feel a little surge between my legs happening.

“Sorry, but is it OK if I sat here? I just want your full attention,” she smiled at me.

“Sure you definitely have my attention.” I replied nervously.

My god, I thought. I can even touch her now. I can smell the faint odor of her perfume now. She smells hot, sexy. I briefly looked her. Her eyes pretty staring at me. I think she is deliberately teasing me. Then she begun again.

“Do you think Glen and myself are right for each other?” She asked innocently.

I swallowed hard. I am sure she knows what she is doing. I tried to answer her as brief as possible.

“Err… yes, but you both need to listen to each other more? I mumbled incoherently.

“You mean like how you have been listening to me?” She relied…

I look at her right hand. She’s running it up and down her thigh is a slow deliberate motion. My god, I swallow the large lump in my throat. Suddenly hot images of her giving me a wild frenzied handjob appear. I try to blank it out as it was arousing me too much. I move uncomfortably to try to hide my growing hardness. This was completely unexpected but I feel some thing happening here.

“Are you Ok?” She asked innocently.

Too be honest, I wasn’t. I wanted her right here and now. I wanted to “f…k” her silly and hear her moan.

For a brief moment, I remembered Glen telling me at the beginning of his relationship with Leanne just how good she was with her hands. How great she was in bed. He painted her as hot, exciting and enthusiastic. It was a moment of openness. Just boy talk. We had been drinking.

Then my ex Vietnamese girlfriend Julie popped into my mind. I missed her. We broke up after a few years together. She was really hot. That was 2 years ago. I haven’t really had excitement like this for a long time. I was feeling so turned on. My mind exploding at the thoughts and images. I swallow hard again.

Suddenly I am “woken up” by Leanne.

“How long have we known each other?” she asked.

“Wow, I think about 4 years now.” I nervously mumbled taking a deep breath.

“Do you like me?” She teased, whilst still playing with her hair.

“Oh god yes. You are really beautiful. I have always liked you. Always wondered what you are like.” I mumbled out too quickly, far too honestly.

I was blabbing like a smitten schoolboy. It was far too much information. I blushed. I wasn’t sure I was meant to say that, but it too late now. She smirked at me. Then I felt her right hand touch my thigh. She lightly strokes her slender fingers along it, sending me crazy with lust. My god my mate’s girl is touching me intimately. My mind speaks to me. “I am so sorry Glen, but I think I am just about to enjoy your lady. I feel I am on the verge of experiencing something sexual with her.”

My penis throbs uncontrollably under my shorts. I look at her. She is staring at my aroused state, clearly liking my reactions.

“Do you like me? Do like the way I touch you? It’s nice isn’t?” As she continued the tease.

My god what’s she doing to me. Has she lost her mind? What about Glen? He will be extremely angry and upset if he was to find out about this even if nothing happens. Our friendship would be finished. But I didn’t care enough. I wanted to enjoy her. Know what she’s like. How she pleasures maltepe escort a man. I want to see her naked too. See what she looks like underneath. See her pussy. Go down on her and taste her. And eventually f…k her. Make her moan in pleasure. To see the expressions on her face as she orgasms. To enjoy what Glen has been enjoying for the last 4 years.

These thoughts drives me crazy now. I want her. Once again she breaks my thoughts.

“You like that? Does that feel nice? I know you like it,” she deliberately teased.

I close my eyes. My fantasy with her is finally becoming a reality. And it is so much better in reality. The feel of her warmth near me. The sexual tension electrifying. The odor of her sexual desire so close. The smell of her perfume mesmerizing. I wanted to touch her. But she was quicker than me. She was already lightly stroking my hardness through my pants. I open my eyes and all I see is her large pretty eyes staring into mine. This was crazy. I am so aroused. So turned on. I whisper to her.

“Can I touch you?” I asked politely.

“It’s OK,” she replied.

I extend my left hand to touch her breast through her dress But she stops me when I try to insert my hand to touch her bare skin. So I stop, being careful not to do anything to upset her. This was too exciting to ruin now.

She continues to tease me.

“You feel so hard, so stiff! I haven’t been with another guy for a while now as you know. It’s really exciting. It’s really turning me on. Does it turn you on that I am here with you? Another man’s girl? She teased.

My god, her words are driving me crazy with lust. I want her to go all out crazy on me. I want to know what’s she really like. How she has been pleasuring Glen all these years. I am about to find out. At this point I was willing to risk everything to experience it.

Then she starts playing with her hair, whilst starting at me. I close my eyes again. Thoughts of Julie appear. I remember how good she was. She was hot. When she masturbated me, it was wild and frenzied. But right now, the excitement of being with someone else after 2 years since my breakup was extremely exciting. And dare I say it, more pleasurably when it’s with another man’s girl. We have to be truthful, I am sure we all had this fantasy.

I move my hand lower to between her legs. I wanted to touch her most intimate part. To feel her excitement. But she brushes my hand away.

I look back at her. She smiles at me. She bites her lower lip then licks it. Then I feel her right hand try to undo my zip. Oh yes, as I close my eyes wanting her warm hand to touch my stiff penis. I feel myself oozing so much now from the hot touches. Oh my god I am about to be masturbated by her. I let out a moan. A gasp as my hardness sprung out quick. The tip of my head oozes in the soft light.

“Hmmm, oh yeah you are so hard. I never thought I will see this!” She teases.

She touches the shaft with her trembling fingers. The sensation and warmth of her fingers indescribable. It just felt so good. She moves her hand to massage my testicles. My god that feels so nice. I gasp with pleasure upon the feeling of her warm hand against my skin.

“You like that? oh yeah feel so good, oh yeah,” she teases.

Then she lightly flicks her tongue on the exposed oozing tip of my penis. Her teasing is driving me crazy. I feel so hot for her now. I wanted her now. Everything. I was complete putty in her hand.

Then she moves her right leg over my right leg. I spread open my thighs more, allowing her complete access. Then those hot erotic images of her going crazy on me with her right hand fills my already excited mind. I really wanted to know how she does it. How she masturbates a guy. Her technique. Then she starts whispering the obvious.

“Do you want me to masturbate you? Make you feel good, make you cum? Oh yeah, I want to do it! I want to see how excited you get! Oh yeah! She smirked whilst staring at my reactions.

My god, I try to kiss her but she turns away. She’s not ready to do that.

Then she’s starts to lick her fingers and apply her saliva to the head that is exposed, then to the stiff shaft. She stares at me while repeatedly doing that. Clearly she wanted to turn me on with those pretty eyes. To see my excited reactions.

“You like that. That turns you on? Oh yeah, you’re so stiff. You naughty boy. You been thinking about me, huh?” As she continued the dirty talk.

Then she starts to moan. Moan in excitement. My god nothing more exciting than hearing a beautiful woman moaning like this when she is just about to masturbate you. Then she pauses.

“I am so sorry! I feel so embarrassed. I shouldn’t be doing this. I am so sorry. I haven’t been with another man for a long time. I just so turned on!” She pleas.

I quickly responded. “It’s OK. Just be yourself. I want to experience the real you. As you are. If it turns you on, it turns you on.”

“Ok, I am sorry I shouldn’t be doing this. I am your friend. kartal escort Your friends girlfriend.” She pleas.

I quickly hold her telling her it’s ok. After a short moment she resumes her light stroking. I see a tiny bit of tears in her eyes. I wipe the tears away and kiss her lightly on the lips. Suddenly she starts to kiss me passionately. Oh god. Oh god. She grips me firmly while kissing me. I am in heaven. She starts to moan again. Oh my god I am so hot for her.

Then she stops and starts to lick her hand again and applying her saliva once again to the shaft. She stares at me again biting her lower lip. A smirk appears on her face again. This time she firmly grips the shaft and pulls my foreskin firmly back. The sensation causes me to gasp in excitement. I start to moan as she continues to pull down. Pre cum oozes out the tip. She quickly flicks her tongue on the oozing tip and around the now exposed head concentrating on the front and rim of the head.

“Oh yeah, you like that? You so hard and stiff. You always wanted me, didn’t you? I know you want me. I have seen how you look at me!” She teased me with her dirty talk.

I could only move my head as acknowledgement.

She begins to moan again. This time she licks her palm of her right hand and apply her saliva onto the exposed head twisting firmly aggressively. I moan and gasp with excitement. My while body starts to pump up and down. My god she is incredible. My god she is good. She continues licking her hand and applying it on the head and shaft whilst staring deep into my eyes. She moans in excitement. She clearly knew what she was doing. Probably having masturbated Glen this way hundreds of times. Now I am experiencing her, enjoying how she does it. Her handjob technique.

“You like that?” she smirked. “You like how I lick my hand and rub my saliva on your nice hard cock? Oh yeah, its turns you on, doesn’t it? I know it does.”

Then she pauses. She starts to blush again.

“Oh god I feel so dirty, talking to you like this. I feel so hot, so turned on,” she blushingly admits.

Oh yes, she is unbelievably hot. Oh god yes. I didn’t think she is so exciting to be with. She driving me crazy with her innocent dirty talk. She was extremely desirable lady.

Then she starts to pump fast between twisting me firmly. Every few seconds she will lick her hand. Then she begins to tease me again.

“You like to watch me lick my hand like this? Yeah, oh yeah, I know it turns you on,” she teased deliberately, whilst staring at me.

“Oh god yes, oh god you’re so hot,” I groaned in reply.

For you voyeurs you have to imagine us on the couch. Her on my right, her right leg over my right pinning me down and her right hand pumping up and down fast then alternating with firm twisting of her right hand. And she licks her hand every now and then. All this as she passionately kisses me whilst she moaning. It’s an unbelievable erotic vision. It’s was classic scene. There’s nothing more exciting than a beautiful lady masturbating you while moaning in excitement.

My god I can’t believe I am with her. I can’t believe this is happening. The reality with her is better than I have imagined. Her excited moaning was getting to me. Her constant dirty talk was an amazing experience. And she can tell I am ready to cum soon.

“Oh yeah, you like that? Oh yeah feels so good! God I feel so dirty!” She teased.

I begin to moan louder but she slows down her speed and begins to kiss me passionately again. God, she driving me crazy. I am really enjoying her. She opened my shirt up and begins to lick my chest and nipples. Then returns to my face licking all over. She was beyond excitement. I just laid back letting her consume me and it was amazing. She moaned throughout the passionate assault. Momentarily I thought about what Glen said long ago. He was right. She is hot, exciting and enthusiastic.

“You like that? I know you do! Oh yeah, I feel so dirty! So hot now,” she teased.

Then she bends over my swollen head and drips a large amount of her saliva from her mouth and then aggressively twisting fast the fluid which runs down my shaft. The sound of her fast twisting fills the room. I moan louder as she continues twisting fast. My head starts rolling side to side. My torso convulses and squirms to the pleasure she was given me. Then she was back to pumping me fast alternating between the twisting. Again every moment she would lick her hand and apply her saliva over the swollen head. She stares at me again as she continued this technique. I am mesmerized by her stares.

“I am so sorry she says again. I feel so dirty. So hot. It’s just the way I am. I hope you like it.” She innocently teases.

Her beautiful face blushes. I think a bit of guilt is on her mind. But I quickly again reassure her telling her how good she is.

“You are so beautiful! You are amazing.”

“You are really a naught boy!” She began to tease with a smirk.

She begins to passionately kiss me again as she continued alternating between fast pumps and twisting. She begins to moan again. My god I feel myself beginning to cum.

“Oh fuck! oh god it feel so good!, Oh my god, go crazy on me, Leanne. faster, faster! Oh god yes. Don’t stop!” I plea.

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