Man of Power Ch. 05

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Vikas entered his office, said hello to Parineeti and went into his cabin. A minute later Parineeti entered his office.

“Yes?” He looked at her as he had not called her.

“Sir, breakfast.” She stepped aside to let a boy enter with a tray laden with tea and breakfast items.

“I didn’t order any…” As Vikas started to speak Parineeti held her hand and quickly gestured with her eyes towards the boy. Vikas stopped.

The boy, following Parineeti’s instructions, put the tray on the coffee table near the couches and left.

“I didn’t ask for any tea, Pari.” Vikas said as soon as the door closed behind the boy.

Rather than replying to his comment, Pari turned, locked the door from inside and walked around the desk to him. There, she calmly advanced until he made space for her then parked her butt on his lap.

She put her arms around his neck and looked confidently in his eyes.

Very softly she explained to him “I am your personal secretary, Sir. My job is to take care of everything for you, not just the things you say but the things you don’t say also. “

Not knowing how to handle this situation, Vikas simply stayed quiet and listened to her.

“For four days now you have not taken proper lunch, not smiled even once and not talked to anyone except for the bare minimum that was needed for work. Looking at you I feel like you have not slept in a month. Basically you look like you are punishing yourself or the whole world and if the world ended right now you would actually be happy.”

It was obvious that her words had hit home because she had struck her boss speechless.

“Now, I can’t force you to be happy, and I can’t go home with you and make sure you eat and sleep properly, but while you are in the office you are under my care. I will make sure that you eat breakfast, you eat lunch and that you go home on time. If I have to be obnoxious about it, I will be. And if you don’t like it, you can fire me.”

She finished her little speech and looked defiantly into his eyes while she caught her breath. Vikas swallowed once. He seemed to be struggling to keep his emotions under control.

Parineeti took him by the hand and sat him on the couch. She sat next to him and made the tea. Then she buttered the toast and fed him, by hand when he declined. Except for feeding him, Parineeti avoided looking at him. He seemed like he was on the verge of tears and she didn’t want to embarrass him.


But Kajal was not on the verge of tears. She was actually crying. She had been crying for six days now. She had come back from Vikas’ place on Friday evening in the taxi and had fallen into her mother’s arms in a sobbing fit.

She had told her mother the story that night. Sonali didn’t have much advice to give. She simply listened and comforted her daughter.

The next day they talked more in detail and mother daughter both agreed that Kajal had made a big mistake. That she should apologise and go back to Vikas was clear but it took Kajal another day to gather the courage to call him.

What she had not expected was that he would not answer. First one or two times she consoled herself with the thought that he must be in a meeting. She called again and realised with a sinking heart that he was not taking her calls. That started her crying anew.


Parineeti made sure that Vikas had something to eat before leaving the office. He stayed until 7 P.M. so she stayed with him until 7 P.M. She asked him for a lift so that he would have to go towards his home in order to drop her. She lived in Almeida Park which was not too far from Vikas’ own flat in Bandra West.

When Vikas dropped her off, Parineeti leaned in from the passenger seat and kissed him softly on the lips.

“Thank you, Sir. ” she whispered after the brief kiss.

This was the third time they had shared a casual kiss on the lips. Parineeti was liking this and wanted it to become the norm between her and her boss. She was very attracted to him and didn’t care that he was about to be married. She really wanted to be his girl in the office. While she could not figure out a way for that to happen, she was loving that they had come closer recently.

Vikas drove off to his home. After parking the car in the building’s parking he took the lift to his flat on the 25th floor. Parineeti had kept him distracted the whole day but now that he was coming back to the empty apartment he was feeling the despondent mood descend upon him like a wet blanket.

He came out of the lift and walked to his flat. He halted as he neared the door. In the subdued lights of the lobby, he could see a female form in front of his flat door.

As he approached Kajal moved away from the wall and came towards him. She was wearing a sheer black shirt which showed her strapless black top inside. Her skirt was also black and reached almost to her knees. Her face was very cute but drawn. Her eyes were puffy and red. pendik escort

“Vikas…” She stopped as he held up his hand.

Without another word he unlocked his flat door and ushered her inside.

“Whatever you have come to say there’s no need for neighbours to hear it.” He explained.

“Thank you.” Kajal said with feeling, thankful for his consideration, but then couldn’t get another word out.

“Take a seat.” Vikas escorted her into the living room area then brought her a glass of water.

Kajal took a sip then squared her shoulders.

She started slowly “I am sorry. I was stupid. I should not have said what I said. I don’t blame you for pushing me away. I am really sorry!”

As she spoke two streaks of tears flowed down her cheeks, but she kept her voice level and continued with determination “You were right in kicking me out. I was such a bitch. But I love you so much! Please don’t push me out of your life. I can’t live without you. I am sorry I interfered in your work. I was so insecure that you have such a pretty girl as your secretary. Sorry, I was so stupid. I should not have doubted you.”

“Well, she’s just my secretary. I am not having an affair with her like you seem to think.”

“I am so sorry! I don’t care if you have an affair with her, I just want to be in your life. I can’t live without you. I have gone through hell in these days. There is a hole in my life without you.”

Vikas sat on the sofa near her and took her in his arms.

Kajal sobbed and mumbled “Fuck all the secretaries you want, just let me be in your life. I want to be your wife. I want you so much. Please take me back! Please keep me in your life.”

She sat back and looked into his eyes “If you don’t want to marry me just keep me as your live-in girlfriend. You can even keep Pari here as well. I will share. I will do anything to be your girl. Please forgive me and take me back! “

Taking her hands in his Vikas looked back in her eyes “I am not fucking Pari, ok? Now, do you want to be my girl?”

“Oh, more than anything! Please take me back!”

“Okay. You are my girl.”

“Really? You forgive me?”

“Yes, I forgive you.”

“Thank you, baby. You are so good. Thank you so much!” She hugged him tight.

“You are welcome. Welcome back, darling. And we will get married as we had planned.”

Kajal sat back again and look at him “You will still marry me even though I was such a bitch?”

Vikas smiled “Yes, because you are my bitch and it’s my job to make you a good bitch.”

“Oh, baby!” She hugged him again.

Vikas closed his strong arms around her. They stayed in a tight embrace for a while, Slowly Kajal’s sobbing stopped and breathing became normal. She squeezed herself in Vikas’ arms.

“You know” Kajal whispered in his ear as she clung to him “maybe you should teach your bitch a lesson for being so bad.”

“You think so?” Vikas got her meaning.

“Yes, maybe a hard lesson. Not just with your hands.” Kajal’s body trembled at her own words.

“Hmmmm, you are right. I need to punish my bitch and keep her in line.”

Kajal followed him into the bedroom. With shaking hands she unbuttoned her shirt, took off the top and dropped her skirt. Vikas kissed her hard then removed her bra and panties himself. He took a grip of her hair and pushed her up on to the bed. Her body was trembling with excitement and anticipation as she went on all fours on the bed.

Standing on the floor behind her, Vikas opened his belt. Kajal shivered as she heard the sound of the belt slithering out through the belt loops.

Doubling the leather belt in his hand, Vikas first rubbed it on her bare ass.

“Are you ready for your lesson, my bitch?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir.” Kajal whimpered and grabbed the bed sheet with both hands.

With a quick swing Vikas his her bare ass with the belt. It was not too hard but made a loud sound in the big room.

“Aah!” Kajal whimpered loudly.

He swung it back and whipped her left buttock this time.

“Aaa!” This one was harder and got a yelp out of Kajal.

Then Vikas maintained that much force only. He whipped her bare ass three more times. Each time she yelped with the stroke but held her position. By the fifth blow her pussy was leaking visibly on the bed. There was a patch of pussy juices right between her knees which was spreading. Vikas’ dick was very hard in his pants.

“Are you sure you can handle this?” Kajal’s fair ass was turning a bright pink.

“Yes, Sir. Your bitch needs to learn her lesson. Thank you for teaching me.”

Vikas continued whipping her naked butt. Her yelps were loud and told of the stinging pain she felt, but she didn’t ask him to stop.

After the tenth blow, Vikas dropped the belt, opened his pants and got on the bed behind Kajal. He gripped her by the hips and sank his rock hard cock deep into her tight pussy. The slickness of her cunt juices made it a smooth entry but his big cock still stretched suadiye escort her tight pussy and made her moan.

But this was a moan of deep satisfaction. Even the pain that was caused by his thick cock was welcomed by Kajal’s emotionally and physically craving body. She pushed her ass back and took him deeper in her cunt. That hurt again deep inside her and she let out a throaty groan.

Keeping his hands on her hips, Vikas gripped her tight and started fucking her with long, deep strokes.

“Aaaaa, mumma!” Kajal collapsed on the bed as she came quickly and explosively.

Vikas hooked his fingers around her thighs and continued to drill her hard. He could feel his cockhead hitting her cervix as her body rocked with the painfully deep strokes. He could feel his own climax approaching.

Increasing the force of his strokes he pounded Kajal hard, keeping her body in his control. Just as he felt his explosion imminent, he slammed his long, massive cock deep into her cunt and held it there, buried fully inside her. Kajal moaned as she felt the throbbing shaft pump a huge load of his searing hot seed into her womb.

He continued fucking her with slow, deep strokes, pulling out only an inch of his cock out of her cunt every time. That felt so hot inside Kajal that she came again. She bit the bedsheet as the mind-melting orgasm shook her body.

When finally he pulled out of her, she had to make an effort to get on her knees. She licked his cock clean and sucked it deep into her mouth. She wanted to show him her love and her appreciation for taking her back. She pushed her head down to take as much of his big cock in her mouth as she could manage.

She must have been doing a good job as Vikas came in her mouth. She kept her lips sealed around his shaft and drank all his cum. Then she licked him clean again, making sure to lick his balls and his thighs as well.

“I feel like I won’t be able to sit down for a week.” She said looking up at Vikas.

“But now you know whose bitch you are.” He smiled.

“Oh, yes, Sir! Very clearly.” Kajal agreed wholeheartedly “Next time, I act like a stupid bitch, please don’t push me away. Just grab me by the hair and whip my ass until I get some sense.”

“Sounds like the formula for a successful marriage.” Vikas said and they both laughed.


Saturday afternoon.


Vikas opened the door. Kajal’s mother Sonali was standing at the door.

“Hi Vikas!” She said hesitantly.

“Yes, yes, hello! Please come in!” He moved aside.

Once again he was struck by how great she looked considering her age. Today she was wearing a tasteful saree and a backless blouse. Vikas stared at that naked back as she walked by him then pulled himself together and closed the door.

He showed her to the living area and offered her drinks. She only asked for water. Formalities done, he sat down on the sofa with her and waited for her to speak.

When she didn’t speak for a minute, he prompted her “You said on the phone that you wanted to talk about something important…?”

“Yes. Well, it’s actually, kind of embarrassing. Actually, it’s very embarrassing.”

“It’s alright. I am sure we can find a solution. Just tell me what it is.”

It took Sonali another 30 seconds to gather her courage then she started “You remember when your parents came to meet our family?”


“And we were talking about the marriage arrangements, and I told them that I have gold ornaments for Kajal’s wedding worth Rs. 200,000 that I will give her?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well, I don’t have them.” Sonali blurted out finally “I had to pawn them when, when, well long time ago.”

Vikas nodded. He could understand. For a single mother to bring up 5 children after her husband dies without leaving much is not a joke. She had done some modeling to make ends meet but he knew that they had gone through a tough time.

In the last year while Kajal and Vikas had been dating, he had become privy to the inside status of her household. They were middle class and barely keeping up appearances. As time had passed he had given them a helping hand many times. Several times he had paid for things or arranged for things when they needed. He was not the kind of guy who shows off his money and struts around. He simply did these things quietly without a mention. Most of the family knew that and had gradually come to depend on him.

More than likely, it was this state of affairs that had given Sonali the courage to come to him for help at this time.

“Don’t worry, sasu maa (mother-in-law)! It will be alright. My parents are not the greedy kind. It would not matter.”

“No! No!” Sonali was horrified “I can’t tell them. If this becomes known, I would not be able to show my face to anyone. Even Kajal doesn’t know.”

“Okay. So, what do you want to do?”

She looked at him. “Can you help me get them out of pawn?”

Vikas tuzla escort thought for a long moment. Then an idea occurred to him. He stayed silent for about a minute. He needed to be careful how he approached this.

“How much is the amount?” He asked after a long pause.

From her purse, Sonali found an old dog-eared receipt and handed it to Vikas. He looked and whistled, it was a little over Rs. 225,000.

He had only whistled for effect. The amount was not big for him. It was not even small. His monthly office snacks budget was more than that.

But his whistle had the effect he wanted. Sonali was dismayed. She knew it was a big amount. For her.

“Ok. I can help you with this.” He said after a short pause.

The relief on Sonali’s face was clear like sunshine after clouds are pushed away by wind.

“Really?” She asked.

Slowly, he took her hand in his and said softly “You are my mother-in-law. You are mine, so your problem is also mine.”

If Sonali noticed his particular choice of words, she didn’t show it.

“Thank you, Damad ji (son-in-law)! Thank you so much!”

“No problem, sasu maa.” He said and moves his hand gently up on her forearm. Sonali pulled her hand back and looked at him in shock.

“What are you doing?”

Unfazed, Vikas looked into her eyes “You and your problem both are mine, sasu maa. Both of them!”

“Are you saying…?”

“Yes!” He pursued without a hint of guilt “I am saying what you are hearing! I will help you, but I will also have you.”

“But you are going to marry my daughter!” She tried to reason with him.

“I know. You are not telling me anything new. That won’t change. Kajal will be my wife and you will be my mistress.” He said casually like declaring bonus for the staff.

Even though it was a huge deal, in her mind Sonali had half-convinced herself that it was inevitable in order to save her family’s reputation. But the word “mistress” had shocked her as it indicated that Vikas intended to keep fucking her in the future as well.

The prospect of becoming her son-in-law’s mistress was unthinkable. But the alternate was very ugly as well. Vikas’ parents may or may not forgive her for the deceit. They may even break the engagement. And now that this thing was on the table, if she said no, Vikas himself might break the engagement out of spite. Her family’s reputation will be entirely ruined. Even though she was poor her image in the larger family was well-respected. There were women in the khandan (clan) who would love nothing better than a chance to tear her down.

On the other hand, if she agreed to Vikas’ terms, the gold will be back, the wedding will go ahead. Her daughter will be happy, her family’s reputation will be intact and she could hold her head high.

Sonali looked up as Vikas offered her a glass. It was red wine. She hadn’t noticed when he had got up from beside her. She took the glass and held it in both hands. She looked at Vikas sitting near. He was a handsome man, she thought.

“This is so bad of you to put me in this position.” She accused him.

“I didn’t put you in any position. You came asking for my help, remember?” he looked at Sonali as she was silenced by this and then played his trump card “But, to be honest, I was never going to spare you.”

“What?” She was not sure she understood. Was he saying…?

“I have always noticed you from the first time Kajal introduced me to you. Having such a sexy mother-in-law, did you think I was going to spare you? Having Kajal as my wife and you as my mistress was always part of the plan.”

“How…what? How?” Sonali was flabbergasted.

Vikas moved slightly closer and placed his hand on Sonali’s thigh “Sasu maa, I am the head of your family now, I will be in charge of things after marriage, and that includes you.”

The bastard was right, Sonali thought. The logic in his words was irrefutable and She knew it. He didn’t have to wait until marriage. He could walk into her house today and order anybody to do anything. After marriage she would come so easily under his power that he could conquer her any time he wanted. The thought made her shiver.

With another look at his handsome yet strong face, Sonali reached a decision.

“Kajal should never find out.” She said and necked the glass like it was a shot.

Vikas shrugged “I won’t tell her.”

Slipping his left arm around her, he placed his hand on her bare back and poured more wine into her glass with his right hand.

“I like your backless blouses.” He smiled at her as they sipped wine. She was now snuggled up beside him with their bodies touching and rubbing.

“Thank you, Damad ji” Sonali smiled.

Now that she had surrendered to his demand she was feeling perfectly at ease. This was not new to her. She had spread her legs for powerful men before when using her modeling career to feed her family. Of course, her children knew nothing of that.

Gradually, his hand moved down her back caressing softly, his fingers playing on her smooth, bare skin. Sonali relaxed into it and stayed close to him. The wine was relaxing her and her normal body reactions were getting invoked. The last time anyone had touched her like that was 2 months ago when a guy had grabbed her ass on the bus. The last time she had actually had sex, she could not even remember.

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