Marina’s Adventures Ch. 02

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Alberto asked Marina to go shopping at the mall with him one day. It was going to be Mother’s Day and he wanted to buy Marta a very special gift. Marina wore the tight white pants Alberto loved so much. They hugged her ass nice and tight. Her ass looked like the top half of an upside heart. He could make out that tiny little red thong she wore underneath. When she stepped out of the car Alberto could not resist grabbing a handful. Marina smiled at him and placed a hand on his cheek and rubbed him as she walked away. Alberto could tell she was not wearing a bra under her tiny pink halter top. Marina’s 28bs were so perky and firm they stood up by themselves. Her little tiny pink nipples poked through the thin material. The shirt was so tiny it showed lots of cleavage and Marina’s midriff. She was an incredible sight to behold walking down the mall.

As they walked down the mall, Alberto saw every man looking at Marina’s perfect little body. He could tell she enjoyed the attention and flaunted her assets. Periodically she would stop and bent over to look at some clothes. He fully knew she was showing off more than window shopping. Several older men smiled at Alberto indicating their approval of the fine piece of ass walking next to him. While shopping in the ladies section of one of the department stores a stranger walked up to them and addressed Alberto.

“You must be a lucky man having such a pretty wife. I bet she keeps you satisfied,” he told them.

Before Alberto could respond Marina tells the man, “I’m not his wife I’m his daughter.”

With that Marina steps in front of Alberto and wraps his arms around her midsection and smiles at the stranger. Alberto’s cock stiffens as he felt her wiggling her firm round ass on his already swollen member. In a way she was right, he was dating her mom. The man could feel Alberto’s inner struggle, as sublet as Marina tried to be the stranger was close enough to see her little gyrations.

Alberto cleared his throat and said, “Yes this is Marina my girlfriend’s daughter.”

“Well she looks like a handful. I bet it must be hard keeping the boys at bay,” laughed the stranger.

“I don’t play with boys. I only like men. Huh papi,” pouted Marina as she pushed her ass back onto his cock emphasizing her point.

“Well I can see that. Can I ask you a favor? I hope your dad doesn’t mind,” stated the stranger.

“What is it?” asked Marina.

“First let me introduce myself. I’m Richard Smith, but you can call me Dickey. Here is my situation: I needed to buy my daughter some clothes and I have no clue what I’m doing. Can you help me?” he asked.

“Sure we’ll be happy to,” answered Marina before Alberto could protest.

“Sincere we’re here let me grab some stuff,” said Marina.

She looked through and found some tiny tops, short shorts, and some miniskirts. Alberto saw the man undressing Marina with his eyes every time she bent over. The men were thinking the same thing. They both wanted to fuck that naughty 23 year old. Marina was well aware of what the men were thinking and she made sure she posed so they could get the best view.

The trio walked toward the changing rooms and they headed inside. The store manager in charge of the area stopped them.

“I’m sorry only ladies are allowed in this area,” she told the men.

“That’s my dad and uncle. I just wanted to show them what these would look like before they bought them for my birthday,” Marina tried to explain.

Dickey looked nothing like Marina or Alberto and could hardly pass as her uncle. The store manger raised her eye brow. She wasn’t buying the story, but she was amused by the three.

“I’m sorry mama. Rules are rules,” replied the store manager.

“But nobody else is here. Just me and my family,” retorted Marina.

“I’m sorry I wish I could help. If I let them go with you I would be in major trouble. It’s not worth losing my job,” said the store manager

“How about I make it worth it,” interrupted Dickey.

The store manager looked at Dickey as he took out a wad of cash trying to conceal what he was doing from prying eyes. He fanned it toward the store manager. Slowly he pealed $100 dollar bills and handed the store manager several bills. She smiled and looked at the group. After looking around to see if anybody was looking, the store manager took the bills from his hand.

“Well since it’s only your dad and uncle, I guess it would be ok just this one time. But to be on the save side let me turn off the hall way cameras. You can get a little more privacy,” explained the store manager with a knowing smile.

Dickey peeled off a few more bills and handed them halkalı escort to her.

“Can you make sure nobody else enters our private area?” he said smiling at her.

“Of course I can sir. Anything you need?” ask the store manager.

“No we’re fine. We just need to see my niece in some of these outfits,” said the stranger as he wrapped his arm around Marina’s waist.

Alberto who been standing behind them and silent the entire time, watched as Dickey’s hand move down the small of Marina’s back straight to her ass. He cupped her left cheek and squeezed. Marina did not even flinch, they both smiled at the store manager as she walked away.

“Now Marina cum show daddy and Uncle Dickey how you look in skirts,” he smiled as he pushed Marina into the changing room hallway.

Alberto followed as Dickey continued to grab Marina’s ass as they walked. Alberto found it strangely arousing watching another man play with Marina. Marina’s ass looked good in those tight white pants, but it looked better being squeezed. Marina headed into a changing room and Dickey and Alberto found a couple of chairs and sat down.

“Like I said before, you’re one lucky mother fucker. I bet she can suck a tennis ball through a straw. Fuck. That ass is the best I’ve ever seen. You must love bending her over,” Dickey told Alberto.

Dickey monopolized the conversation, prattling on about Marina’s gorgeous body and what he wanted to do to it. Alberto listened becoming very arouse by the filth that came out of this man’s mouth. He could picture this stranger ravaging Marina as he watched. Both men were very excited when they hear the clicking of the dressing room door. They licked their lips and watched as Marina stepped out.

Marina had put on a pair of tiny little yellow short shorts and a white thank top with sunflowers and had PRINCESS written across the chest. It looked like Marina had painted on the outfit. She walked towards the men like she was on a runway and modeled around both men; weaving back and forth in front of them, between them and behind them. Dickey grabbed Marina’s inner thigh from the back as she was walking between both men and headed to the changing room. She stopped and watched Dickey’s hand slide up her inner thigh up to her pussy. When his hand reached it she looked at Alberto in mock surprise and was pulled onto Dickey’s lap.

Dickey’s whole hand was on Marina’s pussy and he rubbed his middle finger onto her lips. After a few seconds Dickey ran his hand from her pussy back along her nice round ass. With both hands he reached Marina’s firm little tits and squeezed them. Marina adjusted herself until Dickey’s cock was between her ass cheeks and she could grind on him.

“Papi, look what this dirty old man is doing to me,” Marina pouted giving Alberto her most innocent little girl face.

Marina wiggled and grinded her firm Latina bubble booty on Dickey’s hard cock. Her tiny nipples were so hard, Alberto could see them poking through the tiny fabric. Dickey ran his hand through Marina’s chest feeling the young firm breasts. Dickey pushed Marina forward so she had to place her hands on Alberto’s knees to keep from falling. Looking up at Alberto, Marina smiled then lowered her head to his crotch and rubbed her face onto Alberto’s cock. She took the head into her mouth and bit it gently through his pants. Alberto grabbed her head and held on tight.

Marina abruptly got up and sauntered to the changing room. She turned, winked and blew kisses over her shoulders at both men. The men sat there with their throbbing cocks, wanting Marina to return to finish what she had started. She teased them like a true cock teaser and she was enjoying their reactions. The minutes passed by like hours; their anticipation was unbearable.

Again the clicking sound of the door caught their attention. Marina stepped out. She had put her hair up into two little pigtails and applied a red thick coat of lip stick to her full lips. The tiny blue button shirt was tied in the front and showed off her cleavage just right. Her midriff looked more tantalizing in this shirt than the ones before. Marina’s firm thick legs showed beautifully from under a tiny little light blue micro mini skirt. The men could see a hint of her red thong just under the hem of the skirt as she walked toward them.

Alberto and Dickey both reached for their respective crouches and squeezed their cock tight as they saw her approach. Marina put a finger between her teeth and smiled her best little girl smile. She exaggerated swaying her hips so the mini skirt would toss up revealing her little thong and making her tits bounce ever ikitelli escort so slightly. Marina walked up right to Alberto and straddled her mom’s boyfriend. She took both hands and placed them under her skirt right on her ass.

“Papi te gusta como me miro?” she asked Alberto.

Marina moved her hips up and down on Alberto’s crouch. She made sure her pussy was dry humping Albert’s hard on. She lightly put her hands on his shoulder and turned to look at Dickey.

“Do you like how I look Uncle DICK-ey?” she asked in a pouting tone.

“God little girl, you’re the best little fuck toy I have ever seen. You sure do know how to make a man hard,” replied Dickey.

Marina giggled and pushed Alberto’s face into her tits and just as quickly pushed it away. Holding on to his head Marina raised and spread her legs in the air and giggled some more. She wrapped her legs around Alberto’s body and leaned back until her head was on the floor. Her skirt fell to her stomach revealing her tiny little silky red thong. Alberto ran his thumb over the camel toe which mad her moan. She then placed her hands next to her head then pushed her body up with her legs. Marina did a hand stand. Dickey and Alberto looked at Marina tiny pussy and watched as she turned to show off her nice ass. She then brought her legs down to the floor keeping her legs as straight as possible. Marina was touching her forehead to her legs without bending her knees like a contortionist. Slowly she spread her legs and fell into the splits. Her years of dance and gymnastics were paying off today. She looked over her shoulders at both men.

Marina crawled to where Dickey was and started to rub her head and face on his legs like a cat. Alberto got the perfect view of Marina’s round brown ass in her tiny thong with the mini skirt just above it. She purred as she rubbed her head and face up Dickey’s legs onto his crouch, finding Dickey’s throbbing member she bit down on it like she had done with Alberto. Marina shook her head no letting her teeth scrap Dickey’s cock through his pants. Then using only her teeth she unzipped Dickey’s pants, reached inside and took out his massive hard on. She moved her body and looked over her shoulder so Alberto could see her face and ass at the same time. She rubbed the head of his cock on her lips looking into Alberto’s eyes.

“Am I a bad little girl papi? Do you need to cum over and spank me for being bad,” she said as she took Dickey’s cock into her mouth. Dickey moaned and grabbed Marina’s pigtails as she swallowed his cock. Marina wrapped her big tongue around his cock and slid it all the way down his shaft. Up and down Marina licked Dickey’s cock while looking and smiling at Alberto. She swirled her tongue around his cock like she was licking ice cream from a soft dip cone. Marina slowly took off her top and started to rub her firm tits on Dickey’s legs. Dickey moaned his approval. No girl had ever sucked him like Marina.

Alberto dropped to his knees behind Marina and started to rub her cute round ass. He looped his fingers to the side of her thong and slid it off. Next he unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard dick. Marina feigned a little yelp when he slapped her ass with his cock. Alberto spanked Marina with his cock and used it to smear the precum over her entire ass. Marina’s ass felt so good it was a shame to just shove it in her.

“Cum on Papi fuck her already,” Dickey stuttered between his moans.

Marina giggled before she deep throated Dickey’s cock. Dickey pulled harder on her pigtails and moaned. He looked at Alberto who was position his dick at Marina’s tiny little pussy. He slapped her pussy with his cock. Marina stopped slurping for a few seconds. She turned and looked at Alberto.

“Papi I’ve been a bad and naughty girl. Are you gonna fuck me for being so naughty. Daddy, are you going to shove your fat dick into my little pussy. Me vas a cojer duro papi?” she pouted with precum on her lips.

Alberto grabbed her hips and slowly pushed his cock into Marina’s hot, wet and hungry pussy. Her teasing had made her as hot as it made the men. Both men looked as Alberto’s cock disappeared into Marina’s tight little pussy. She moaned and pushed back onto his dick helping him fuck her. Marina arched her back and bit down on Dickey’s cock. Her head began to bob and her hips began to move. The men let her do all the work as they watched the little hungry cock sucker devour two huge cocks; one in her mouth and the other in her pussy.

Marina was sucking the life out of Dickey’s cock. She was insatiable and could not stop. Her hands worked Dickey’s cock in and out of her mouth while istanbul escort her hips pumped Alberto’s dick with abandonment. Dickey and Alberto groped her firm little tits and pinched her hard tiny pink nipples. Alberto would spank her and watch her firm ass do a little jiggle. Marina looked incredible in just her tiny blue mini skirt wrapped around her waist sucking and fucking these two old men.

“Your daughter is the best cock sucker I have ever had. Dam I wish she was my little girl,” moaned Dickey.

“I would fuck and suck your cock all day, if you were my daddy,” replied Marina.

“Let me try some of your daughter’s little pink pussy. I want to see her gagging on her papi’s cock for a bit,” continued Dickey.

Marina switched the men, sitting Alberto in the chair and getting in position for Dickey to fuck her. Her mouth was as wet and slippery as her pussy because of her trade mark sloppy blow jobs. Alberto saw her lip stick and saliva smeared on Marina’s pretty little face. She smiled at him as she swallowed his cock. Looking down at her, Alberto saw the most angelic face he had ever seen sucking his cock. This sight drove him mad with lust as he grabbed her pigtails and gagged her with his dick.

Dickey kneeled behind Marina and rubbed his cock along her firm ass between its cheeks. Then he rubbed the head long Marina’s lips and moaned at their soft velvet touch. He groped and grabbed her ass then spanked it. Marina pushed back on his cock impaling herself with one movement. Dickey gasped at the wonderful sensation of being inside Marina.

“I never fucked a girl in front of her dad before. This is fucking insane. This is shit is awesome,” Dickey blurted out.

Dickey began to pound Marina’s little wet pussy. He was fucking her like a dog in heat and she fucked him back just as hard. Harder and faster Dickey pounded, he wanted his cock to be covered in her juices. Marina gripped Dickey’s cock with her young pussy trying to milk every last drop of cum out of his balls.

“She fucks like a champ. Your daughter has the sweetest pussy I ever had. Man look at her ass bounce. This little slut is going to make me cum hard,” Dickey says to Alberto.

Marina moved her hips like pistons fucking Dickey’s cock fast and hard. Her mouth was gobbling Alberto’s cock to the hilt. She was a talented little whore and she was earning her money with both men. Marina moaned and grunted with every move. Her sloppy mouth enjoyed gagging on Alberto’s fat cock and her pussy fucked Dickey’s thick cock.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum,” were the first words Alberto had said since they met Dickey.

He grabbed Marina’s pigtails and gagged her with his dick. Marina swallowed the first stream that shot from Alberto’s cock. Alberto pulled Marina off his cock and shot his second load all over her face and tits, making sure Dickey saw the whole thing. His third shot caught Marina right in the eye blinding it. He pushed Marina back on his cock so she could milk it with her mouth.

When Dickey heard Marina swallowing Alberto’s load, he lost all control. While watching Alberto coat her face with his white paint he came deep inside Marina. Dickey shot his load into her little bald pink pussy fucking her with every shot. Marina squeezed his cock with her pussy milking him dry. She made sure every last drop was sucked out of Dickey’s cock.

Marina’s tiny body always went rigid with pleasure. She exploded with her own orgasm. When Alberto’s cum hit the back of her throat, it started Marina’s juices flowing. Her body was in uncontrolled ecstasy when Alberto blinded her and Dickey shot his load into her pussy. The men made her have multiple orgasms as she sucked and fucked their cocks. These were the intense orgasms she that came from being a dirty cock sucking whore and Marina could not get enough of them.

The three stood very quiet and still. They were all breathing heavily and were exhausted. Marina looked at the faces of both men and was glad to see she had made them smile. She was the first to get up and walk over to the dressing room. Alberto and Dickey slowly cleaned up and fixed their clothes.

After a few minutes Marina emerged from the dressing room with the clothes she wore to the mall.

“So did you see anything you like . . . for your daughter, Uncle DICK-ey?” she asked.

“Everything I saw I liked. But I don’t think it would fit her as good as it did you,” he replied.

“Well next time we can try some dresses,” Marina suggested.

“MMM next time we will,” Dickey answered.

Marina kissed his cheek and squeezed his cock one final time.

“See you soon Uncle DICK-ey,” Marina said with a smile as she followed Alberto out of the dressing room hall way.

Dickey watched Marina slipped her arm into Alberto’s arm and snuggled on his shoulder.

“Dam she’s one hot little Latina slut. I can’t wait to tell my friends about her,” thought Dickey as he watched Marina shake her ass.

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