Marking Out

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Ashley could hardly believe it. She was sitting backstage in the Greensboro Coliseum, her slim and waifish figure outlined by bright bulbs on the mirror. Perched on a stool, she was waiting for her hero — Sigrid. “The Norse Ladykiller.” “Barbarian Queen.” “Lady Viking.” “Huntress.” No matter what name she’d wrestled under, Ashley had followed her career every step of the way. From the no-name indies to Total Mayhem Action to the Worldwide Wrestling Organization, she’d watched the statuesque Icelandic woman come up in the ranks since she was twelve years old.

Twelve years later, almost ready to graduate from college, she still looked up to Sigrid. It was true that she lacked the woman’s strength. Her glistening six-pack, those bulging biceps, her soft and pert breasts… everything about her checked Ashley’s boxes for the ideal woman. By contrast, she was stick thin, no matter how much she ate or tried to work out. No hips, no ass, not much of anything going on. Just a small pocket of fat around her belly from her daily vanilla lattes. Dating in college had been hard for her because of her plain appearance, but she’d kept throwing herself at it nevertheless. Because of Sigrid. Whenever she watched her deliver a clothesline or an elbow to an opponent, or listened to her brag about taking out the entire WWO’s women’s division, she felt instilled with a confidence she couldn’t describe. Inside, this woman she’d never met filled her with a warmth, like the best friend she’d never met.

Only now, she was minutes away from meeting her. She’d wanted to dress prettier for her hero, but after four hours of screaming and jumping and pumping her fists in the arena, any of her nice outfits would’ve been sweat-stained and unsightly. But she was worried that it was too cringy wearing her frayed and faded “Lady Viking” shirt she’d gotten her fourteenth birthday, and a bit too plain in her ill-fitting, baggy jeans and running shoes. Not to mention how mousy her wavy mess of black hair was. She shook her head. There was no point in worrying about appearances. She didn’t want to waste a single moment of meeting Sigrid worrying about herself.

The door knob turned, and Ashley’s heart skipped a beat. This is it! Here she is!

Sigrid entered the dressing room, ducking her head under the doorway. In the pale light of the dressing room, the sweat on every exposed inch of her body glistening, making her light up. She pushed her damp mass of platinum blonde hair out of her face, then inspected the petite woman sitting in front of her mirror with a perplexed look.

“Who are you supposed to be?” Sigrid spoke with a thick Icelandic accent, one eyebrow raised.

Ashley’s heart was beating so fast that she could hardly speak. “H-H-Hi, ma’am. I’m Ashley, a-and I won the contest on that site, a-a-and I… Um, yeah.” Way to go, you spaz!

Sigrid still looked confused, gazing down her wide nose at the girl. “What site?”

“I-I forgot the name, but it was for a chance to meet you backstage. I-I found it on Reddit.”

“Reddit…? What in the fuck is a Reddit?”

“Oh! Right, y-you probably don’t…” She trailed off — this was like explaining the internet to her mom. “Um, it’s a place where fans of stuff go. Um, the wrestling sub-reddit… um, that’s like a message board, I guess… it’s called Squared Circle, and somebody posted a link. There was an entry fee, a-a-and I had to answer questions about your career, a-and… um, yeah. I met with a member of the crew and they took me back here after the show, and told me to wait…”

Sigrid furrowed her thick, black brows and rubbed her face. “Helvítis brundpró….”

“W-What’s wrong?”

She ran her fingers through her greasy hair, flexing her chiseled arms. “Road crew does this sometimes. Sells off meet and greets to idiot fans on the internet. Never happened to me, though.” She spit on the ground, irritated. “Cunts.”

Ashley twirled her thumbs and looked at the floor. “O-Oh. So you didn’t know I was going to be here.”

“No. I don’t do private meetings.”

“Oh.” A lump rose in Ashley’s throat as her face flushed fuscia. “I-I see. I was wondering why it took over an hour before you got here.”

The massive woman scratched her face. “You’ve been waiting here for that long…?”

Her meek fan nodded. “Y-Yes. But I can, um… I can go.” She got to her feet and started to walk towards Sigrid. As she drew closer, she could smell the wrestler’s sweat and feel its warmth radiating off of her. “I-I’m sorry, Sigrid. I didn’t mean to ruin your night like this.”

Sigrid put a large hand on Ashley’s shoulder as she walked past. “Wait, girl.”

She stopped and shuddered. Sigrid’s hand was bigger than she’d imagined, big enough to grab her whole shoulder, and strong enough to hold her in place.

“You’ve really been waiting over an hour for me?” Sigrid sighed, the taste of whiskey still on her breath.

“Almost two…”

Sigrid smiled. “Silly girl.” She looked down at the frail young woman. She was small, but then, almost every woman was small to her 6’7″. “You know that I do public meetings, yes?”

“Y-Yes. But casino siteleri this was different. I-I had you all to myself. Just for a little while.”

“Why would you want that?”

Ashley gulped, trying to not get emotional. “B-Because you’re my hero.”

Sigrid’s mouth, covered with smeared lipstick, hung open at a slight gape. She let out a scoff of disbelief. “What?”

Ashley closed her eyes. “Y-You’re so strong, and so beautiful. Every time I look at you, every time I listen to you or watch you do something in the ring, I feel like I can do anything. I feel so strong. E-Even though I’m so weak, I-I don’t feel that way when I think of you, Sigrid. You’re everything I’m not, and—”

“Stop.” Sigrid shook her head. “Look at me.” Ashley turned to meet Sigrid’s steely, piercing ocean eyes. “There are younger, prettier, more talented women than me out there. You know this?”

“They’re not you.”

Sigrid furrowed her brow. “Yes. They’re better. I-I’m not going to be doing this much longer, you know.”

Ashley gasped. “What?!”

“This is my last month, girl. After this, I’m retiring. Nobody wants to see an old woman hobbling around the ring like a sad cripple.”

“N-No! What?!”

The woman hung her head. “You watch wrestling, no? Have you seen Becky Quinn? The Della Twins? Sasha Bronx? Nick Flare’s daughter?” She let out a sad laugh. “I have nothing on them. I’m a relic. And I’m tired.”

Ashley shook her head emphatically. “No! You’re not! You’re perfect! You’re amazing! You’re… you’re Sigrid!”

“What does that mean anymore, child?”

“It means that you’re the first woman I ever saw in the ring. W-When my mom took me to an indie show when I was twelve, before she passed, I-I saw you come out… You were still the Viking Princess back then… In that leather thong and studded bra, and the fur belt…” Sigrid chuckled. “I-It was so cool to see a woman like you. You were so much taller than everyone. You lifted them, threw them, put them in headlocks… And then there was the one move… with the ropes…”

Sigrid smirked. “The Flayer?”

“Yes! The Flayer! You tied them up and you just gave it to them. Nobody could stop you. You were… are… like a goddess.” She blushed. “A freaking goddess.”

“That was a long time ago, girl. How old are you?”


“I was thirty-four then, child! A decade later, I’m still slaving away at this job. Farthest I’ve gotten in the WWO are those preshow matches. Nobody gives a shit about pushing me over. I’m on borrowed time. Forty-four years old and I’m still a little girl in this business.” She looked at her fangirl. “And yet you still consider me a goddess?”

“Y-Yes! I-If nobody else’s, then you’re my goddess.” Ashley told herself she wasn’t going to mark out like this, but she couldn’t help it. “You’re still the Barbarian Queen to me. I-I’ll do anything for you if you don’t quit!”

Sigrid examined the girl. She could break her over her knee, should the need ever arise. For somebody who worshipped wrestling, it was unfortunate to see that she had no muscle — only skin and little bit of fat. Yet there was something adorable about her, like a small cat begging for affection. The wrestler’s anger had subsided, because what she saw here was more pitiable than worthy of scorn.

“Anything at all, Sigrid…” Ashley beamed. “You mean everything to me.”

Sigrid, through her stern expression, began to blush. She’s a cute one. You could have fun with this. She’d do anything for you, if you asked.

Sigrid raised a brow. “Anything?”

Ashley was blushing furiously. “Um, Sigrid?”


“Is this, um… Is this really what you want?”

Sigrid rubbed her chin. “Yes.”

One moment, Sigrid had offered to show Ashley her trailer. The next, she was naked and kneeling on her bed, her hands handcuffed behind her back. Always one to choose the path of least resistance, Ashley hadn’t objected to any of it. Not to stripping, not to spreading her legs, not to Sigrid locking her hands up. Anything to make her hero happy. But now that the massive woman was staring down at her, arms folded, a hungry look in her eyes, the fan was starting to feel a bit nervous.

“Because, um, this wasn’t what I thought you in mind…”

“What did you think I had in mind, exactly?”

“Uh…” She didn’t know. But definitely not this! Her tiny nipples stood erect on her almost flat chest as Sigrid looked at her up and down like a meal.

“You know, you’re a scrawny little girl,” Sigrid grinned. “No meat on your bones.”

Ashley glanced to the side. “I-I know.”

“I’m worried I might break you.”

Break me doing what?! She gulped. But if it’s her breaking me, I almost don’t care what it is she’s doing…

Sigrid made sure the blinds were closed, then walked closed to Ashley and looked down her. Ashley was eye-level with Sigrid’s thick, engorged pussy — paler than the rest of the woman’s tanned body, and highlighted by a neat patch of black pubic hair with the stray grey hair. She could smell it, too. She could practically taste the sweat and musk canlı casino from the ring. It stung her nostrils. It made her salivate.

Wait, why am I drooling?! This is definitely not okay.

Astrid scratched her pubes, then ran a finger between her labia and held to her own hose. She took a sniff and wrinkled her face in disgust. “Fuck. Disgusting. Hm. Maybe I should shower before we—”


“Girl, you don’t…”

“Let me smell.”

Sigrid grimaced. “Look, girl, that’s…” She sighed. “Fine. No crying if you don’t like it.” Sigrid ran two fingers between her labia, slowly, shivering slightly as she rubbed past her clit. “Get a good sniff.”

As Ashley took in the sharp stench from Sigrid’s dripping fingers, she stuck her tongue out instinctively. It reeked of sweat and piss, to say nothing of the natural musk. If she’d smelled like that, she’d almost die of embarrassment. But something about this smell belonging to Sigrid, to this blond amazon with a six-pack and thighs that could kill a man with a single twitch, made it not as disgusting.

If this is Sigrid’s smell, then it’s what I want to smell the most.

Drool beginning to fill her mouth, she realized that it even smelled kind of good. She drew in deep breaths from her petite, aquiline nose, exhaling through her panting, salivating mouth. Uncontrollably, she started to curl her tongue upward towards Sigrid’s thick, long, muscular fingers.

“Girl, you don’t want to–!”

Ashley panted with her outstretch tongue. “Let me tashte you, pleash.”

Ashley wrapped her thin lips around Sigrid’s fingers and took them deep into her mouth, circling her tongue around them. The raw, pungent, potent taste almost made her gag, but that feeling of disgust gave way to one of hunger. As she fellated the wrestler’s fingers, caressing each crease and callus with her hungry tongue, she relished the bitter taste. Her mouth grew thick with the taste, and she moaned as she treated her idol’s fingers like the cock she’d never gotten to suck — all the years of practicing on her vibrator going to good use.

Sigrid was disgusted at seeing this frail girl being fed her thick sweat and discharge… at first. But as she watched more intently, it reminded her of how weak she felt. It reminded her of how the younger brats in the roster treated her, of how the male fans told her, to her fucking face, that she needed to work on her looks. That sinking feeling that she’d never get that big break on TV, because Vinny McMaster wanted to see barely legal tramps in thongs, not more seasoned women and better performers. The world hadn’t moved past her — it had actively assaulted her. But this girl idolized her. She didn’t object to being stripped naked and bound. She begged to smell and taste her filth, and was getting off on it, even running her tongue under Sigrid’s fingernails to get every last taste.

She’s the only fan who doesn’t hate me. Hell. Maybe the only person.

Ashley, Sigrid’s fingers still in her mouth, spoke up to her goddess. “Pleash. More.”

She’ll do anything for me.

“Give me more, Shigrid.”

Sigrid couldn’t help but to blush. She hadn’t felt this appreciated in years. She took her fingers from Ashley’s mouth, saliva trailing from her lips, and used both hands to spread her vulva.

Ashley’s face lit up. Her eyes widened. She licked her lips. “Fuck. Yes. Please.”

Sigrid exposed her large clit to Ashley, flexing her muscles as she pulled her puffy lips apart. “You want this, girl?”

The fangirl moaned. “Yes. Fuck, yes, please. Let me taste it. Let me taste you, Sigrid.”

“Take your fill, child.”

The toned, sweaty, enormous woman brought her spread pussy to Ashley’s ravenous lips. Shivering at the raw power behind the taste and smell, Ashley’s mouth overflowed with spit.

This is Sigrid’s taste! Her smell!

She ran her eager tongue down Sigrid’s slit, toying with the dripping hole.

The taste and smell of my idol!

Her mouth spilled wet, messy, lustful noises into Sigrid’s vagina as she made love to each labia.

The taste, the smell of my goddess!

Sigrid’s clit was sucked between Ashley’s hungry lips. She suckled on it like a nipple, nursing it with greedy hunger as her tongue hung from her mouth. The wrestler closed her eyes and started to remember what this felt like. Years without somebody’s touch between her legs, longer without somebody’s lips. The only physical contact she’d had were punches to the gut, kicks to the hips, biceps around her throat, asses to her face. All the years of pent-up frustration started to melt away as Ashley worshipped her sweaty, dirty, dripping pussy. She moved her hands from her labia to the back of Ashley’s head, running her fingers between Ashley’s hair and gripping it tight. Not with the stage grab she’d rehearsed hundreds of times — no, an authentic grip, an unbreakable grasp that Ashley couldn’t break even if she fought with her life. Not that she’d dream of fighting this taste, this smell, this salty and thick liquid spilling down her chin, this pulsing and throbbing organ in her mouth.

Sigrid’s kaçak casino eyes opened and she gasped. No, not this fast! Fuuu-! “Gah!” She climaxed as Ashley continued to suck and moan into her pussy, the vibrations of each cry stimulating her. Ashley wasn’t going to stop licking and sucking unless ordered, so as Sigrid’s body started to shake from her quick orgasm, she started to widen her eyes as another came out. “F-Fuck! Again?!” She climaxed one more time. And another. And another. Ashley’s tiny tongue and puckered mouth drew repeated orgasms from Sigrid’s neglected clit. The woman let out guttural cries of pleasure, impassioned grunts through gritted teeth. Her knees began to buckle, and her clit began to sting from her non-stop climax. With force, she yanked Ashley’s head away. Ashley looked up with a wet, dripping face, panting with tongue on lips.

Sigrid took deep breaths as she looked down. “Oh… Oh, my god…”

Ashley looked up with eager eyes. “Did you like it?”

“Jesus Christ, yes… you must have… you must have lots of experience, holy shit…”

“No.” She shook her head. “Y-You’re my first, Sigrid.”

“Your… first, first?” Ashley nodded. “Oh, lord. I-I had no idea.”

“My virginity is yours forever, Sigrid.”

Sigrid flashed a grin. “No…” She started to regain her composure. “No, not yet it’s not.”

Ashley stood against the bathroom wall of the trailer. She was still handcuffed, and looked up at Sigrid’s steely gaze.

“U-Um, Sigrid,” Ashley started. “Where did you get that?”

Sigrid gripped, in her hand, a thick, glittery strap-on with ridges and bumps in all the right places. She rubbed it with a handful of lube. “I-I’ve had this for years, but haven’t ever gotten the chance to put it to good use.” She placed her hand to Ashley’s cheek, her hand as large as the girl’s head. “And tonight, I want to use it on you, girl.”

“I-It might not fight… I’m a virgin…”

“We’ll make it fit.” She raised a brow. “I’m going to push all nine inches of this inside of you. And you’re going to like it. Understand?”

Ashley gulped, nervous. “U-Um. Yes, Sigrid.”

She smiled. “Good girl. Now…” Sigrid lifted Ashley against the wall. It was so effortless, Ashley thought, for this woman to pick her up and throw her around like a ragdoll. Forced against the wall, Sigrid held the petite young woman up by her ankles, keeping them locked firmly in place. “Get ready for a move you’ve never seen.”

Ashley’s nerves subsided in an instant. “Pfft!”


“That was so… cheesy.”

Sigrid grimaced and blushed. “I-I’m garbage at dirty talk.”

Ashley licked her lips. “Then don’t say anything and just fuck me.”

“Be careful what you wish for…” She shoved the strap-on into Ashley with the force of an untamed animal. Ashley gasped and gulped for air as her mouth gaped and her pussy stretched. “Oof. You’re tight.” Her grip on Ashley tightened. “Not for long. Wrap your legs around me, girl. And hold on tight.” Ashley, pussy throbbing and stretching, feeling like she was about to split in two, obeyed. Sigrid supported the girl’s practically non-existent weight by grasping and spread her ass — exposing her rosy, pink anus, puckered out from the sheer pressure of the strap-on.

The statuesque woman slowly lifted Ashley up and down on her glistening silicone phallus, making the tiny girl gasp and flinch with each push. But with each pump inside, her pussy expanded, compensating for the insane girth. The bumps and ridges of the strap-on caressed the deepest crevices of her vagina, causing her to shake and shiver uncontrollably. It was much bigger, much thicker than any cock she could possibly take, way too much for her first time. She dug her nails into Sigrid’s back, gripping onto the woman’s bulging deltoids with all the strength she could muster, as she buried her face into her heaving, soft breasts.

40DDs. Just like her kiss card said.

She felt comfort in the soaking crevice between her breasts, closing her eyes as her idol thrusted deeper inside of her, kissing her cervix but not quite penetrating it with each push. It hurt, yes, but she wanted to take the pain. She wanted to take the pain and relish it, to never forget a single moment of what it felt like to be pounded and torn apart by Sigrid.

Faster and faster Sigrid slammed into Ashley, losing control, forgetting inhibitions, ceasing to worry about “breaking” her. Her own pussy still throbbed from Ashley’s tongue lashing, and with each thrust, she felt her harness brush up against her pulsing clit. The harder she pushed in, the faster she pulled out, she felt the stimulation and gritted her teeth. Ashley’s lewd, girlish moans into her bosom also turned her on more than anything had in years. She’d long fantasized about completely dominating somebody — ravaging them as they begged for more. Now, in her arms, unable to escape, that fantasy was coming to loud, wet, messy life. She could feel the suction of Ashley’s vagina, pulling her back in, gripping onto every inch of the pink phallus as it drilled her like a jackhammer. This strength and control was something Sigrid relished in the ring, and had forgotten about. The years of watching her popularity wane and opportunities dry up had killed it. In the bathroom of her trailer, though, she felt it again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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