Me and My Two Mothers

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Hello! I finally found some time (And to not play Red Dead 2 for a couple of hours.) to write this story I had in mind for a long time. It’s another standalone mother/son story, well… Two mothers in this case!

Oh yeah, the intro is from a first person perspective, the rest is in third person. Enjoy!


I was seated at the opposite side of our kitchen counter, not allowed to enter the rest of the kitchen, or to come near the vicinity were the two most important women in my life were busy with preparing our dinner.

And truth be told, I was glad to watch their every move from that opposite site. Just seeing them smile and literally dance around each other while being busy with whatever task they were doing.

I looked at my forty-two-year-old Mom, the short but stacked redhead goddess, as she chopped vegetables with incredible speed. Seeing her voluptuous body clinging against that short but total motherly summer dress. How her long, red manes of hair twirl around her face as she dances bare-footed across the kitchen tiles. How with every turn of her body those sparkling green eyes, hidden behind her glasses, met mine. How her light-freckled face turns into a bright smile as she gives me a wink before her butt bumps against that of her wife.

My thirty-nine-years-old Mama let’s out a giggle when Mom softly collides with her. She then playfully pushes Mom back towards the cutting board before returning to her own duty. Her shoulder length, dark purple and red streaked hair twirls just as gracious as Mom’s before it comes to a standstill. With an incredible flip she tosses two burgers upside down at the same time into the large frying pan, but my eyes are glued to her busty chest as it slightly bounces in that short tank top of her. My face quickly turns up until I meet her equally shiny bright blue eyes as she stares into mine, Mama gives me a cute smirk and claws one hand, decorated with those shiny black polished nails, as if she is imitating a tiger. “Rawr” She forms with her mouth before blowing me a kiss.

I smile at her and can feel that a small blush forms on my face as I carefully scan the rest of her well formed body. That arm filled with a sleeve of tattoos that resemble Mama’s most precious moments in her life, her cute pierced belly button that’s just visible above her Daisy Dukes covered wide hips and fit ass. My eyes feast upon her before they turn back to my Mom, starting the whole process all over again.

I can feel it in my twenty-year-old bones, my body just reacts to their presence like this. It longs for them and I wished I could do more to them… With them. But I can’t, because I’m their son, and sons shouldn’t have these kind of feelings for their parents, which in my case are both my mothers. But truly told… I’m in love with them, and I just wished that there was a way to let them know…


Sarah Galliger gave birth to me, Jack Galliger, just a few weeks after her twenty second birthday. My mother was overjoyed, happy and relieved when I came healthy into this world, along with the support of her parents which were by her side during the relatively easy birthing process.

My father on the other hand was a coward. Running away from his duties after being man enough to impregnate my mother but not being man enough to accept the consequences of his actions. True, they both knew what would be possible when having unprotected intercourse with each other, but my Mom was the only one that didn’t run away. To her it was the most important day of her life, the love she has for me is still strong to this very day and I know that it will never disappear.

That whole period was also the second most important moment of her life because she met Mama, Heather Sullivan, who was her midwife. They always told me that it was an instant match between them, a certain spark for each other just flowed around them when they came into contact with each other for the first time. She never knew she would so easily fall for the same sex as her, it was then that Mom knew she was bisexual. Mama on the other hand had always been a lesbian. It didn’t take long before the two of them became a couple and gotten married, a married couple together with a small, baby boy… A married couple of mothers.

And so since the very beginning my life resolved around these two women, my two mothers who showered me with love and care. Who learned me everything about life. Who made sure that the three of us would be a close and loving family.

Mom and Mama couldn’t believe how well the two of them matched in the beginning. Mom has always been a kind, down-to-earth and shy girl while Mama is the total opposite of that, same goes for their style of fashion and appearances. They often joke that the song ‘Opposites Attract’ is pretty much the theme of their lives.

My childhood hasn’t been that much different than other children with a ‘normal’ family. Of course having two mothers often got me the occasional avrupa yakası escort teases and jokes swung towards my head throughout my different school periods, even at the university where I study today it still remains that way.

But most of my close friends, school mates and family know how much fun and loving my two mothers are. Mom pretty much allows everything, as long it’s all in good fun without doing something against the rules, and Mama is like a child at heart. I recall one time when Mama took me and a couple of friends to play outdoor airsoft, you should have seen their faces when she strapped herself into combat gear and took a stance with us on the field. From that day she was given the nickname ‘Miss Badass’ by my friends.

And so I live my life day to day together in the presence of these two incredible and beautiful females that somehow managed to find a way deep into my heart, further than that of parent and child. I can feel my love for them growing more each and every day, and even how wrong that should be, I can’t stop it and I don’t want to stop it. I know that I will need to cut the rope someday and tell them exactly how I feel, but I’m afraid, so afraid that it will destroy everything that we have…

But maybe… Just maybe, there is a slight chance that they will understand me… And I truly hope that that chance is there…


“I wonder if our boy has the courage to spy on his mothers this night as well…” Thinks Heather to herself as she slithers her tongue over the soaked crevice of her lover, her eyes occasionally glancing over towards the slightly opened door to their bedroom. The door she had left open a smidgen on purpose.

Sarah emitted shrieks of pleasure as she was totally oblivious to the thoughts of her wife and the fact that their door is slightly opened. “Oh baby! Baby I love it when you lick my cunny like that!” She says through her moans as her hands ravage through the hair of Heather, pushing her head harder against her wet pussy.

Heather expertly licks all around her sticky labia and makes sure to lap up every splatter of nectar that her wife produces, her hands knead Sarah’s inner thighs while her nails gently grasp onto her soft silken skin. She can feel that her own pussy is dripping, not only by the fact that she is eating out her deliciously tasting wife but also that there is a possibility that her son is once again jerking off to both of them.

Heather had caught Jack spying on them a couple of months ago when they were in another session of making love together. She still doesn’t know why she continues to allow it, but the fact that their boy, their son is lusting over them arouses her greatly. Heather always had the hots for incest, a taboo fetish that had always stuck with her for whatever reason.

Thinking back, she finally could put the pieces of the puzzle together. It was Jack’s eyes that had always told her the truth, even before she caught him spying on them together. There were always instances when Jack looked at her or Sarah in such a particular way that made her feel warm and loved. It wasn’t weird for them to walk around the house in their underwear, or sometimes even naked because of the closeness they had together. But she knew that she should have seen this coming, both she and Sarah. Jack was growing up all those years and so did his curiousness and taste towards women, and them being his loving role models, even the ones that told him about the birds and bees, apparently lit a spark in the boy.

Jack was now a man, a good looking young man that towered over the both of them, a young man with urges and needs. All his actions had led up to this, all those ‘Milf’ magazines he had hidden away in his room, all those lust filled quick glances he gave them, how much of a gentleman he was around them by showering his mothers with attention and love. Jake had a thing for them, for his mothers and Heather now knew all about it.

Heather was a lesbian at heart but there was something about the fact that her own son was lusting not only for her, but also for his blood related mother to booth. These thought even managed to get her off several times, Jack, her son, was the only man that had ever managed to make her cum by not even being physically near her. She often wondered if she would take the whole situation a step further but every time she came to the conclusion that it would break Sarah’s heart, Sarah didn’t share the same interest into incest as she did… Or did she?

Heather was ripped out of her thoughts when she felt the warm splashes of girl cum crashing against her. Her head was now trapped between her lover’s thighs as she felt Sarah shudder and scream out of pleasure. She kept her lips locked around her clit and teasingly bit into it to make sure Sarah had one incredible climax.

“Oh shit! Baby! Oh my god!” Moaned Sarah between gasps for air. Her legs slowly fell open and released Heather’s bağcılar escort head from her thigh trap.

Heather slowly pulled herself up, along the juice and sweat slicked body of Sarah. She kissed and licked her pussy, went up to her hips and over her belly before taking a pit stop at her massive breasts. She nibbled and licked both of Sarah’s diamond hard nipples before climbing up further and locking their full lips together.

Both woman moaned as they French kissed, their hands caressing each other’s bodies in the meantime. Their eyes were locked together as they made out, seeing each other’s passion and love.

“I want to make you cum again baby…” Whispered Heather with a husky voice into Sarah’s right ear before giving it a playful lick.

Sarah giggled before speaking. “Again? Baby, you know I want to make you cum too, don’t you?” She responded.

Heather also giggled in return before speaking again. “I know my love, but tonight I want it to be about you… You had a rough, long work week so I’m going to give you my everything.” She whispered again before her eyes adverted towards the slight crack of the door for a second.

The only dim light on in the darkened room was coming from a lamp next to their king-sized bed. Both of the women wouldn’t be able to see if they were being spied on, but someone from outside would definitely be able to see them.

“Mhmmm… I feel like a princess… So sweetie, what do you have in mind for your lovely wife then?” Asked Sarah seductively before licking Heather’s neck.

Heather shuddered at the sudden lick while a very naughty idea came up into her mind. “Well… I want to try something new…” She responded before pushing herself up slightly so she could grab a towel that they often used to ‘clean’ up.

Sarah watched, her pussy still dripping with juices, as her lover grabbed their cleanup towel. “Hey! I thought we were going for round two?” She said amused.

“We are baby, come here… I want you to sit on the corner of our bed.” Said Heather as she sat up and patted onto the bed where she wanted Sarah to sit.

Sarah, curious as can be, giggled again and did exactly what her wife told her. She was now sitting on the bed, her feet onto the floor and her sweaty, curvy body on display towards the slightly opened door.

Heather sat behind Sarah, her equally large pierced breasts pressing into her wife’s back while she prepared the towel as a blindfold.

“I want you to imagine something, a… Little kink of mine that I will guide you through. But I will blindfold you as I want you to focus on my voice, and my touch…” Whispered Heather in Sarah’s ear from behind.

“Mhmmm… Sounds kinky… I like it…” Responded Sarah as she wondered what her sexy wife had in mind for her.

Heather blindfolded Sarah and pushed herself even tighter against her, her hands wrapped around Sarah’s body, one towards her breasts while the other trailed down towards her still soaked cunt. She then kissed Sarah’s neck and back a couple of times before softly speaking up.

“Sarah… Darling… I want you to visualize… Jack… I want you to visualize our boy, spying onto his mommies making love together… Imagine him standing right outside our bedroom, watching through a crack of our slightly opened door… Imagine him… Stroking his hard cock for us…”

Sarah let out a slight gasp after hearing her wife’s words, but she could also feel something else. Her body tensed up, goosebumps appeared on her arms, her nipples and clit stung painfully from arousal. She visualized and could see him, her own flesh and blood, standing naked outside their bedroom and stroking his hard cock to her and her wife, stroking his cock to his mothers.


Jack muffled a moan as he heard what Heather told Sarah. A thick squirt of precum dribbled down the slit of his cock and dripped onto the hardwood floor. His hand rested from jerking off as he stood there, aroused and flabbergasted at the same time.

He remained quiet as possible, gulped as he watched both his mothers squirm together. How Heather’s hands cupped Sarah’s tits and rubbed through her wet labia and flicked her erect clit. How she seductively talked to her, the words she spoke to her, words that were about him.

“Imagine that fat cock of his, how our own son jerks off to us while we play with each other’s bodies. How he drools over our big tits and tight pussies. How he wants to be in this very room with us… Touching us… Kissing us… Fucking us…” Said Heather to Sarah with a louder voice. Her eyes often glancing towards the door again, doing it so sneaky that if Jack was out there he wouldn’t notice it. Her own juices were also flowing again, dirtying the sheets under her and the back of her wife’s body.

“Oh God… Oh… Our baby…” Moaned Sarah as she worked her own pussy, one hand furiously rubbing her cunt while her other hand grasped bahçelievler escort onto the bedsheets. At the same time Heather pinched her nipples and kneaded her breast flesh.

“M…Mom…” Was the only thing Jack managed to produce before his right hand started to jerk off his precum coated hard-on once more. He gritted his teeth as he watched the scene, hearing his Mom moan loudly out of pleasure while his Mama told her the most erotic things he had ever heard.

“Imagine him mounting you baby… Seeking his way to get back inside of Mommy… Back where he truly belongs…” Said Heater before nibbling on Sarah’s right earlobe.

Sarah’s body shook and trembled because of those words. Her pussy squirted out some juice that landed onto the floor in front of her. “Oh my baby… Back into Mommy… Deep inside of Mommy’s… Pussy!” She moaned before her body jerked again.

Jack grasped onto the doorpost as quietly as possible to keep his balance. Another squirt of precum dribbled out of his cock as his hand slid up and down. “Mom is imagining me… Fucking her…” He moaned to himself resulting in his own body jerking out of pleasure again.

“And our baby would be with us for the whoooole night… Taking turns fucking his mothers, making both his mothers cum their brains out…” Moaned Heather into Sarah’s ear. Her right hand was now plunging fingers in and out of her own pussy while her left grasped and played with her wife’s big left tit. The bed under them was a soaked mess of pussy juice and sweat, their slick bodies rubbed together to intensify the act.

“Making us cum and cum again… Oh god Heather… Our son… Our baby boy!” Said Sarah as she too fingered her pussy with an incredible speed, making sure that she would be cumming soon. She bit her lip hard as she visualized Jack penetrating her deep, making her big tits bounce while his cock invaded her motherly pussy.

Jack could feel that his legs were about to give out from the whole scene, his body, including his cock jerked back and forth. He was getting close to having the best climax of his life.

Both Sarah and Heather could feel that they were also at the end of the ride. Heather was done with the quietness and shouted her final words for her wife to hear as they both kept on working their bodies and minds that were filled with incestuous fantasies of their son.

“And then… Ooooh God! Then our boy will fill both his Mommies up! He will cum deep inside of us with his potent, child making seed!”

That last sentence became too much for Sarah, her whole body convulsed before she screamed out of pleasure. Shots of pussy juice rocketed out of her cunt as she came and came.

Heather too exploded once she witnessed her wife cumming. Just like her she came hard and dirty. The fact that both of them were squirters made the whole situation even more perverted.

Jake quickly muffled his own scream of pleasure before pointing his cock towards the side of the door and onto the floor. He was just in time before salvo after salvo of thick, white semen shot onto the hardwood floor. His whole body trembled as he tried his best to keep his balance and stay quiet. He kept cumming and cumming, having the largest orgasm he had to date.

He came to the thoughts of ejaculating deep inside of both his mothers, impregnating them with his potent seed. His fantasies came so close to reality because of the way both his mothers had fantasized about him just now.

After the last spurts of seed had left his balls he quickly recovered from the whole situation. He knew he was a dead man if the women a few feet away from him would discover his presence, the whole thing was a fantasy for them, right? No way they would ever feel the same about him as he did with them.

He quickly, but quietly, grabbed the towel he had brought with him and did his best to clean up the mess he made in the dark hallway. He took a quick glance into the bedroom and could see both women on their backs on the bed, holding each other as their bodies still trembled a bit.

This event tonight would be forever burned into his brain, and secretly he hoped that both of his mothers would continue this incest fantasy play in the future when he would spy on them once more.

But now he had to return to his own room. He would be sleeping like a baby, one of his deepest and darkest fantasies came another step to reality. Jack looked into the bedroom once last time. “I love you both…” He said quietly before making his way back to his own room.

After another ten minutes or so both women finally came back to their senses.

“So… Did you like that baby?” Asked Heather with a grin on her face as she cleaned up Sarah’s body.

Sarah giggled. “Seeing the state that we and our bed are in I would say yes!”

“Soooo… More incest fantasies in the future?” Asked Heather seductively.

Sarah thought for a few seconds before slowly nodding yes. “It’s… It’s so wrong but… It aroused me greatly.” She then let out a gulp before speaking again. “I mean… It’s just fantasy right… There is nothing wrong with that… I… I mean it’s not I want our baby to… to make love to Mommy…” She said with a whisper as a light blush appeared on her face, her fingers fiddling with each other.

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