Mediterranean Cruise Ch. 02

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She gently brushes by him giving him a provocative smile, and walks slowly toward the bathroom. He follows her ass as she goes, noticing the glistening area between her legs, wet with both of their juices. She stops at the door frame, grabbing on to it with both hands, and looks back over her shoulder. She sticks her ass out for him to see all the details of her sweet treasure, and beckons him with her eyes. She slowly disappears into the bathroom, and he cautiously begins to follow.

She walks over to the shower stall, takes out the soaked towels, and removes a small transparent disc she had placed over the drain; the water immediately begins to flush down. She turns on the shower at a desired temp, and steps in when it’s ready. The guest appears at the door frame, and watches her as she gets her hair wet, and rubs off her nude body. He quietly moves toward the stall wondering in the back of his mind how the drainage problem fixed itself so quickly. He wasn’t preoccupied with it though, he was focused on getting in that shower. He pulls open the curtain, and she backs away to the little ledge in stall leaning back to stretch out her body, and show off her smooth pussy. He slowly moves toward her, then pulls her into his embrace as they kiss. He holds her close so his half-hard cock presses against her abs. She reaches her hand in between them, and grabs a hold of his member while still kissing. She strokes him slowly but firmly, and he becomes more excited again. She rubs him down in the water, wiping off the juices left on him from her ass.

Craving more cock, she slowly lowers herself to her knees, and begins to take him into her mouth. This time his hands are not frozen, and he moves one to the back of her head, digging into her soft brown hair. His sensitive cock enjoys the extra massage. His head is rolled back in ecstasy as she takes his dick deeper into her throat. She uses her tongue skillfully when not taking him down almost to his balls. She pulls back, and strokes him with her hand as she slowly rises. She returns to his kiss, and he returns his hands to stroking her wet body, often finding her small, round ass. He pulls her closer by his handle, digging deeper sincan escort between her cheeks, and pulling tighter. With one powerful pull, he hoists her up even with him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Her arms quickly wrap around his neck, pulling them into a passionate kiss. He moves forward to the shower wall, and pushes her against it as he reaches under her, guiding his cock into her pink once again. Pinched between him and the wall, she unravels her hands, and places them on the wall beside her.

Both of them already warmed up, he jumps right into the hardcore thrusts which she enjoys so much. He drives his hips into the wall forcing his hard cock into the back of her vagina. They resume their kiss while he continues thrusting with all his power. She is driven to orgasm yet again, and her juices slide down his cock, dripping into the running water. He still has yet to reach his climax again, and his thrusts do not slow. Her demolished pussy continues to take pleasure from his sexual fervor. Driving into her hole, lubricated by all her fluids, he quickly climbs closer to climax. Pulling away from the kiss, he watches their connection, as he thrusts his fuck into her. Her increasing moans of painful pleasure send him rocketing to the top as his cock contracts, shooting his load into her. He moves with staggered thrusts while he pumps out his juices. He rests for a moment, not removing his shrinking member, but keeping her pinned to the wall. He kisses her with weakened force.

He slowly lets her down, and he holds her there regaining his strength. Wanting something more, she pulls away from him, and sits on the little ledge again. She pulls herself further back on it this time, opening her legs wide to show her pussy dripping with both types of fluid. He looks at her with a weary stare, but after the night she has given him, a massage in well in effect for her. He reaches up to the shower head, and points it so the water cascades down onto her crotch. He drops down to his position on his knees, and uses one finger to reach inside her, and pull out his cum which he has little taste for. After washing the area in the flowing water, he lowers sincan escort bayan his lips down onto hers, and loops his arms under her legs hanging off the ledge. He softly massages her abused pussy, using slow deliberate strokes. He finds her clit and gently plays on her nub. He keeps his tongue soft and broad to massage her entire sex, sometimes penetrating just a little to lick her beaten inside. She leans back against the wall completely relaxed. He can taste all flavors of their juices, but the taste of himself doesn’t bother him. He slows his licks until he is barely moving. Still, he feels shudders go through her body when his tongue moves over her very sensitive clit.

Knowing they need to get cleaned up, and he should go soon, he slowly pulls away from her pussy with one last kiss on her clit. He moves up to her mouth with a gentle kiss and tongue play. He reaches out, and grabs the soap out of its holster. He runs the smooth bar from her shoulders, over her soft breasts, down her abdomen, then up and down each leg sensually. He cleans her off sliding his hands over each part of her body. Pulling her up to her feet, he slides the bar down between her legs, wiping off their juices that slipped out of her holes. He reaches behind her to clean out her ass crack he has left messy with their fluids. Feeling she’s been cleaned enough she takes the bar from his hand, and slides it up his arm to his defined chest. She rubs it around with her empty hand then takes some suds up to wipe her pussy juices off his face. They laugh quietly as he shuts his mouth to let her wipe off his lips and cheeks. She brings the bar down his body to his limp dick, and strokes him gently with a soapy hand, cleaning off the shared mixture of fluids. Then, she moves down to his balls, where she has sprayed them with whipped cream and her cum had drained down to. After quickly wiping off his inner thighs, she puts back the bar, and they share the spray to rinse off the suds.

She shuts off the water, and he open up the curtain meeting a cool rush of the air from the room. As he steps out onto his earlier handiwork, he picks up one of the soaked towels, holding it in escort sincan front of her with a quizzical expression. “Don’t worry, I was prepared,” she says confidently. She leads him out of the small restroom, dripping water across the carpet in the room. She leans down to her suitcase, pulls out two beach towels, and tosses him one. As they dry themselves off, he still can’t keep his eyes off her perfect body, as she slides over the glistening crystals on each of her extremities. She notices him watching her, and gives an approving smile. She always takes men’s stares as a compliment, especially while in the nude, exposing every possible flaw, even though there are none. While drying out her hair, the clerk begins to collect his clothing, and redress himself. As he is tucking in his white polo, she approaches him, having shed the towel, but not gotten dressed. She wraps her arms around him, and gives a quick kiss on the lips. He runs his hands over her smooth skin enjoying each last piece he can before he leaves.

“Do you have a name, or should I keep calling you Miss?” he inquires.

“It’s Katrina,” and noticing his name tag for the first time, “Thank you for a wonderful night, Jordan. Come back whenever you want to have some fun; I’m alone every night this week.”

“You bet those sweet little buns, I will,” he proclaims while grabbing her bare ass with both of his monstrous hands.

With one more kiss, they say goodbye, and he turns and opens the door. She catches the door before it closes, and he looks back. She gives a sweet wave and smile exposing her naked body to the hallway. He reciprocates, then walks down the hall with a broad smile on his face. His head is spinning, trying to comprehend the last half hour of his life. No one is around to inquire about his overly happy mood, and he is glad because they would get a story they weren’t expecting.

After she shuts the door, she turns back in to her room with a great feeling of satisfaction. She had been more than satisfied with the sexual experience, but she was also quite proud of herself for pulling off the trick. She truly hopes he will return to bring her another midnight snack. She pulls back the sheets of the second bed in the room, and gently slides into it. Her soft skin slides nicely across the clean sheets, and the cool fabric across her exposed breasts begins to slightly arouse her again. The only fault of her plan was that he could not stay. Some warm company would be nice tonight.

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