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As Paul lay there, he wondered how he found himself in this situation. Here he was, lying on his bed, next to his wife, Megan, at twenty five, the same age as Paul. Also on the bed was Mark, Megan’s younger brother. All three were naked, the bedsheets ruffled, wet with sweat and sperm.

How had this happened, Paul tried to understand.

Today was Thursday. Last week Megan had received a phone call from her parents, asking if it would be ok for Mark to come and stay. He had got into a bit of trouble at college and seemed to be unsettled. Maybe a few days away from home would help him clear his mind. Megan had agreed, and on Sunday afternoon Mark arrived at the train station. He lived about thirty miles away, and had to catch a bus and then a train to get to his sister’s house. Paul met him, and then drove him to the house where Megan and more importantly a nice hot meal awaited.

Paul and Mark had always got on well together, with Mark looking up to his sister’s man as a kind of big brother.

Paul and Megan had started dating about six years ago and finally married about eighteen months ago.

Just recently some tension seemed to be creeping into their relationship. Work and tiredness and the lack of money seemed to be coming between them, and as a result their sex life in particular was not very eventful. Paul was still keen but Megan didn’t seem too bothered and on the rare occasions when they did make love she lacked passion and interest. Paul had suggested spicing things up a bit, but nothing seemed to excite his wife. He worried that she may be having an affair but some subtle investigating seemed to rule this out. The only suggestion of his that sparked any curiosity from her was when he mentioned a threesome.

“Possibly”, Megan mused. “What did you have in mind? Another woman or another man. Someone we know or a stranger?”

“I don’t know. I was just thinking out loud”, replied Paul, slightly taken aback that his wife hadn’t dismissed the idea out of hand.

That was about a month ago and the subject hadn’t been mentioned since.

Now Mark was here. After he arrived they had dinner, watched a bit of tv, then Megan went to the shop for a bottle of wine while the boys played on the xbox.

“I’m going to have a bath, you guys. My shoulder’s still playing me up a bit,” said Megan.

“What’s wrong with your shoulder? Getting old Megs?” teased Mark.

“HA HA! Watch it kid or else you’ll be on the next train to mum and dad. Just been aching lately. Too much work,” she retorted.

At about a quarter to ten, she reappeared in the living room, wearing a dressing gown. The other two were watching some documentary about sharks on tv.

Paul looked at his wife, then stood up. “If you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed now. I feel tired and I’ve still got a bit of a cold. See you later”.

Megan kissed her husband, told him she would follow soon and then sat down on the sofa.

Mark went off to the bathroom to get changed, and to fetch the spare duvet and pillow for his ‘bed’. His sister’s flat had only one bedroom, so Mark was going to sleep on one of the two sofas in the living room, while Megan and Paul slept in their room, the next one along the hallway.

Mark returned twenty minutes later, carrying the duvet and pillow, wearing only a pair of boxers. He sorted out his bedding then climbed under the duvet.

“Do you want some more wine?” asked Megan.

Mark nodded so she went to top up their glasses, popping into her bedroom on the way.

She came back to the living room.

“Paul’s already asleep. Ouch!” she exclaimed as she put the wine glasses down.

“You ok sis?” asked Mark.

“Just this shoulder. I yank it occasionally and it really hurts.”

“Would a massage help?”

“Would you? That would be good.”

Mark got up and moved to the other sofa. Megan stood up to let him sit down, then she sat down again, her back to him, sitting between his open legs. He started to massage both her shouders.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom Paul was not asleep, in fact. He was tired, but could not sleep, so he lay there eyes closed, trying to nod off. He could clearly hear the conversation in the living room.

“Ooh. Aah. That feels good. Oh yes, you’re good at this Mark,” sighed Megan, as her brother rubbed her shoulders.

In the next room Paul smiled to himself. “If I had a dirty mind, that sounds like she’s having sex,” he thought knowing that she was having a shoulder massage.

“OH God! Yes that’s perfect. Keep doing it Mark,” Megan said.

Mark carried on massaging her shoulders for a while, stopping only for each of them to have a sip from their wine glasses.

After another ten minutes had passed, Megan gently lowered her dressing gown off her shoulders, allowing her brother to massage them on the skin rather than through the wool of the gown.

This meant that as he rubbed, he could see the rising of the top of her breasts. He started to get a bit horny, changing the mood of his actions zümrütevler escort bayan from innocent to a bit sexual. Even though this was his sister he was getting turned on.

He rubbed a bit more then for no obvious reason he moved his right hand slowly down from her shoulder, into her gown and down on to her breast. Expecting her to push his hand away, at the very least, instead she did nothing. He stroked her delicate skin, squeezed her hard nipple. Never before had he seen or felt his sister’s breasts. They were small, size 34AA, but he thought they felt perfect.

After five minutes he moved his left hand down in the same way, on to her other breast.

“Mmmm. Nice oh yes,” breathed Megan as he fondled her breasts.

Paul listened, smiling at the way her voice sounded as though she was fucking. His mind started to wander, imagining that she was actually having sex and he started to get an erection.

Back in the living room, Mark also had an erection as he stroked his sister’s tits.

Megan suddenly got up. “Hold that thought young man,” she whispered to her brother. She went into the bedroom, tiptoeing so she did not make a sound. She leaned over her husband, then satisfied he was asleep she went back to the living room.

Again she sat down between her brother’s legs but as she did so she opened up her dressing gown and lifted it up, so her bare arse pushed against his crotch. Mark once again fondled her breasts and let his hands wander down her tummy towards her legs. Her gown was fully open and for the first time he saw her tits and lower down a neat tuft of pubic hair.

“Oooh. You don’t shave?”

“No Paul likes the hair. He doesn’t like it bare.”

Paul tried to hear this but couldn’t quite make out the words. He heard ‘shave’ but not enough other words to form a sentence. He had now given up trying to sleep and was lazily stroking his erection, his perverted mind trying to picture what it would be like to see his wife with another man. Even her teenage brother? “I’m sick, ” he thought.

Mark’s right hand slowly moved down through the soft pubic hair and to his sister’s vagina. As his finger gently entered her slit and began to probe she pushed her bare arse further against him, feeling his hard cock pushing at the material of his boxers.

He fingered her cunt, getting faster and harder as she began to moan, louder and more erotically.

“He’s good at this massage stuff!” thought Paul, in the other room.

With his left hand, Mark freed his cock from his boxers so that it was pressed tightly against her arse cheeks. He continued to rub her vagina, finding her clit and make her thrash up and down on the sofa. Her arse constantly rubbing against his cock. She nearly had tears in her eyes as she whispered breathlessly to him “I’m cumming. Oh!!”

As she said this his own orgasm hit, sending jets of sperm over her arse, back and his chest. He could feel her juices on his fingertips as she relaxed, leaning back against him.

“You naughty boy! What am I going to tell mum and dad?” she laughed at him as she stood up, pulling her gown back around her.

She kissed him goodnight. “Never again, ” she said wagging her finger at her brother as she headed out the room to the bathroom to clean up.

As she passed the bedroom, Paul was trying to work out what he had heard. Moans, sighs, creaks from the sofa springs and then Megan calling her brother a ‘naughty boy’.

“No way. It’s just me being sick,” he thought as he stopped stroking his shaft and rolled over to try to get some sleep. Megan came into the room, removed her gown and climbed in the bed.

“Goodnight, darling. Sleep well.”

The next morning Megan was up and off to work before the other two awoke. Paul was next, leaving Mark free for the day. He played on the xbox, watched some tv and chilled in the small back garden. It was a nice warm, sunny day, so he did a little bit of gardening, thinking it would be a nice way to show his appreciation that his sister and her husband had let him stay. He had been having a hard time at home and at school lately and this break was just what he needed. Although Megan was seven years older than him they had always been cool with each other, her playing the big sister role perfectly. In fact the age gap was ideal because she was young enough to understand still what the teenage years were like but old enough to give advice. However there had never been anything remotely sexual about their relationship, although Mark would admit that deep down all potential girlfriends were compared to his sister, because she was his sort of role model. He liked Paul too, and always enjoyed visiting, although when he did his parents normally came along too.

Now on this sunny afternoon he was doing a bit of weeding, wearing only a pair of shorts, replaying last nights events in his mind. He hadn’t planned it or expected it. He didn’t know why he had suddenly lowered his hand to Megan’s aydınlı escort bayan breast and felt slightly embarrassed about it in the cold light of day. He hoped and prayed that it would not change their closeness or make them awkward around each other. He was scared that his whole family would suddenly fall apart because of what happened last night. He had even started to repack his bag, half expecting Megan to send him home when she got back from work. Of course she could have stopped him at any point, but he still felt he was the one to blame.

At about three pm Megan got home. She looked out the kitchen window and saw her younger brother outside. She poured a glass of water and watched him for a few minutes. She had also been thinking about last night, although not as much. She enjoyed the massage, especially as the whole three months she had this shoulder problem, her husband had not offered to help, but a massage was just what she needed. That and a few glasses of wine had made her a bit loose. When she lowered the shoulders of her gown it was to let him get closer to the area of pain but also because it felt so damned good. When he touched her breast she just let him carry on, thinking nothing of the morals. Maybe he needed some release to his frustrations too? What happened after that just crossed too far – she knew that today – and had decided to talk to him and clear the air, also fearing a breakdown in their relationship.

She went outside.

“Hi Mark. You ok?”

“Hey sis, how’s it going?”

“Fine. Wow you’ve done loads in this garden. Paul will be well pleased. Do you want a lemonade?”

“Yeah, that would be welcome. You coming out to join me?”

Megan went to the kitchen, poured the lemonades and took them outside to the garden table. Then she went back indoors to get changed out of her work clothes. She put on her bikini, and covered her skin in sun lotion, then went to join her brother.

They sat down on the grass together and sipped the drinks.

“About last night,” began Megan. ” It was something we shouldn’t have done but the most important thing is that we both try to forget it and carry on our lives as normal.”

“Yes, I’m sorry for what I did and I just want to go back to being your annoying little brother.”

Megan laughed and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re definitely that alright. No don’t apologise. It’s forgotten. Too much wine. I put temptation your way as well I know that. You’re still a teenage boy and just did what comes naturally.”

With a cheeky grin she added, “Save that nice cock for someone who deserves it!”

Mark blushed slightly, before thinking of a reply – “Ok thanks. Anyway I think I prefer a shaved pussy but if that’s what Paul wants then fine!”

“Cheeky little boy. Anyway conversation over,” Megan said, half jokingly but with a sense of authority in her voice.

As they sat there enjoying the sun, Mrs Potts, the neighbour, came into her garden. Hers was the only garden that could overlook Megan’s but only if she stood up.

“Hello Mrs Potts. Have you met my little brother Mark?”

“Hello Megan. Hello Mark. I have seen him from my window. He’s done a good job in your garden today.” With that she sat down.

For about an hour they sat side by side on the small lawn, Mark listening to his mp3 player, Megan reading the newspaper. Paul wasn’t due back for another two hours yet and Megan thought it would be nice if they all went out for a meal tonight. Mark got up to go to the toilet and came back with a book to read.

“What’s that book? Harry Potter?” asked Megan.

“No that’s kids stuff. This is a horror.”

“Oooh get you. All grown up. Kids stuff? I love Harry Potter. So does Paul.”

“Yeah? Well there’s no accounting for taste is there? I mean we already know that he likes a hairy pussy, ” said Mark.

“Mark!! I’ve said to drop that,” exclaimed Megan.

“Sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”

Silence for a few minutes.

“But you have got nice tits,” he whispered.

“No more. I will go indoors,” said Megan.

Silence for a few minutes.

“You don’t think them a bit small?” asked Megan sheepishly.

“No way man! They’re beautiful. Not all blokes want big tits you know. They felt good,” Mark said excitedly.

“Thanks. Drop the subject before you get carried away,” smiled Megan.

She kissed him on the cheek, whispering “Thanks.”

Mark smiled, then kissed her cheek, “That’s ok.”

Megan kissed him again on his cheek, and as he turned to face her she lightly kissed him on the lips. He responded by kissing her and soon they were locked in a passionate kiss. He held her head as his tongue began to enter her mouth, her tongue responding. As they kissed passionately her hand drifted down to his shorts, searching for his manhood. She was not surprised to feel it hard and clasped her fingers on it, throgh the shorts.

She was surprised when he pulled back from their kiss.

“I thought you said gebze escort no more,” he asked, looking confused.

“Just shut up!” she said as she pushed him down on the grass, locking her mouth back to his and climbing on top of him, all in one very quick and very impressive movement. Her hand once again began to feel for his cock, and once she got it she slid her fingers into his shorts.

They continued passionately kissing in this position for three or four minutes before she sat up. She looked at him with what appeared animal hunger then moved down him past his feet. As she did this she grabbed at the elastic on his shorts and pulled them down and off him. He was now lying completely naked and erect in front of her. Again she looked at his naked body and licked her lips. As she flicked his cock casually she said “Last time I saw this you were having your nappy changed! It’s a lot bigger now.”

She untied her bikini top and let it fall off her, her tits facing him for the first time.

She lay down on him again, rubbing his cock with her tits, feeling the tip of his cock getting moist as it touched her nipples. Then she moved her face towards his groin area, opening her mouth around his cock. She kissed and licked and began to suck.

It wasn’t too long before Mark began to breathe hurriedly and called out,” I’m coming!”

Megan took no notice and continued to suck, feeling his shaft pulsing as it exploded streams of come into her mouth and down her throat.

She swallowed every last drop before resting her head on his tummy, sighing as she did so.

“Megan! I do not know who that young man is, but I know he’s not your husband and he’s quite clearly not your brother and I would be grateful if you could conduct such matters in private in future!”

Megan and Mark turned and looked in astonishment as her elderly neighbour Mrs Potts glared at them and hurried back into her kitchen slamming the door closed behind her.

“Oh shit!! She saw us. I forgot about her,” Megan said, flustered.

“She would have seen your bare back and your head bobbing up and down. Maybe she’s upset she didn’t see any more. She probably hasn’t seen a cock in about forty years,” joked Mark.

“Mark!” Megan shouted, collapsing into a fit of laughter.

Mark put his shorts back on and they both lay down, silently, not sure what to say or do.

“Will she say anything to Paul?” asked Mark.

“No she keeps herself to herself. It probably shocked her a bit, but she’ll soon forget. I know she’s got a bad memory.”

Paul got home from work about an hour later, but slightly earlier than he usually did. He’d had another stressful day at work and was looking forward to a nice evening, maybe an early night. He’d had a cold lately and felt a bit rundown. He opened the front door and heard nothing so he went through to the kitchen. He hadn’t thought much about last night, mainly because in his mind there was nothing to think about. He had gone to bed and had heard his wife getting her bad shoulder massaged. It was only because of her sighs and moans that he had got dirty thoughts, but this morning when he pictured the scene he had scolded himself for having such stupid thoughts.

“So he massaged her then they had sex. Yeah right you stupid man. That’s her brother.” he had thought to himself, and that was that.

When he looked out the kitchen window he saw Mark lying on his back, wearing a pair of shorts and reading a book. About a foot away, lying on her tummy was his wife. She was wearing bikini bottoms, but her back was bare, her bikini top lying next to her. Nothing that unusual. During the summer she often sunbathed naked or topless, as their garden was fairly private. Only there next door neighbour overlooked them and she was a bit old and frail. He was a bit surprised because her brother was there but he could probably not see anything as she was lying face down. Megan was pretty modest and was not the sort of person to expose herself to anyone except her husband. So he went outside.

“Hi guys,” said Paul.

“Hey. Ok? Good day at work?” Megan asked casually sitting up slightly and placing her top back on.

“Hi Paul,” Mark looked up from his book.

The three of them went out for a drink and a meal that evening. When they got back about eleven pm, Paul said his goodnights and went off to bed. Megan and Mark exchanged a look between them after he had gone before she said,” I am going to bed as well now. I want to be with my husband. Goodnight.”

Mark understood the look and what she had said and knew it was for the best. They are a great couple and so in love and the last thing he wanted was to break that balance.

During the night both Mark and Megan thought about the situation earlier in the garden. Neither slept well. Both knew again they had overstepped the boundaries of their relationship and overcome by guilt both decided there could be no more. Both also felt very horny. Much as Megan thought about putting a stop to such behaviour she also thought about her little brother and his cock and she came as she did so. Mark got an erection as he lay on the sofa. He felt bad because he had somehow got a blow job off his sister BUT he felt good because he got a blowjob off his sister!

In the morning Paul went to work first, Megan was just about to leave when she heard sounds from the living room.

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