Melissa Ch. 01

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As directed, Sophia found a spot in the PUB facing the door. The place was empty except for the bartender and she was busy getting ready for happy hour. She ordered a beer and sat down. Her heart was beating rapidly and the anticipation was building; Sir would be here shortly with Melissa. The thought of seeing him with another woman talking, touching and laughing was both exciting and daunting. It’s so taboo, watching your man with another woman; she wanted to feel this; experience the rush. She was wearing a grey spaghetti strap dress, no bra or panties; just as Sir expected and she looked splendid.

They walked in and Sir didn’t glance her way. He positioned Melissa at the bar so she had a perfect view. She is pretty, a bit decorous and definitely the kind of woman Sophia finds attractive. There is something extremely sexy about a petite Asian woman; dark hair, full lips and very feminine. Her smile was pleasant and she looked comfortable with Sir. That one element excited and concerned her. Seeing Melissa enjoying her Sir made her feel jealous and thrilled her at the same time. This was a strange sensation but she loved it; she loved him and she trusted their bond. Sophia was directed to get her attention and make it very clear to her she was aroused. That was not going to be hard; his pussy was on fire.

The first thing Sir did was something he always cebeci escort does with Sophia; he leaned in and kissed her. She knew how that felt because it was the way Sir touched her the very first time, and every first time. Soft, delicate and sensual; he is a dominate man that knows how to touch so lightly it can make her wet. But he didn’t kiss her there, on her spot; and she understood why. She could feel the jealousy start to churn inside and as expected, it aroused her.

He moved to her ear and whispered something. It was immediately obvious what he said because Melissa smiled, raised up her bum, slipped her panties off and handed them to Sir. His hands grasped her knees and spread her legs; Sophia was mesmerized and could not stop staring at her pussy. It was bare and looked so delicate; she wanted to put her mouth on her. Sophia glanced up and they looked directly at each other. Melissa smiled as Sophia put her hand under her own skirt. They watched each other for a moment and it was in that instant, that very moment, Sophia knew she wanted her. She wanted Sir to direct her, tell her to do nasty things to Melissa, direct her to please.

She had her legs spread and her skirt pulled up to her waist. Sir put the panties in her hand and Sophia watched as Melissa slid them up to her crotch. She rubbed them against her wet pussy cebeci escort bayan as he whispered in her ear. It was so hot watching her do the naughty things Sir was commanding. She watched Melissa’s excitement as the panties were pushed inside. Her mouth was open and her breathing was getting labored; it was obvious she was enjoying her Sir.

“Go to the hallway where the bathrooms are; I’ll be there in a moment,” it was a text from Sir. As she got up, she saw Sir’s hand slide between Melissa’s legs. It didn’t take long before Sir came around the corner. He cuffed Sophia by his pussy and slipped two fingers inside. He pushed her back against the wall and barked, “Open your mouth.” She barely got her lips parted when Sir forced Melissa’s wet panties into her waiting mouth. He pushed them deep and almost made her gag. “Taste Melissa’s sweet pussy; I want you to have a sample of what is coming later.” Pinned against the wall, the aroma of her juices wafting up; Sophia felt Sir fucking his pussy with his fingers. His palm was rubbing her clit and she was going to cum.

Sophia wanted to cum; she wanted to ask those three simple words because she was so close. Seeing him touch Melissa and make her smile was driving her beyond excited. With the sodden panties still in her mouth, all she could muster out was a faint whimper.

Sir escort cebeci pulled Melissa’s panties from her mouth and placed his hand around her neck, Sophia still felt pinned. “May I Sir, may I please cum?” He withdrew his fingers from his pussy and those went straight to her open mouth. He grabbed her bottom jaw and pushed her head against the wall. It was pleasing to taste her own excitement along with Melissa’s and Sophia eagerly cleaned her wetness from his fingers. Her tongue circled each digit and she enjoyed every drop.

“My dirty girl, no you may not cum now.” He removed his fingers from her mouth and kissed her, hard and deep. His hand slid around her back and pulled her close. “I love you and I am yours; completely. Now, head to the room and get yourself prepared. I’ll bring her up soon and I want you ready.” As soon as Sophia walked around the corner, she looked at Melissa. She was smiling and she wished her a good night. It was obvious Sir didn’t tell her of his plans for the three of them; she was Melissa’s surprise and this felt so naughty.

Sophia glided the white tank top over her head; she let it slide down across her nipples. She was wet, very wet and her fingers slipped inside easily; she had to prepare her lips for him. It didn’t take long for her to get into position and she waited. When the key slid into the lock, she was ready. In the middle of the room, on her knees, head down and facing the door, her hands were behind her back. The candles gave off a very soft light and a slight hint of vanilla. The door closed and she heard Melissa speak, “Oh my, it’s the woman from the PUB; she is so beautiful…is she mine?”

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