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It was one hell of a shock when I saw My Little Girl making out with That Guy.

That Guy was the one My Little Girl had been seeing a lot of over the previous couple of months — a senior student at her college, who popularly went by the name of Jonno; aka Jonathan O’Keefe. He seemed like he was a nice enough lad the few times I met him before, but like every father from time immemorial I was suspicious of any man’s motives regarding my daughter. At least he was an improvement on the weirdoes Melody used to hang out with when she went through a Goth phase a couple of years back. According to my wife Gloria, Melody seemed to be quite struck on Jonno. But then again Gloria, because she and I married young, has wanted to hear wedding bells for Melody ever since our daughter turned sixteen.

Gloria had taken off for a week with her best friend Annie to help Annie’s single-mum sister with her newborn, leaving Melody and I to fend for ourselves. It just so happened that I left work early that day. In retrospect it seems over-caring, but I wanted to be around when Melody got home from college. Fully expecting the house to be empty, I stumped in through the front doorway as noisily as usual and made my way along the passageway towards the kitchen. But as I passed the partially open door to the lounge I sensed movement inside. Somewhat surprised, and I confess curious as well, I poked my head around the jamb expecting to find Melody working on an assignment or something. My daughter was working on an assignment all right! My sweet, in my thoughts up until now totally innocent offspring, was half laid out on the sofa with Jonno on top of her. They were so utterly preoccupied with eating each other’s face off that neither of them had heard the racket I just made in the hallway.

And they were not just tongue wrestling either! My Little Girl’s shirt was completely unbuttoned and off her shoulders, and her bra was pushed up around her neck from when Jonno released her perky little tits to fondle them. But by now he had moved on from there. His hand was now up her skirt, with her panties down around her knees, and he was pumping at least two fingers in and out of her pussy. I could hear the wet squelching and got wafts of her pussy smell from right across the room! And, Oh Sweet Jesus, Melody had his hard cock out of his pants and clasped in her hand, rubbing it up and down in unison with his thrusting fingers!

Gloria’s “Melody seems quite struck on Jonno” turned out to be one hell of an understatement!

Disbelief washed over me. No, No, this could not be! It had to be some other girl, not my Melody! But it was her, damn it all!

Yet it shouldn’t have been such a surprise. My daughter was all grown up, a young adult, and she was completely capable of taking off into the world and living her own life; as she would have done if Gloria and I hadn’t promised to support her through University. But she was still My Little Girl; the one I encountered with wry wonder at the start of my leave tours at home from the Falklands, or Iraq, or wherever the Army sent me. Until the surprise one day that the juvenile puppy fat had melted from her and the two little bumps that were only just showing on her chest the last time I saw her had swelled into rounded, jouncing orbs. It seemed as if it had only taken a few weeks for her hips to broaden from boyish slenderness into womanly curves; and for knobbly-kneed coltish legs to suddenly become shapely columns that lusting male eyes followed in the street.

Together with my wife, but because of my on-duty absences less often than her, I endured the mood swings and the sudden tantrums that signalled Melody’s monthly bleeding; her pubescent tears at the occasional zit, which always appeared at the most inconvenient moment; and her worries about being “too ugly” and “too fat”. And I even understood the storm of hormones raging inside her so that when she was around thirteen going on fourteen, when the boys started sniffing around as I knew they inevitably would, I began to speculate on which one of them she would choose to be the one to pick her cherry. But up until Jonno she had kept them all at arm’s length, seemingly preferring to keep up her studies in preparation for the entrance exams for University at the end of this semester.

Until this moment, my thoughts on Melody as a female creature had been purely platonic; purely paternal as they should have been. She never stopped being My Little Girl, even though, as a young teenager, when she became self-conscious about her blossoming sexuality and the changes it was wreaking on her body, she gave up climbing into her daddy’s lap for a cuddle before heading to off bed. But now, in an instant, things irrevocably changed as she crossed the threshold of my perception as an adult sensual being; a very sensual being indeed!

Despite the shock of finding my daughter in such disarray, interest stirred in my groin. All the turmoil in my mind could not hide that what I was witnessing was mightily arousing. The question ümraniye escort rocketed though my mind: could I…should I stay and watch events develop? Any minute she could go down on him! She could take that stiff cock into her pretty little mouth and suck him until he dumped his load down her throat! Or maybe Jonno would go down on Melody. Maybe he would pull her half-mast knickers right off and push his face between her pale, smooth thighs, and send her through the roof with his tongue?

My interest hardened — literally! SheeeitttI I hadn’t been so keen to watch two other people get it on since I tried to persuade Gloria to entice Annie into a threesome — I was red-hot to watch those two fine pieces of tail going to town on each other, but although Annie seemed keen, my wife chickened-out at the last minute. I tried going it alone with Annie, but she was only interested if Gloria was going to be there also. Nevertheless, I must have sowed the seed of an idea, because one weekend a few weeks later the two of them went down south to London to see a West End show and Gloria was positively glowing when they got home. And they have been the tightest of friends ever since!

Or maybe Jonno would shag Melody right there on my settee! This last thought banished all my erotic imaginings. Shag her? Shag My Little Girl? Over My Dead Fucking Body!

Blood boiled in my veins. I slammed the lounge door wide open so hard I heard the hinges crack. Melody and Jonno froze, staring wide-eyed at me in horror at being caught in flagrante delicto. For an moment, my gaze zeroed-in on his fingers; where they were still jammed hard up in my daughter’s pussy, stretching her labial lips apart; lips that were slick with her juices; swollen; and flushed dark pink. Then the vision was gone as he snatched his hand away, dragging her skirt down in the process.

Jonno leaped to his feet, tucking his cock back into his pants. He was much taller than me, and heavier, as most kids seem to be nowadays. Hell, even Melody is as tall as I am! He was muscular too. I burned him with my rage, telling him in icy tones…

“Fuck off out of here, Sunshine. If you ever come near my house again I’ll break every fuckin’ bone in your body.”

The lad had balls. He tried to face me down. Subtle changes in his posture told me he was going into attack mode. Years of combat training took over, calmly computing what his opening move would be and where and what his weakness were – and there were many.


The sharp, urgent tone in my daughter’s voice speared into Jonno’s consciousness; reminding him of what I once was. I saw in his eyes the realisation that, despite my disability, I still had most of the uncompromising fitness from when I was one of the elite of the elite: the British Army’s SAS. For all his height, weight and reach advantage, if he took things any further, he would be taking on someone who was trained to finish things clinically and ruthlessly; and he would inevitably suffer unspeakable damage. When that penny dropped Jonno raised his hands in surrender and ducked his head acknowledging his near fatal mistake as he backed away.

With Jonno gone I turned on my daughter and told her how disappointed in her I was. Only my language was barrack-room harsh, uncompromising, explicit, causing her to stumble ashen-faced to her room. I collapsed wearily into my favourite armchair and stared numbly into space. Christ! How did this come about? Where did Gloria and I go wrong? I have no idea of how long I sat there. Maybe I fell asleep? The next thing I knew was a warm presence standing beside me and the bouquet of the light perfume that Melody always wore. Good grief, it was almost dark! I must have been sat there for three or four hours!

“I’m sorry, Daddy…” Her voice was small, contrite, almost a whisper.

I turned to see her. Her eyes were red, swollen, with dark shadows beneath; she must have been crying all that time in her room. It seemed as if she had made herself ready for bed, because she was wearing the silky lemon-coloured nightdress Gloria and I bought her for her birthday. Guilt chilled me. I didn’t really mean all those things I spat at her in the heat of the moment. I didn’t really mean that she is a slut and a whore, and all those other vile things. She is My Little Girl and I love her to bits.

“I’m sorry too, Honey…”

“Can I sit for a minute?”


When she slipped into my lap the years rolled back to when this was her nightly ritual, only now my feelings towards my daughter were very different. This afternoon I was awakened to her young-woman sexuality; her warmth; her fragrance; and the way she moved. Now, I found the way her curvy body moulded to mine when she cuddled up to me very disturbing. Melody nuzzled against the side of my neck in the special way she used to as a child. The untameable tumble of her locks tickled my cheek.

“I love you, Daddy…”

My heart swelled with relief and I hugged üsküdar escort Melody tighter to me. There were some fences to mend, but, in the long run, everything would be all right. We could not turn the clock back to exactly how it was between us, in fact we were now in a whole new ball game, but at least we were solid once more.

“I love you too, Sugarplum…by the way, thank you for warning Jonno earlier.”

“I had to. Mum told me once that somebody is going to get badly hurt when you go very still and quiet. She told me that three skinheads once attacked you and her outside a pub one night when you were on holiday in Morecombe before I was born. When you went still, just like today, they thought you were afraid of them, but all three of them ended up in hospital.”

“Mmmmm, the cops had been wanting to deal to those three for a long time, so they brushed it under the carpet, but I still landed on a charge and got busted down to Corporal when I got back to my unit!”

“Anyway, I didn’t do it for Jonno; I did it for you. I didn’t want you go to jail.”

“I owe you.”

With a satisfied little murmur, Melody nudged me again and then nestled her cheek contentedly on my shoulder. I looked down at her. Her eyes were closed. She had such long lashes, and her lips were curved in such a small, happy smile that my heart almost broke with joy at the sight of her. I sat quietly; there was no need for talk; sometime in the future certainly, but not right then. I felt her body relax as she dropped off to sleep. I closed my eyes too, but I could not sleep. My whole being was acutely attuned to this adorable creature curled so trustingly in my arms.

When I opened my eyes a short time later, I saw that the thin strap on her nightdress had slipped off her shoulder and the bodice had fallen away, just slightly, revealing the plump swell of her upper breast. As I gazed at her smooth flesh, utterly enthralled, Melody shifted in her sleep, and the bodice dropped away more until I detected the merest edge of soft pink areola. Trembling inwardly with agitation, I did what no father should: I stealthily took hold of that thin strap and pulled it even further down her upper arm until, yes, the silky cloth fell away entirely, exposing her tip-tilted perfection in all its splendour!

That rounded breast was the most beautiful thing in the entire universe; made even more beautiful because it belonged to my Melody! My eyes drank in its creamy, firm curves; the faint tracery of veins beneath its skin; the tiny downy hairs; the few slightly darker, longer ones rimming the faultless pink circle of her aureole; the quiet nipple at its centre that suddenly stood erect. Perhaps she was reacting to the coolness of the evening air? Or maybe the darling thing felt the soft gust of my warm breath?

I longed to take that little nubbin between finger and thumb and tease it to aching hardness; and then to take it into my ardent mouth, to nip it with my lips, to suck it, and lash it with my tongue, sending shocks of pleasure through My Little Girl’s body. Did Jonno do that to Melody this afternoon? I think not, he seemed to be all mauling hands in a hurry to reach the prize between her legs. Why else would he merely lift her bra aside? But I could not touch her in the way she should be touched; all I could do was look, and marvel, and dream guilty daydreams.

Melody stirred again. Her upper leg pressed momentarily against my cock – my rock hard cock that shouldn’t be the way it was, because Melody was my daughter. But, I rationalised, she was also a sexy young woman who knew full well about cocks. She had felt them, well at least one, and probably sucked also. More than likely she had even spread her legs to welcome at least Jonno’s hard rod into her inner sanctum!

Melody’s nightdress rode up her legs revealing firm smooth inner curves. The sheer material almost but not quite hid a darker shadow above the vee where it clung to her at the join of her thighs. Had my daughter come to sit in my lap with no panties on? I had to find out!

Melody’s leg pressed on my cock again and rubbed against it two or three times as if she was telling me, “It’s Ok Daddy, I don’t mind; you can look if you want to.”

Holding my breath I slowly reached and took the silky hem between forefinger and thumb. Gently, ever so gently, I pulled it up until…yes, oh dear God, just look at that!

Her legs were slightly parted, allowing me to glimpse the sweep of her sexual crease where it dived downwards from the soft curly fur crowning her mount to the secret jewel, which was still concealed from my gaze. Her plump-lipped gash looked moist, as if she was aroused. But Melody’s mysteries were not hidden from me for long. Slowly, seemingly deliberately, her thighs began to open. Wider, wider, wider, until her sex was fully exposed to my gaze in all its pink multi-shaded glory!

“You shouldn’t have stopped breathing…you woke me.”

Startled by the sound of her voice, yenibosna escort I tore my lustful stare away from her succulent folds to meet her steady look. Melody’s eyes, dark-shadowed beneath still, were fixed on my face. Suddenly, she seemed much more mature than one would expect in a girl of her age. Her enigmatic, almost Mona Lisa smile held a hint of devilishness; her nostrils were flared; her irises were hugely dilated dark pools.

Melody’s pink tongue-tip emerged and moistened her lips making them glisten. “Your face is quite a picture! What are you thinking?”

“You are simply wonderful!”

“You didn’t think so early on.”

“Early on was different.”

“Because of Jonno and what we were doing?”

“Even so, you were still beautiful.”

“What we were doing wasn’t though…be honest.”

“You are right; it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t think Jonno was treating you right; he wasn’t giving you the respect you deserve. Although I do understand your needs, Sweetheart, and I do expect you will try things…sexual things. It’s only natural after all; your Mum and I have been there and done that. In fact we were a whole lot younger than you are now.”

“Is that why you got so mad?”

“I thought if I didn’t break it up, you would let him sha…”

“You thought I was going to shag him? Oh, Daddy…!”

I felt my face flush, “Yes…I’m sorry; I should have trusted you more.”

“Yes, you should have! Tell me though; were you jealous?”

Her candid question had only one, inescapable answer. It both shocked and shamed me but I had to admit it: “Yes.” I tried to defend myself, “But that’s not unusual: nearly all fathers get jealous when some young stud arrives to take…”

Melody interrupted me, “Jonno wants to shag me. Do you think I should let him?”


“It’s Ok. I was just teasing…do you want to shag me as well, Daddy…should I let you?”

What a question! Where had she learned to be so bold? I felt like a bug pinned on a microscope slide…

“Blimey, Melody, you are such a beautiful, desirable young woman only a crazy man, or a homo, would not want to shag you, given the chance. But no, I don’t want to shag you at all.”

My daughter will never make a good poker player! To my secret delight a tiny frown of disappointment creased her brow. Had Melody been harbouring secret thoughts about having sex with me? It is not uncommon for little girls to fantasise about marrying their fathers, and having sex with them, even though they might not quite comprehend what ‘having sex’ entails. But at her age Melody should have been way beyond such childish imaginings.

“Why don’t you? I suppose it’s because you are my father!”

I leaned and banged my nose affectionately against hers, just as I used to when I fooled around pretending to avoid her kisses when she was very little. “Yes that, plus, although physically you are a fully grown woman, you are still a teenager.”

“True…but you joined the Army when you were my age…and I am legally old enough to choose if I want to shag someone or not.”

“Spot on! You can choose to have sex with anyone and the law can’t stop you. Although I shouldn’t be that ‘anyone’ – I am one hundred percent sure I would be in very deep shit if I was.”

“I see…but is that the real reason why you wouldn’t?”

“Ok Sweet One, it is hand on heart confession time…” I jokingly let my open palm hover millimetres above her left breast as if the heart I was referring to hid beneath its wonderful curves. Melody didn’t flinch, which sent a very un-fatherly thrill though me. I withdrew my hand and placed it on my own chest. “If you really want your Daddy’s honest, cross-his-heart-and-hope-to-die truth: yes, ever since this afternoon, and now with you in my lap half-undressed as you are like this, and even though you are my daughter, I would give everything the world to be free to shag you! But ‘shag’ is the wrong word…it’s too crude. Let’s put it this way: I really wish everything was different so that I could make love to you.”

There, it was out in the open! How would Melody react?

My daughter chewed her lower lip, mulling over my profound admission for a few moments. Even though I felt a sweat break out on my forehead in anticipation of her disgusted reaction, I took the opportunity to admire Melody’s body again; her pert, swollen-tipped breast; her flat belly and smooth, slim thighs; and that lovely fur fringed cleft at the apex of her legs, which was now visibly oozing her juices.

“I think I’d better go to bed.”

“Ok My Love.”

Melody gave me a swift, sliding, wet-lipped kiss on the lips, and then she was gone. I sat slumped in my chair with my mind whirling around the events of the previous few minutes. Did my sweet, not-so-naive daughter really display her pussy to me? And did I really tell her that I wanted to make love to her? Or was it all a dream?

I looked down my almost supine form at the heavy lump still reared inside my pants; at the noticeably dark patch of pre-cum soaked through the cloth at its head and I rubbed my fingertip in the faintly slippery patch where Melody leaked her vaginal lubricity high up on my pants leg. I caught a faint trace of her body scent on my fingertip. No, it wasn’t a dream. But it could so easily have turned into a nightmare!

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