Misery Loves Company

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“Aren’t you ready yet?” Missy pushed the door open and stuck her head inside, nearly stomping her foot in impatience. Leigh shook her head as she stared into the mirror. Bending forward, she pointed to her head and said, “I can’t go to the party; my roots are showing.” Her roommate closed her eyes and sighed loudly.

“You are going to the damn party.” She pointed towards the costume still on its hanger, lying across the twin bed. “No one will even see your hair with that thing on!” The skirt of her slave girl costume twirled up a bit as she turned and said, “Now, get the fuck ready! I am not letting you spend Halloween night here by yourself sulking over that asshole!” With a second flourish of the cape, she turned and left Leigh alone, still in her underwear, still undecided.

Leigh turned to the side and looked at herself in the mirror, then over at the skin tight body suit. She bit her lip and wondered how she’d let Missy talk her into something so revealing. Granted, everything was covered, but little was left to the imagination. Anyone looking would see every curve, every plane of her body; it would just see it sheathed in black spandex.

Catwoman. She walked to the bed and help up the suit. There was no way she could wear underwear with the thing. It was so tight that even a thong or a bra strap would show right through. Glancing at the door to make sure her roommate had indeed left; she slipped off what she had on. If Bobby could see her now…She straightened her shoulders. ‘Asshole,’ she repeated Missy’s assessment to herself, ‘I hope you do see me tonight. I hope I’m standing right next to that flat-chested bitch you screwed. I want you to see what you gave up.’

With that thought in mind, it took some doing, but Leigh managed to pull the material over her body. She called out for her roommate to help her zip the back. Missy, with her star-spangled costume, whistled loudly when she opened the door. She laughed and said, “If I had your body, I’d just walk around naked all the time. I wouldn’t do anything else. I’d just be naked.”

Leigh shook her head and grinned. She replied, “It’s just genetics,” as she straightened the costume in the front, praying her nipples wouldn’t stay as hard and noticeable as they were at the moment. Missy grabbed her long hair and pulled it back into a ponytail, “Well, just genetics, at least I won’t be competing with the hot blonde tonight.”

She laughed and said, “Okay, genetics and Clairol,” as she picked up the mask with the little cat ears on top, pulling it over her head. It covered to just past her high cheekbones. She turned to look in the mirror and almost took a step back. She wasn’t there anymore. Shy Leigh with her blushing face and lip biting had been replaced by a woman brave enough to show everything she had to the world.

As she was admiring the transformation, Missy tossed the whip across the room at her. She caught it right before it hit her in the head, her roommate laughing and saying, “Make sure you take this, just in case asshole does show up.” Leigh hooked it to the side of the costume as the cute, petite brunette grabbed her arm and tugged. “Come on! They’re going to be waiting for us!”

Leigh pulled back from her grasp and said, “They?”

“You had better hurry up,” Luke stuck his head into the bathroom door.

Rick poked his head out of the shower. “When do we have to leave?”

“About twenty minutes.”

“No problem,” Rick answered. “I’ll be ready.”

He climbed out of the shower and padded across the floor and grabbed the towel that was hanging from the back of the door.

He quickly dried himself off and brushed his light brown hair back. A quick look in the mirror satisfied him and he hung the towel back on the door and walked out of the bathroom to his room. That was the advantage of just having one male roommate, there was no big deal about walking about naked.

After pulling his briefs on he looked at the costume that was laid out on the bed. Zorro! ‘Oh well,’ he thought. ‘That’s what I get for waiting until the very last minute.’

They were going to a Halloween party that was being held at one of the sorority houses at an all-girls private college that was about an hour and a half away. Luke’s girlfriend was a member of the sorority and had invited Luke and Rick.

Once he had donned the pants and the shirt he looked into the mirror and was a bit surprised, he looked better than he expected. He thought the red sash was a bit over the top but, went with it anyway. At least the mask wasn’t going to be confining and that was a relief. He struggled to pull the tall boots up over his calves and with a lot of effort and a few well-chosen curses the boots went on. With his hat, cape, and sword in hand, he went downstairs.

“What the hell are you supposed to be?” Rick laughed at Luke. He was wearing a toga with a golden crown of oak leaves.

“I am Eroticus Maximus, emperor of Rome,” proclaimed Luke. He winked at Rick. “And with any luck, I will get ankara escort lucky with my slave girl tonight.”

“Missy is going as a slave girl?” Rick laughed.

“Yeah.” Luke grinned. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, she is bringing you a date.”

“Oh, fucking great.” Rick could see his night turning into a disaster already. “Just what I needed.”

Most of the girls were already downstairs greeting boyfriends and potential boyfriends when Missy dragged Leigh from their room. She pushed her finger into the center of the taller girls back and whispered, “Stand up straight. You don’t want to be slouching when you meet him.”

Leigh turned and glared at her through the eyeholes of the mask. “Excuse me? I wasn’t supposed to be meeting anyone. I can’t believe…”

Before her temper could reach full flare, Missy was gone from her side and hollering, “Hey, Luke! Get over here and kiss your slave girl’s feet!” Her eyes followed her as she bounced across the room and wrapped her arms around him. She held her breath to watch the way Luke practically picked her up off her feet, kissing her and pulling her close. It made her ache. Then, she saw him, two feet away and watching the embrace as closely as she was.

Rick had pretty much sulked for the entire drive over here. If he had known that he was being set up with a blind date he would have found some excuse not to go. The breakup with his previous girlfriend, Amanda, had been devastating for him. She had just announced one day out of the blue that the relationship was over. No reasons had been given and all communication between them had ceased. She wouldn’t take his calls on the phone, and his emails had gone unanswered.

He looked at the girl that was watching Luke and Missy. Could this be his blind date? If there was any consolation for Rick, it was she looked about as happy to be here as he was. A surge of excitement flowed through his body as his eyes drank in the sight of the girl wearing the Catwoman costume. The way her costume clung to her body left very little to his imagination. Rick felt an instant attraction to her and could feel his sleeping manhood beginning to stir.

Luke grabbed Rick by the arm. “C’mon, sporty, cheer up. Let me introduce you to your date for tonight.”

Leigh stood straighter when Missy reached over and grabbed Zorro’s arm. When he turned to look at her, she looked quickly in the other direction. She couldn’t tell a lot with the mask on, but he had a nice body. Just tall enough, not too skinny and not too fat. She looked at his face again as Missy continued to talk. Did he frown in her direction? She looked towards the stairs.

But, it was too late, Luke was calling her name and ten seconds later she was over his shoulder as he turned in a circle, shouting, “Toga! Toga!”

Everyone in the room laughed as he spun her around, and she felt her mask slipping before she beat on his back and shouted, “Put me the fuck down, Luke!” When he sat her on her feet, she felt wobbly, but pushed him nonetheless and asked, “Did you start drinking without us?”

Luke reached up to straighten her mask, laughed and shook his head, “Nah, just wanted to make you smile.” : She tried not to, but Leigh did smile. She was still smiling when Missy cleared her throat and announced, “Rick, I’d like you to meet Leigh.” She turned and announced as formerly, “And, Leigh, this is Rick.”

Missy took a dramatic step backwards as he nodded and said, “Hi…” She smiled and tried not blush. Even with the mask, he was cute. Green eyes, a nice mouth, a strong jaw line. Yeah, he was cute. Missy gave Luke a devilish grin as each appraised the other and obviously approved.

It being the only thing that came to mind, she blurted out, “I have a brother named Rick.”

Rick liked the sound of her voice, there was something about it that couldn’t put his finger on. “That’s odd, I have a sister….” Before he could complete his thought, Luke tripped over his feet and stumbled into Rick, nearly knocking him to the ground. His roommate laughed and said, “Sorry, man, sorry,” as he cussed and steadied himself.

Even with the commotion, he could barely take his eyes off of her. He thought her body was perfect. It would have to be to wear the costume she had on. Her green eyes had sparkled when she smiled. As he smiled at her again, Missy had hauled Luke off saying, “I need you to…” The noise of the party had drowned out the remainder of what she said.

Rick felt awkward for a moment then he turned his attention to Leigh. ‘What the hell, I probably won’t see her after tonight,’ he thought. “Well, you looked about as excited to be here as I was.”

Leigh looked down at the floor. “I’m sorry if I made it that obvious, I didn’t really want to be here. I just broke up with my boyfriend.” She looked up and into Rick’s eyes. “So, I’m not looking to hook up with…”

“Neither am I,” Rick interrupted. “I was brought here under false pretenses.–And for the record, I’m not looking for anyone either, escort ankara I just broke up with my girlfriend, too.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t mean for it to come out…that way.” Leigh looked away from Rick. “It looks like we were both deceived a little, huh?”

She stared at the floor, noticing his boots and her own. Both black, both to the knee. ‘Say something!’ She chided herself, ‘Why are you looking at the ground? Stop it. Look up!’ She forced a smile and turned in his direction, “It looks like we’re wearing the same boots.” ‘Brilliant,’ she mocked herself, ‘Just brilliant.’

Rick looked down at her boots and then at his. “Yeah, well, I don’t think I could walk in yours.” He let out a warm chuckle. “I’d fall on my ass with heels like that.” Maybe he should lose his attitude, after all, it wasn’t her fault that he was here. “And hey, at least we match. Both in black.”

Leigh grinned, grateful for his laugh. Maybe he wasn’t a bad guy. Maybe Missy wasn’t an idiot. A bitch maybe, but not an idiot. She pointed towards the kitchen, “Hey, do you want something to drink?”

“Yeah,” he responded. He could feel his mood lift. “I’d love something to drink.”

The punch was spiked; there was no doubt of that whatsoever. Rick looked at Leigh and flashed a grin as he raised his plastic cup. “It’s got a kick.”

Leigh nodded. “Yes, it certainly does. I don’t want to even think about what’s in it.” She found his smile infectious and smiled back. “I think half the people that show up add a little to the brew. I know Missy had a bottle hidden in her room. And, if it’s like last Halloween, it’ll just get stronger as the night goes on.”

The pounding of the dance music could be heard from the basement. A dance floor had been set up and a DJ hired for the party. They had finished their first drink and were almost done with the second one when Rick looked at Leigh. The punch had given that warm and fuzzy feeling. “Would you like to go down and dance for a bit?”

His warm smile and the alcohol had helped Leigh relax. She gave him a smile and nodded. ‘Why the hell not,’ she thought. “Yeah, sounds good to me.”

To keep her balance, she held on to his arm as they headed downstairs. When her breast brushed against his arm, she realized how close they were standing. She went to pull back but stopped. ‘Hell with it, I’m going to enjoy myself.’

She took a big drink of punch just before she saw them. Her heart raced and her legs felt a little numb. ‘Dammit,’ she thought. She’d known he’d show up; he never fucking missed a party. It was just seeing Bobby with…her, with the bitch, with the who bragged about how he’d left Leigh alone at the door to go and fuck her…more than once.

Rick must have followed her eyes across the room because he leaned in to say, “Someone you know?” over the loud music. She said, “My boyfriend,” before she realized what had come out of her mouth. He smiled as she stuttered, “My ex-boyfriend.” Rick held out his hand as the music beat through the room with a life of its own, “Come on, lets dance. He shouldn’t be the only one having a good time.”

Leigh almost snorted when she said, “Right, a good time. She’s flat as a board and never been nailed…a carpenter’s dream.” She looked up into his eyes, and they both laughed before she added, “Well, that’s what my granddad would say.”

Rick burst out laughing. “I haven’t heard that one before.”

She only half-heard him as she answered, “I’d love to dance.” She muttered, almost to herself, “I’ll show that bastard that I don’t need him.” Leigh grabbed Rick’s hand and led him to the dance floor.

As soon as they got onto the floor the music changed to a slow, old, love song. Rick looked hesitantly at Leigh, he wasn’t sure if this was the kind of dance that she wanted their first one to be.

Maybe tt wasn’t the song or type of dance she would have chosen to have with someone that she had just met, but her boyfriend was dancing so close to…that girl…that they could be fucking and not be any closer.

She looked up at Rick with a pleading look in her eyes. “Dance with me, please.”

As soon as he put his arms around her, he felt comfortable. It was almost as if they were a perfect fit for one another. He liked how her body felt against his; they moved together like they’d danced a thousand dances together.

Leigh felt his hands rub along the spot where her bra strap should be, and she leaned closer, hiding her face from him. Even with the mask, he might see the color there. She felt her nipples stiffen as his hand inched a little lower, and they moved closer together. She hoped he didn’t notice. Or, did she want him to notice? Her mind felt a little bleary. Missy smiled a knowing smile at her from across the room, but she looked away quickly, deciding not to care what anyone else thought.

Soon, he was caressing where her thong would surely be. He had to know now…That she was naked under the suit. That all he would have to do is take that zipper between his fingers—she ankara escort bayan felt herself get suddenly wet. ‘It’s the punch,’ she told herself as the scent of his cologne made her daydream about his kiss. She wanted feel his mouth on hers, she longed to taste him.

He hoped the song would never end. They couldn’t get any closer now. He felt intoxicated but, not from the punch. It was the aroma of her perfume and the feeling of her body pressed against his. Her head fit perfectly in the crook of his neck, her hair brushed against his cheek.

She made no move to pull from him, or to move his hands. It was all he could do to fight the urge to caress every square inch of her body. He wondered what it would feel like to touch her naked skin with the tips of his fingers. Her breasts pressed into his chest and he wanted to touch them. He wondered what they would look like.

‘Oh shit!’ He thought as he felt his erection growing. ‘Why now of all times?’ The more he tried to concentrate on other things, the more it grew. ‘I hope she doesn’t feel it.’ Deep down, he wanted her to feel it and to know that he desired her.

But she had felt it and pressed against it slightly more. It made her glad that she excited him. It gave a stick-this-in-you-face feeling when she thought about her ex. Rick’s arms felt so strong wrapped around her body.

Before she realized what she was doing, Leigh lifted her head slightly and touched her lips to his neck. She wasn’t prepared for the feeling of pleasure that washed over her body.

Leigh couldn’t believe she had kissed his neck; it wasn’t something she would do to a man she barely knew, anymore than she would rub against his erection. But, she was doing that, too. Maybe it was the mask. Maybe it was the punch. It didn’t matter when he moved her just enough to lean down and brush her lips with his. He just barely touched them, just enough for her to want to take his tongue inside of her mouth when the music changed. It was fast and rhythmic. She started to pull away, but he didn’t let her. And, his mouth was on hers again. She met his tongue with her own. He tasted like Hawaiian punch and liquor and mint. For that moment, it was the most wonderful taste in the world. She found her hands on his chest, caressing, She could feel the muscles beneath the fabric, his erection still pressing against her and the wetness between her legs, she wondered if anyone could see it, She pushed away from him more firmly this time, and he let her go. She tried to think of something to say, but he spoke first. “I’m sorry, Leigh,” he backed off a little, putting his hands into his pockets, “I got a little carried away…I just thought…never mind…” He gave her a little boy grin, and she felt bad for stepping back.

She shook her head, but he was leaving the dance floor. She bit her lip and followed behind him, partially hoping her ex hadn’t seen him walk away, mostly just wanting Rick to turn around and know that she had wanted it, too. She reached out for his shoulder before he could head in the direction of Luke and Missy

“Rick, wait, please,” He turned around and looked at her with a wistful look that had her aching. “Please don’t go. I just…I’m usually pretty shy. Crowds,” she paused and looked around, “They aren’t my thing.” It was true; she had never been the make-out-in-public girl. She hadn’t had nearly enough to drink for that.

He nodded sympathetically and said, “Hey, its okay, I understand. You told me from the beginning…”

She shook her head, and said something she’d never said before, “Do you want to come up to my room?” She wasn’t a virgin, but she didn’t want to be like the other girls, the ones who brought guys upstairs after every party.

As he stared at her, obviously surprised by the invitation, she added, “We could talk…unless you’d rather stay down here…”

“No.” Rick shook his head. “I’d like to get away. Crowds aren’t my thing either.” He was telling the truth. Also, he was self-conscious about his erection that was bulging out in the front of his pants. He was sure that everyone could see it and it embarrassed him.

A warm glow came over Leigh. It was the same feeling that she had when she was a little girl and had done something that she wasn’t supposed to do and had gotten away with it. She was taking a guy upstairs, and that was against the rules.

Even though she had just met Rick, there was an immediate level of trust that she had never experienced with another guy. She didn’t quite understand why, but, it was there. Normally she was very cautious when meeting people, especially for the first time, some of her friends in high school had gone as far as saying that she was overly defensive and that she had run some guys off because of it. Better safe than sorry, that was her motto.

They re-filled their glasses with punch on their way through the kitchen. Leigh motioned Rick to stop as she peeked up the stairs. “Be very quiet,” she cautioned. “I don’t want us to get caught.”

How anyone was going to hear them walking up the stairs with the raucous noise from the party in the background was beyond Rick’s comprehension. Leigh felt her heart pounding as she led him up to the third floor and then down the hallway to her room.

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