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One day, shortly after I turned eighteen, I came home from school and found a comic book on my bed. Which was strange ’cause I stopped reading comics when I was in Jr. high. Except this wasn’t any regular comic book. No Mickey Mouse this.

I was totally shocked when I picked it up to take a closer look at it. It was an illustrated adult story. And I mean adult! The title was Mommy has fun. Flipping through the pages I saw the pictures of a “mommy” having sex fun with other women and then with her own son and daughter.

These naughty pictures, and dirty captions totally fried my brain. My young cock got instantly hard so I ripped off my pants to let it spring to life. Feeling trembly all over, I sat down on my bed and began reading the comic book from the front, page by page, enjoying looking at the pictures–the voluptuous-looking “mommy” and the other women she played with–while playing with my cock. But the part where this naughty mommy played with her own son and daughter totally fried me. I didn’t even get half way through before I had to shoot my wad.

Still wondering where this comic came from–and who put it on my bed–I stuffed it under the mattress knowing that tomorrow I’d just have to look at it again.

Next day after school I rushed home and with mom at work and sis at college, (having the house to myself) I ripped my clothes off, retrieved the comic book, and completely naked lay back on the bed to play with myself while continuing to thumb through the book looking at all the naughty pictures . . . and reading the even naughtier incest captions.


Yeah, that was me who’d planted that dirty incest comic book in my brother’s room. My roommate at college gave it to me saying she’d had a lot of fun masturbating to it and thought I might enjoy it too. And boy, did I! After looking at that book, and masturbating to it I couldn’t think of anything else but incest. It just seemed all so kinky and forbidden it made me so-o-o fuckin’ wet every time I thought about it.

I’d seen my brother’s cock a number of times and was fascinated by it. And seen it grow from a little boy’s thingie to a young man’s tool. But I’d never seen it erect. That’s why I planted that dirty comic book in his room, ’cause I knew it’d make him as horny as it made me and then I could see how big his cock got when he was turned on. He thought I was at college, but this was spring break and I had time on my hands . . . time enough to catch my little brother masturbating.

My roommate at college had purchased the dirty comic book at one of those lingerie, sex toys, and porn stores and she had given it to me the day before we went on spring break. When I first looked at the book it had really fried my brain. The thought of incest was so forbidden but looking at all those well-drawn pics of that very sexy mommy having sex fun with other women and then with her own son and daughter made me just so fuckin’ horny you wouldn’t believe. Needless to say it had given me many wonderful masturbation sessions. Sometimes, while masturbating looking at those pictures and reading the erotic captions, I thought of my own mom and brother. Mom was 42, but she worked out a lot and I always thought she looked hot–just as hot and sexy as the mommy in the comic book. But of course, it’s one thing to fantasize about incest and quite another to actually engage in it. At the very least, I wanted to see if that dirty comic book had the same effect on my brother as it did me.

I had been hiding in my room when Billy came home that first day, then when I heard him going into his bedroom I tiptoed up to his door (which he hadn’t closed all the way) and peeked in to watch his reaction. I was thrilled when I saw him rip his clothes off and play with his hard-on while looking at the dirty comic I’d planted. And, God, did his cock look so nice and big standing up fully erect like that. After he shot his wad, I was so fuckin’ turned on I rushed back to my own room to masturbate thinking about sucking and fucking my brother’s nice-looking cock. I had previously masturbated to the same comic book myself, so I knew exactly what Billy was jerking off over. All that naughty incest stuff made me feel as kinky as hell myself and so watching my brother jerk off to the same naughty incest kink turned me on as hot as fuck.

The following day I repeated the process, hiding in my room until Billy came home, then tiptoeing up to his room so I could watch him masturbate again to the dirty, incest comic book. But this time, I thought it’d be extra hot if I fingered myself at the same time I was watching Billy jerk off.

Knowing that mom always went to the gym after work and would not be home for a couple more hours, I figured I had plenty of time to enjoy watching Billy jerk off again just like yesterday. Except this time I thought it’d be even hotter if I took off all my clothes so I could play with my tits canlı bahis and cunt easier. So, there I was, standing in the hallway at Billy’s partly cracked door totally butt naked while watching my little brother jack off.

Being naked like this added a whole new dimension of eroticness–and forbiddenness–to the entire experience. I mean, wouldn’t that be daring? The mere idea of which had made me wet even before I peeked in to see my kid brother rip all his clothes off exposing his throbbing erection to my incestuous eyes. And I guess I halfway hoped that my little snot of a brother would lift his eyes off that comic book for a second and catch me standing naked at his doorway jerking off to him. Then maybe he’d ask me to come on in and join him. Just think. Then we’d could have some real incest fun instead of just jerking off to it. Maybe I could even role-play his mommy for him, heh, heh, heh. God, I’m so fuckin’ wet just thinkin’ about it.


Deciding to skip the gym that fateful day, I came home from work a bit earlier than usual. From the front room I entered the hallway leading to our bedrooms. But before turning left to my room, I glanced right–and received the shock of my life. There was my daughter Natasha standing at her brother’s door and peeking in. But what really stopped me in my tracks and caused my jaw to hit the floor was that my daughter was totally naked while spying on her brother.

Then I noticed that Natasha was playing with her tits with one hand, and masturbating with the other. The tell-tale twitchings and flexings of her shoulders told me all I needed to know.

And I immediately felt a rush of heat from my toes to my face. Burning. And then I felt my nipples harden and my pussy lubricate. I had not had any real sex (other than masturbating to internet porn) since my husband, their father, had left me a year ago, and so I was so much more horny than I’d ever dreamed I was. And so it just kind of all hit me all at once. Wave after wave after wave of heat and horniness . . . and forbidden incest thoughts. Lesbian incest thoughts.

I’d played around with a couple of girls way back when, before I got married to my kids’ father, but hadn’t tasted any pussy since then. And, now, I suddenly remembered how much I’d enjoyed those days, how much fun it was, how incredibly erotic–and how much I wanted . . . no needed it now. Just how fucking nice would it be to have a hot young pussy riding my face? . . . ummm. And, if that pussy just happened to be my very own daughter’s . . . how fucking porn! How fucking hot would that be?

As soon as those nasty incest thoughts flashed through my mind, new waves of incredibly hot lust washed over my body making my knees weak. Burning. All over. From my head to my toes–or I should say, from my horny pussy to all other parts of my body.

I’d read, and masturbated to, some of the hot mother-daughter incest stories on Literotica, so the idea of incest wasn’t that foreign to me. Hell, I have to admit it was an extra turn on . . . the kinkiness of it . . . the forbiddenness of it.

And so, as I stood there watching my beautiful daughter, naked in all her glory, standing there masturbating to her brother (whatever her brother was doing, was he jerking off too?), I found my own desires, my own horniness beginning to boil over.

And she was really getting into it now. Not only was there the most obvious tell-tale sign of her right harm and shoulder moving rhythmically up and down, but she was working her cunt so hard I could hear how wet she was: squish squish squish.

She was so wet I could almost smell her horniness. Or was that mine?

My daughter’s firm, round butt jiggling as her hand worked on her cunt just sent goose bumps all through me. The jiggling of her blonde ponytail in time to it all only added to it. As my horny cunt slobbered on my panties my nipples sprung fully to erection–and God how they ached as they pressed against my bra. And, oh, how they needed to be sucked on! Natasha and Billy were only a year apart and I remember so well how I had both of them suckling on me at the same time for awhile. What a rush that gave me. Those sessions always made me terribly wet. But now, watching my naked daughter all grown up and standing there jerking off to her brother I got a rush of a different kind. I couldn’t help but think of having both of them sucking on my nipples at the same time now (as the young adults that they were) while I played with their genitals. How hot would that be? How forbidden? How incestual? Such a naughty mommy am I. heh, heh, heh.

Soon the ache of my throbbing, need-to-be-sucked on nipples, and the even deeper ache of my now gushing cunt was just too much for me. So what if it was incest? So what if it was my very own daughter? She was jerking off to her own brother, so she obviously had no problems with incest. Hell, it probably turned bahis siteleri her on, the sexy little slut. Maybe it’s about time that her horny mommy taught her little sweetie what a real woman can do.

As quietly as I could, I slipped off my heels, and still dressed in my business skirt, hose, garter belt, and blouse and on trembling legs I tip toed up behind my naughty, sexy, naked, masturbating daughter.

I lightly touched the tips of my huge tits against her back and at the same time clamped a hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t yelp and disturb Billy. I peaked into the room to see what Natasha was masturbating to . . . and sure enough, there was Billy, butt naked playing with his very erect cock while looking at a magazine of some sort. I’d have to find out what sort of magazine, but in the meantime there was the matter of my daughter to take care of.


By now Billy was as butt naked as me, and was really stroking his hard-on like a sex maniac while looking at those naughty incest pictures I’d planted in his room. I was so engrossed in watching Billy jerk off, and so fuckin’ turned-on by it all, and so friggin’ busy jerking myself off . . . that I failed to hear any one come up behind me.

Suddenly I felt a hand clamp firmly over my mouth, stifling a scream of surprise. (As at first I thought I was in deep trouble.) But then another hand landed on the one tit I wasn’t playing with myself. A pair of huge tits pressed against my neck. And then I recognized the aroma of mom’s perfume. Mom’s perfume . . . mixed with a darker, duskier scent. It was a muskiness that could come only from another woman’s gushing wet, and horny cunt.

And I felt a flood of warmth and acceptance of mom’s embrace.

And mom said, “Shhhhhh, let’s both of us enjoy the view.” And with that mom had pressed herself up hard against me. I could feel the steaming damp heat from her crotch on my bare butt–even through her panties and skirt.

At first I’d felt fear when mom first clamped her hand over my mouth. OMG I’ve been caught! But then when mom said it was okay to watch Billy jerking off and pressed her own hot body up against mine while she continued playing with my erect nipple . . . ummmmmm!

And the thought that mom, my very own mom, was so hot from watching her own naked daughter jerk off to her other child jerking off totally fried my brain. I felt like ants were crawling all over the inside of my skin. Mom still had her hand over my mouth so I slithered my tongue out from between my lips and licked at her palm to show my acceptance and to add a little kinkiness to the scene. While at the same time trying to nod my head up and down.

“That’s my good little sweetie girl,” mom said, whispering so softly into my ear, with her husky, sexy woman’s voice and with her lips teasing my earlobes with each syllable she uttered. With that she removed her hand from my mouth and used both her hands to play with my tits.

As we both continued to watch Billy play with his cock while looking at naughty pictures mom whispered naughty erotic thoughts into my ear, her hot, musky breath steaming my ear lobe. “Ah, my sweet, baby girl, please keep playing with yourself. Don’t let mommy stop you. Masturbation is good for you. Mommy does it too, y’know.”

“R-r-r-really?” I breathed softly.

“Yes, really,” mom said, teasing my throbbing nipples with her thumbs while cupping my breasts with the rest of her hand. “And, isn’t it so fuckin’ hot and erotic watching your kid brother play with himself? And while you’re playing with your self too, rubbing your cunt like you are, and your own very horny mommy is playing with your tits?”

“Ngggggg,” was all I could say.

Mom continued to whisper erotic naughtinesses and incest thoughts into my ear and alternately licking my ear lobes and kissing the side of my face–while fondling my increasingly aching tits. Her musky breathe teasing my neck, face and hair. And, even though she was still fully clothed she began fucking her cunt against my butt, her breath hot and steamy against my face. And mom was so friggin’ wet it had soaked through her panties and her business skirt. And as she fucked herself against my butt I felt my own ass cheeks grow damp from her horniness. Which made me all the hornier.

As I continued friggin’ myself with one hand, I reached my other hand back to fondle mom’s ass, loving the flexing and rippling of her butt as she tried to hump me. And by this time I am practically whimpering from the horniness and kinkiness of this scene.

About that time Billy ejaculated. Mom licking my earlobe said, “fun here’s over let’s you and I go to my room and have some more fun.” Mom grabbed my hand and dragged me towards her bedroom.

Not that I needed to be “dragged,” since I thought it was the hottest fuckin’ thing that’d ever happened to me. The idea of playing with my own mom. Just like in the dirty comic bahis şirketleri I’d given to Billy. How fuckin’ porn? As we walked down the hall to mom’s bedroom I squeezed her ass and said, “what a nice, sexy mommy I have.”

Mom giggled and said, “you ain’t seen nothing yet, sweetie. Mommy’s going to show her little sweetie how to have some real fun.” She gave my hand a squeeze.

As soon as we entered mom’s bedroom she closed the door and pulled me into an embrace, and with our tits mashed against each other she clamped her mouth hard on mine and crammed her tongue between my eager lips. Soon our tongues were sword fighting as if contending for control while our hands were roaming all over each other’s bodies fondling tits, butts . . . and yes, I slipped my hand up under mom’s skirt to play with her pussy thrilling to the feel of her forbidden areas, her hot wetness, the crotch of her panties just totally soaked with hot, mommy horniness. And all the time, in the back of my mind, were the naughty incest pics in the dirty comic I’d snuck into Billy’s room.

Mom kissed and licked her way down my naked body. She sucked on my tits while fingering my horny pussy. Then she looked me in the eyes, pulled her hand away from my crotch and held her cunt-juice-soaked fingers up to my face.

“See how hot and sexy my little sweetie tastes,” she said as she made me lick and suck on her fingers. Which I did greedily. I had tasted myself numerous times while masturbating and always thought it was sexy. But tasting myself on my own mom’s fingers was just so-o-o kinky . . . so fuckin’ kinky. And as I sucked my sex juices off of mom’s hand I fondled her tits.

“You like playing with mommy’s titties?” she said.


“Would you like to suck on’em?”


“Well, your horny mommy needs to have her titties sucked.” She sat down on the edge of the bed and crossed her legs with her skirt hiked way up showing off her nylons, garter straps, and luscious gams. She motioned to me with her finger. “Then come here sweetie and help make your mommy feel real good. Come. Sit on mommy’s lap and help me take my bra off. My tits are just aching to be freed . . . and to be sucked on.”

As I approached mom she uncrossed her legs with a sexy swish of nylons providing me with a flat area on her ample lap to sit. The movement hiked her already hiked skirt up even higher so that now the crotch of her panties were exposed–her very wet panty crotch.

Before sitting down on her lap, I stared at that tempting dampness between her legs and the white of her panties framed by her creamy thighs and the beige of her stockings. It all looked so scrumptious, so erotic, it made my own pussy palpitate and throb all the harder. My mouth watered. I licked my lips almost overcome by the desire to bury my face down there in mom’s secret parts.

Mom caught me drooling over her crotch. She smiled at me and said, “we can get into that later, but first I need you to be a good little girl and suck my tits for me.” She patted her lap while looking me in the eyes and licking her lips.

I straddled her legs enjoying the luxurious feel of her stockings against my naked flesh. Smiling at me and looking me directly in the eyes, mom began teasing my erect, throbbing nipples while I unbuttoned her blouse.

Tossing her blouse aside I reached around her to undo her bra clasp. This move brought my face up close to mom’s and her long tongue slithered out to lick at my lips. And my tongue responded. And so we tongue fucked while I fumbled at her bra clasp.

Then, as soon as I tossed her bra aside, I dived right into her huge mounds fondling, kissing, licking . . . and sucking . . . oh God, yes, how I sucked!

“Oooooh, fuck yeah,” mom said caressing my hair. “That feels so fucking good having my little sweetie suck on me like that.”

As I suckled on her, my hips began a dance of their own, moving back and forth as if I were trying to fuck something.

Mom noticed and said, “honey, why don’t you just straddle one of my thighs so you can fuck your cunt on my leg while you suck off my tits.”

Not needing anymore encouragement I straddled her thigh and began humping her leg like crazy while sucking on and playing with her tits. And all this time her hands kept busy tweaking and teasing my own horny nipples.

After a few moments of that, and with her skirt hiked way up, mom said, “now I want you to fuck my crotch.” She laid back down on the bed and wrapped her legs around me pulling me in close ’till my bald cunt was pressed up hard against her sopping wet panties. And that sent all kinds of hot, kinky, electrical charges through me. I fucked her panties like a horny dog, trying to dig my clit into her hot, wet slit–while keeping my face buried in her tits. And all the time I just kept thinking how sexy this was, naked daughter and clothed mommy sex.

I was so fried by then that it didn’t take me long to cum. But I was still horny as hell. Mom sensed my need and so she said, “now I want my little sweetie to sit on my face so I can lick up all your sweet nectars.” With that she helped me up on the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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