Mom and Son Swirlfest

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All characters are fictional. Any resemblances to persons living or dead are coincidental. All characters are over 18 years-old. This is my first writing attempt in the incest category. Hope you like it. Relax and get horny. It’s only Literotica.


It was late autumn of 1972. Back then, the freshman basketball team played separately from the varsity team. Gina filed into the gymnasium with college kids and other adults. Just because it was a small state college, didn’t mean that parents weren’t just as proud of their children and they attended the games to lend support.

Stepping into the college’s basketball arena for the first time, Gina scanned the bleachers for empty seats. There were many. Apparently her son’s freshman basketball game wouldn’t be standing-room-only. Still, small groups of both students and adults dotted the bleachers. Gina walked slowly along what seemed to be the home side of the court. The two teams were at either end of the court finishing their warm-ups.

As a single mother, Gina had attended many of her son’s high school basketball games, so this was nothing new, just a new gym. She made her way up the bleachers behind the home team’s bench, and sat down. She smiled at a black woman sitting in the same row about six feet away. The woman returned her smile.

Gina located her son on the court. He was taking warm-up shots. He wore a silver number seventeen on his maroon uniform trimmed with silver. Pete would be a handsome kid even if he wasn’t mine, Gina thought. He possessed a handsome face, dark brown hair, and a lean, muscular body.

Both sets of players were called over to their respective benches for last minute words from their coaches. Then the starting five from each team took the court for the tipoff. Pete lined up outside of the center jump circle. The center in maroon managed to tip the ball to Pete, who then flipped it to number six.

“Go Leopards!” called the black woman next to Gina.

At least we’re rooting for the same team, Gina thought.

Number six dribbled to the left and passed to Pete. He pump-faked his defender into the air, ducked under him, and banked in a twelve footer. The referee blew his whistle and signaled to count the shot and a foul.

“Nice move seventeen!” the black woman yelled.

Gina slid close to the black woman and said, “Number seventeen is my son. His name is Pete.”

The woman smiled and said, “That was a tough shot with the other guy on his back.”

Gina smiled and nodded. Pete sank the free throw, and the Leopards were up 3 – 0.

“My son’s number six,” the black woman said. “His name’s Marv. I’m Monique.”

“I’m Gina… Marv gets an assist.”

Monique smiled and nodded. Gina guessed Monique’s age to be about her own age of forty-two. Monique wore her black hair in a relaxed, wavy style reminiscent of The Supremes and other black female groups of the time. Her brown, almond-shaped eyes with their long lashes, were hypnotically beautiful. Her lips were full and sensuous. Her nose was neither too big nor too small. Milk chocolate was the color of Monique’s skin. Tight jeans and a tight sweater showed off Monique’s figure. When Monique leaned back in the seat, Gina couldn’t help notice that Monique’s slim waist accentuated her large breasts.

“Your son is a tall, good-looking young man,” Monique commented. “How tall is he?”

“Thanks… He’s about six-five,” Gina said, and then added, “Those boys grow like weeds, don’t they?”

“You’re telling me. Marv was five-ten his junior year, five-eleven his senior year, and now he’s six foot even.”

When Gina turned her attention back to the game, Monique eyed her new companion. Gina’s straight, dark brown hair was parted in the middle and reached just past her shoulders. Beneath her glasses, Gina’s brown eyes were inviting. Gina’s lips were on the full side, which Monique found to be sexy. Monique correctly assumed that Gina was Italian. Even though Gina’s clothing was rather loose-fitting, Monique could tell that Gina possessed a lean, but shapely body.

During the course of the game, the two moms became friends. They discovered that they lived in neighboring towns, were both forty-two years old, and were both divorced single moms. They cheered when their son’s team won by six points. Pete lead the team in scoring with twenty-two, while Marv had eleven points and ten assists.

Before going their separate ways, Gina and Monique exchanged phone numbers. Two days later, with some stomach butterflies, Gina dialed Monique’s number.

“Hi, Monique. This is Gina… Pete’s mom.”

“Oh hi. I was just thinking about calling you,” Monique said.

Gina said, “I was wondering if you were going to the game Friday night, and if you wanted to go together?”

“Ain’t that something… that’s what I was gonna call you about,” Monique laughed. “Yeah, I’d like to go with you.”

After chatting and laughing for an hour, Gina and Monique finally said goodbye and hung up. They had begun to discover that they had a great deal in common, and illegal bahis that their differences added interest. Gina and Monique found that they had similar tastes in music, movies, sports, and shared a somewhat perverted sense of humor. From then on, they attended their sons games together, talked on the phone frequently, and even met for drinks occasionally. The women discussed the trials and tribulations of raising sons as single mothers. With money tight, both Marv and Pete lived at home and commuted to college. Monique and Gina were just thankful that their sons were getting a college education.

In a short time, the black woman and the white woman had begun to openly share intimate details about their lives. Both being non-judgmental, each felt more comfortable with each other than even with family or friends. They traded stories about sex with their ex-husbands and former lovers. Almost no detail of their sex lives were kept from the other, as they graphically described what each liked sexually.

One Saturday night, after meeting for drinks, Gina and Monique wound up back at Gina’s for a nightcap or two.

They had just fixed drinks and settled into the living room, when Gina said, “I gotta show you what I found in Pete’s room, when I was cleaning this morning.”

Gina scurried off to another room and returned a minute later. She handed Monique eight magazine pages which had been carefully removed. Monique gazed down at the pages. The color photos on the pages showed a black woman having sex with a white man. The photos graphically depicted oral sex and fucking in various poses. “I used to find an occasional Playboy or Penthouse,” Gina said, “But this is the hardest core stuff yet. Do you ever find Marv looking at stuff like this?”

Without looking up from the porn, Monique replied with a chuckle, “They’re boys with raging hormones. My Marv jerks off to anything and everything. I find more wadded up Kleenex in that boy’s trash can.”

Gina laughed and said, “Yeah, Pete goes through a lot of Kleenex too. I think that sometimes Pete beats off at least twice a day. Once, I came home early and caught Pete jerking off in the living room. He ran into his bedroom, embarrassed as hell. He tied to cover his huge hard-on, but couldn’t. He’s got a bigger dick than his dad did.”

Monique laughed and said, “One time I walked into my bedroom, and Marv’s standing in front of my open underwear drawer and is rubbing the front of his jeans with a pair of my panties. You shoulda’ seen that boy run outta there.”

Gina laughed, “They sure are at a horny age.” She pointed at the porn and asked, “So what do you think?”

Monique smiled and said, “First, I think your boy likes black women, which is cool by me. Second, I think I wanna keep these for myself for my vibrator sessions. Man, that’s one hung white guy! I’m getting wet just looking at these.”

Gina laughed, sat next to Monique, and looked at the photos.

“From what little I saw, my Pete’s as big as that guy.”

“No shit!” Monique whispered. “Do you ever catch Pete looking at your tits or trying to see you undressed?”

“Yeah. Does Marv do that too?”

“Oh yeah,” Monique shook her head and grinned, “Every once in awhile, he’ll pretend to accidentally walk into my bedroom when I’m getting dressed, or when I’m in the shower.”

“Me too!” Gina said. “Once in awhile, I’ll stand with the bathroom door open, putting on my makeup in just my bra and panties to tease him a little. I know he peeks in.”

“I do that too!” Monique laughed. “Sometimes I pretend to have a hard time with the zipper on my dress and ask Marv to unzip me. After, he usually disappears into his room and wacks off. We’re so bad.”

“You’re the first one I’ve ever admitted that stuff to,” Gina said.

“Same here,” Monique said.

“So, you like white guys too?” Gina smiled.

Monique looked into Gina’s eyes and said, “And some white gals too.”

Gina asked quietly, “Are those pictures really making you wet?”

“That and talking about our horny sons gets my juices flowing,” Monique said, eyes gleaming. “You’re welcome to check if you don’t believe me. Are you getting wet too?”

Gina felt her pulse quicken. She took another gulp of her drink, and then replied, “Yeah, Monique, my pussy is wet too. Maybe we could check each other’s?”

Monique pivoted on the couch to face Gina.

“Can I kiss you, honey?” Monique’s eyes searched Gina’s.

“I’d like that.”

Monique put her hands on Gina’s shoulders, and pressed her lips to the white woman’s. When Monique felt Gina’s tongue brush her lips, she opened her mouth to receive it. Their tongues caressed. Their lips moved in a slow circle together while their tongues intertwined. Monique’s nose bumped Gina’s glasses.

“Lemme take them off,” Gina whispered, removed her glasses, and set them on the end table.

Monique slipped her hands under Gina’s shirt and ran her fingers over the cups of Gina’s bra. Gina moaned and pressed her lips to Monique’s once again. Monique deftly unbuttoned Gina’s illegal bahis siteleri blouse while they kissed, exposing her satiny blue bra.

Monique grinned and said, “Thirty-four C?”

Gina smiled and replied, “You’re a good judge of tits.”

Gina lifted Monique’s knit shirt up and off, and gazed at the white bra straining to contain the brown globes.

Gina smiled and said, “Thirty-four D?”

“All yours, hun,” Monique said with a mischievous grin.

Ten minutes later the women were on Gina’s bed, locked in a sixty-nine position, licking each other’s pussy, taking each other to ecstasy.


One Saturday evening, late in the basketball season, Gina visited Monique at Monique’s apartment. The team had a distant away game and their sons were gone most of the night. The two moms had passionate sex and were laying naked in Monique’s bed. The tip of Gina’s index finger traced slow circles around Monique’s ebony nipple.

“I’m glad our sons get along,” Gina said.

“Me too,” Monique said, “Being commuter students, they don’t get to see each other much besides basketball.”

“Pete told me that he was glad you and me became friends. Besides having a crush on you, he genuinely likes you.”

Monique smiled and replied, “And Pete is a very likable young man too. You think he has a crush on me?”

Gina laughed softly, “You mean you haven’t noticed the tent in his pants whenever you visit?”

Monique laughed, “I’d have to be blind not to, but it’s not the kind of thing you mention to a boy’s mother. That is some big bulge though. And since you brought it up, my Marv has a crush on you too. Whenever you’re around, he stammers and stutters and is practically drooling.”

Gina smiled and said, “Aww, I’m flattered that such a handsome younger man would have a crush on an old lady like me.”

Monique suddenly became more serious and quietly asked, “Gina, do you find it tough resisting temptation living under the same roof with a young hunk? I do. I mean I get turned on teasing Marv, but there are times I want more. I lay in bed and wonder if other moms have naughty thoughts like I do?”

Gina rolled on her back, looked at the ceiling, was silent for a moment, and then said softly, “I know exactly what you mean. We love our sons and think they’re so damn handsome, then we’re not supposed share the most intimate pleasures with them. There are nights that I’m lonely and want a warm body in bed with me. There’s a naked young hunk in the next room, but I’m not supposed to climb in bed with him. Shit.”

“I’m glad I’m not the only pervert mom out there,” Monique chuckled.

“You mean besides us liking pussy too?” Gina giggled.

“Yeah, I can lick your pussy and then talk to you about wanting to suck our son’s cocks. I don’t have any other friends I can do that with,” Monique laughed.

Half-kiddingly, Gina said, “If we’re not supposed to suck our own son’s cocks, and they have crushes on us, how about if you suck my son’s cock and I’ll suck your son’s cock?”

A grin slowly spread across Monique’s face, and then she said, “Actually, that gives me an idea. Wanna hear it?”



When the basketball season ended, the Leopards had finished second in their league. Pete had led the team in scoring, while Marv led the team in assists. A few days later, on the same evening, Monique and Gina had arranged to make a somewhat innocent suggestion to their sons.

Both moms had been notching up the teasing of their sons, and getting each other hot by comparing stories. On that evening, Monique wore tight jeans and a low cut white knit top, with no bra. Her dark chocolate nipples pushed against the thin material.

Monique tapped on Marv’s bedroom door. He was doing homework.

“Come in,” Marv called.

Monique entered and moved close to her son.

“Can I bother you a minute?”

“Sure, Mom,” Marv said. He was trying not to stare at his mom’s nipples, but Monique watched his gaze keep shifting to her chest.

“Pete’s Mom and I wanted to celebrate the end of a fine basketball season by cooking a really nice dinner for our sons. Just the four of us over at Gina’s house. We thought that you could kinda be Gina’s date, and Pete would be my date. You wouldn’t mind being Gina’s dinner date would you?”

Marv managed to tear his stare away from his mother’s tits, and said, “I wouldn’t mind at all. That sounds great!”

“Okay terrific! We’ll drive over to their house about 3:30 on Saturday so I can help Gina with dinner. I told Gina that we both like Italian food, so I’m sure it’ll be delicious.You and Pete can watch TV or whatever until dinner’s ready.”

About the same time, a few miles away, Gina was receiving an equally positive response about the dinner from her son, Pete. She noted the way her son’s face lit up when she suggested that he would be Monique’s dinner date.


At canlı bahis siteleri about 3:30pm that Saturday, Gina heard the doorbell ring twice.

She called from the kitchen, “Pete, could you please get the door?”

“Sure, Mom,” Pete replied, rising from the couch.

Pete opened the door and was pleased to see his friend Marv and Marv’s sexy mother, Monique.

Motioning with his arm, Pete said, “Hi… C’mon in.”

Monique entered first. She smiled up at the tall young man and said, “Hi Pete.”

“Hi… How are you Mrs. Williams?”

“Great, and I told you to call me Monique. After all, I’m your date tonight,” Monique grinned seductively.

Marv entered behind his mother and said, “Hey, Pete.” He held out his hand.

Pete clasped Marv’s hand and said, “Hey, Marv, glad you came. Let me take your jackets.”

Monique and Marv removed their jackets and handed them to Pete, who hung them in the closet. While Monique was removing her jacket, Pete had to make a conscious effort not to stare. Monique had worn her favorite low cut white knit top. Her push-up bra allowed Pete to view some of her 34D cleavage. A tight black mini-skirt accentuated her firm, shapely ass. Having only seen Monique in pants until that moment, Pete surreptitiously viewed her shapely legs, clad in sheer white stockings, for the first time.

Gina appeared from the kitchen. She was wearing a light gray mini-skirt, black stockings, and a form hugging sweater. Her long, straight, dark hair was parted in the middle and framed her lovely face. Her brown eyes gleamed under her glasses.

“Hi Monique and Marv! I’m so glad you both could make it.” Gina hugged Monique and waved to Marv.

Monique said, “I’m sure you could use my help in the kitchen.” She took Gina’s arm and led her toward the kitchen.

Pete and Marv settled in front of the TV to watch an NCAA playoff game. About a half-hour later, Monique came into the living room and surprised them both with her question.

“Would you boys like a before dinner cocktail? We were gonna mix a pitcher of pina coladas. Nobody has to drive anywhere, so…”

Almost in unison, both boys said, “Sure, that’d be great!”

Monique made the pitcher of pina coladas even stronger than usual. Marv and Pete looked at each other and smiled when Monique handed them each a glass.

Gina and Monique made a delicious dinner of chicken parmigiana, spaghetti, salad, green beans, and garlic bread. The nineteen year-old boys ate like lumberjacks. After dinner, Gina and Monique loaded the dishwasher and then made another even stronger pitcher of pina coladas. Gina suggested they all go into the living room. While Gina put in a cassette tape of slow romantic songs, Monique poured everyone fresh drinks. Then Monique took Pete by the hand.

“Since you’re my date, sit with me here,” Monique said motioning toward the love seat.

“Glad to,” Pete said. He was feeling the effects of the alcohol.

“That leaves Marv and me on the couch,” Gina smiled at Marv. He looked up at the mature white woman and felt a stirring in his pants. Gina sat next to Marv and smiled at Monique and Pete. Both moms were sitting close to the other’s son. The sexual tension seemed to hang in the air.

Just then, “Color My World” by Chicago came through the stereo speakers. Monique thought that it was a perfect song to slow-dance to. She stood and took Pete’s hand.

“Dance with me, big guy,” Monique said and smiled seductively.

Pete was off the love seat in a flash. Monique wrapped her arms around Pete’s waist, and Pete wrapped his arms around Monique’s shoulders. They began to sway to the music. Pete felt Monique’s breasts rub against his chest. Ther was no way to prevent an erection.

“Wanna join them?” Gina asked Marv.

“Sure,” Marv replied.

They stood, wrapped their arms around each other, and also began to sway to the music. The two moms and two sons were becoming more aroused by the minute.

Monique smiled at Pete and said, “I’m glad you like black women.”

Pete said shyly, “You’re a knockout.”

Monique looked seductively into Pete’s eyes and said quietly, “Thanks. Now would be the perfect time to kiss your date.”

Unable to resist, Pete pressed his lips against Monique’s full, sensuous lips.

A moment later, when Pete felt Monique’s tongue brush his lips, he opened his mouth and their tongues intertwined. Monique was pleasantly surprised that her nineteen year-old date was such a skilled, sensuous kisser.

Gina and Marv looked over at the other couple. Marv was surprised; Gina was not.

Gina grinned at Marv and said, “We can play at that game too if you’re interested, Marv?”

Gazing into the mature woman’s eyes, Marv could only nod. Having sex with a beautiful white woman had been Marv’s favorite fantasy ever since he’d discovered the pleasure of masturbation. Marv eagerly pressed his lips to Gina’s and squeezed her tightly. He pushed his tongue between Gina’s lips and into her mouth. She half-laughed, half-moaned at his aggressiveness. Not an experienced kisser like his mother, but still enjoyable, she thought. Even as she kissed Marv, Gina glanced over at her son. Pete continued to kiss and fondle the mature black woman.

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