Mom Knows Best Ch. 03

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John and his mother Sabrina have now pretended to be wife and husband for four years. She had had four children since, two from John, one from Prince Kyrhan when he had officially included her into his virtual harem. He had gathered all the women who had gotten involved with them and had knocked them up one after the other with the ascent of their husbands.

Sabrina’s last baby was the result of carelessness on her part. After she had delivered her baby sired by Kyrhan, the girls had taken a one month vacation with partners that had been chosen by the Prince and his wife. John had spent that month with Leena under the sun of Barbados while Sabrina went to Morocco with Dan, Kira’s French husband (read Good morning India series to fully understand the plot). Sabrina, whose Indian nickname of Sunita was beginning to stick, had been pleased to get acquainted with Dan at last. Sunita had not bothered to take pills during the whole month, not knowing that women who had just delivered were highly likely to get pregnant again immediately afterward. Too many cuddles were bound to produce a result. Sabrina had finally decided to keep the baby.

After so many events, Sabrina’s morality sense had loosened gradually. She now really considered herself as John’s wife, enjoying his company and taking care of him, his children and his household. She also held as her duty and pride to keep herself in good shape, exercising seriously in order to keep a very sexy appearance : she was wearing rarely skirts more than twelve inches wide, either at work or when she went shopping. Her skirts were usually of the wrap-around type to facilitate her moves when John was interested by a quickie on the dining table, under a porch or on the floor in their entrance hall. Still in order to please John, most of her skirts were in bright colors : red, pink, orange, light blue, green or white. It was sure to draw attention on the pretty little woman wearing them.

Sabrina wore also either low cut blouses or even transparent silk or similar flimsy fabric tops. Outdoors, she wore a pushup bra underneath but she always took it out at home or when they were partying. For sure, the very pretty Sabrina was invited with her husband to any party in the vicinity. What Sabrina tried to keep less widely known was that if she ostensibly did not wear a bra, she either never wore any underwear at all under her very short skirts, except the long stockings that went up nearly to her crotch. The wrap around skirt allowed her even to flash the lace top of her stockings when she was running of just walking a bit fast.

Her shoes had been chosen with the same aim to be as sexy as possible to please John. She had chosen mostly four or even five inches stilettos in matching colors to her skirts and tops. The only exception in her wardrobe was the numerous sarees she wore often at home or when traveling on plane to some warm weather country, a mute tribute to her submission to Prince Kyrhan.

The wanton exhibition of the treasures of her body was not a vain attempt to show off and focus the attention of any male around her but a deliberate acceptance of the challenge her son had unwillingly forced her to accept : she was seventeen years older than him and she wanted to compete with the girls his age he would meet in town. She would do her best to appear leaner, sexier, prettier and more wanton than any of them.

So far, she had totally succeeded : Just discovering her in some sexy outfit when coming back from work gave him a huge hard on he would immediately use in either of her holes. He loved especially to fuck her deep in her sexy, apple-shaped ass as Kyrhan had advised him to try. Each time, their mating ended with him shooting big wads of sticky and creamy white cum into her bowels. Feeling his sperm splashing again her rectal walls usually triggered her own earth shattering orgasms.

Another event that had had a tremendous effect on her was when they had carefully determined her fertile time and had purposefully gone to bed naked just at the propitious time. They had planned very seriously her breeding and she couldn’t have waited longer for him to make her a mother once more. That her own son would sire her grand children in her own womb was not of any importance for her anymore. She felt it was the duty of a loving wife to produce as many babies as her husband required. Their business was blossoming and he was planning a really big family. The only limitation would be the risks to her life after too many pregnancies but her gyn had told her that she had the wide hips of a woman able to produce ten babies or more without problems.

So the future appeared quite rosy for John and Sabrina. They even had occasional rather kinky encounters with Dan, Kira, Kyrhan or any of their friends who always spent a few days with them whenever they visited the States or received them when John and Sabrina were on vacations in France, England or India. These encounters nearly always culminated either canlı bahis in a night of hot wife swapping or in an equally hot threesome or foursome.

Sabrina and John just came back from a very hot week in Kyrhan’s palace with Leena and Preeti. Peter was also present. Including Kira, they were four women and three men. Preeti had proposed some sort of a raffle. The girls would be blindfolded, gagged and rendered deaf with earplugs. Their anonymity would be further guaranteed by a hood covering their heads and hair. Their cunt would be also shaved completely : Only Sabrina and Preeti would be concerned but that prevented them to be identified. They would choose a card among four : Those having chosen the King of spades or club would be escorted back to their bedroom by their own husband on a leash attached to a dog collar and tied with a short chain to a foot of their bed to sleep on the carpet naked. Their hands would be cuffed in their back and remain so the next day to prevent them to give themselves the release they desperately needed. It would be their punishment for not having chosen a good card!

The girl having drawn the King of diamond would be offered for the night to the team of twenty three Dalits working to repair the palace under Kira’s orders. They would be allowed to fuck her at will without any light, in any holes with the only limitation being that they shouldn’t try to know who they had been offered. That measure was meant to protect Kira’s prestige as the Dalits worshipped her and she had never dallied with them. After six draws, it would be very unlikely that she would avoid it as she observed it quite calmly.

The girl having drawn the King of Hearts would be led still by her husband to Kyrhan’s bedroom and she would entertain the three men all the night. The next day, she would permanently escort Kyrhan, catering for all his needs,

The problem was that a girl could always draw any black king and therefore would never be fucked in a week, an unlikely but possible situation. . . The pressure on a woman accustomed to be well fucked several times a day, knowing her friends were quite casually used and pleasured would be terrible.

The first draw sent the little Preeti to the Dalits’ bungalow, Kira and Leena to their bedrooms and Sabrina to the main bedroom. The men had not announced the results of the draw. Kira and Leena got very frustrated when they realized what would be their fate. Kira cried even a little when her wrists were cuffed to the bed post and she was left on the carpet. Preeti understood what would be her fate when she felt the cool outside air. She had never been gangbanged, just been fucked successively by several men and a few times double teamed. Servicing twenty three men in a single night would expand considerably her horizon.

Sabrina had felt she was the lucky one. . . All the men of the group were handsome, resilient, caring and above all were rather well endowed and had considerable staying power. The night would be very long and full of pleasures for her. Someone removed her gag, informing her that her mouth would be put to contribution as she had expected. It was to be immediate as she was pushed down on her knees and a proud cock banged against her lips. She opened dutifully her mouth and engulfed the big dick to the hilt in a single gulp. It was clearly not Kyrhan whose enormous girth she was still unable to swallow completely to her dismay but John and Peter had roughly the same length and thickness. She would never guess who would shoot the first load of the evening in her throat.

When the man had cummed in her mouth, she cleaned him with her tongue and she was helped up. In her blindfolded state, she had to be escorted whenever she had to stand up. They made her sit on a low armchair. Sabrina remembered it from the last time she had been in Kyrhan’s bedroom. It was a piece of French furniture Kira had found in Pondichery, called a crapaud (toad) armchair. Kira had shown her husband the many uses it could be put : the woman could either lie on it and slide down to have her back on the edge. It would be quite comfortable for her. The armchair was rather wide so if she rested her ankles on the armrests, her twat would be wide open with her pink flesh inside in full display. Her cunt and ass hole would be just handy to be used.

The girl could be also made to sit on her knees and her head leaning above the low back of the seat, just at the right height to provide a blow job for some lucky fellow. Someone would just have sat on the armchair before she had positioned herself. Her twat would be just above his erect cock. Finally her bottom would be in open view with her buttocks widely parted and her ass hole ready to receive a third visitor. A last advantage of this armchair was that the back of the armchair was at just the adequate height for her breasts to hang freely like apples on their branch, ready to be caressed, kneaded, mauled as her partners chose. That last job could be done by bahis siteleri one of the three men fucking her or other ones on the sides of the armchair but women could also join in. Kira had once gone further : she had used her free hands to frig two women while two others kneaded her fun bags. She had thus been able to entertain simultaneously that night four women and four men, the last one wanking in her hair. Such an armchair could just have been made in the eighteenth or nineteenth century in France or in Russia when such rather kinky parties were rather frequent.

This night would be less acrobatic as Sabrina would just have to service three men but it would be the first time she would be fucked in this famous armchair. She couldn’t wait to test it with John in either of her holes and her friends Kyrhan and Peter making her airtight as she had read it once. The first time she had been led by Peter to be bred by Kyrhan had been terribly upsetting for John but he was now less sensitive about it. When he had led her in, he was just sporting a huge erection, proof of his excitation at the idea of leading his wife-mother to be fucked by three men she would not see.

The men were chatting quietly. After a few minutes, the powerful voice of Kyrhan covered the ambient noise of soft music.

– My dear friends, I think it would be very unfair to our little Sunita to let her wait any longer. I propose that we really start the night. Peter has given her a small aperitive. Let’s proceed to the starters. John will have the honor of the seat.

Sabrina whose Indian name of Sunita had been given to her by Kyrhan himself was helped to stand. So the first man who had used her mouth was Peter. She was overjoyed to know that her hubbie would be the first one to spew his cum into her womb. Kyrhan was so big she would have no problem to identify him. She was beginning to really enjoy this new kinky idea. Leena had told her once how she had felt when she had discarded her pills on Kyrhan’s order just before her fertile time when she was alone with the Dalits at Shandrakor. She had been fucked she just didn’t remember the number of times by the twenty men of Kira’s team and their three leaders. She would never know who had fathered the baby who popped out nine months later. It would have been a thrill this evening for Sunita knowing that she was fertile and unprotected. Either Kyrhan or John could have fathered her next baby as Leena had implied once that Peter was sterile but she could also have drawn the King of Diamonds and would have spent the night in the Dalits’ bungalow, a not so unpleasant time still from Leena’s account of her adventures. Her baby would have been of rather dark complexion. She would have been the center of gossips in her neighborhood but she didn’t care at all.

Preeti was at that moment sheathed vigorously by two Dalits her friend Leena knew quite well : Daleep and Tajun. She was really enjoying the evening. Daleep had organized an alphabetical list and he had been the fourth in that list. He had chosen his friend Tajun to double team the young woman Dan and Peter, two of prince Kyrhan’s friends, had just led shamefully on a leash to their dwelling. She was wearing just a hood and her feet were bare. She was blindfolded and they could see neither her hair nor her mouth. She had been lucky that there was a lawn all the way from the palace, otherwise her feet would have been in a sorry state on the stones of the path. Peter was well known by the Dalits. He had accompanied the Prince and the Princess when Leena was fucked in their quarters and he had remained a full night watching her being gangbanged by them.

It was clearly the first time Preeti would service so much men and she was really afraid but determined to be up to the task. They would ream her properly. Afterward, she would be glad the next time she would be sent to their barracks. The woman was the first of six they would be given, one every day, Dan had told them. Daleep just wished that Leena would be one of them. They had seen her in the premises of the palace. Daleep knew by experience that she was not a sissy and that she would expect a sound fucking. He would be very glad to oblige and his colleagues would, too.

Returning to Sabrina, her back passage had finally been chosen by Kyrhan himself while Dan was busy fucking her mouth. She was taking her third dick of the evening with unhidden pleasure. They gently and slowly made sweet love to her. She met every thrust of her three lovers with one of her own. She moaned and screamed quite loud as they fucked on passionately. After a few minutes of very intense couplings, they swapped positions and the young American woman found herself impaling herself on the behemoth cock of Kyrhan while Dan was pushing himself into her loose ass hole and John was filling her throat. She had recognized her own intimate fragrance on his cock. She tensed progressively to prepare herself to the triple injection of their combined jizzm in her bahis şirketleri three holes. The feeling was so out of this word that she passed out but they continued to use her cunt and ass hole as she was unconscious. . .

The next day, Daleep’s wish was fulfilled as Leena chose the king of Diamonds and Preeti the King of hearts. Preeti’s mouth, ass and cunt were pretty sore after the previous night but she made all possible efforts for her partners not to notice her uneasiness when she was shagged too violently. Leena was recognized immediately when she was led to Daleep on her leash by her husband. Peter didn’t see the point of covering her eyes or hiding her hair as they knew her quite intimately. He took off her blindfold, and gag, leaving just the collar around her neck and the hanging leash. There was a roar of applauses when the Dalits discovered who they were offered that night. Peter had not left the room that Leena was hidden in the center of a mass of eager bodies, trying to find something to grab or some hole to penetrate. Daleep was still holding the leash in his hands, wondering whether he should try to enter the scrimmage. Kira and Sunita were led to their bedrooms for another night of loneliness. It was the second for Kira who was becoming rather frustrated. She cried again at the foot of her bed for a long time.

The third night was as lonely for Kira who was now nearly hysterical in her need. Kyrhan was very sorry for her but the rules they had decided together had to be followed. Leena had chosen the king of hearts but she was more seasoned than Preeti and she wouldn’t have minded to spend another night with the Dalits. Sunita chose the king of Diamonds and was in for the first real gang bang in her life. Kyrhan himself led her to the bungalow along with Peter on a double leash. He explained its inhabitants to be especially gentle with the woman he was bringing them. They surmised it was Kira they were offered for the night and they really were extremely careful with her, until a more severe pounding made her scream. They noticed that it was not Kira’s voice and their fucking lost its previous gentleness.

The fourth night saw Kira drawing the King of Diamonds and Preeti the King of Hearts. The young Australian woman was to be used again for the third time that week by the three men. She bit the bullet and went on, just wishing she would be by passed for the last two nights. Kira’s heart beat run pretty high when she realized that her Dalits would enjoy her body that night. She feared to reveal them who she was but, on another plane, she was relieved not to be left idle for another night. She managed not to allow a single revealing scream when the Dalit who was even better endowed than Kyrhan fucked her cunt. In the end, she got somewhat frustrated as each of them fucked her just twice and just a couple went for a third bout with her. Was she getting of so little interest to them? She realized when she was finally left to sleep that they had been waiting for her to reveal somehow her identity. As she had not emitted a single word or scream, they were keeping their strength for the next opportunity.

Unfortunately, Kira chose twice the king of Hearts afterwards and there she was back in perfectly known territory, fucked by her husband, John and Peter, one of their most intimate friends. For the last night, Sunita had chosen another time the king of Diamonds but, this time, she was quite eager to walk to the Dalits’ bungalow. She would have loved to ask John to watch her being rammed continuously for five hours but Kyrhan was waiting for him to come back and enjoy Kira with them. After the two girls who had drawn black kings had been led away to their bedrooms for a last lonely night, John alone led her to her fate. On the way, she made her hips swivel while walking in her eagerness. The Dalits were gentle if somewhat crude, they seemed never to get tired, always eager to fuck the pretty wench they were offered.

In the next afternoon, John and Sunita would fly back home. Work was waiting at home the day after. The couple was happy : the week with Kyrhan and Kira had been like heaven. The next event was a terrible showdown for them : Sunita, now again Sabrina was at her desk when someone entered unannounced : she stood up to put the intruder at his place when she recognized him : it was a cousin of her former husband, Todd. He knew her and her son so the pretence of them being husband and wife evaporated with his intrusion. He was a terrible threat for them as accusations of incest would ruin their business. . .

Todd perfectly knew his strength and wanted to show immediately his supremacy on them.

– So, my pretty cousin, you’re pretending to be married to your own son! What a shame!

– My, My. . . Oh Todd, what do you want? Money?

– First I want you to call to John in your office, immediately, on the double! And do not explain your reasons, otherwise . . .

– My god! Do you want to blackmail us?

– You got it! You’re so deep in shit I would be stupid not to take advantage on you. And your outfit is perfect for my needs : a short, wrap-over skirt, high heel stilettos, close fitting low cut top, the ideal for a whore!

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