Mom, Then and Now Ch. 01

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Please be aware that while this story is listed under “Incest & Taboo”, it also contains a number of scenes containing bisexuality—in this case Male/Male sex scenes. If that subject matter offends your sensibilities, please don’t read beyond this point.


It was a warm Sunday afternoon in June. Josh strolled through his making his way home from his summer job. He waved to neighbours washing their cars, mowing their lawns and basically doing all their various weekend chores. He and his mom had lived in the neighbourhood for as long as he could remember and he knew most of these people by name.

Judith Avers, his mom, was a successful realtor with her own branch office in the area. She was well respected in their neighbourhood as well as in the business community. She had raised Josh on her own, somehow completing her own education while raising a young boy to manhood.

She divorced her husband shortly after Josh was born so Josh never really knew him. He rarely if ever visited. The only consistent contact was a birthday present—delivered by messenger every June 25th. It had been a long time since Josh even looked at one those gifts—he usually tossed them straight into the garbage. They were typically something inappropriate like toys or games—things for a much younger child. He had written-off his father and rarely gave him much thought.

Arriving home, Josh scooped up the evening paper before entering. He called out to his mom but there was no response. He pulled off his tee-shirt and dabbed the sweat off his chest. He bounded down the stairs to the basement to use the only computer in the house. He stopped at the laundry room to toss in his sweaty garment. When he opened the door, his eyes caught a flash of skin, two long shapely legs and a full round ass.

“Oh my God, Josh!” His mom called out, “What are you doing sneaking up on me.”

“I called out when I got home,” he said. “What are you doing dressed like that?”

Judith was wearing the skimpiest of outfits. Shorts that were more like French-cut underwear with a thin translucent fabric top. Most of her ass was showing and Josh was more than impressed. Her ass was firm and round and, as she turned partially toward him, he saw her fine full breast pushing out against her top. He saw the outline of her areola in profile and an enormous protruding nipple.

“Get out of here and stop ogling me, young man,” she ordered, “I’ll explain after I’ve changed again—OUT!”

Josh shrugged, but he couldn’t resist taking one more peak before leaving. He always knew his mom was sexy but just seeing those extra bits made them all he could think about. He loved his mom and thought she was the most perfect woman alive. He had never seen her naked but often wished he had. She was a spectacular beauty with long flowing black hair and sparkling hazel eyes—her hourglass figure was accentuated by her large double ‘D’ cup breasts. She was the very definition of a MILF.

When he got to the computer he opened his email account and checked for messages. There was one from his best friend Colin and he opened it. ‘Dude, you need to check this out’ was all it said. He clicked on the link—a new window filled with the images of beautiful young naked women. It looked as though Colin had built himself a blog and filled it with some favorites.

“I can’t wait until you get your own computer Josh,” he heard his mom’s voice behind him.

He spun around in his chair. “Well, hopefully there’ll be enough from my earnings this summer for college books and a computer,” he said. “I think this is another of Colin’s attempts to become a porn magnate,” he laughed.

“Very funny,” she said. “Maybe if he was a little more like you, he’d have a scholarship as well. Then he wouldn’t be wasting time surfing porn.”

“Colin is just fine the way he is,” Josh defended his life-long friend. “Much as I hate to admit it, I surf porn too. Colin and I balance each other off, I keep him in check and he keeps me from being boring.”

If only she knew the whole story, Josh thought to himself. Geez, she’d probably disown me. Judith shook him from his thoughts.

“Hm, and how’s that plan working for you? I haven’t seen many girls around here in a while, maybe you could use a new wing man?” his mom chucked.

“So what was with that sexy little outfit?” Josh asked, deflecting her comment. “I’ve never seen you in anything like that before. Believe me I would have remembered. You sure beat anything on Colin’s page.”

“Why thank you,” she said, “I think that was a complement—that is if I ever wanted to look like those skinny little girls. I was washing a bunch of old clothes to give to charity and I tried something on to see if it still fit.”

“Pretty risqué for a charity and that goes double for you. Did you wear a lot of stuff like that at one time? Not that I’m criticizing, you looked seriously hot.”

“Alright, now THAT was a complement, and a nice one,” she walked over and kissed him on top of the head. “Yes, well avcılar rus escort I guess I’ve have had my wilder days, but they’re far, far behind me now.”

“That’s too bad,” he snickered. “Behind you, was looking pretty good a few minutes ago.”

“Over the line, young man. Watch that mouth of yours.”

“Oh come on mom,” he said, “I’ll be eighteen this week. Isn’t it time you start treating me more like an adult. I’m old enough to enlist and die for my country, I can vote, I can have sexual relations and even get married.”

“You’re right about all of that,” she admitted, “but until you add self sufficient and independent to that list, you’ve still got a boss, me. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when you’re a man.”

That stung but he just couldn’t be angry with her—she was an unbelievable mom, always had been. He wanted for nothing and she was always there for him. He watched her as she tidied up around the basement. She was wearing tight stretchy capri slacks with an oversized black tee-shirt. As she bent over, her ass stretched out the material with smooth clean lines. ‘Hm, she’s wearing a thong,’ he thought to himself ‘or maybe nothing’.

As Judith tidied, she realized the ogling wasn’t over. A strange feeling came over her as she placed her hands on her hips, tightening her tee-shirt and emphasizing her full breasts. It had the desired effect. His eyes darted to the fresh new target. ‘Enough of this,’ she thought as she shook off the feelings and continued tidying.

The next morning began as usual with the two of them scurrying around, preparing for work. Both of them started at 10:00 so breakfast was always around 8:30.

“What are your shifts like this coming week?” Judith asked.

“Good,” he answered, “all full days except for Wednesday, that’s my day off.”

“Great,” his mom said, “you’ve got your birthday off, can we celebrate together? Or would you rather do something special, like a party?”

“No, just you and is more than special enough. But then again, if you wore that little outfit…”

“Careful, Josh,” she raised an eyebrow at him. ‘He’s still thinking about it,’ she thought to herself.

After breakfast and some little pecks on the cheek, they both headed out at the same time. The week passed quickly and soon it was Wednesday morning. Josh awoke with a start to the sound of the front doorbell. He tripped his way down the stairs, still half asleep. It was a deliveryman with a parcel and he immediately knew what it was. After signing for it, Josh held the package in his hands sensing the size and weight of its contents.

He detached an envelope that was stuck to the top and read the message inside.

Happy Birthday, Josh, I’m especially sorry I can’t be there again this year. I’ll be working overseas for the next two years and travel options will be limited. This is a big year for you, son, graduating school with honors and starting college. I’m very proud of you.

I hope this gift will be just what you need for your new life as a college student. I know you’ll succeed and make your mom and I proud. Good luck son. Love, John.

He looked at the box again. It seemed too small to hold a brief case, although, what on earth would he need with one of those? He tore off the wrapping and to his amazement there was an apple logo on the box. ‘A computer,’ he thought, ‘he’s bought me a MacBook.’ He opened the box and slid out the sleek silver unit, placing it on the table. He opened it up and hit the power button—the signature chime sounded as the computer came to life. It was beautiful and he couldn’t believe Dad, his dad, had bought it for him.

Judith came down the stairs and stood behind him. She wrapped her arms around him hugging his chest as she kissed the side of his head. He reveled in the feeling of her luscious breasts pressing against his back.

“Happy Birthday sweetie,” his mom said as she squeezed him one more time. The sensation behind him intensified and he could feel swelling between his legs.

“Is that from John?” Judith asked.

“Yeah, I’m shocked. I was expecting a video game at best. This is pretty awesome.”

“He called me to ask what you needed. I told him you could use a computer for college,” she said. “He just got a bonus for going overseas and he blew a lot of it on that unit. It’s the top of the line.”

“Wow, I never knew you still spoke to him?” Josh said. “Well, this is one gift I think I’ll hang on to. Say, why aren’t you dressed for work?”

“Well we’re both pretty busy these days and I thought I’d take advantage of your day off and take one myself. Do you mind if I spend the day with you on your birthday?”

“Are you kidding?” He said. “That would be the best present of all. What were you thinking about doing?

Her heart warmed at the thought of her son being so happy to be with her. “I was thinking that, after a special breakfast, we could go out and shop for some new clothes for college.”

“Sounds avcılar türbanlı escort great, I could use a few new sweats and jeans.”

“After that, we can come home for lunch and then maybe lounge around the pool and spend time together.”

“Better and better, I’d love that—as long as it’s just the two of us,” he said with a smile.

Her face flushed as she felt an overpowering urge to grab him and hold him tight in her arms. She resisted.

At the mall they had a great time shopping and Josh was happy with all the new clothes. While walking through one of the stores, Josh stopped and leered at a mannequin sporting a beautiful but brief bikini. He looked at back at his mom and smiled, looking her up and down—they continued shopping. They were back home by noon and dropped armfuls of new clothes on the sofa. Judith went out back to make hamburgers the barbeque and they gobbled everything down like they were starving.

“Whew, I’m stuffed,” Judith said. “Let’s put on our suits and go lay down by the pool?

They went to their rooms to get changed but Judith had a little surprise planned for Josh. While he was trying on clothes at the store, she had doubled back to purchase the bikini he had noticed. She had a good Idea what he was thinking when he looked back at her and smiled. She hadn’t had time to try it on, but now, holding it in her hand… ‘No wonder the little bugger liked this’ she thought.

She put it on and checked herself out in the full-length mirror. The bottom was a very sexy high-cut ‘V’ in the front, but still presentable. The back, however, was basically a string thong. Between her legs there was just the tiniest strip of material and it teased at her clit and didn’t cover her labia at all. If she were to bend over her pussy would be in plain view. The top barely supported her ample breasts. It pushed them together very nicely though. Her cleavage was completely open with only a little tie string holding the cups together. The cups just barely covered her large areolas. Too much movement showed some of the deep pink that encircled her rigid nipples.

She sat on the bed trying to decide if she should go through with it. Then she remembered the look on his face when he caught her in the laundry room, especially when he looked back for that second peek. She recalled how it made her feel so sexy, something she hadn’t experienced in a long time. She would do it. She got up and marched downstairs and out the door to the yard.

Josh was already at the pool, skimming for leaves and debris. She approached with the confident gait of a runway model and Josh’s jaw dropped when he saw her. She stood at the edge of the pool and spoke to him as he stared at her from the side.

“Well, from the look on your face, I guess this old bod still has some street value,” she laughed. “I bought this after I saw you look at it in the store. When you looked me up and down and smiled, I figured you wanted to see it on me. Was I wrong?”

Josh’s eyes couldn’t seem to stay focused. He looked first here, then there, then like a laser he fixed on her tits. She looked down and both her areolas were half exposed. Quickly, she tucked them back in. Shrugging her shoulders she gave him a shy smile. She turned and gave him a look behind and his audible gasp made her shiver. She was completely enthralled by his reactions and his obvious lust to see her this way.

“I… I’m speechless,” he said, “Mom, you’re so hot it’s killing me. I probably shouldn’t be feeling like this but I can’t help it, you’re so incredibly sexy. You were right, I did want to see you in that suit. I knew you’d look unbelievable, but I never dreamed you’d do it. This is the most amazing thing you’ve ever done for me, thank you so much.”

His swim trunks strained with the pressure of his swollen cock and Judith chuckled at the sight. She wished she could see more of it—it looked as though he had quite a nice package down there. Her skin was on fire and her face burned as intense sensations coursed through her. Her heart raced making breathing more and more difficult.

“Oh dear,” she said, “you’re going to give me a swollen head. I just wanted to do something special for you. You sure seemed to enjoy that old outfit the other day. You’re probably seeing less now than you did then. I should go back and change. Put on something more modest now that you’ve had your treat.”

“Oh… oh God no,” he begged, “Please… just a little longer, it’s my birthday… please?”

“Oh dear, well all right then, but just a few minutes more. This is changing from an innocent treat to something quite inappropriate. But it’s your birthday and you ARE eighteen.”

“I’m sorry, Mom, there’s nothing innocent about the way you look right now. You’re sexier and more beautiful that anything I’ve ever seen—hands down.”

The little strip between her legs was driving her crazy as it rubbed her clit and labia. Every time she moved, even a little, she felt small avcılar ucuz escort shocks of pleasure. She was becoming very horny and she needed to get the suit off before it got her in trouble. She was wearing platform sandals and she had a mischievous idea.

“You know I think you’d like the suit better if I were bare footed. What do you think Josh?” And she slipped off her sandals.

“You’re right, looks even sexier, if that’s even possible,” he said.

“Good,” She turned and bent over giving him a nice flash of her pussy. She scooped up the sandals.

“Shit,” she heard him whisper behind her and that sent another shiver up her spine.

“All right,” she finally said, “that’s it for now. I’m beginning to feel pretty self-conscious. Maybe I’ll put it on for you again another day, that’s if you’re a good boy. Hell, I might shop for more suits like this to reward you now and then. Would you like that?”

“You’re kidding, right? Do that and just name your price. I’ll do anything to please you.”

“Oh my, I like that reaction. I might just do that then,” she gave him a sultry look.

She marched back to the house, deliberately swaying her ass as she went. Half way there she pulled the ties on the bottom and gathered it in her left hand. As she continued walking, her right hand reached behind her back and undid the top. She gathered that with her other hand. Josh watched her naked backside in wonder, but then he held his breath. As she approached the large glass patio doors, her reflection gave him a full frontal view of her beauty. She knew it and she smiled widely as she slid open the doors and walked in.

When she got back to her room she couldn’t believe what she’d done. ‘What’s wrong with me,’ she thought, “what kind of mother am I, parading myself in front of my young horny son?’

She lay on the bed as her hand quickly found its way between her legs. In no time she was rolling side to side on the bed in the grips of a powerful orgasm. She went to the washroom and cleaned up before putting on a more demure two-piece swimsuit that still flattered her features. When she got back outside, Josh couldn’t stop looking at her.

“What are you looking at now? She said. Everything’s pretty much covered up, you’ve seen me in this suit plenty of times.”

“I know,” Josh answered, “but I can’t un-see what I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing now, all I see is that amazing ass and those big beautiful tits pushed up together. Not to mention the pretty shaved ‘V’ over your pussy that I never knew about. I got a pretty clear view of that gorgeous pussy too when you bent over—looked a little damp.”

“Imagine what you want, just don’t talk to me that way. I’m your mother, not some tramp you picked up. Treat me with more love and respect if you ever expect repeat performance. I wore something daring for you because I felt you were old enough to deal with it. Don’t make me rethink that decision, or any future decisions for that matter.”

But deep down she did like the language he had used. She wanted to hear more but she dare not act on it. This had already gone much too far. They lay by the pool together all afternoon talking until dinner. Judith ordered sushi from Josh’s favorite restaurant and they had some sake with it.

“So tell me, Josh, why aren’t you and Colin dating more girls these days? There used to be lots of them hanging around.”

“Well it’s kind of complicated. We both had finals and I was tutoring Colin. It was a great way for me to study as well. Even though I finished in the top ten, Colin did very well himself.”

“That’s not so complicated. That’s nice, I didn’t know that. You’re such a good boy and a really good friend as well.”

Yeah, maybe if you knew what else we were doing you wouldn’t be so proud, he thought.

At the end of the evening they both went up to bed and Judith wished him a happy birthday before kissing him goodnight. Josh entered his room and immediately called Colin to tell him about his day.

“No fucking way,” Colin shouted, “Your mom is such a MILF, I can’t believe you saw so much. What do you think it means? Do you think she’ll do it again?”

“I don’t know,” Josh said, “I’m so horny right now, I wish you were here sleeping over so I could get some relief. I’m going to have to take care of myself tonight.”

“Sorry about that kiddo,” Colin replied, “I’d love to help you out but it would look pretty weird me showing up so late for a sleepover.”

“Yeah, I know. Well see you at work tomorrow then.”

Colin and Josh were no strangers to each other’s bodies. As children they explored each other discovering the nature of their sexual parts. They had played with each other for years, graduating from handjobs to blowjobs and even anal now and again. They were both very bisexual now and saw no shame in helping each other out sexually. They both craved pussy, but a nice juicy cock was great substitute at times. Long ago, they had discovered it was the easiest way to get relief when they needed it. No questions asked, easy as pie. Why should girls have all the fun, they thought.

During finals, they were studying day and night and there just wasn’t time for girls. Whenever they got horny, they were happy to take care of each other, no talking, no foreplay, no involvements, just relief.

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