Mommy Daycare Ch. 05

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Chapter Five: Finale


Kaden sat cuddled with Jaina on the couch. He had his fingers gently working her pussy, while she in turn stroked his cock up and down.

Mostly they were just relaxing together. Sure it was a pretty intimate and sexual position, which the two of them very much enjoyed when they could get little moments like that, but it had far more to do with unwinding from the day than with any horniness or sexy thoughts.

“So Alanna got picked up,” Jaina murmured.

“Mmhm. And Livy got walked home.”

“Still on her leash?”

“Yep. She doesn’t even really try to protest anymore.”

“She can’t very well. She won’t hardly take the collar off. Hard to keep acting like she doesn’t like it.”

“She still gets all embarrassed when I walk her out by the road like that.”

“But she still goes for it.”


Jaina grinned and nuzzled against Kaden. He kissed her cheek and buried his two fingers deeper into her pussy, making her sigh happily.

“Mom and Mary are occupying themselves,” Jaina said.

“Yup. Getting very good at that.”

“Another sleepover, you think?”

“I assume so.”

“Does Mary even go home anymore?”

“Not often. Riley either.”

“Ha, yeah. She loves us.”

“Or she’s horny.”



“Where is Ri, anyway?”

“Dunno. Somewhere, I think. Her car was still outside last I saw. Haven’t seen her though.”

Kaden and Jaina kept snuggling and rubbing each other, relaxing into deeper, sexier cuddles. As it turned out, the mystery of Riley’s whereabouts was soon answered anyway.

An odd clicking sound grew louder and louder from the hallway. Kaden craned his neck, but didn’t see anything yet. He met Jaina’s eyes and they both shrugged.

A moment later, Riley appeared. She was naked and padding in soft bare feet, but she had a pair of leashes in her hand, and following close behind were the sources of the odd noise.

Luna and Mary were far more dressed up than usual. Which wasn’t to say they were actually covered in any meaningful way, because they weren’t.

They were both wearing high heels, hence the clicking sounds on the floor, as well as thigh high stockings. They had some tactical makeup on, some cute earrings, and their hair done up elegantly. Collars around their necks led to the leashes in Riley’s hand. As they got closer, Kaden could see that they were also holding their hands behind their backs for reasons of handcuffs around their wrists.

Neither woman wore anything other than that. They were outfits designed specifically to arouse, rather than feign any kind of modesty. And boy did they have the intended effect.

Kaden pushed his fingers hard into Jaina, rubbing his palm against her clit. Her grip tightened around his cock at the same time.

The moms looked a little shyer than usual, probably due to their outfits, but just as horny as ever. Kaden noted the glistening already present on the inside of their thighs.

Riley led Luna and Mary directly in front of Kaden and Jaina. She undid their leashes, then gave each of their butts a few swats until they stepped forward and carefully clambered into the waiting laps. Luna straddled Kaden and settled into his lap, Mary sat in Jaina’s.

“Well hello,” Kaden murmured.

“Hi there,” Luna said back just as quietly.

They both moaned softly as Luna slipped closer and pressed her wet pussy against his twitching cock.

Kaden reached around and ran his fingers along Luna’s restraints. He couldn’t remember anyone putting her in handcuffs before. It was kind of a nice touch. She was totally helpless to him feeling her up as much as he wanted, as if she’d protest anyway.

Still, Kaden grabbed big handfuls of his mom’s ass, squeezing and playing with her. Jaina was taking similar liberties with Mary right next to them, delighting both mothers.

“This is a nice surprise,” Kaden said. “But what’s it all about?”

Riley grinned, taking a seat nearby to watch the fun, idly swinging the unattached leashes in her hand. “Our moms have something to ask you.”

“Oh do they?”


“And you know what it is?”

“Yep. I thought it’d be fun to seduce you guys a little before asking. They didn’t take much convincing.”

Kaden believed it. Luna was grinding pretty hard on him already, slicking his shaft with her pussy. Mary was wiggling around in Jaina’s lap just as eagerly. Both moms trying to grind on their respective lap and get some relief for their obvious excitement.

Jaina sucked on Mary’s tits, alternating in a lazy rhythm. She toyed with Mary’s butt plug too, the one item of ‘clothing’ that Kaden had failed to initially note. Reaching around, he found that of course Luna was wearing her plug too, and was very happy to have it played with while she rubbed herself off on her son’s dick.

“I’d consider myself well seduced,” Kaden said before burying his face in his mom’s boobies.

“Mmm. Me too,” Jaina concurred between mouthfuls of Mary’s tits.

Luna cooed ankara escort at Kaden’s attentions. “Babies… ooh, Kaden could you stop for a minute?”


Riley giggled and threw her legs over the side of her chair, relaxing and enjoying herself. In between journeys to Luna’s cleavage, Kaden caught Riley casually playing with herself, fingering her little pussy to the show in front of her.

“We really want to ask you something,” Luna said.

“So ask.”

“You’re making it very hard.”

“No you are.”

Kaden thrust against Luna to make his point.

“Ooh. I didn’t mean that.”

Jaina cracked up, unable to keep quiet any longer even for the reward of sucking on Mary’s tits. “Ask your question, Mom.”

Kaden continued to torment Luna, pulling her against his cock, tugging on her butt plug, nuzzling her boobs, and occasionally nipping at her nipples. Somehow, she managed to focus sufficiently in spite of him.

“Babies, how would you feel about Mary moving in with us?”

“Permanently?” Kaden asked.


He shrugged. “Pretty good. Jay?”

“Good with me,” Jaina concurred as she slipped a pair of fingers up Mary’s little cunny.

“I’m being serious,” Luna said, pouting a bit but unable to pull away from her son’s affections.

“So are we,” Kaden assured her.

“I don’t think you are.”

“No really, Mom,” Jaina said. “She’s already practically moved in. We just kind of assumed it was gonna naturally happen.”


“Yeah,” Kaden said. “And honestly, we’d never have a problem with it. We want you to be happy.”

“And… if Mary is, like, my girlfriend?”

“Again, we basically assumed that.”

“You should really get married,” Jaina said. “So Riley can be our official sister.”

Luna went red. “I don’t know about that… not just yet.”

“We can talk about it,” Mary said softly. “But not for the sake of your kinks, darling,” she said before bending her neck to kiss Jaina deeply.

“Like you guys even need it to be official,” Riley said sneaking over to kiss Kaden and Jaina in between the moms making out with them. “You’ve been trying to get me to be your sister for a while now.”

“Well you basically are,” Jaina said. “You always were like the sister I never had.”

“And now you think it’s hot.”

“Well… yeah. It is, though.”


Jaina pulled Riley in for a longer, deeper, very sisterly kiss. The couch got to feel very crowded all of a sudden, but in the best possible way, with too many naked, horny, out of control family members squeezed into too small a space.

Kaden loved the idea. Having Mary for a mom and Riley for a sister. They’d already basically been there anyway, but making it semi-official was nice.

Kaden took his turn kissing Riley when Jaina was done. “My brand new sister,” he mumbled in between meetings of their lips.

“Mmhm. You love that, don’t you?”

“Kinda do, yeah.”

“And a new mommy?”

“Loving that too.”

Riley kissed Kaden again, running her hand up the back of his head. “I never had a brother before.”

Jaina giggled. “Having a brother’s pretty great.”

“You’d know if anyone would.”

“Damn right I would.”

Riley alternated back and forth making out with her new sibs. She took some turns kissing their moms too, but mostly her brother and sister. She found herself crowded in and trapped when Luna and Mary finally couldn’t hold out and started lovingly kissing each other.

They all finally had to break it up. There just wasn’t enough room. Luna had cummed once while grinding on Kaden’s dick, but she was the only one. And she was still just as worked up as everyone else.

The moms were made to walk ahead on the way to what was now probably their room now, rather than just Luna’s. They were both a bit wobbly from grinding around and getting all horny, plus having their hands cuffed behind their backs.

Kaden thoroughly enjoyed watching Luna and Mary try to walk with some sense of decorum, and fail entirely. Their butts looked so good, so very lickable. Their plugs kept drawing his attention even when he tried to look elsewhere. Their thigh highs and heels only added to the juiciness of the twin mommy asses parading in front of him.

His sisters were very distracting too, spending the whole time following their moms rubbing up on him and grabbing his butt. Kaden playfully fended them off in a way that kept them both close and allowed him to grope them right back.

The bedroom itself was an initial free for all. Luna and Mary were attacked from various angles, totally helpless against whatever their kids wanted to do to them, much to their obvious delight.

Kaden found himself drawn to eating Mary’s pussy and kind of just settled there until he made her cum.

Jaina and Riley swapped around quite a bit more, kissing, licking, fingering, groping, and eating whatever they wanted. Sometimes including Kaden, but mostly their mommies.

“Jeez, think I need to get a strapon rolling here,” Jaina escort ankara mumbled around Luna’s pussy. “Mom’s so wet.”

“Mmhm. Good thing I anticipated that,” Riley said.

Jaina laughed approvingly as Riley pulled out a pair of strapons she’d left close at hand. The two of them took turns getting all set up while the other helped Kaden keep the moms busy.

Luna definitely knew what was coming. Mary wasn’t quite as quick on the uptake, and seemed to be losing herself more in the moment. In both cases, they were perfectly happy to be thrown around some if it meant more sexy fun with their children.

They got Luna and Mary face down, ass up, side by side on the bed. The horny, eager mommies arched their backs and presented their pussies so prettily for their daughters, and Jaina and Riley each easily slid in with their strapons.

“Mmm, babyyy,” Luna moaned.

“That’s it,” Mary hissed. “Make Mommy cum.”

Kaden grinned and watched the two wanton moms get pounded by their daughters. Jaina and Riley swapped back and forth at whim, just two sisters taking their moms for some long, hard rides.

“Where’s the key for the cuffs?” Kaden asked.

“Why?” Riley asked curiously.

“‘Cause they can’t keep their faces up with no hands free.”

“So? They don’t mind.”

“I know. But how can they suck me off like that?”

Riley giggled. “Fair enough.” She smacked Luna’s butt with a sharp crack of her hand, then dug her fingers in and wiggled her palm. “They should have something to keep their mouths busy, shouldn’t they?”

Luna and Mary both moaned approval. Luna also kept sticking her ass up hintingly until Riley finally spanked her some more. Jaina laughed and smacked Mary’s butt some too.

The moms got lots more spankings as the girls felt it appropriate.

Kaden, meanwhile, retrieved the key and unlocked Luna and Mary, letting them have a little more control over their own positions. It was mainly selfish, as he sat himself right between them, leaning back against some pillows by the headboard, and let them come to him.

Luna and Mary were near-simultaneous in nosing over to his hard, dripping cock. They started with small licks, just cleaning him of his own precum, but quickly moved on to longer swipes of their tongues, as well as sucking on his shaft, or fully engulfing him in their mouths.

They took turns so nicely, sharing their son’s cock like good little mommies. If one was bobbing her head on him, the other was probably sucking on his balls until they could swap. At other times they both nibbled on him, engaging in sloppy kisses around his pulsing shaft. All the while being jostled slightly as Jaina and Riley fucked them so good.

The girls pounded their mommies mercilessly until each had cummed at least twice and really taken the edge off. By that time Luna and Mary were still suckling on Kaden, but in a lazier, less needful kind of way.

“You know what we really should do?” Jaina said while toying with pulling Luna’s butt plug halfway out and letting it slip back in.

“What’s that?” Riley asked.

“Well, there’s three of us, and our mommies each have three sexy little holes…”

“Ooh, that’s a good thought.” Riley smacked Mary’s butt. “What ya think, Mom? Want all three of your kids in you at once?”

Mary whimpered softly, but very quickly lifted her butt up wantonly in the air, ready for the promised triple-fucking.

“I think that’s a yes,” Jaina giggled.

“How could it not be?” Riley said.


Luna graciously rolled to the side, gently playing with herself while Mary got all the attention. Her eyes were full of love and adoration, and her pussy was clearly staying flooded as she watched.

Jaina and Riley went straight at Mary’s butthole. They popped out her plug and cheerfully set about licking her out like crazy, as much together as they could, even though for practical purposes one at a time was much better.

They also used some proper lube for Mary’s bum, taking turns getting their probing fingers all nice and deep inside.

Eventually, Jaina squirmed her way underneath Mary and guided her mommy to lower herself on her strapon. Once Jaina was in, while Mary was still moaning softly and adjusting, Riley poked into her ass. Mary’s moans got louder and she stopped moving so much while Riley worked her way in.

Kaden had to stop relaxing and actually join in too. He got on his knees and offered his cock to Mary, who had to be helped some as she was very busy getting double-penetrated already by her daughters. Probably getting her butt and pussy fucked at the same time for the first time ever, he would guess. Nevermind getting triple-teamed, and all in such a familial way.

Luna rubbed herself hard as she watched, eyes shining. She met Kaden’s gaze and smiled at him. He winked right back. Both were already eager for when it would be her turn to be so very filled up.

Kaden, Jaina, and Riley all happily fucked one of their moms just as hard as they pleased while the other watched and rubbed herself ankara escort bayan off.

Mary was very soon a sloppy, moaning, gaping mess as her face, pussy, and ass were all liberally used by her horny kids. And, in fact, the sibs all swapped around a few times and made sure they all had a turn in each hole. She was getting ever so well-fucked, as the creaminess of her cunny attested to.

“You gonna blow yet?” Jaina asked Kaden.

“Pretty soon, yeah. Why?”

“‘Cause you should do it all over her.”

“Not in her?”

“Nah. I mean, that’d be hot too. But just, like, coat Mary, I think.”

Riley nodded. “Yess, cover Mommy.”

Mary had no objections. She’d cummed several times herself while being pounded from all angles, and went rather limp as she was laid out on her back. She did, at least, open her mouth wide and stick out her tongue as Kaden began shooting a load all over her. She caught some, but most streaked hot and messy across her face, tits, and tummy.

Jaina and Riley had already started on Luna by the time Kaden had finished dousing Mary. Riley face-fucked Luna while Jaina stretched out her bumhole, leaving Kaden to somehow wiggle underneath and fill up her pussy.

Luna was tight and wet, and very ready for her turn getting banged by her kids. Kaden could feel Jaina in Luna’s ass, the two of them sharing her from below and stuffing their mommy fuller than ever before.

From her position, Jaina was much better able to thrust her hips and fuck Luna good. Kaden felt every motion of his sister sliding back and forth, in and out of their mommy.

It was so hot taking their moms this way. Not least of which because it fully demonstrated how slutty the moms could be for their kids, and how much they loved the chance to do so. Luna and Mary were so happy and horny to have their throats, pussies, and bums all stuffed full and fucked hard.

It was even better for Kaden when he got to swap out and take Luna’s ass. He was able to kneel behind her and really drill her deep, as Jaina had been doing a moment ago. Her mommy-ass was so perfect for fucking, and even better while Riley had her pussy all stuffed full to add to the tightness and Luna’s general horniness.

“Goddamn,” Jaina moaned. “How have we never done this before?”

“Well, usually we got too many moms all at once to give so much attention to one of them at a time,” Kaden pointed out.


“Plus… I think maybe it took a while for us to realize how much they’d love it.”

“Hehe, I don’t know. I think it’s been pretty obvious for a while how slutty they can be for their chil-dren.”

Luna moaned around Jaina’s strapon. Jaina stroked her head like a good pet. Kaden simultaneously smacked Luna’s butt while fucking her in long, deep anal strokes. He spanked her some more as he felt her tighten and push back against him, eventually leaving her bum nice and pink.

When it came time for fucking Luna’s mouth, Kaden was pretty sure he’d never seen his mom so eager to suck his cock. Even though it was all flavoured with her own pussy and ass, as well as Mary’s, not to mention any lingering taste of cum. Then again, maybe all those tastes were exactly why she was so interested. That and the thrill that must come from being such a slutty mommy.

Luna had definitely cummed while he was pounding and spanking her butt. She came again while the girls shared her pussy and ass. Around that time, Kaden was about at his limit again too.

Everyone pulled out and let Luna roll on her back to take a hot cum shower all over her face, boobs, and tummy, just like Mary had. The moms matched so nicely afterward. Both all stretched, gaping, panting, and cummy.

They lay on their backs together for a moment before Mary rolled on top of Luna, and the two started making out and swapping Kaden’s cum. Kaden gave Mary a few smacks on her wiggling butt to try and make it as pink as Luna’s.

Jaina tackled Kaden before he could make quite enough progress. “Fuck, I need my brother in me so bad right now,” she hissed in between hard, deep-tonguing kisses.

Riley giggled and slapped Jaina’s butt where it was sticking up. “Well don’t hog him too much. I need some too.”

Jaina groaned softly, then reluctantly pried herself off Kaden. “You’re right. You should go first.”

“No no. I don’t wanna steal him from you. You have a cum first.”

But Jaina clearly had her mind made up already. “No way. It’s our first time fucking you as our sister. This is special.”

“What do you mean ‘our’?”

Jaina grinned and winked at Kaden. “You get it, right?”

Kaden had a reasonable idea, which turned out to be exactly correct.

Riley squealed and flailed playfully as Kaden and Jaina teamed up on her, wrestling her into submission and getting her strapon harness off. They went at her together, kissing and groping, licking and tickling.

“Our brand new sister,” Kaden whispered.

“Stoooppp,” Riley whined, just before fiercely kissing Kaden again and removing all force from her plea.

“We’re not gonna stop,” Jaina promised her. “We need to show you how much we love you.”

Kaden snorted. “Is that what we’re gonna show her?”

“Well… something like that.”

“But really we’re just gonna both do her at once, yeah?”

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