Mom’s Panty Help

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18 year old Jarrod stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom and looked down at his rock hard cock trying to push its way out of his swim team Speedo. He woke up with a raging hard on and that had been three hours ago. He had tried everything to get rid of it but it just would not go away. He had stroked it several times but to no avail. He could not get his nut off and it was getting pretty uncomfortable between his legs not to mention embarrassing considering he had to be at swim practice in an hour. He certainly could not walk out of the locker room in his current state. What was he going to do? He hadn’t even left his bedroom yet because he didn’t want his mother or sister seeing him the way he was.

Suddenly there was a knock at his bedroom door. “Honey, are you okay?” It was his mother. “You didn’t come down to breakfast and practice is in an hour. You know you should eat something before you go and jump in that pool.”

“I’m not hungry!” he called. “I’ll get something after.”

“Well then let me in to get your laundry,” she huffed, “I’m getting ready to start a load. I already have your sister’s stuff and I want to get yours.”

I’ve got a load, he thought to himself. “Just give me a minute, Mom.” Jarrod grabbed his team sweat pants, stepped into them and pulled them up his legs trying to cover his enormous cock that was leaking a heavy flow of pre-cum into his tight suit. He grabbed his sweat shirt and wrapped it around his waist, tying the arms over his bulge hoping to make it disappear. I really didn’t help much but he went to let his mother in his bedroom anyway. He stepped to the door, unlocked it, pulled it open and stepped to the side to allow his mother access to his room.

38 year old Hannah Jenkins stepped into her son’s room with a laundry basket tucked under her arm. She brushed past her son, who was standing next to the door a little hunched over, and wondered why he was looking so flushed. “Are you feeling okay, honey? You look a little pale. And why are standing there like that. Do you have stomach ache or something?” she asked, a look of concern appearing on her face.

“No nothing, mom.” he said a little too fast turning from her so that she couldn’t see what he was trying to hide between his legs. “It’s just a little cramp that’s all.” He limped away from her toward his closet to retrieve his dirty clothes for her.

Hannah put the basket holding his sister’s clothes beside his bed and said, “Jarrod, are you sure you’re okay? Turn around and let me look at you. Come on honey maybe I can help.”

Jarrod swallowed hard and turned to face his mother who was now sitting on the edge of his bed staring directly at him.

“Come here honey,” she beckoned him, “let me see if you have a temperature.” She held out her hand and encouraged him to move closer to where she sat.

As Jarrod approached her she noticed him keeping his hands in front of himself as if he were trying to hide something. “What’s wrong, dear? What do you have there? What are you trying to hide from me?”

“Nothing mom,” he replied through clenched teeth.

“Well then, move you hands.” She said with mock irritation.

Jarrod slowly moved his hands away and saw his mother’s eyes widen when she realized what he had been covering up. He stood with his hands at his sides and felt his embarrassment rise as his mother scrutinized his “problem.”

Hannah’s mouth went dry as she sat staring at her son who was sporting a very large lump in the front of his sweat pants. She thought she could actually see it throbbing inside its confines. She had never seen anything so huge bakırköy üniversiteli escort before. He certainly did not take after his father, though he was no slouch in the cock department either. She felt her panties dampen as she wondered what it would look like in the light of day. She noticed the look of sheer embarrassment on her son’s face and tried to assuage it by saying, “It’s perfectly alright dear. Things like this happen sometimes. It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed about. You’re a normal healthy boy and sometimes THEY,” she pointed to his problem, “have a mind of their own. Why don’t you go into the bathroom and take care of it.”

“That’s the problem, mom.” Jarrod said exasperatedly. “I can’t get rid of it. Nothing I do does any good. I woke up with it and it is really starting to hurt some. Should we call the doctor or something?”

“I think we can probably take care of your problem without a trip to the doctor. Come closer so I can get a better look.”

He took a few steps toward his mother and stopped when he was a foot in front of her. She had spread her legs to either side of him and he noticed that her skirt had ridden up and he could see the bright yellow silky panties she was wearing. Hannah made no move to cover herself up. He could see a wet spot forming on the front of her damn sexy panties. His cock throbbed out more pre-cum as she let him look.

Hannah saw him staring at her. “You like to see mommy in her panties?” she cooed and spread her legs farther apart, forcing her skirt even higher and exposing more of her panties to him.

Jarrod croaked out a very hoarse “yeah” and licked his lips. He used his mother’s and sister’s panties every now and then to jerk off with but to see his sexy mother still in them made him ache all the more. He watched his hot mother rub the front of her panties with her right hand grabbing for the waistband of his sweats with the other. Hannah tugged at the knot on the drawstring of his sweats and her son’s pants fell to his ankles. She took a quick intake of breath as she ogled the obscenely large cock her son possessed straining against its bright blue nylon prison.

“My but you have made as mess of your Speedos, young man.” She said watching his pre-cum flowing freely through his swim suit. “I’ve never seen a cock leak so much. You must have some set of nuts to go with that monster.” She teased.

Jarrod self-consciously reached to cover himself again and Hannah stopped him. “Don’t be embarrassed by it, honey. Be proud of it. Any girl would be damned appreciative to discover what you have in your pants. I think most guys only wished they had what you do.”

With that she hooked her fingers into the waistband of his Speedos and began to slip them slowly down his muscular legs. She leaned forward a little to get more leverage and the waistband pushed down past his throbbing member releasing it form its confines. His 11 inches snapped up and hit his mother in the chin, smearing a large blob of pre-cum on her lips. Her tongue flickered out and tasted her son’s essence for the first time. The freshness of it made her head swim and her pussy gush into her already soaked panties.

Jarrod’s swollen cock head pulsed only inches form her face. Hannah reached out, grasped it in her hand and felt the full weight of the cock her son had sticking straight out from his loins. She pumped it slowly a few times letting her hand become slick with her son’s juices. It felt like steel in her palm. God he had been carrying this thing around all morning. It was a wonder he bakırköy bdsm escort hadn’t passed out from having all the blood in his body re-routed to keep this monster hard for so long.

Hannah pumped his large fuck stick slowly marveling at how much juice was leaking form her son. It was a steady river that coated her hand with a slimy slick coating that she could smell when she leaned closer to him. She waived the huge cock head under her nose and took a big inhalation of his boy scent sending shivers to her pussy which throbbed in her little yellow panties.

She reached up to cup her son’s swollen nut sack. It was smooth and hairless and extremely bloated. His two egg sized balls jumped in their confines as she tickled them with her long manicure nails. This made his cock let out a long stream of pre-cum which dripped from the head and stretched toward her ample bosom. Before it reached her shirt, she stuck her tongue out and followed the string back to his head and gently kissed the tip siphoning the juices from his overly swollen mushroom cap as if sucking a milkshake through a straw.

Jarrod let a low moan. “Mom,” he said shakily, “No one has ever done that before. Your lips are so soft. I can feel something happening but my balls still ache so much. Show me your panties again. You look so hot in them.”

“I’ll go one better, my little boy,” she said looking up into his wide open eyes lovingly, “if you like them so much, I’ll let you look at them up close.” She held just the very tip of his throbbing cock in her lips, lifted her ass slightly off the bed and tugged her panties down her very shapely legs. When she had the silky wet panties in her hand she offered them to her speechless son and said, “I know you use my and your sister’s panties to relieve yourself sometimes so go ahead and sniff on these wet dirty panties and see if that helps you pop that gigantic nut backed up your sweet balls. Go a head, naughty boy, sniff mommy’s dirty panties.” She grasped his cock again and speeded up her pumping.

Jarrod took the wispy yellow panties from his mother with shaky hands and held the soaked crotch to his nose and took a huge sniff. His cock grew another half inch as he inhaled her heady aroma. Panties fresh from his mother’s wet pussy were better than any pair he had previously sniffed on. “Oh my God, mom,” he moaned around the wet gusset covering his nose, “the wet spot in you panties smells incredible. My nuts are really tingling now. I’m so close.”

“Wait,” Hannah said sexily, “We don’t want you to make a mess all over Mommy. You’ll need something to dump that big load into. Hold on and let me see if there is something in here.” She said rummaging through the laundry basket by his bed.

“Ah, her we go.” She said with a smile in her voice as she pulled a pair of his sister’s hot pink silky bikini panties form the basket. “These should do just fine. She must have had these on last night on her date with Jon. The pussy stain in them is rather large and they’re still damp. Would you like to dump your load into your sister’s dirty panties?” She smiled up at him showing him where his sister had left her naughty mark in the silky panties.

Jarrod couldn’t speak as his nasty mother placed the head of his leaking cock into the crotch of his sister’s panties and began to pump him with renewed vigor. His juices rewetted the mess that his sister left behind as his pre-cum soaked through the dirty gusset.

Hannah leaned in and again waived his giant cock under her nose taking the smells of her extremely excited son and her 19 year bakırköy elit escort old daughter as well. “My goodness,” she cooed to his throbbing member, “you’re going to cum right in your sister’s dirty little pussy stain aren’t you? You’re going to fill these silky pink panties up and by the way your looking, that should be real soon.” Hannah pumped him even harder and noticed that her daughter’s panties were stuck to the head of his engorged cock head. “Go ahead, darling boy, let Mommy fix your problem. You need to cum in your sister’s panties. I want you to cum right in her naughty pussy stain. Soak her dirty little panties with that huge load.”

Jarrod looked down at his sexy mom jerking his giant fuck stick in his sister’s panties and could not hold back the flood of cum that had been building up in his bloated balls all morning. His mother’s panties smelled way too good! And she was pumping him so hard in his sister’s panties.

“Mom, something’s happening! I’m gonna cum! Keep pumping, I’m gonna cum! Make me cum in Sissy’s panties! I need to cum so bad! I’m gonna unload in her dirty panties. Here it comes!” and with a loud shout Jarrod began pumping his pent up seed into his sister’s panties.

The first blast pushed through the soaked material of his sister’s dirty gusset and made a large dollop of thick white cum cling to the thin silken panties. The second blast added another large dollop of his cream to the mess and completely covered his swollen head. His load was thick and viscous and clung to the dirty panties wrapped around his cock.

The sight of her son’s thick mess pushing through her daughter’s dirty panties was too much for Hannah. Her sons load was inches from her mouth and she leaned forward and stuck her tongue into the large glob of cum clinging to her daughter’s panties. As the third large blast shot into the panties, Hannah opened he mouth and let the head of her son’s emptying cock rest between her slimy lips. She kissed and sucked and tasted her son’s cum mixed with the mess her daughter had left in the sexy panties. His load was so huge it was completely obliterating her full luscious lips. She used her index finger and swiped a large cum drip from her chin and hurriedly thrust it into her sopping pussy. She rubbed her son’s thick cum on her clit and came instantly.

She held on tight to her son’s softening cock as her giant orgasm subsided. She pumped him a few more times making sure his balls were completely and utterly empty. She licked the remains of his load off her hand as she removed her daughter’s panties from his spent cock. She used her daughter’s panties to wipe the thick cum from her lips and chin and then held them up so her son could watch her clean all the mess out them with her tongue. When she was finished she tossed them back into the basket of dirty clothes.

“There,” she said lifting his now deflated cock, “this should fit into those little Speedos of yours now.”

With that she pulled his swim suit back up and tucked his very happy cock back in the tight nylon. “Jump in the water as soon as you get there and no one will notice the mess in you Speedos.” She gave his big bulge a kiss and told him to pull his sweat pants back up if he didn’t want to be late for practice. “You can keep my yellow panties for later when you get back from swimming. I’m sure there is more in those giant balls of yours to load them up later.”

She stood, gave him a peck on the cheek and gathered his soiled clothes from the closet. “Wait a minute,” he said to Hannah as she was leaving his room. “I need something else for later, too.” He sifted through the basket she held and came up with a silky purple pair of his sister’s dirty panties. “These will do just fine!” he said and stuffed both his mother’s and sister’s panties under his pillow.

As she left his room heading for the laundry, Jarrod quickly pulled his sweats up and raced out to practice. He wanted to get back home as soon as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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