Morning Playtime 03

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Big Tits

“So – didja?”

“Did I what?”

They were heading for town, late that evening after Kacey had returned from school with the car. When she found out he’d planned on a grocery-run, she’d declared she was coming with him. She was still in her scrubs from school, opting out of taking the time to change clothes.

“What we talked about this morning.” She’d been watching him, grinning, but now she turned to watch the road. “Didja fuck mommy-dear on the porch after I left?”

“Mm. Oh, that.” He was quiet for a minute. “I’m not sure – I might have.”

She giggled lightly punched his arm. “Based on the … shape you were in when I left, you either did her or flew solo. Which was it?”

He turned to look at her. “Why so fascinated by whether I did her or not?”

She grinned at him, a glint in her eye. “Partly because I like being talked dirty to – it’s almost enough to get me off without any touching involved.”

“Oh, really. I bet phone sex with you is amazing.”

She sat back in her seat. “Mm-hm. Well, for me, it is. All the talking and me just hanging right on the edge of losing my mind.” She growled appreciatively. “Drive me crazy, daddy-lover. Tell me about fucking mommy-dear this morning in as much explicit, gory detail as you can.”

He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “You are twisted, little girl.” Her only response was a quickly-repressed giggle. “Alright, then. You remember the shape you left me in?”

She briefly touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip, smiling. “Haven’t been able to think about much else, sir. Long, hard, slightly curved, and wicked hot and throbbing to the touch – yes, I remember the shape you were in.”

“I thought about just jacking off, but I was afraid getting up almost immediately after you left to do so might draw unwanted connections in your mother’s brain. So I started gathering up some … assistance. The container of silicone lube was first, because no matter what else I might end up with, the lube was going to be essential to taking her. Since I would be pretty much taking her no matter how she felt about it, I decided to go ahead and fish out the ball-gag and the handcuffs.”

He glanced over at his step-daughter. She was leaned back in the seat, eyes closed, with a smile on her face and her hands folded in her lap.

“So I put on a condom and out the back door I went.” Kacey snickered softly. He snorted in reply. “Hey, that early, the kids were still asleep inside and the neighbors were already gone, not that they would have been able to see anything anyway. So she’s sitting on the piano bench on the back porch, reading her book with her headphones in.” He reached over and lightly pinched Kacey’s nipple, eliciting a sharp intake of breath. “I could have balled your brains out and I doubt she would have heard it. So I tell her to stand up. She does and starts to turn around to face me, but I grab her and keep her facing away. She tells me, ‘I’m not interested.'”

“She didn’t.”

“Mm-hm, with me and my monster wood and toys in hand. I leaned right up against the nape of her neck as I pulled her wrists behind her and said, ‘I don’t bakırköy türbanlı escort care. You can say you aren’t interested, you can say do me now, you can say don’t touch me – it doesn’t matter. I’m taking you how I want and I’m taking you when I want.’ So while I was saying that, I put the handcuffs on her first, then put the ball-gag in and fastened it.”

“Oh, mmm. Did she struggle any?” He heard just the slightest catch in Kacey’s breath to betray she was getting excited.

“Nope. So those two in place and fastened, I hooked my pinkies in the waistband of her capri’s and started sliding them and her panties down her legs very slowly, my hands open and sliding over her hips.” He could hear her breathing now, deepening and starting to quicken. His cock went from slightly stirring to full-blown interest and he had to adjust himself. “I worked them down her legs, my hands curled just enough to scrape her skin with my nails.”

“Uh…huh. Did she squirm?”

“Not a bit. Finally, I got them down to her ankles and made her step out of them. Then I told her to straddle the bench and lean forward until she was laid down on it. Then I opened the lube.”

“Mmm. Lots?”

“Yes, quite a bit. You know a little of that stuff goes a long way.”

“Um. Hm. It does. How’d you apply it?”

“Well, she’s lying face-down on the bench, her legs spread to either side, leaving herself totally open. So I have this puddle of silicone glide on my fingertips, how do you think I applied it? I reached down and started from the front of her pussy and stroked back past her back door, then back towards the front. I kept that up for a while, then I slid my fingers inside her lips.”

“Which ones?” Her question was so soft, he had to ask her to repeat it.

He held up his right hand, wiggling his middle and ring fingers. “These two. Not very far at first, then back out to gather up more of the lube and bring it in, going a little deeper that time. I kept doing that until her pussy was more than slick enough to fuck without hurting her.”

He fell silent, splitting his attention between his driving and listening to her arousal expressed through her breathing. He knew she wouldn’t let him be quiet for long.

“Then what?”


“After you got her pussy slicked up, what did you do?”

“Oh. Once I was sure penetration wouldn’t hurt, I moved further back.” Kacey squirmed in her seat and whimpered softly, still smiling. “I ran my middle finger along the crack of her ass, working the lube towards the puckered hole behind her pussy. I treated it just like I had done with her pussy, but using just one finger.”

She groaned and squirmed her ass against the seat, her breathing starting to get ragged. “Tell me,” she whispered.

“I rested the tip of my finger on all the little puckered knot and just rubbed in small circles for a while. Then, finally, I pushed a little and she opened right up without any difficulty. Again, in just a little to start the party then back out for reinforcements. In and out, slowly, a little deeper each time until my entire finger was going bakırköy ucuz escort into her.”

“Ahhhh… Did she make any noise? Squirm?”

“Nope, not a sound, not a twitch.”

“God, I can’t sit still or be quiet just listening to it and she was taking it like it didn’t phase her a bit.”

“Mm-hm. So then I slipped my ring finger in and had her ass opened up. I finger-fucked her up the ass for a while, keeping my fingers well-lubed.”

“Ooooooh… did… did she cum?” Kacey’s voice was shaking and her hands were starting to twitch.

“She did, finally. I felt her start to cum and I shoved my fingers deep into her ass and started working my fingers in a flutter-kick motion.”

“Did she scream?”

“No, just a sort of grunting sigh around the ball-gag as her orgasm hit.”

“OH!” He snapped his head around at the sound and saw she had her hands pressing down against herself. She laughed softly. “Sorry, forgot to warn you, daddy-lover. God that was a good start. Then what?”

“I straddled the little bit of the bench left behind her and shoved that telephone pole you created between her pussy-lips all the way up to her brain.”

“Ooooh, god…” Quickly, Kacey shoved her right hand down inside her waistband and arched her hips.

“No, still no sound or squirming. I kept my speed slow, but I went from…” He realized he was spending as much time watching his step-daughter fondle herself as he was spending watching the road. “Damn, little girl, if you’re gonna do that, I have to find us a place to stop, or I’m gonna run off the road and kill us both.”

Her smile broadened. “Distracted, daddy-lover?”

He reached over and grabbed her tit while watching for a spot he knew they could pull off into. “Maybe just a little, baby girl. Maybe just a little.”

He found them a place in less than a minute, a road that led into the woods of a hunting club. The road was gated about three car-lengths in, but it would serve to get them off the road. He killed the engine, watching Kasey slowly pleasure herself.

“Talk, daddy. Tell me how you raped mommy-dear.” She turned her head and opened her eyes to look at him. “Did you pretend it was me you had cuffed and spread?”

“Oh, yeah. In fact, I was so afraid I would accidentally call her by your name that I didn’t say anything at all.”

Kacey closed her eyes and laid her head back against the seat of the car. “You are crazy, daddy-lover.”

“You make me that way. So, I shoved my cock deep into her, ever so slowly until there was nothing left of me to give. Then back out just as slowly. I could just imagine hearing you whimper as I hesitated, all but pulled out of her. Then I slammed into her hard enough to make her whimper around the gag.”

“Ahh… oh, yeah.” He could hear the wet sounds of her fingers moving in and out of her soaked pussy. “Oooooh, yeah. Keep talking.”

“I was standing astride the bench, squatted down, with my hands on her shoulders. I started moving in and out, pushing her down against the bench surface, going in slow and going in until I couldn’t go any further.”

“Ooohmmm, başakşehir escort yeah. Did, oh, sheeee ever start, mmmm, making noise? Ahh!” He almost laughed at the way she sounded, trying to talk around her moans of pleasure.

He leaned over and licked her ear, eliciting a sharp “AH!” as a response. “You are twisted, little girl,” he whispered.

She leaned against him, her fingers still moving wetly between her legs. She had slid her left hand into her pants, as well, at some point. “I knowwww,” she whispered. “I, aah, looove to, mmmm, cummm. Did she -” panting “-ever mmmmake noise for, ooooh, you?”

He licked her ear again, pleased at the shudder and groan that wracked her body and sat back in his seat. “She made three little soft moans and then as her orgasm hit, she made one more that started sharp but then turned into more of a long, drawn-out sigh.”

He could hear Kacey’s fingers rushing in and out of her pussy, the squishing sounds giving away just how thoroughly soaked she had become. “Like – ahhh – this?” She bit her lip and arched against the back of the seat, her right hand moving furiously inside her scrubs pants. “mmm…” Her moan was soft and short then she panted for several breaths. “Mmmm…” This moan was stronger and lasted for two or three strokes of her fingers. Her panting lasted longer and her hips started squirming against her hand. “MMMM.” His cock throbbed as her third moan was almost a cry. He watched her hand motion change from pumping in and out of her pussy to racing side to side across her clit. Her mouth was hanging open, breath coming in ragged gasps as she tried to imitate the sounds he’d described her mother making. Her body was trembling all over, hanging on the edge of orgasmic oblivion and beginning to buck against her own hands that were pleasuring her with furious intensity.

He reached over and cupped her breast, glad he’d decided to pull over. He kneaded her pliant flesh through the fabric of her scrubs top and bra, feeling her nipple swell in his palm. He caught the nub and pinched it gently. She bit her lip again, so hard that he was afraid she would draw blood. Her body convulsed in a single huge spasm. “MMMF! Mmmmmmmmmmm….” Her hand slowed even as her moan trailed off from its initial sharp outburst into labored breathing and finally into calmer, more regular breathing. He dropped his hand from her tit to the wrist of the hand still in her pants.

She opened her eyes and turned to look at him. The look he saw in them was wild and not quite focused. “Like that?” she whispered again, a smile quirking up the corners of her mouth.

“Oh, yeah.” He grinned as she pulled her hand out of her pants. Gently, he guided her soaked fingers to his mouth, keeping his eyes locked on hers. “Like that, but with nowhere near your enthusiasm.” He opened his mouth and guided her two middle fingers into his mouth to begin sucking their entire length. As her eyes slowly regained their focus, she giggled and began slowly pumping her fingers in and out of his mouth. The tangy musk of her arousal and release was the only thing he could smell and all that he wanted to taste.

Kacey leaned forward to lick the corner of his mouth. “God, I taste good. That was not satisfying at all. That was just warm-up play.” Still slowly working her fingers in and out of his mouth, she kissed the corner she had just licked and nuzzled his cheek, keeping her lips in contact with his. “I desperately need you to fuck me, daddy-lover, sir.”

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