My Sister, And Her Friends Ch. 02

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(Our story continues with the hero, 18 year old Dave, being semi-seduced by his 21 year old hot sister, Vickie. So far, there’s been some forced masturbation, of which Davey is all too-willing. But not a lot of touching so far. Please go read part 1!)

I’m having a lot of trouble clearing my head from what went down yesterday afternoon (Friday). As you may recall, my sister, Vickie, handcuffed me to her brass rail bed (for the second time in two weeks) and danced topless for me. I jacked off, twice, and she came once while sitting on my chest.

Then, for reasons unknown, she got seemingly angry and told me this will never happen again. Yeah, I know, ‘mixed signals from a woman, who would’ve thought that’. Right?

I got my mouth on her tit for a couple seconds. But those were glorious seconds indeed. Today, Vickie is gone off with her girlfriends somewhere. I’ve got my college studies to do but am having a HELL of a time concentrating. I’ve jacked off three times and it’s not even noon yet. Still, I can’t think about Accounting 101 for more than a few minutes before I drift away in my mind to yesterday. It’s a struggle.

Vickie is distant to me all week. Not mean, just not very engaging. I guess it was too much to expect for this to continue. It ain’t right, after all.

Fridays, as you may recall, used to be my only alone time in the house. Except for brief store runs,Mom’s home all the time on weekends. But then for two Fridays in a row, Vickie and I had some wild jackoff sessions.

Now today, Friday, I drive home from school by myself. Not sure where Vickie is going to be this afternoon. She says we’re all done. I’ll just whack a few times in my room, I guess. Fuck, this is pissing me off. She got me all revved up and leaves me high and dry.

Slamming my books on the kitchen table, I stomp into my room. At least I’ve got one porno mag to help me out.

But wait… there’s a note on my bed!

“The girls and I are swimming at Aunt Betty’s.

You should take a look, like you used to

with your binoculars in the tree.

(signed) V”

Like I used to? She knew about that? Aunt Betty lives next door, but she isn’t our Aunt. She’s the aunt of Michele, one of Vickie’s best friends. Vanessa is her other best friend. When she says ‘The girls’ she means them. They’ve been a trio since forever.

My binoculars are there on my desk, I know I didn’t leave them there! Hmmm, thanks sis. I change into my gym shorts and a T-shirt. It’s the end of September, but in our state it is still plenty hot.

I go out to the corner of our yard and try and climb the big oak there. It’s not easy, I’m trying to be quiet and stealthy and not shake the tree so they’ll notice. The girls have their radio playing, though, and they are about 30 yards away.

I find a spot in the tree where I can sit and, I hope, not be seen but still see them. I train my binoculars on my targets… bingo!

Vanessa. She’s a little short, maybe 5-2 or so. Her family is from the Basque region of Spain. Those women tend to be stacked like brick shithouses, and passionate. Vanessa is no exception. She has humongous tits. H-cups. I didn’t know this at the time, but I know this now. Anyway, H-cups. Go on the internet and look up some chick with H tits and you’ll see what I’m talking about. She’s the kind of girl that brings out the wolf in every man. Even gays. She’s a bit thick of body, but man is she nice. Somewhat darker skin, black hair, nice teeth, pretty girl. Oh, and real big tits. Did I say that already?

Michele. To be honest, I’ve always had a crush on Michele. She’s just so sweet, and kind, and her face is so beautiful… and her body fucking rocks, too. She’s similar to my sister except an inch or two taller. Brunette. The absolute best ass you’ve ever seen. Hardly anybody can not look at her as she goes by. And yet, she’s always been so nice to me, but not in a patronizing way, she’s genuinely sweet. Ahhh Michele…

The girls are splashing around in the pool, talking, laughing, etc. Finally, they get out. Ok man! They go to their lounge chairs and lay on their stomachs, all dripping wet. Please God…

And yes! After a couple moments, each girl reaches back and undoes her bikini top so they don’t get a white line on their back. They are still on their stomachs, though. Sideage. It’s like cleavage, only from the side. This is nice. This is what i used to see growing up.

They lay there for a few minutes, drying in the sun. Eventually, my sister Vickie (remember, she has double-Ds) rises up off her lounge chair! Man, her tits look great in the binocs. She looks around for something… ah… the baby oil. Got to maximize the tan! The two girls laying down have their heads towards Aunt Betty’s house. And I swear, Vickie looked over at my tree and gave a tiny wave. She knows I’m watching.

She undoes the top of the baby oil and goes to pour it on Vanessa’s back. Instead of a tiny squirt of oil, it gushes out all over Vanessa! A couple kağıthane escort screams and laughs, and Vickie is trying to clean it off of Vanessa. VAnessa has risen up on her elbows. Her tits are so fucking big, I’m not even close to seeing her nipple, though.

Vickie rubs the oil all over Vanessa’s back, and even on her sides, and then EVEN on her side of her tits! Jesus christ! Vanessa doesn’t even bat an eye. I can see Vanessa spread her legs a bit so Vickie can rub some oil into her legs. Vickie seems to spend a fair amount of time on Vanessa’s inside thighs… That gets Vanessa to move! She extends her arms, rising up completely… Score one for me! I see nipple!! fucking huge areolas, too. Sweet! Vanessa settles back down on her chest on the lounge. Damn.

But Vickie seems to have a problem. There’s still way too much oil on Vanessa’s back. So she lays her body down right on top of Vanessa! She slips and slide in the oil, greasing up her entire front. My hard cock is now at the bursting point. It might just cum all by itself and never stop…

Vickie returns to her own chair and sits normally in it, facing the sun. She finishes the oiling job, making extra sure her tits are covered. She looks at my tree and smiles as she smashes her oiled-up tits together. She tweaks her nipples, getting them hard.

The music stops, the casette tape needs to be turned over but none of them want to do it. Michele wants someone to oil her back, but Vickie explains that all the oil is still spilled on Vanessa’s back. Michele gives Vickie a fake mean look, then gets up off her lounge chair.

I’m dying in my tree. Here’s Michele, completely topless, walking around like nothing! Her tits are just fantastic. The best ones I’ve ever seen! Well, not just at this point, but In my entire life. Instead of grinding onto Vanessa’s back to get some baby oil, she’s a bit more dainty about it. She kneels beside Vanessa and just leans her tits onto Vanessa’s back. Yes, she’s dipping her hot tits into steamy hot baby oil from a smoking girls naked back. Vanessa, I never knew you could be like this! She rubs the oil all over her front. She spends some time on her tits, but nothing like my slutty sister did.

About ten minutes goes by. I’m just scoping out Michele’s tits, which are true beauties. I go back and forth to Vickie’s tits, and watch Vanessa’s enormous side tits, also. I can’t quite hear the conversations, but the two friends are looking at Vickie as she’s telling some story. Once, she made the jack-off gesture. No, she wouldn’t be telling them… would she? No… She dates lots of guys, she’s certainly telling some story about some guy.

Then Vickie stands up and stretches her golden body. She’s glistening in the sun. My erection is trying to climb over the fence, I tell it to sit tight, I’ll jack you off in a few minutes. Vickie goes in the house. A couple minutes later I can hear her holler out “Hey, help me with the sandwiches.” Reluctantly, Vanessa and Michele rise from their lounges. Now I get to see Vanessa’s huge tits completely as she stands up and tries to get her bikini top on. She has some trouble getting it on over her big tits. Christ, they are monsters! They go inside to make the sandwiches.

Now I’m in a quandary. Are they done? Are they going to come back out? Should I just rub one out now and shoot cum all over the grass and the rose bushes? Why don’t I have a camera with a zoom lens? I should really take up photography as a hobby…

“Whatcha doing up there, pervert?” asks Vickie. My darling sister has done it again. They ran around the front and came in through the side gate without me hearing them. Caught me in the act. Only this time, she’s not alone. Vanessa and Michele are with her.

They are all standing there with their hands on their hips, like they want an explanation. I’m completely red-faced, totally ashamed of my cock which I didn’t realize was out of my shorts.

“Get down here, now!” Vickie commands. God she is such a bitch sometimes.

I mumble something about a biology project for school, afraid to look at Vanessa or Michele. Especially not Michele. She will think I’m some kind of low-life retard now.

“Come inside, buster!” Vickie grabs my arm and hauls me inside the house. I don’t know what else to do.

“Ok,” she whispers to me. “Just go with me on this. Trust me like you have before, you’ll like this.”

Ok, good. so there’s a plan. I’m sure it involves embarrassing me somehow, though.

We go in her room. “Undress and lay on the bed. Both hands over your head this time.” And she cuffs both my wrists through the brass rail. I can’t get out at all. I’m very nervous, but also excited… my cock is hard…

Vickie calls out, “Ok girls! Come on in!”

And in walks Vanessa and Michele. They both gasp and utter some ‘holy shits’ and ‘oh my gods’ as they see me naked and handcuffed to the bed.

“I told you he was a pervert! I think it’s only fair that you get a good kartal escort look at him, since he got such a good look at you.”

Vanessa is completely intrigued. She comes right over to the bed. “So uh… can I touch him?”

“Of course!” exclaims Vickie. “Although… he is naked. It’s only fair that you show something if you’re going to touch him. In fact, we should all at least take our tops off.” Vickie yanks her top off, exposing her shiny tits.

Michele started to protest, saying that it’s humiliating to me. Thank you, Michele. However she was quickly cut off by Vickie.

Vanessa lifted her bikini top up, exposing her huge-ass knockers. She grabbed my cock. Pre-cum came out of the tip instantly, dribbling on her fingers.

Vanessa took her sticky fingers and rubbed it into her right nipple.

“You want a taste?” she asked.

“Stop it, you’re embarrassing him!” cried Michele. Damn right I’m embarrassed. But, at the same time, I almost got to suck on a huge tit…

“Maybe some other time, then” says Vanessa as she coerces her gigantic floppers back into her suit.

Vickie, having taken her top off a minute ago, looked at Michele and said, “Well, we’re waiting!”

“Sorry sweetie, I’m not having any more part of this. You should let him go” And Michele left the room. My hero. My honey.

“Alright alright”, says Vickie. “You girls go back to the pool and I’ll catch up with you in a minute.”

After they leave, my sister turns to me and says, “Are you alright? I just wanted you to see the girls a little bit. Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad. A little embarrassed. Plus I’m fucking dying to cum and I can’t even jerk off!” I’m truly dying of blue balls.

Smirking, Vickie says “Spread your legs, Davey boy.” She crawls onto the bed, comes up between my legs.

She then drags her fucking hanging tits onto my cock. Her rigid nipples scrape my fucking dick and the main vein. Vickie sets her nipple right on the sweet spot of my cock.

Vickie looks me in the eye, and lowers her tits onto my thighs. She props herself up on her elbows. She works her tits around my cock. Her still oily tits. god they are so hot.

“My tits are going to jack you off… is that ok sweetie? Mmmm… such a good boy today… getting naked for my friends… seeing their tits… now you’ve got my tits wrapped around your cock… look at my nipples… I’m squeezing them for you… feel that titflesh on your cock…. yesssss… up and down… “

Do I have to say that I’m completely losing my mind right now? A glorious titfuck from my sister…

“You sucked them the other day… just for a moment… after you did that I sucked them later… almost all night… sucking my own tits… Maybe you can suck them again…”

I lost it. Convulsions took me, I came and came and came, and came some more. Vickie took most of it on the underside of her chin, the cum splashing back onto her gorgeous fucking big tits. She giggled and laughed as I roared with pleasure.

She rises up off me, and proceeds to lick my cum off her tits. Sweet Jesus and Mary and everybody else…

She crawls up on me and puts her tits in my face.

“Suck Them”, she says. “And rise your right leg up some. yeah, right there…”

I draw her nipple into my mouth. My sisters nipple. I suck as much as I can, trying to get her whole tit in my mouth, which is impossible, of course. I can taste remnants of my cum, baby oil, her body sweat… ambrosia, baby. I molest her hard nipple. Sucking for all I’m worth.

As I suck on her tit, she alternates them back and forth, motorboating me, and she humps my leg. I can feel her hot wetness on my right thigh as she violently humps my leg.

In 30 seconds, she cums. I can feel her body tremble as the spasms wrack her. Hot pussy juices coat my leg as she continues to slide up and down my thigh… Unfortunately she gets off me. I’m still handcuffed, of course, and can’t stop her. She goes down and licks my thigh, the one with her cunt juices on it.

“Mmmm… you should taste this…”

“I would”, I protest. “If you’d let me out!”

She dips a hand into her pussy for a moment. She withdraws it, her fingers coated with sticky stuff. She eyeballs me, and puts her sticky fingers to my lips, running them all around my mouth. I’m trying to suck on them, but she avoids that. Vickie gives me a gentle slap on my face.

“Naughty boy! You shouldn’t be thinking of your sister this way…”

Laughing, she dips her hand into her pussy again. Then she smears it all over my face.

“Say goodbye to the girls”, she says, indicating her tits.

“Bye girls”, I say. “I’ll miss you both, deeply!”

Vickie puts her bikini back on, and covers up with a bathrobe, too. Carefully, she comes to unlock my cuffs. She knows she’s on a bit of thin ice here. My cock is still rock hard, if she unlocks me I might just grab her…

She reaches across, and manages to unlock one of my küçükmece escort bracelets. With lightning speed, she jumps away and jets out of the room.

I pick up the key and unlock the other bracelet. With nothing better to do, I wipe my face with my hand, scooping up some of her pussy juices that she laid on me. I firmly grip my cock, now sticky with her cunt juice. I furiously jack off, right in her bed. My mind is so full of sexual thoughts I can’t think straight. Part of me wants revenge for the teasing, the not letting me touch. Part of me is exhilarated by what what has happened, too. Seeing Vanessa’s humongous tits. Sucking Vickie’s tits. Seeing Michele topless… Michele…

I had planned on opening Vickie’s underwear drawer and cumming on all of her bras. Instead, I roll on my stomach and hump her satiny bedspread until I cum freestyle all over her bed. Passive/Aggressive behavior. I know that now, didn’t know it then. I knew it was a pussy move though. Not something a man would do. I still had some growing up to do.


Mid-terms this week. Oddball schedules. Cramming sessions. But no sexual cramming, just book cramming. I’m trying to get my shit together. Even with all of this going on, I’m curious what’s going to happen on Friday. The last few Fridays have been very interesting, to say the least. I still jack off 3-4 times a day. Do I even have to say that? You can just assume that unless stated otherwise.

Vickie and I are getting along famously. She’s helping me with my finance course-work. Thankfully, she wears sweatshirts and no makeup. We don’t talk about things like me tittyfucking her, or handcuffs, or anything. I slap her ass once in a while, she doesn’t mind.

But something tells me not to push it. Is it her, or is it just me being a wimp?

Thursday night, Mom informs us that she’s taking Friday off! Time for her annual Spring Cleaning! Never mind that it’s fall and the leaves are changing.

Friday I have no classes because of mid-terms, but have to be up early to help mom in the garage. That goes til lunchtime. Vickie has been on the phone with one of her friends for the past hour. I’m pissed off because she’s getting out of the nasty work and goofing off on the phone. Meanwhile I’m stuck with Mom and get to hear about the stupid nurses at her stupid office.

“Davey!” I hate it when Vickie calls me that. Sounds diminutive. “Want to make some money today?”

“Yeah sure”, I reply. “Doing what?”

“Some yard work, over at the Aramendia’s. If that’s okay with you, Mom. They want to pay him $20 for the afternoon. I’ll help you with the hall closet, Mom.”

The Aramendia’s. As in, Vanessa Aramendia. Vanessa of the H-cup.

Mom says it’s fine, just be home for dinner.

I get our lawnmower and stuff it in the trunk of the Buick and drive the 4 blocks over to Vanessa’s house.

Mrs. Aramendia meets me at the door. Now, we didn’t have the term MILF in those days. But we should’ve. Mrs. A had even bigger tits than her daughter. And such pretty skin. Anyway, she proceeds to give me the instructions; mow the lawn, trim this hedge, leave those flowers alone etc. etc. Their boy, Danny, was weekending with their divorced Dad on a camping trip. I say hello to Vanessa, who’s inside doing some chores.

Mowing the lawn. I actually like doing this. It’s therapeutic. The loud noise drowns out everything, you try and make the cuts straight, repetitive motions… it’s soothing. After almost an hour, Im nearly finished with the lawn. Mrs. A flags me down.

“David, I have to run into town and cover the real estate office this afternoon. Now, do me a favor? Vanessa is on restriction. She’s mouthed off to me just too many times. See that she doesn’t leave the house?”

Yeah, no problem, I’ll keep an eye on her.

Starting to trim the hedge now. I take off my shirt. I check myself out a little. I can actually see some improvement in my arms, some definition. That weight bench and bar is working! I do smell pretty fierce, though.

I head to the backyard to finish the job back there. Still haven’t seen Vanessa since I said hi earlier. I have this fantasy about her waiting for me in the backyard. But, nothing.

Finally, I’m raking up the last of the leaves and putting them in the bin. Vanessa comes out the back door with a tray of something, i can’t quite see. She waves me over. The sun is still out and it’s quite warm. She’s wearing a tube top and short-shorts. Jesus fucking hell.

She’s brought out two cold bottles of Sam Adams and some potato chips and ranch dip. Still sweating, I drain half the beer in one series of gulps.

I burp an enormous belch, we both laugh. “Sorry! But thanks, that beer is so good right now.”

We sit and chat about nothing for a few minutes, munching on the chips. Then she gets all semi-serious.

“David, we have some unfinished business.”

I give her the ‘whatchoo talking bout willis’ look.

“Last week, after the pool. I wanted you to suck my tits. But Michele and then your sister kicked me out of the room. I don’t know what you and Vickie did after that, but I know it was something. That’s not right. It was my time.”

“Well…” I stammer. I’m so eloquent sometimes. “We uh… I mean Vickie and I didn’t do any…”

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