My Sweet Cousin Lauren

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This is an erotic story that includes incest. Do not read if you are not at least 18. Published exclusively to Literotica. Copyright (C) 2019 LongFreezingWinters.


“I am going to call your father after dinner,” said my Aunt Eileen with dripping disdain. “I thought I was very clear that you were to stay with us overnight.”

“I’m sorry, Aunt Eileen. But Bill is a good friend of mine. He said I could crash in his room tonight.” My Dad had laughed several times when he told me about his call with his sister before my trip.

“You may be 18, but you are still a high school student. Your father was raised in a good Christian family. He has certainly strayed from the Lord for letting the Lamb sleep in the den of the Lion.”

“Mom and Dad would like me to go to UVM, although it is not my first choice,” I said. “They figured that if I could spend time with some friends, I might be more inclined to attend.”

“UVM is where our family has always attended. I don’t understand why you would want to go anywhere else.”

My Uncle Jonathan flipped the corner of his newspaper down to look at me. Our eyes met, and he raised his right eyebrow behind his wire-framed glasses. He talked very little, most likely as a strategy to keep away from my Aunt Eileen’s sharp tongue. I followed what I interpreted as his silent advice and remained as quiet as possible as Aunt Eileen went over all of her perceived shortcomings of my dad, my mom, the new minister at her church, her neighbors, and Democrats. The hardest part of her bullshit to deal with was disparaging my mother. If mom had not told me what would happen and to grin and bear it, I would have exploded. I was gritting my teeth while helping to set the table when I heard tires on the gravel driveway.

Moments later, my cousin Lauren entered the house. I heard her greet her father and talk to him briefly before entering the kitchen. The last time I saw Lauren was six years ago at the last family Christmas before our grandfather died. I had been twelve and Lauren fourteen. Back then, I liked girls, but I didn’t know why, beyond the kisses they were starting to give me. Lauren had always been very shy and quiet, hiding in plain sight next to one of her parents. Aunt Eileen always dressed Lauren like a little old lady. I didn’t think that Lauren owned a blouse or sweater as a child that did not have fake pearls sewn into the neckline.

When Lauren finally entered the kitchen, her height surprised me. She was very tall, maybe 5′ 10′ to my 6′ 2″. Her very light blond hair was tied back in a severe schoolteacher bun. Her skin was pale, taking after her father’s Scandinavian heritage. Her face was partially hidden behind giant glasses that fell out of fashion twenty years prior. Despite the large frames, her face was surprisingly pretty. Her body was completely hidden under an old lady style dress and light pink sweater with shoulder pads. I couldn’t tell if her body was as frumpy as her attire, but it seems proportional to a healthy person. Lauren gave me a slight smile, said hello, and seemingly ignored me. Dinner conversation was still dominated by Aunt Eileen, a mixture of interrogation about my parents and diatribes on the failings of everyone but Aunt Eileen. A few times at dinner, I would catch Lauren looking at me, but she would quickly look away whenever our eyes met.

Near the end of dinner, Aunt Eileen asked, “Lauren, what time is your Bible study tonight?”

“It’s at 7:00 pm as always. I’ll need to leave soon, so I will not be late.”

“Mark, I think you should go with Lauren tonight. I am sure she knows a good Christian boy from her Bible study group who will let you stay with him tonight.”

“Mom, I think that is a great idea,” she said. “If we let Mark hang out with his jock friends, he will likely get drunk and get into trouble. I’m sure I can find a friend he can stay with tonight.”

I decided to keep my mouth shut for now and would work out a way to ditch Lauren once we got to campus. I was not going to Bible study on a Friday night. As we were about to leave, I asked Lauren in the dining room if we could exchange phone numbers in case we were separated on the way to campus.

“Oh, I don’t have a cell phone,” said Lauren. “Mom thinks they lead people to sin.”

“Oh, great,” I thought to myself.

I was in my Jeep following Lauren in her old Volvo for only a few minutes when she unexpectantly pulled over into the parking lot of a convenience store. I pulled up next to her and hit the button to open the passenger side window. Her glasses were gone, the hair was down and flowing, and a million-watt smile stunned me. Her eyebrows were very pale, the same color as her hair — a truly natural blond. From the neck up, she was a supermodel. But pretty girls were nothing new or special to me. She held up an iPhone. “What’s your digits? We can talk on the way to campus,” said Lauren. Moments later, I was following her car again and we were talking on the phone. “So. What were your plans tonight,” she asked.

“Bill belongs to AGR,” I said, hoping she would get the taksim rus escort hint I would be ditching her.

“Oh, their parties don’t even get rolling until midnight. Why don’t you hang with my roommate and me? We’re going to a theater department party so I can meet my boyfriend. That will give us a chance to visit and you can get a buzz going at that party before heading over to AGR.”

“Who are you, and what have you done to my cousin Lauren?” I joked.

“I fucking killed the little bitch,” she said in a flat tone. I assumed she was kidding, but there was a serious hint to the way she said it. “Does your girlfriend know you are going to a frat party tonight?” she asked.

“I currently don’t have a girlfriend.”


“Fuck no. I’ve had girls throwing themselves at me since middle school,” I said without any false modesty. “I want picnics, moonlight walks, and cuddling, and all I get is ass, ass, and ass.”

Lauren whooped it up, laughing at my comments. “I knew you were going to be a stud the last time I saw you.”

I sighed.

“What was that for?”

“Lauren. I wasn’t kidding. I am really jaded about relationships. I went stag with some of my friends to Homecoming because I refused to be used to improve somebody’s chances of being Homecoming Queen.”

“Let me guess. You were Homecoming King?”

“Junior year and again this year,” I said flatly.

“How about a girl from a different high school?”

“Tried that, twice.”

“There are like three or four colleges in your town. How about a college girl?”

“I meet too many of the wrong college girls. Most of them are like ‘all of these dicks and so little time.'”

“Life seems so rough for you,” giggled Lauren. “Soccer star. Honor society. Stud.”

“I know you are going to laugh at me, but I haven’t even had sex since the end of summer, and it’s almost Thanksgiving.”

“Poor baby.”

“Stop laughing.”

Lauren was silent for several seconds like she was thinking. “Who knows, maybe you’ll meet the love of your life tonight and go to UVM.”

“Fucking kill me.”

“So. If you don’t want to fool around, I can drop you off at Bible study,” she teased.

“Fuck, no.”

“Are you going to ignore some sweet little girl at the AGR party if she threw herself on you?”

“I’m open to a little recreational sex tonight. Nobody here knows me, so fucking is a pretty straight-up transaction.”

“And you wonder why you can’t find romance.”

“New subject,” I interjected. “You are not what I expected. What happened?”

“I went to college. Now the Lauren you knew, and saw briefly at dinner, is a just a character I play for my mother.”

“Good for you,” I said. “Are you really studying art education?”

“No, just a general art degree. I’m always drawing or painting. What sucks is that so much work is moving to the computer. I’m ok with that type of work, but I don’t really enjoy it. What do you want to study at college?”

“I get it. I want to study photography, but so much of the creative side of it has moved over Photoshop. Dad is ok with if I want to study photography, but mom is not.”

“Let me guess. ‘You can do photography as a hobby.'”


“I think you should go for it. You’ve got some really nice work up on Instagram.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I follow you, silly.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“By the end of this weekend, you’ll be amazed at what you learn about me.”

“Don’t flirt with your cousin,” I laughed.

“If you want to flirt, wait until you meet my friends. You’ll like my roommate, Katie. She’s also an art major. She’s into everything, including photography. My friend Susan lives next door. She’s an English major and a super slut. She was a gymnast and a cheerleader. You are exactly her type. She’ll try to fuck you before we even leave for the first party tonight.”

“Maybe when you head out to meet your boyfriend, I can get your friends into a threesome. I haven’t had one since prom last spring.”

“You are a stud!” laughed Lauren. “Katie is a lesbian, but if you can talk her into a threesome, more power to you.”

“How long have you been dating your boyfriend? I assume he’s a secret from your folks?”

“He’s super top secret. Mom would cut me off if she knew I had a boyfriend. I met him last year when I was a freshman, but we didn’t date until school started this year. He’s a senior. A theater major.”

“Is he any good?”

“Not really, but I like him. He was my first. First, everything,” said Lauren softly. “First boy to kiss me. First date. First, you know.”

“At least you found somebody to love.”

“Unfortunately, I am more in-like with him than anything. I know he’s not my soul mate. And he’s graduating in seven months, so I expect him to dump me at the end of the year.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“I’m twenty and have my first boyfriend,” she said cheerfully. “It’s all good.”

The drive took another fifteen minutes before we taksim türbanlı escort made it to campus. I parked in a guest lot, grabbed my bag, and jumped in Lauren’s car to drive over to her dorm. A few minutes later, we were at her door. Lauren knocked on her door before unlocking it. Cracking it open, she said, “Honey, I’m home. Are you decent?”

“Let me pull this giant black dildo out of my ass before you come in,” said a lovely alto voice.

Lauren threw the door open. “You slut! Leave my dildo alone,” she said very loudly in a mocking tone.

Katie was standing next to her bed as we walked in, holding her phone as she had just been typing, clearly fully dressed. She was a delightful surprise. Katie was a few inches shorter than Lauren, with long medium brown hair that went to her waist. She was curvy but not heavy in any way. Her tits were large, more than a handful. I envisioned them swinging back and forth as she was fucked doggie style. Hazel eyes and a lovely smile greeted me. Katie wore a black t-shirt with some design I didn’t recognize and hip hugger jeans. “Hi, I’m Katie.” She shook my hand, looked embarrassed by her action, and then gave me a quick hug. I tossed my bag on the floor next to what I assumed was Lauren’s bed.

“Katie, I need to change out of my costume,” said Lauren. “Do you mind visiting with Mark while I run to the bathroom and change?”


“You can change here,” I grinned. “I won’t mind.”

“Mark! I’m from Vermont, not Maine!” laughed Lauren as she left the room.

“Hi Katie,” I said, turning back to her. “Lauren told me you are into photography.”

Katie pointed to a portion of the wall over her bed as Lauren slipped out of the door. “I have an older Nikon digital and only a couple of lenses, but I do the best I can.”

I walked closer and looked at her pictures. Katie smelled of Apricots and fresh soap. “Don’t apologize. You take great portraits.”

“Thanks. I prefer people to things.”

“I use a Cannon. Probably not as fancy as your camera.”

“Lauren shows me your posts. You take some good pictures.”

“But yours are a hundred times better,” I said. “Maybe we could spend a little time together, and you could give me some pointers.”

“If I didn’t know you were sincere, I’d think you were flirting with me.”

“You are very pretty,” I grinned. “But I’d really like to know how you get the lighting like this,” I said, pointing to a specific portrait.

“We have a couple of small but well-equipped studios we can sign out if we are in a photography course with permission of one of the instructors.”

I spotted a small black and white print of Lauren. She was topless, with her arm positioned covering her breasts. In the picture, she was looking off into the distance. “This one of Lauren looks like it should be in Vogue. That has to be natural light.”

“It is. I stalked out that spot for an entire day, taking shots and testing with a light meter to prepare for that one picture.”

“I’d love a copy of that.”

Katie touched my arm lightly while smiling. “I’m sure you would.”

I laughed, catching her meaning. “No, I’m not perving on my cousin. It’s really a great shot.”

“It’s ok. I perve on Lauren quite a bit.”

“She’s not my type.”

“You don’t like beautiful girls?”

“Ah, related. We’re related. Besides, my memories are full of a shy little girl I didn’t really like that much.”

“That’s strange. She talks about you a lot.”

That made me pause for a moment to process through my mind.

“So. What type of girls are your type?” asked Katie.

“Lesbians,” I grinned.

“You are so bad,” she laughed.

The door opened, and Lauren entered. “Is he trying to get into your pants already,” teased Lauren.

Lauren was an eye-popping beauty. She was wearing a long black layered skirt accented with lots of lace. Unlike the granny dress she wore earlier, this skirt hugged her waist, showing a flat stomach and the curve of her ass looked perfectly balanced for her height. Below the skirt was a pair of black engineer boots. Her torso was topped with a cream-colored silk blouse that was only partially buttoned. As she raised her arms to put on a pair of long earrings, her breasts swayed under the blouse, obviously sans bra. She had to be at least a C cup, but Lauren was so tall her breasts were perfectly proportioned for her body. Katie playfully slapped the back of my head. “Put your tongue back into your mouth,” she laughed.

The rest of the evening was a lot of fun. Their friend Susan texted that she wouldn’t be able to meet up with us tonight but would definitely connect with us on Saturday. Accompanied by two beautiful girls, I went to the theater department party. Lauren’s boyfriend was my height, but I easily had fifty pounds on him. He looked down on me like I wasn’t worthy to shine his ass, and I had to choke down the urge to beat the shit out of him. Fortunately, Katie kept my attention. As drinks flowed into her, Katie admitted that she had always taksim ucuz escort been a lesbian, and while she had lost her hymen in high school to a dildo, she was technically a virgin when it came to having sex with a guy. She got more amorous as the evening progressed. When I started dropping hints that I needed to leave to meet my friend from high school over at his frat, Katie stuck her tongue into my mouth. After a very nice make-out session, Katie pulled away and explained that college was about experimentation and as long as I didn’t mind wearing a condom, she’d love it if I would be her first male lover. The choice between going to a frat party or taking a very attractive lesbian to bed was an easy decision.

When I woke the next morning, I was on my back in Katie’s bed. She cuddled next to me, her head on my shoulder and her large breasts mashed against my left arm. Her blanket had fallen off of us and I felt slightly chilled. Looking lower, I could see my dick was slightly erect, laying across my thigh. I blinked my eyes a couple of times to clear them and raised my head slightly to look around the room. I almost choked when I saw Lauren. She was sitting in a chair only a few feet from us with a large sketch pad. She remained dressed in the same clothing as the night before. She stuck a pencil in her mouth and rubbed a spot on the paper with the edge of her thumb. She completely ignored that I was now awake, and I was afraid to move and break her concentration. I kept tabs on the time by glancing at Katie’s alarm clock. Lauren worked for another twenty minutes before she sighed and smiled at me.

“Thank you,” she said softly.

“You’re welcome, I think.”

“I could never have posed two people together so perfectly. This will be the best piece I ever did.”

I grinned at her. “Happy to help.”

“When you go to college, you should consider modeling for the art department. It’s actually harder work than you might think, but it pays really well.”

“And how would you know,” I teased.

“That’s how I pay for my cell phone and my art supplies.”

“Now that is something I’d like to see.”

“Did you bring your camera?”

“No. I didn’t want it to get stolen.”

“Maybe you can come back to visit. I can pose for you and Katie can teach you how to take better portraits.”

Katie, hearing her name, stirred in my arms. I softly kissed her forehead. “Morning beautiful,” I said.

“Morning handsome,” smiled Katie.

“So. How was it?” asked Lauren.

Katie moved up onto her elbow and placed her free hand on my face. Grinning, she kissed the tip of my nose. “It was great. But I’m still a lesbian. Sorry stud, your cock isn’t a magic wand.”

“Ouch. You’re the first girl to ever say that to me,” I pouted.

“Don’t be sad,” said Katie becoming more serious. “You were fucking awesome. And the fucking was awesome too. You’re the first guy I ever found physically attractive.”

“I’ll never forget last night,” I said.

Katie gave me a slow, sensual kiss. “I won’t either. I promise you that if I decide someday to have children, you are my first choice to be the sperm donor. I’ll even let you impregnate me the old-fashioned way.”

I felt my dick slide up my leg as it hardened. Katie noticed and laughed. She twisted my nipple forcefully, causing me to twitch. “Boys, they only want one thing.” Katie rolled onto her side, so she was facing towards Lauren. I cuddled up to her and settled my dick along the length of her ass crack.

Lauren smiled and said, “I don’t know, lesbian warrior princess. You seem to like his dick more than you let on.”

“Ok,” giggled Katie. “Maybe there’s a little magic in that staff. Hey, what the fuck are you doing here? You’re still in your clothes from last night.”

Lauren sighed. “Nelson was an asshole from the moment we showed up at the party. He was very jealous of Mark. Even after you left, he kept making dumb jock references. I couldn’t put up with his immaturity, so I came back to our room.”

“What time did you get back?” asked Katie.

“You two were still awake.”

“Really?” asked Katie. “No way. We must have been almost asleep when you came in.”

“Actually, your face was buried in your pillow, and Mark was on his knees plowing you from behind. He was looking at your ass and didn’t notice that I came in. Your moaning covered up any noise I made. I jumped under my blanket, boots and all, and enjoyed the free porn.”

Katie turned crimson. “If it looked so good, you should have joined us.”

Lauren laughed. “No, my dear. I have a boyfriend.”

Katie slid out of bed and stretched, her soft ass jiggling as her fingers reached their apex. “I need to shower, and I’m hungry.”

“Well, Mark. If she’s hungry, you did something right,” said Lauren.

“He did a lot of things right,” Katie said, he alto voice warm and content. She slid her hand down my chest and along the length of my dick. “Come along, stinky. Let’s shower.”

As Katie put on a bathrobe, I threw on a loose pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Lauren said she would shower after we were done. Katie and I headed down to the coed bathroom at the end of her hallway. Only one of the four shower stalls were in use. Katie started running the water in the first shower and I walked over to the one next to hers. As I reached into the shower, Katie asked, “What are you doing?”

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