My Visit to Dad Ch. 1

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My husband had to visit Europe for three months with his work; I did not like the thought of spending all that time alone so I arranged to visit my dad. I hadn’t seen him since we got married some nine years ago, my name’s Jessica, I’m 34. My dad – Peter is now aged 62, mom died 12 years ago, I’ve kept in touch by letter and telephone but living so far away visits have been difficult, we’ve sent each other photos over the years and dad hasn’t changed very much, he was, and it looks like, he is still a very fit man, anyway when I called him he told me how much he was looking forward to seeing me again.

He met me at the airport and I was right – he had barely changed, on the drive back to his house I asked him if there was any women in his life, “Only you Jessie” he joked, “No, not really, since your mom died I kinda…well, oh I don’t know, I’ve sort of not socialized that much, I guess I prefer my own company now” he continued, “But you are still young dad, you should get out more, have some fun, you never know you might meet someone you could care about again” “I care about you Jessie, and as for having fun I intend to, these next three months having you here with me are going to be great!”

When we arrived dad carried my bags up to my room, it was about 10 pm and I was feeling quite tired, “I think I’ll take a quick shower and go to bed dad, it’s been a long day” I told him, “Why not take your shower and join me for a drink before you turn in, it’ll probably help you sleep” dad replied, “Yes, that sounds good” I told him, “Give me twenty minutes and I’ll be down.

I finished my shower, slipped on a robe and went down to join dad, I sat on the couch, dad got me a drink and sat opposite me, what started off as a quick drink turned in to a longer session, several drinks and plenty of talk reminiscing about the ‘old days’ later I was starting to feel light headed, I noticed dads eyes seemed to linger on my chest area and looking down I saw the front of my robe had gaped open, I was now showing a fair amount of cleavage, when dad came over to hand me another drink I could see him looking down the front of my open robe, I sort of got a little turned on by this, then thinking about it I started to feel a little sorry for dad, I noticed his trousers were bulging – my dad had a hard on and I was the cause of it!

“Well dad, I’m off up to bed” I told him, “I’ll see you in the morning” as I went to get up I stumbled, dad caught me and as he did my robe fell completely open, dad just stood there taking in the sight of my nude body, it was only for a second before I pulled the robe together and retied the belt but he must have seen everything, “Wow, those drinks have affected me more than I thought” I said, dad took hold of my arm, his other arm went around my waist to steady me.

“I’ll help you upstairs” he said, as we made our way up to my room I stumbled a couple of times and once I felt dads hand innocently / intentionally cup one of my tits, only briefly but it definitely happened.

“Thanks dad, I can manage now” I told him, I gave him a kiss goodnight on the cheek and went to bed. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened, surely dad didn’t have the hots for me, but then I remembered his hard on I saw – no, it couldn’t be, it was probably because he hadn’t had much contact with women lately, I decided that I would try my best to get him fixed up with a ‘lady friend’ during my stay, his hard on proved he was still sexually active, good looking, a nice guy – it shouldn’t prove that difficult, I thought. As I tried to get to sleep I kept on getting these images in my mind of me and dad fucking, I felt between my legs, my pussy lips were very wet, my nipples were jutting out hard – a certain sign that I needed sex – I was not going to last out for three months that was for sure, the question was WHO! was I going bahçelievler escort to have sex with?

It was late when I woke up next morning, I put on a pair of shorts and a tight vest top and went down stairs, I couldn’t find dad inside, I poured a coffee and went out to try to find him, he was cleaning out the pool, “Good morning Jessie, sleep well?”

“Morning dad, yes I did, I think the drinks helped” I joked, it was a beautiful day, very hot, not a cloud in the sky, “I think I’m going to spend today out here at the pool dad, catch up on my tan and relax” I told him, “Sounds good to me, I think I’ll join you” dad replied, “Ok, you finish off out here, I’ll prepare some brunch”

After we had eaten I went up to get my swimsuit on, It was new, as I put it on I thought at first it was too skimpy, it barely contained my 36c tits only just covering my rather large nipples, I could see my nipples showed through the white fabric, it was cut high, luckily I regularly shave my pussy (my husband Tony likes it that way) Oh, what the hell, I thought, and made my way out to the pool, dad was already there, I saw him look me up and down, jokingly I posed for him, adopting a model like stance, “What do you think? It’s new, I don’t think I’ll ever wear it in public though, it doesn’t cover that much!”

“I think you look great, you always did have a great figure Jessie” dad told me as I lay back on one of the sun loungers dad had got out, we chatted away as we sunbathed, it was so hot I decided to go in for a dip and dived into the pool, as I swam about I noticed the white material of my costume was now totally see through, dad joined me in the pool and again as I stood up I saw his eyes fix on my tits, my dark brown nipples jutted out hard through the thin material, I got out of the pool and lay back on the lounger, dad came over and asked if I fancied a cool drink, I told him I would and was surprised again by the size of his hard dick bulging out through his swimming suit, when he returned with the drinks he pulled a chair up beside me and sat there as I sunbathed, although my eyes were closed I could feel him studying my body which if anything made my nipples more harder than they were before.

“You had better put some lotion on” dad said, “You don’t want to overdo it and burn” he advised, I did as he suggested and reached for the bottle, “Here, let me do your back” he offered, taking the lotion off me, I turned over and dad started to rub the lotion onto my back, then my legs got the same treatment, I tensed a bit as his hands worked their way up and neared my ass, he seemed to linger over this final area, I felt his fingers as they briefly moved up over the cheeks of my ass, “There! All done, turn over so I can make sure you’ve not missed anywhere” he told me, I did as he said, truthfully his hands roaming over my body made me feel good, starting again with my legs dad rubbed in the lotion, again as he reached the tops of my legs I felt my whole body tense up, his hand slipped casually in between my open legs, his fingers brushed my pussy which made me squirm, then both of my arms and up to my shoulders and neck, his hands rubbed over the exposed part of my chest – which in my case was quite a bit! His breathing seemed heavy and deep.

I could see the bulge of his dick straining against his costume, the top was almost poking out it grew so big, dad spoke snapping me out of my trance like state, “There, you won’t get burned now Jessie”, “Thanks dad, that felt good I must say” I told him, “You’d make a good masseur, I joked.

We lounged around until late afternoon, “Right, that’s enough sun for me” I said getting up, “A nice long soak in the bath, get changed and I’ll get dinner organized, anything you fancy dad?” I asked, “No, I’ll leave that up to you” he said.

Lying bahçeşehir escort in the bath I again fantasized about dad, the way he rubbed the lotion onto me, the way his hands lingered, the way he got so hard, there was no doubt in my mind now, dad was having sexual thoughts about me, he probably hasn’t had a woman for many years, I wondered if the reason was that I reminded him of mom? What should I do? I felt sorry for him but I was also aroused, I wanted sex but I couldn’t with my own dad – Could I?

I decided that if anything did happen between us I would let it, I’ve always had this thing about older men although I have never had sex with anyone excepting my husband – Tony, after my bath I got dressed in a short skirt and a lacy, low cut, tight top, I went down and started to prepare dinner, dad had also showered and changed, he bought me in a drink, “Steak and a salad, that do for you dad?” I asked, “Sounds good to me Jessie, can I help with anything?” I told him to relax and I would call him when it was ready, over dinner we both drank several glasses of wine, dad started to open up, he told me how much I reminded him of mom, he started to get a little emotional, telling me how much he missed her, “You know Jessie, I haven’t been close to another woman since, I really shouldn’t say this to you – you being my daughter but I miss the company of a woman Jessie, I still have needs, I’m sorry if I’ve acted foolishly since you’ve got here, please forgive me if I’ve done anything that embarrassed you, it’s just having a woman around the place…”

“There’s nothing for you to feel sorry for dad and there’s certainly nothing to forgive you for, I think you should try to meet another woman, you are still good looking dad, believe me there are plenty of women out there who want the same thing you want, I’m not a child anymore dad, I know you have needs, you’re a man after all! C’mon, lets leave these dishes till the morning and take our drinks and sit outside” I took dads hand and led him out to the pool, it was still very warm, we sat next to each other, “Tell me dad, if you had one wish now what would it be?” I asked.

Dad was quiet for a while, then turning to look me in the eyes said “I want a woman Jessie, I’ve ached for a woman for so long, I’m just scared about going about it, you probably think I’m just a silly old man but if I had a wish that would be it”

I took hold of his hand, “I don’t think you’re silly or old dad, you know – if I was not your daughter you would be the type of guy I would want to fuck” the ‘F’ word just came out, it surprised both me and dad, for a moment I was shocked by what I had said, “You don’t mean that Jessie”

Dad said, “Yes I do dad, go on – show me what you want from a woman, forget I’m your daughter, for tonight lets pretend I am a stranger, someone you’ve just met, what would you do? Do you want me? Do you want to fuck me?” I squeezed his hand reassuringly, I leaned forward and our lips met, dad broke away, “Are you sure? I mean…” he looked very nervous, unsure of how to handle the situation, I thought I’d best make the first move, I stood up and pulled my top over my head, unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor, now naked apart from my bra and tiny panties.

I turned around, “take it off dad” I felt his hands fumbling with the clasp, then I took hold of his hands and cupped them over my tits under my loose bra, I felt him tweaking my nipples between his fingers, I could feel his hard dick pressing into me, I ground myself back on to it then turning around I kissed him deeply, our tongues explored each others mouths for what seemed ages, dad continued to play with my tits with one hand, the other slid down to my smooth pussy, as his fingers probed my wet cunt I moaned loudly, I raised one leg up on to the lounger bakırköy escort giving him better access to my cunt, then I reached out and unzipped his trousers I gripped his throbbing dick, dad stopped playing with me and putting his hands on my shoulders pushed me gently down, I knew what he wanted before he spoke, “Please Jessie, suck on my prick, take it in your mouth”

I did as he asked, kneeling in front of him I started by licking and kissing along its length, it was bigger than Tony’s, fatter, there was pre cum oozing from the tip which I greedily licked off, then slowly I took as much of it into my mouth as I could and started to give dad what he wanted. His hands gripped my head as he lunged deeply into my willing mouth, “Yes that’s it Jessie, let me fuck your mouth, take it deeper, try to swallow it” he begged, I’m pretty good at giving blow jobs – and before long I managed to get all of dads dick inside my mouth, I knew he probably wouldn’t last for much longer so was prepared when he shouted out “I’m cumming Jessie!”

I didn’t stop as his spunk gushed out, filling my mouth, I swallowed what I could, continuing to suck his cum from him as it spurted, there was so much of it, dad pulled his dick out of my mouth and it still pumped out, covering my face with sticky hot spunk, running down, dripping from my chin on to my tits, using his dick he rubbed his cum over my face as I smeared his cum over my tits and hard nipples. “Oh Jessie, that was so good, thank you” dad panted, he looked exhausted, cum still oozed out of his dick as he helped me up, he kissed me, pulling me tightly towards him, “C’mon dad, lets go up to bed” I told him, “I haven’t finished with you yet!” I joked.

We lay next to each other in dads bed, playing with each other when dad suddenly stopped, “Jessie, what we’re doing – we shouldn’t, it’s wrong…” “You didn’t force me dad, what we did we both wanted, we are both adults, just because we’re related – that makes it so wrong does it? Anyway, who’s to know?” I reached out and took hold of his dick again, I could feel it starting to grow bigger, I lay on my back, opened my legs wide, “Go down on me dad, I want you to lick out my cunt, play with it, finger it, then I want you to fuck me dad, I want you to fuck me hard and deep” I told him, dad kissed me gently, then working his way downwards he kissed my neck, tits, stomach till he reached my pussy, he licked up and down over my pussy lips, occasionally darting his tongue inside my wet cunt.

I raised my legs up over his shoulders as he fingered and licked out my cunt, “More dad, use more fingers, Yes that’s it, Oh Fuck that feels good, Oh fuck, Oh, Oh, Oooh, Yes Deeper, Harder!” I could feel his tongue probing my ass hole, then as he fingered my cunt I felt him slip a finger inside my ass, It felt as if his whole hand was buried into my cunt and the feeling of him poking my ass hole bought me to my first orgasm of the night, I screamed out with the pleasure he was giving me, my whole body shook and convulsed as I came. “Now dad, please fuck me now, I want to feel your dick inside me!” I pleaded, He positioned himself between my wide-open legs, rubbed his hard dick teasingly around my pussy lips, “Now dad, Now!” I begged.

I felt his dick slide into my wet cunt, “Fuck me hard dad, Fuck me as hard and as deep and as forcibly as you can!” I told him, he did as I asked and lunged his dick into me deeply, I locked my legs around him, trying to get as much of his dick inside me as I could, looking up seeing my dad fucking me made me feel dirty “You like this dad? You like fucking your daughter? Are you going to fill my cunt with your hot spunk? C’mon dad, fuck me good!” As he fucked me he squeezed my tits hard, he sucked deep on my nipples until he said “I’m cumming Jessie!” I tried to grip his dick with every muscle I had in my cunt as I felt his dick throb and his hot spunk stream into my cunt, he lunged three or four times then collapsed on top of me, his dick still inside me, twitching, throbbing. Rolling off he again cuddled into me, holding me tightly, “Oh that was so good Jessie, so good!” We fell asleep still cuddled into each other.

To Be Continued…

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