Natalie’s First Time Ch. 1

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Big Tits

Natalie walked carefully up the long staircase up to the fourth floor. She didn’t want to trip on her heels, the stiletto heels weren’t something she was used to but she was here to make an impression wasn’t she? She reached the door she was looking for, the gold numbers proclaiming that at long last, she was at apartment 407. She tugged and the leather jacket she wore, trying to arrange it over her naked body. “What am I doing?” She thought to herself. She took a deep breath but couldn’t bring herself to knock. Her thoughts drifted to the events of three night’s prior.

She had been sitting at the bar; a place she’d walked into without knowing it was for women only. She was nervous, not knowing why she hadn’t left immediately. She was drinking heavily, trying to muster up courage, for what though? Natalie was so lost in her drink and thoughts, she hadn’t noticed the tall woman who sat beside her. “Hey. What are you doing here?” the woman asked casually. Natalie looked up with a start. “What?” she blurted out, scared that one of them was talking to her. “I asked why you were here, you’re straight aren’t you?” the woman raised her eyebrow at Natalie. She waved the bartender over and ordered a drink. When her drink had come and Natalie still hadn’t answered, she got up and left to the dance floor. Natalie sat, stunned. Why hadn’t she said anything? Why did she just sit there like an idiot? Natalie ordered another drink and upon its consumption, had convinced herself to go talk to the tall brunette. She walked (a bit unsteadily) to the dance floor. She found the woman in the crowd and sauntered casino siteleri to her side. “You’re right.” She shouted over the loud music. “I am.” The woman grinned and grabbed Natalie by the waist. Natalie, to shocked to fight off the gesture (or maybe too drunk) let her. The woman pulled her close and began to whisper in her ear. “Me and a few girlfriends get together for Monday Night Football. I think you should come and join us.” Natalie opened her mouth to refuse the invitation and almost immediately, the woman took advantage. She thrust her tongue into her mouth and began to kiss her. Natalie was stunned. She began to feel dizzy and almost instantly, her panties were wet. The room span and her knees went weak. She clung to the broad shoulders of the stranger and felt the woman tighten her grip. She was in a state of bliss when she was released. Natalie stood, looking at this woman, aghast at her behavior. The woman laughed a little and slipped a piece of paper into Natalie’s hand. She then walked off the dance floor and out of the bar. Natalie stood there, staring at the paper. An address and a time were printed in blue ink.

Natalie began her drive home in the pre dawn hours. She reached her house without too much trouble and stumbled in, turning on the lights as she went. She went into her bedroom and began to undress. The cool air hit her body as she shed her clothes. Her nipples went hard and an open window let in the breeze, which drifted over her. Her body tingled and with a start, Natalie realized just how much she was excited. She lay down in bed and thought over the evening’s events. canlı casino She thought of the tall woman with the dark eyes and strong hands. She wondered what exactly lesbians did in bed at night. She remembered that kiss, the one that left her weak and wet. Again and again, visions of the woman went through her head. She lay there, pondering the physics of it all, she tossed and turned in her bed until finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore.

Natalie rose out of bed and put on her robe. She didn’t bother to tie it; she was home alone after-all. She walked into her living room and sat on the couch. She turned on the television, hoping for a distraction. Something to keep her mind off the stranger. She flipped through all the basic channels, which at this hour had only infomercials or news on. As the channels flickered past her she yawned. Nothing seemed interesting enough. Natalie looked out the window for a moment, wondering what the stranger was doing at this hour. “Probably sleeping.” She muttered to herself. An image on the screen flickered past but her finger, holding down the channel button, didn’t let go fast enough. She slowly went down the channels until she saw it again. She stared at the screen. The two women were laying one on top of another, in the position which she knew to be the “69”. She was riveted. Both had shaved themselves, and at the moment, both were incredibly busy licking and sucking on one another. They moaned and groaned. They pushed each-others faces harder into themselves. Their bodies writhed and glistened with sweat.

Natalie watched with avid interest, wondering kaçak casino if that’s what the stranger liked to do. Natalie began to feel warm so she removed her robe. Her body shone in the flickering light from the T.V, her full breasts were heaving with excitement. She had never really watched anything quite like it before. Without her realization, her hands had both drifted up t o her breasts. She began to pinch and pull at her hard nipples. She moaned slightly and began to slowly, move her hips back and forth with the same motion she watched. Her legs spread apart, the hairs she kept neatly trimmed were glistening with the flow seeping out of her cunt.

One hand caressed the length of her torso, and found its way to the ache building inside. She inserted one finger into her wet pussy and began to drive it in and out. Pleasure filled her every sense as she watched the women on the screen. They had switched positions and now one was feverishly fucking another with a large dildo shaped to be the exact replica of a penis. She inserted another finger and her other hand left her breast to play with her swollen clit. She bucked her hips and moaned loudly, pushing herself in deeper. She imagined that it wasn’t herself bring her such pleasure, but instead, the tall stranger. She envisioned her head in between her thighs, sucking greedily on her pussy, slurping out all the cum. The fantasy proved to be too much and Natalie burst into an outrageous orgasm. Her cum rushed out soaking her sofa and thighs. She breathed unsteadily, her eyes never leaving the screen. Both women had too, reached an orgasm and were now, clinging to each other. Natalie realized that she too, longed to cling to another woman. She decided she would make sure it happened on Monday night. If things went her way, football wouldn’t be the main attraction this time!

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