Neighborhood Thrills Ch. 03

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I looked around, wondering if I had forgotten anything. No, I wouldn’t need my purse for going next door. I went back into my bedroom to look at myself in the full-length mirror on my closet door. Trying to see myself as others would see me, I had to admit that I looked great. My red hair, which I wear fairly short – it comes down to about the top of my neck in a cut that is a bob with tweaked ends. And Holly had fixed it beautifully – it looked shiny and silky. I hated to do it, since I’d worn it all day, but my green print dress looked so good on me, I had to stay with what worked.

Ah my green dress. It’s a green print dress with a scooped neck that shows off the top of my bosom nicely with or without a bra, and I’d decided not to wear one tonight. The sleeves only go down about 5 inches past my shoulders and the dress buttons down from the center of the scoop down to the waist. The skirt is just a little on the short side, about four inches above my knees. I chuckled as I remembered Alyssa saying that the green color compliments my red hair and my green eyes, and the hemline showed off my great legs. I looked at my legs in the mirror. They were very shapely with generous calf muscles, and were certainly beautiful legs if you liked freckles. I had freckles everywhere but my bikini marks. Holly had tut-tutted those saying I should sunbath nude for even freckling.

Left to my own devices, I would have worn my black spiked high heels, but Holly had insisted that I wear my high-heeled tan sandals because they feature nude toes. I’ll admit Holly did a beautiful job of painting my fingernails and toenails a fire engine red color. I wore no stockings and had wanted to go with black lace panties, but Holly insisted I didn’t leave the slightest chance of having panties get in my way. It’s not that I planned to seduce Paula tonight. I thought the idea absurd. But both girls, Alyssa and Holly, wanted badly for me to seduce Paula – each had their own and quite different reasons.

It was my thirtieth birthday and for a present, I’d been turned into a lesbian. Of course that’s something of an exaggeration, but it is quite true that I woke up this morning a card-carrying heterosexual, and I had enjoyed wonderful, if somewhat frenzied, sex with two teenaged girls since then. And I had just loved it. I still felt a little inhibited about it, and shuddered to think about anyone finding out, but I had loved it. For some reason that I couldn’t put my finger upon, the idea of seducing Paula, while absurd, did not bring up those inhibitions. In fact, the actual thought of kissing Paula, fondling her breasts… well, instead of inhibitions, the thought caused butterflies in my lower abdomen and a feeling of warmth between my legs.

Maybe it was because Paula was closer to my age. Alyssa had told me she was thirty-five. Or perhaps similar circumstances, my husband Bart had died nearly two years ago in a car accident, and about a year ago Paula’s husband had run off with another woman. So we were both of us grieved, alone, anti-social and horny. At least Alyssa assured me that her mother was horny. She hadn’t explained how she knew that. Had she caught Paula masturbating? That would have been nice to know. Or then maybe I had just been attracted to Paula for a while, and maybe I had just been too ‘straight’ to realize it.

I pictured Paula in my mind. She was taller than I, by maybe two inches. She had a slimmer build, but nice hips and shapely legs – Alyssa had come by her legs honestly. Her eyes were large and dark brown, her nose long, but straight and thin. Her face was roughly oval tapering slightly to a small rounded chin. Her black hair was short fringed bangs in the front and layered on the sides no lower than her jaw. Paula’s hair cut accentuated her long swan-like neck – a very lovely neck. Paula’s breasts were about the same size as mine and I mostly wore a 34 C cup, but hers were just slightly fuller.

I would be hard pressed to name her sexiest feature, but if I had to, I’d have to say her mouth. She had a small mouth with Cupid’s bow lips, with her lips not too thick or thin so she didn’t quite have that pouty look. Her two front teeth were just slightly prominent, and her mouth was usually slightly open, giving her an almost surprised look. I don’t know how, but all those things combine into what looks to me like a really sexy mouth. Oh, and one other thing, an almost strange thing, and that is her smile. Her smile is impossibly wide for such a small mouth – the mathematics just didn’t compute! When she grins her face is full of even white teeth and her two front teeth aren’t noticeable, and you just have to grin back. The few times I’d been around Paula, just being around her made me feel good.

Paula’s personality was mellow and friendly with a good sense of humor. She always seemed cheerful, but then, according to her daughter, sometimes she cried herself to sleep at night over the worthless husband that left her. I remembered last summer when I’d hired Alyssa, her daughter, to help me with my lawn and gardens. Paula always casino siteleri brought over some lemonade or iced tea if we’d been working awhile. Sure, I’d figured it was for her daughter, but she’d always been so kind, courteous and thoughtful towards me.

I sighed dreamily, and then frowned. I was thinking about Paula and having distinctly sexual feelings, and to a certain, tiny extent, romantic feelings. I shook my head and glanced at the clock on the mantel. It was seven o’clock. Time to go. I must be losing my mind! I’d been fucking teenaged girls and lusting for my divorced neighbor. I tried to do a mental count and got lost. And there I was, standing on my neighbor’s porch and reaching for the doorbell and simultaneously realizing that I had lost count of the number of orgasms I’d had today.

Paula opened the door and grinned, her large dark eyes sparkling, “Come in, come in, Claire, and Happy Birthday!”

I giggled and stepped into the cool air-conditioning. Somehow I’d just walked through ninety-degree plus heat without noticing. “Thanks so much, Paula! You know, we live so close and we’ve never really gotten together like this. What can I say? I’m reclusive and demented, but I swear I’m going to change.” I had never actually been inside her house before. It was nicely furnished with antiques from what I could see from the front door hallway that branched into a living room on the left, a dining room on the right and the kitchen straight ahead.

Paula led me toward the kitchen. Over her shoulder, Paula said, “Don’t change too much, dear, I like you the way you are.”

She waved me toward one of the chairs around the kitchen table that was a sturdy walnut table that looked pretty expensive. She asked what I wanted to drink. “Iced tea, if it’s convenient.” I took in her dress that was pretty similar to mine. Rather it was a single piece dark-red print dress with a zipper down the back. The skirt just reached her knees, but the scooped neck in the front looked so like mine, I wondered if it was the same designer. Her shoes were dark brown high-heeled sandals with open toes. She looked sexy as she turned her back to fix me a glass of iced tea. I swallowed and swore to keep my mind on the conversation, “I doubt you know me very well, Paula, but I do hope to remedy that.” She had very little tan, so she must normally wear slacks outdoors. I had to stop lusting after her calves so obviously, but it was so lovely watching her muscles move every time she so much as flexed an ankle.

She turned and walked back toward me, holding my iced tea in one hand and a glass of red wine in the other. She handed me my glass and said, “Actually I feel like I know a lot about you, Claire. Alyssa talks about you all the time. Other than Holly, you’re her best friend.” She paused, looking a little sober, “You know, I want to thank you for being such a close friend to my daughter. Sometimes I think you’re a better role model for her than I am.”

Guilt and horror washed over me like waves of evil. I felt myself blush, “Alyssa has been my only friend since my husband died. She means a lot to me.” I said haltingly. To myself I said, ‘Yeah, and I stuck my tongue up her butt this afternoon.’ But somehow I figured I better not say that.

Paula pulled up a chair in front of mine and looked concerned, “Did I say something to upset you, Claire?”

I shook my head and took a deep breath, “I’ll tell you about it sometime, and very soon, but the night is young yet.” I glanced at her dress and found myself pausing too long at the neckline and the way her the tops of her lovely breasts and the crevice between them was generously displayed. I gulped, and said, “It looks like we were dressed by similar spirit guides,” I was referring to my earlier joke on the phone.

Paula grinned and looked me over and didn’t bother hiding her interest in either my bosom or my legs, “Alyssa dressed me,” she said, “and Holly obviously dressed you.”

On impulse I looked at her hands and her toes, “Did Alyssa paint your nails and toes, too?”

She giggled, “As a matter of fact, she did. And I see Holly did a good job on you too. The only thing I haven’t figured out is who is supposed to seduce whom?” Then she paused, obviously seized by a thought, and then she smiled and looked into my eyes. Her dark eyes twinkled again as she said, “Oh, I see, you’re here to seduce me. If I’d been supposed to seduce you, they would have prepped me in some way, and they didn’t.”

“Guilty as sin, that’s me,” I smiled, “But you should know that I don’t HAVE to seduce you tonight. I’m allowed to only get to know you better tonight, BUT if the opportunity presents itself, I’ve been instructed to seize the day.” We both laughed briefly, but the laughter had a false bottom and we both knew it because too much hadn’t been revealed yet. I gave her a clear-eyed gaze, “You’re very, very smart and very, very intuitive, Paula, and I am starting to realize that I’m not going to be able to keep much from you, even if I wanted to, and honestly, I don’t want to keep anything from canlı casino you. So let’s pace our questions and revelations a little, if you don’t mind.”

Paula looked around, obviously searching for something to say. She brightened, “What’s for supper, you ask? Well, I’d planned a tossed salad sprinkled with cold baby shrimp with an avocado and lime dressing, a light, cold cucumber soup, and blackened redfish as the main course, and it’s all ready right now. Or I can throw all that out and we can just get snockered. I’ve got several bottles of wine. Hungry?”

“Smart, intuitive, sweet and now as graceful as royalty. You’re husband was a fool, Paula!” I gave her another steady look and hoped she realized it meant I genuinely admired her. “And yes, I am hungry, although I might have a little wine later after dinner.”

Paula laughed that pretty laugh of hers, “Oh my, you’re trying to turn my head, and doing a pretty good job, too. I mustn’t underestimate your skills as a seductress.” She stood and bustled off, returning with food. We ate pretty much quietly, glancing and smiling at one another occasionally – the only real table talk being my compliments on her excellent cooking and her gracious and slightly demure acceptance of those compliments. Finally as we were both finishing up, I noticed Paula giving me a serious and appraising look. I opened my mouth to inquire, and found I wasn’t sure how to ask, or if I should. Before I could decide, she said, “If you were going to offer me a penny for my thoughts, they’re worth rather more than that.”

I smiled, maybe a little nervously, “I want first to say how grateful I am for this delicious dinner and your kind welcome. But then I was going to say that I feel as though I am having my soul weighed by the gods.”

“You have the most beautiful green eyes I’ve ever seen,” she commented idly while taking her last bite of fish and chasing it with a sip of wine. Then she added, “I think I have it all figured out now, so you don’t have to make any confessions about having sex with my daughter. I’m pretty sure you had sex with Holly, too. And I am perfectly aware that you’re straight, or were straight. Alyssa has told me you were straight many times. She considers not being bisexual as something of a tragedy, you know.” Holly gave me a friendly smile that contained a definite element of triumph, “Come now, Watson, you’re supposed to ask how I figured all that out!” Then she laughed her musical laugh.

For some reason I wanted her to know I wasn’t stupid either, “I think I know how you figured everything out. Why would a straight woman agree to seduce another straight woman – because she isn’t as straight anymore? How can that be? Because two teenage girls seduced her, of course. Why doesn’t the woman hate the woman who had sex with her daughter? That would be because she knows her daughter to be an irresistible force, and knows the other woman didn’t have much of a chance of retaining her virtue.” I waggled a finger at her, “But you don’t know whether they seduced me singly or together, and you don’t know what my motives really are.”

“Right and wrong!” beamed Paula, “Alyssa seduced you first, starting about 12:30, I guess, and then Holly came over later,” She laughed at my astonishment, “Elementary my dear Claire. No straight woman would let a teenage girl seduce her in front of someone else. And the only way a teenage girl could seduce an older and more world wise straight woman is if they had been friends for a long time and already loved each other. And Alyssa finished her lunch here at 12:30 and said she was going over to your house.”

She paused in her reveal to refill her wine glass, “Now, Holly – well Holly’s a sex-bomb always set to go off, but I daresay she had to work a little harder than Alyssa did. But you are one hundred percent correct that I don’t really know your actual motives or intentions towards me. As for when I said my thoughts were worth more than a penny? At the moment I was thinking that for the first time in my life, I actually feel attracted to another woman.” She eyed me over her wine glass, “And I was wondering what it would be like.” Her dark eyes were hypnotic. Hey, who was seducing whom, here?

I blushed, “I’m not too sure of my motives myself, but I can tell you that I have gained a deep and healthy respect for sex between women. And I can also say that I am very attracted to you physically. No, it would be more honest to say that I am deeply sexually attracted to you.” I shook my head. “I had only started to realize it when I was leaving my house. But when you walked across the kitchen to get my tea, that’s when I fully realized that I really do want to have sex with you. But you know, even that isn’t enough, I feel… complicated, like I don’t know myself as well as I thought I did.”

Paula blushed now, and I realized it was the first time I ever saw her do that. Me, I blush all the time. She looked at a loss for words for a few moments, just looking at me with her mouth slightly open, and a little surprised. She looked down at her hands, kaçak casino “Goodness, you are serious. Just because my daughter wants me to hook up with you, didn’t guarantee that you wanted to go through with it, and part of me just assumed that you were playing along to get my daughter out of your hair. Now, I see I do have something to worry about.”

She entwined her fingers nervously, and then put her hands flat on the table, “For what it’s worth, I think you’re very sexy, too. Why do you think I was always bringing you tea and lemonade when you worked in the garden?” she confessed, “Well, there were several reasons, but looking at your legs in those tight shorts was definitely on my list of reasons, and pretty much at the top of the list. It never went further than that, but I do find you very sexy to look at.” She glanced briefly at my legs, then my freckled bosom, “I do enjoy looking at you. I love the freckles on your… I love your freckles.” She said a little breathlessly, and then added with a little squeak, “Very much.”

I gave a little smile, “We are both trying so hard to be honest, and neither of us are sure we’re even honest with ourselves.” I chuckled, “So let’s dodge behind some traditional feminine tactic and do the dishes!”

She beamed at me, affectionately, I thought, and then we got up and did the dishes. When all there is to do is to rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, it was hardly a time consuming chore. Paula offered me a glass of wine and I accepted. It was a very nice red wine. I suggested we retire to the living room to resume our conversation. She agreed. Leading me in there I spied along one wall an antique love seat of the bench variety. It was baroque wrought iron framework supporting a slab of board upholstered with a velvet cushion. There were armrests at each end with a small, upholstered cushion along the armrests. The upholstery was all done dark-red velvet. I would have clapped if I weren’t holding a glass of wine. “A bench loveseat!” I declared. “I haven’t seen one of those in years! They’re fairly rare, you know?”

Paula blinked owlishly at it, “Well that’s what it’s called all right. But I never understood why. Don’t loveseats usually have a back of some sort? I just thought this type was inferior, or just for poor folk.”

I grinned at her and giggled, “Have you ever tried to make out in a love seat with a back on it?” Seeing her puzzled expression, I supposed not. “Okay, you just don’t understand the basic principle, that’s all. This is the real thing; those other love seats are euphemisms for the real deal. Here, hold this.” I handed her my glass of wine and dragged the loveseat into the middle of the room. “There! Now you sit facing that way,” I pointed as she handed me back my wine. Then I simply sat down beside her, facing the opposite direction that she was facing. So we were sitting side by side but facing different directions. There was very little extra room so we were snuggled somewhat. “There, isn’t this intimate?”

“More like crowded, but not unpleasantly so,” she said, but we have to turn our heads to talk to each other and see each other’s faces. “I still don’t get the point.”

“Hmm, well the point is, those so called loveseats, usually curved and deeply cushioned with backs on them, actually restrict movement, where this one is made for movement.” I grinned, ” I guess I’m going to have to show you, then. Okay, set your wine glass somewhere to free up your hands.” I set mine easily down as I was in reach of the coffee table. Paula had to stretch a bit to set her glass on an end table. “Turn to face me,” and I put my left arm around her right shoulder, and I said, “You do the same.” She put her left arm around my right shoulder. Then I put my right hand on her right thigh, pretty close to her groin. “Go ahead and put your right hand on the same place on my right thigh.” She did so slowly as if putting it in a trap. Our faces were just inches away, and we were comfortably supporting each other. “Now,” I said, “We can easily make out and put our hands in each other’s laps, and see how easy it is to spread your legs wider? And of course we can easily reach each other’s breasts, and kinda cuddle at the same time!”

Paula blushed but didn’t pull away from me, “Good God!” she said softly. “This isn’t furniture. It’s a sex toy!” She smiled nervously at me, “We need to put this back before my daughter sees it, or else, every time I come home, I’ll trip over it in the middle of the living room.”

My demonstration had been purely academic but since we were still sitting here, with our faces so close together, I was starting to breath harder and Paula’s blush wasn’t going away. My temptation to kiss her was getting very strong but I didn’t want to rush her, so I just went ahead and said it, “The temptation for me to kiss you right now, is so great I’m not sure I can resist. But I don’t want to rush you.” She squeezed my thigh with her hand, her eyes searching into mine. I kissed her. Our lips met and molded as if shaped for each other, and that delicious sexy mouth opened and our tongues touched lightly. Paula took a deep breath and kissed me harder. I moved my hand from her right thigh to her left hip and tried to pull her closer and she mirrored my move, our arms tightening.

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