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We were alone finally. The day had been tough, burying my wife and her mother. Stassy and I had been estranged from Lily and each other for several years but had come together to help each other get through Lily’s death. The service was over, the body, as it were, was buried. The guests had left. The house was finally empty, except for us.

“Stassy, care for a drink,?” I offered. Stassy looked up at me with wide eyes and a slightly sad expression. She merely nodded. I went and poured us both a glass of wine.

When I handed it to her, Stassy looked up at me and sighed. At times, she reminded me of her mom and this was one of them. I was reminded of a time when we were still dating back about 25 years ago. We had been out and seen a car crash. We were both shaken as someone had died. Stassy’s facial expression brought back that night. I reached out to her and touched her cheek.

“Thanks, Dad, for being here and for standing so tall for me. I would have been a puddle if I was by myself.” she said as she looked deep into my eyes. She shifted forward and the hanging front of her dress bulged forward and I got a brief flash of her ample and very nice chest.

I began to turn away but she grabbed my hand and held it to her cheek and began to weep. I stopped and stroked her head with my other hand, noting the smooth softness of her hair. I pressed into her, inadvertently with my crotch. She reached around me and hugged me against her head. She rubbed her face and cheeks against me and, I thought, into my now rapidly rising dick. She moaned a bit as she noticed that which she had raised. I could swear I felt her open her mouth and trace the length of my cock through my trousers. She seemed to bite down slightly on me. I tried to pull back but she held fast and actually strengthened her grip.

I reached down a bit further and lifted her jaw so as to look into her eyes again. She briefly looked at me and then snuggled back into my crotch. I persisted and repeated lifting her jaw.

“What are you doing, girl?”

“I don’t know, Dad. I think I want you.” I was stunned by this. My little girl of 20 was admitting to a desire that many had but few acted upon. I had to admit that Stassy reminded me of her mom much more than a little, with both having very similar figures and facial features. I missed my wife and looking down at Stassy I began to feel overwhelmed again. I lifted her up and took her in my arms. She looked at me, now I could see her face clearly, with lust as much as love. Our faces moved towards each other. Our lips touched tentatively, then hungrily, quickly moving to a full on lip lock. We, father and daughter, were snogging!

I ran my hands up and down her nice taught and very feminine body as she did the same to mine. Our passions rose with each passing moment and touch. I grabbed her right butt cheek with my left hand and she gasped.

“Dad! Oh my ass! I love your hands on my ass!”Stassy burst out with. I moved my other hand to her other butt cheek and she began to roll her bum from hip to hip. I kissed my way down her neck as we did this. I could smell her and I became more aroused than I had been in years. I ground my very hard dick into her crotch and she responded as only women do, by lifting up and wrapping her lovely long legs around me to accept my attentions.

I groaned into her upper chest and held fast to her behind. I walked us from the living room towards the bedroom. She pulled back and said “Dad! Yes, lets! I need this!”

I almost ran us after that. I dropped her on the bed and we began to disrobe. She stopped me and began a slow strip tease. The black dress with its hanging parts she slowly pulled up and over revealing a body I realized could have been a clone of her mother’s, nice full breasts the right size for her frame, long lean and fit legs with just the right amount of flare at the hips. Her crowning ataşehir escort glory came into view as she slowly rotated. Her ass was even better than her mother’s! I had always appreciated women’s asses but what I was looking at was the best I had ever seen! Full with a slight dimple on the outside, almost a C cup in profile, and a split that revealed a hairless split with a tight but what? slick? pulsing? central knot. Stassy reached back with both hands and pulled her delectable cheeks apart for me. She was the kind of girl who wasn’t afraid to spread her butt cheeks for a man. I was beside myself with lust and anticipation.

“See Daddy? See how I want you? I want you in my ass!” she breathed. “Pop it into my ass, Daddy!”

I was aroused more than I had ever been before. I dropped my drawers and got behind ny daughter’s behind. I pushed forward and lifted her by lifting her thighs and walked her forward to the bed. I dropped her and pushed her forward so she was on her hands and knees with her perfect ass pointed towards me. I knelt down and leaned into her rear end.

Stassy gasped as I did my second favorite sexual act, I licked her bum cheeks. I slobbered up and down and into the crack of her ass. Stassy froze when I split her ass cheeks and dipped my face in between, touching tongue to asshole. She them began to frig herself as I wormed my tongue into her innards. I felt her climax as I continued to eat her ass. The warm heat and scent of her rear end abruptly left as she collapsed down on the bed.

I looked down at the feast before me and spit into my hand. I rubbed the liquid onto and into her ass. She roused a bit and looked over her shoulder at me.

“Go ahead. Go ahead Dad. I want this from you. The only thing better than your hands on my ass is your cock in my butthole” she said with a quaver in her voice. She was ready to be fucked in the ass at any moment I realized. I spit into my hand again but this time rubbed it onto my hard and throbbing cock. I pressed it along the crack of her ass. I pressed further into her hot slick crevice until I felt it. She reached back and spread her ass open to me. I put the head on my cock onto the knot of her opening. I pushed in!

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Fuck me Daddy! Fuck your girl in the ass! Bugger me! Bumfuck your little girl Daddy!” started the stream of filth that would continue until we were finished. I slid back and forth tentatively but Stassy had other ideas. “Come on, Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck hard! Fuck my ass as hard as you can! Bang my butt! Hump my heiny! Fill my Fart funnel! Bang my backside! Pound my poop chute! Bang my backside! Fuck me!” she screamed. What could I do? I did my best to make my daughter happy and as I found out later, a happy ass is a fucked ass. I wasn’t just fucking my daughter, I was fucking her up the ASS! Hell, I was gonna cum up her ass.

I was hunched over my girl’s ass and back and she turned her head to face me. We snogged again, but due to the odd position and the continuous movements we were making, our lips didn’t remain locked. My mouth slipped up to her pert and sexy nose and captured it. Stassy moaned at this, obviously enjoying the strange action. WE redoubled our assfucking action as our passion began to raise with this. I fucked in and out like a sledgehammer. Stassy clasped her butthole around my girth in time with my strokes. She began to approach her orgasm. I banged her ass harder than ever but due to my efforts, my tongue slipped up her nose as we did so. She squealed with delight at this and bucked and fucked back at me with ever more energy. She came with a thunderous full body clench and a single extended moan. I could take no more and blew what felt like my largest and longest load ever completely and fully up my daughter’s ass with my tongue up her nose!

My prick slid out and drooped a bit but held avcılar escort firm on her warm, tight bum cheek. She lay on her tummy for a while, just savoring the moment when she scooted upright into a squatting position. She seemed to be pushing as if taking a dump, but nothing came out. She looked over at me and giggled. I must have had a puzzled expressions she said “Daddy, I’ll let you see.”

She resumed her squatting position but on top of me. I was availed of a view of her sex and butthole completely unobstructed. I could see into her cunny a bit and see the moisture slowly seeping out there. I could now see her asshole had a slight gape to it as well. She went back to ‘pushing’ and I could see her inner sphincter open up in her ass and well into her depths. Suddenly a fart splashed out with accompaniment of some of my semen splashing as well. Stassy just giggled as she looked down at me with a spray of ass juice across my face. She had cumfarted on me! I pulled her butt back down onto my face and I licked into her ass again, this time like a man starved. She opened her asshole to me and I was easily able to get my whole tongue up her butt! I French kissed her ass like this for several minutes when I noticed I had another raging hard on.

I pushed her up and off while quickly repositioning her on the bed. I mounted her, slamming my impressive manhood hard up her ass. She looked back at me with a surprised look.

“That’s right, daughter, Daddy’s up your ass again!” I almost yelled at her. She giggled again.

“I love it Dad! Come on and fuck me! Dump another load if you want, but I would like a taste of that weapon of yours!” I pumped in and out a few more times then quickly popped it out. I strode forward and pushed my almost too hard prick down in front of Stassy’s face. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and licked along the vein. I shuddered at her touch. “Ah! I like that!” She giggled again and reached up and gripped my prong, pulling it down a bit more. She slipped the end into her mouth.

“Honey, I would like to do this more but how about I move around in front?” I suggested as I was more than a bit contorted from this awkward position. She slurped a bit more and then let go. My dick sprang back up and slapped into my belly.

“Fuck yeah, Dad. I want that whole thing down my throat and tickling my colon. I am sure it is big enough to go down that far.” she laughingly said. I straddled her for another moment before dipping my slippery dong back into her slightly slack asshole. I wanted her to have a ‘fresh’ taste of ass. I so loved the feel of her bumhole that she interrupted my revery. “Dad, I need a taste!”

I stopped, popped and jumped around in front with a quick “Oops, sorry, dear.” I dipped down to offer her my slick, nasty and gnarly rod. Stassy grinned widely and leaned forward with open mouth for a gobble of my knob. The perverse nature of what we were doing impinged on me as her moist mouth clasped my tenderest of skin. “Oh! Baby! Your mouth is just what I need! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love your ass, girl! I am going to come in your bum!”

With that said, Stassy gleamed what must have been a smile at me, what else would it have been with a mouthful of her Daddy’s cock. She almost spat me out and looked at me as if to say go ahead fuck and come in my ass, Daddy. I smiled down at my ‘little’ girl and swiftly moved back in behind her behind. I stroked her soft ass cheeks and slipped a couple of fingers into her slick and slightly open asshole, to stoke her anal fires. I bent down to watch closely my fingers slide in and out when I had an idea. I carefully pulled out and gripped both cheeks witha hand and slowly spread her open. I was transfixed by the small size of her back hole and the way it pulsed open and closed. I dropped my face in closer. I felt I should avrupa yakası escort taste her here, too. I stuck my tongue out and touched her chocolate star fish.

“Dad! What!” was all she could say before she came. I pushed ina bit more and her butt opening opened admitting my tongue deep into her. I reveled in the taste, a bit earthy, salty and musky but not at all unpleasant. The internal heat was a bit surprising but the slickness that I had felt with my cock was quite enticing. My tongue up her ass was alternately a bit compressed and relaxed so I thought she wanted me to lick in and out. I did and she moaned. Good I thought and sucked as well. She moaned and thrashed a bit as if trying to get my entire face up her ass!

I continued this licking and sucking until she came again. I then pulled back and knelt up behind her. “Stassy, I am going to fuck you up the ass, now. I am going to fuck your ass until I come in it.” She merely nodded without looking back at me. I stroked my hard on a bit and and pushed it down to line it up with her slack asshole. I touched the tip to her. She shuddered and nodded. I pushed slowly. My cock met with a slight resistance before I pushed a bit harder and I went in with a soft pop. Stassy threw her mane of hair back and groaned at this. I stopped. She turned her head and looked back at me.

“Oh, yeah, Dad! Fucking fuck this fucking ass. Fucking fuck this asshole. Fuck my ass! Fuck me Daddy!” began an almost unending stream of filth from my baby girl’s sweet mouth. I began to fuck her sweet ass with vigor. She merely fucked back at me. I reached out and grabbed a good handful fo her hair, thick and lustrous. Wrapping it around my fist, i thought about what i was going to do. I smiled a nasty smile and pulled hard. She jerked up and back as I slammed in and out of her tight ass. “Ah Ah Ah Ah!” she shrieked. I leaned across her back and began to kiss her cheek. She tried to twist her face around to kiss me back but couldn’t quite line up. My mouth missed her cheek and grasped her nose. She bucked at this and my tongue went up her nostril. I tasted my daughter’s snot! I was overcome by the absolutely intense nature of this act. My tongue touching the inside of her nose was something I certainly had never thought of before, but the extremely personal nature of it coupled with very sordid nature of ass fucking my own daughter raised the level of lust to heights I has never conceived of before. Stassy sensed the change as well and both fucked back at me even harder and dug her nose deeper into my sucking mouth. I pulled her chest up to allow us a bit more even stature. I kept my mouth attached to her nose and she fucked her hips and ass on my hard dick. The intensity of this very weird and impromptu act overtook us both and I took control. I gripped her other shoulder and fucked her ass with total abandon as I kept her nose in my mouth. I grabbed her tit with my other hand and pinched and pulled her nipple. Stassy could take no more and began a series of orgasms the like of which I has never before experienced. It was as if she was coming with each stroke in and out of her asshole. As she seemed to be slowing down, I felt my own begin to rise. I started to slam into her ass as hard and as fast as i could. Her butt hole tightened around my cock as if she was trying to enhance my climax! I snorted and slurped up her nose more as my strokes slowed and lengthened just prior to the blessed event. I pushed one final thrust in and held my throbbing gushing coming cock deep in my daughter’s fully open ass. I CAME!

It was as if time stopped during my orgasm. I saw stars and the beginning and end of the universe and my life and all my tax returns. Stassy woke me from this trance when she shook me loose and pushed me onto my back. My dutiful darling daughter went to town on my slightly shit soiled prick. She licked and slurped me from stem to stern and back again then went down and sucked my balls. She continued until i stopped her by grabbing her ears and lifted her face off. “Done, girl. There is no life left there. You done fucked me out”

The smile on her face said it as she said “Good, there will be more tomorrow…” as I passed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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