Not So Covert Family Affairs Ch. 02

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NOTE: All content in this, and future, stories of this series are fictional. They are based on fantasy and thoughts of my own life, but there is no validity to the actions.

Not So Covert “family” Affairs: Chap. 2 by LuvDaLilThings

It had been nearly a month since the experience at grandmas. In that time, I had replayed it all over and over, and masturbated many times thinking of the way she sucked me for the first time. Not just me, but first time with anyone. Taking me in her throat and wiggling her tongue along the shaft like she was trying to swallow me alive.

And the way she squirmed on the bed under me while I licked her pussy, becoming wetter and wetter than I ever thought a 98-year-old woman could or should. However, this made it that much easier to insert my cock into her when it was time. And when it was time, the moans that came out of her as the biggest cock she had ever had inside her stretched her in ways and places never touched by any man.

So, when she called me on Tuesday and asked when I was coming by for another visit, I told her I couldn’t get away until Saturday. She said that would be delightful and she looked forward to a fun visit. I dwelled on this statement for the rest of the week and hoped it meant what I thought it meant.

I masturbated even more that week thinking of the fun to be had that weekend. I wore a pair of board shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops for the drive, allowing easier playing with my cock on the drive to the assisted living complex. And play I did, but would not, could not, did not allowing myself to cum. I wanted to save that first cum for grandma’s mouth. I wanted her first taste of cum to come quick and as soon as I got there and almost had an accident while trying not to cum in the car.

When I got to the complex I parked and rushed to the condo door, hoping that no one saw my raging hard on leading the way. Or was I really hoping someone would see? Maybe there were other Grandmas in need of some young grandson loving. Maybe this could be a really great place to visit more often, but for now I was almost over excited to get inside and what I came for.

I had my shirt off even before I has the door all the way open, and my flip-flops and shirt hit the floor inside the small condo as soon as it was open. I set the sliding sign on the door to “Privacy Needed” as to not be disturbed by the onsite nurse. My shorts were on the floor around my ankles before the door was even closed and I stepped out of them and kicked them aside as I locked it.

My hard cock pointed the way as it proceeded me the short walk between the living room and the bedroom past the counter/bar separating the area from the kitchenette. As I broke the threshold of the doorway to the bedroom, I said “grandma you in here?”, and stopped dead in my track frozen in shock. As I looked into the room, I could feel the terror radiating back at me. Sitting in the same chair I had sat in but a month, ago was my sister, clothed in her birthday suit; eyes shifting between my eyes and my hard beşiktaş escort on.

She sat open mouthed just looking up then down, up then down, and then just down. It convinced me that her amazement was more in the size of my penis than the fact that I was naked and hard in Grandma’s condo. Not to say that I wasn’t also staring between her fabulous tits and well-kept but still hairy pussy.

Grandma broke the moment of staring by patting the cushion next to her on the small couch and saying, “Come sit down.” My sister watched my hard penis bounce as it led my way the spot, and as I sat down, couldn’t help but notice the way she shifted in the chair and spread her legs just a little to get more comfortable.

Almost like it was the most natural thing in the world, grandma reached over, grabbed hold of my hard on and said, “Look at the huge surprise your brother has brought me.” She looked at my sister, who was now blushing, and continued, “But now if you both will excuse me, I must use the restroom.” With that she let go of my penis and shuffled her way to the bathroom and closed the door; I guess some things are still private.

As soon as the door was shut my sister stood, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up and into the other room. “What the hell are you doing?” she asked.

“I could ask you the same thing.” I spouted back.

“I live closer, I am here at least once a week. I have become semi-comfortable with grandma’s new lifestyle, but when she said she had a big surprise for today I wouldn’t have guessed it was this big.”, raising a hand in my direction.

“Well when she said this would be a fun visit, I just thought…”, I paused, “I’m not sure what I thought, but I didn’t know you would be here.” I also wondered if her big surprise and hand motion was in reference to me being here or my 9 ½ inches of hard meat standing between us.

“And what is with you walking in naked and already hard, and her grabbing your penis with no hesitation?”, she asked.

Now for my hesitation, do I tell her about my last visit or just let grandma’s plan, whatever that may be, playout? That is when we heard the toilet flush, and we both looked in that direction. My sister turned and we both rushed back towards our seats. As we got back into the room and to our seats, my sister stopped abruptly to sit in the chair and didn’t. Out of instinct I raised my hands and I grabbed her hips. My hard cock brushed her ass cheek and I could feel her shutter. As she turned and sat in the chair, her hand grazed my cock and it jumped, and so did she.

We both got seated as the bathroom door opened and grandma started to shuffle back to her seat. I noticed that my sister’s attention stayed on my hard on, and my wonder was concentrated on how I have stayed hard through this all. I was also drawn to the fact that my sister now sat with her legs just a little farther apart and her pussy was starting to pout.

As grandma reached the couch and turned to sit, she put her hand on my sister’s knee for balance. beylikdüzü escort She bent at the waist, and her hand slid up my sister’s leg into her crotch, touching her exposed and swollen pussy. With her other hand she grabbed my knee for more balance and as she sat it slid up my leg and wrapped around my penis. I relax back into the couch at the feel and she stokes slowly up and down as she looks at my sister and says, “Do you like my big surprise for you?”

My sister spread her legs a little more, who am I kidding, a lot more and slipped her finger to her clit. With this she also nodded yes and sat just staring, almost drooling, at my cock. But I could see the bewilderment in her eyes. I guess grandma could too as she continued.

“I know that you have not been sexually active since your husbands passing and knew I could help; well your brother and I could help. And I have a great feeling you will have as much as I did on his last visit.”

That is when the bewilderment left my sister’s look and it was replaced with pure lust. As I watched the expression on my sister’s face change, I got what I was after when the day started. Grandma lowered her mouth to the head of my cock and took it in her mouth. With the pressure I put on myself on the drive up, that was all it took for me to unload into her mouth. Still being new to blowjobs, she didn’t know what to do. She swallowed once, but just let the rest shoot into her mouth and then slide down my cock past her lips.

She got up saying “Let me get something to clean that up, and why don’t you help your sister.”

I looked over and once again saw the surprised look on mt sister’s face combined with the pleasure as she rubbed her pussy lips concentrating on the clit. She was looking at grandma and then back at me in time to catch me kneeling in between her legs. As I made fist contact with my tongue to the base of her pussy, she leaned back on the chair and spread her legs even more. I licked up the length of her lips to her clit and she dropped her head back and moaned loudly.

Grandma laughed as she came back with a towel and said, “Doesn’t he have a wonderful tongue?” She knelt and used the towel to clean the cum from my penis, and then stands, standing me up, and I reluctantly pull myself away from this great tasting pussy. She laughs again and says “And look, he stays hard after that. Isn’t that amazing?”

Apparently, my sister was taken hold of by something, maybe the lust, because she sits up and grabs my cock and leans forward and eases me into her mouth with a huge moan. She takes about half of it in and massages the underside of the shaft with her tongue while the head rests at the opening of her throat. Reluctantly I grab her by the shoulders and pull her to her feet, even more reluctantly she releases my cock and stands. I walk to her to the bed and lay her down. I lay across her in a 69 position, and while I placed a kiss on her clit, and she takes my cock back down her throat.

She rolls us over to take better control beyoğlu escort of sucking me and grandma gets on the small bed with us. She kneels with her crotch just above my face and I can see and feel the juices drip on to me. I grab hold of grandma’s ass and she starts rubbing her clit against my forehead while I lick my sister’s pussy. Grandma’s grinding begins to push my sister’s pussy away from where I can get to it, so I ask her if she would like to try what I’m doing.

“Sure” she says, so I stand us all up and lay her on the bed on her back. I give my sister a look that says You ready for this? and she shrugs with a look back that says Why not. I help her straddle grandma’s face and remind her not to sit down too much, we don’t want to smother our grandmother, and remember she is new to all of this.

While grandma starts licking pussy for the first time, I move into place between her thighs and slowly rub the head of my cock up and down her pussy spreading her flowing juices evenly. I penetrate grandma with the head, and she shudders while she continues to lick her first pussy. She moans into my sister’s clit as I slide my entire shaft into her. I pull back slowly, and she moans again as I slide it back to the hilt. I quickly assumed a smooth rhythm and from my sister’s moaning it seemed like grandma did too, sounded good for her first time licking a pussy. My sister leaned forward so grandma could put better pressure on her clit and her spread cheeks gave me a wonderful view of her pretty asshole and spread pussy; I couldn’t resist.

I slipped my throbbing member out of grandma and scooted up her body, straddling her aged chest while lining up my cock with my sister’s dripping pussy. As the head entered, my sister stopped her gyrating on grandma’s tongue and looked back at me. Her look said two things to me at once: We are crossing a line that we can’t uncross and she wasn’t expecting to cross today, d and It had been a long time since she’d had a penis, but I better not stop. I slid myself in until my pubic area was pressed tightly against her beautiful asshole and my balls were resting on our grandmother’s chin.

I held my position while her tight unused pussy adapted to the invasion, then slid back slowly. I pushed forward again, and grandma licked my balls along with my sister’s clit. This quickly became our rhythm; long stroke out then in, my sister shuddering, and grandma licking my sack and sis’s clit. Sis was so very tight, due to the lack of use since her husband’s tragic death, it wasn’t long before my balls tightened. I thrust deep and shoot a first long rope of cum inside of her. I pull back so that just the head of my cock is in my sister and continue to shoot cum shallowly in her pussy. I pull out completely and sis sits up over grandma, who is quickly licking and sucking my seed out of sis’s gaping hole.

I sit on the couch and watch grandma clean up that mess, and when my sister feels “cleaned up”, she also gets off the bed. She kneels in front of me and takes my deflating member in her mouth to clean it too. I lean forward, reaching across her back; get some saliva on my middle finger, and rub it gently around her spread asshole. She moans around my cock and pushes back against my finger. I pop the tip of my finger in her most private spot and she moans again, but quick pulls away from me saying “Maybe another time”.

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