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You’ve come over to my shared workspace, a cubical I rent in a large semi-open loft. I have a door with a window that looks out on a corridor of shared spaces but it’s mostly private. You’re here so I can help you with a mundane problem with your laptop which I set on my desk and being the tedious process of spyware removal.

“Someone’s been surfing porn sites.” I joke, though spyware can come from anywhere. While this is a purely business call, given our recent history you expect to pay me in pleasure and you’ve worn a skirt and a button down shirt. As I delete files and occasionally turn to my computer to search removal strategies and known spyware variants my hand drifts over to your knee, creeping up your stockings toward your hips. You sigh and open your legs for access. I press my finger into your panties where the top of your vagina would be. You push your hips back against the cloth. My hand is still as you subtly rock your hips back and forth.

Your cellphone rings and you’re startled. You look at the number.

“It’s my boyfriend,” You’re surprised and nervous as you answer the call. “Hello. Hey. Yeah I’m getting my computer fixed. No … uh … sure I can escort numaraları eryaman talk.” I stand up and look down at you. You are curled around your phone and you look up at me confused. “Okay what’s happening. Hey, that’s no good …” Your conversation continues one sided as you watch me.

I smile down at you and unzip my fly, releasing my hardening erection. Your eyes get wide with fear and you mouth “no!” at me. “Yeah sure … I remember her …” You mumble into the phone, your voice nervous. I smile at you and press my cock up against your cheek. You start breathing harder but continue making small talk. “She’s always been like that, don’t let it bother you.”

I press the head of my cock up against your lips and put my hand on the back of your head. Silently, with the phone still at your ear, you allow me into your mouth, doing your best with your tongue. You look up at me, your eyes wide and pleading and I realize you have to answer a question. I slide my cock out of your mouth.

“… no I met her years ago in the city,” you respond looking at me. I reach under to your shoulders and stand you up. Your body is confused, resisting but standing ankara bayan escort and continuing the phone conversation. “Yeah she’s really weird like that. I said don’t let it bother you.”

I hike your skirt up and bend you over my desk, sliding your panties down. You keep the phone pressed to your ear.

“I don’t know. I guess I could but I don’t think it would do any good.” I can tell your voice is tense. I spit into my hand and lubricate the my erection before pressing it up against your asshole.

“Okay. I will. As soon as I get back home.” I enter your ass and I can see you wince silently, the phone still pressed into your ear. I reach around with my hand and start rubbing your clit. Your eyes close slightly and your breathing increases. You are now entirely wet.

“I think … the tech … is ready for me,” You are having trouble talking as your body begins to clench. “Sure, ” you say and then “uhhhh” as you orgasm, clutching the phone and pushing your ass back on my cock. You are trying to cover the phone microphone and control your breathing. Your body shakes and sweat covers your face. Barely covering the phone with your hand you elvankent escort whimper. I withdraw from your ass and turn you around sitting you back in the chair. You stare up at me, your body still quivering. “Yeah, ” you say into the phone, your voice husky and out of breath. “… around maybe 5 o clock. Is that … uh … good for you?” The remnants of your orgasm makes you gasp for air. I place my cock against your face, stroke it and start to cum, covering your forehead and cheeks, aiming a little at your beautiful mouth. You open hold the phone to your ears, opening your lips and licking my head as I cum. “Okay,” you say, “I’ll call you.” You hang up and look at me from the chair, my sperm glistening on your nose and cheeks. I take your phone from your hands, turn

You hang up the call and hungrily take my cock into your mouth, gently tasting my cum.

“Good girl,” I say. I take the phone from your hands and turn it on. You look at me, sperm glistening on your nose and cheeks, my cock in your mouth, and I take a few pictures. “Should we text him?” I joke and your eyes get scared.

I pull my cock from your mouth and slide my pants down. Turning around I settle my ass into your face. Obediently you begin exploring my anus with your tongue. “That’s a good girl,” I say again and you press into me, French kissing my asshole. I pull back and slide my pants up. “Now lets see what kind of porn your boyfriend has been watching on your laptop.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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