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She arrived at the studio on time. She was a lovely brunette. Her hair was just shoulder length, her eyes blue, porcelain skin, slightly sharp facial features, very European looking. She was wearing a pair of jeans with the knees worn out, a baggy gray sweatshirt and sandals. She carried a small canvas bag that had the Trader Joe’s logo on it.

He had worked with her before on several photo shoots. Erotic nudes for the internet market mostly. These shoots typically showed everything, some masturbation, some non hardcore girl/girl contact, no boy/girl at all. He had booked her for this for her perfect skin and her absolutely superb breasts. Also she had a very cooperative nature and took direction well. He had gotten a lot of work because of some of his photos of her. She had as well. She had become one of those glamour models that people knew the name of.

They greeted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They made a bit of inconsequential small talk then he pointed her toward a wooden stool before a gray backdrop that curved at the bottom so that there was no corner shadow. By it was a pair of shiny black spike heels, a pair of dark stockings and a black lace garter belt.

“Is this it?” she inquired.

“Yes.” He said. “Just the basics today.”

She removed her clothing, There was nothing on under the sweatshirt and jeans. She knew that if she had worn a bra it would have left marks on the skin that the camera would see. Her body was truly beautiful. She took great care of her skin, moisturized daily, never smoked, drank only occasionally and mostly stayed out of the sun. Her figure was perfectly balanced with a slender waist, hips and shoulders wider by just the right amount. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned for her size. Full and firm with just enough weight so one knew they were completely real. They had large rich pink and slightly raised areolea with pinkie tip sized nipples which pointed slightly upward. Breasts that beckoned, begged to be touched. Her mons was neatly trimmed, but not waxed. He hated bare vulvas, The patch of pubic hair was striking with her pale skin. It was good contrast and also extremely sexy. He inner labia protruded slightly and they were a deep rosy color also making great contrast.

The lighting had been set up to flatter her particular features. She was a vision, plain and simple. “Where’s your camera?” She asked.

“No camera today. Today you will just pose for me while I masturbate.”

She didn’t look exactly shocked, but more a bit concerned. “You have always been very respectful. None of the other girls who have worked with you have ever told me about any bad behavior.”

“And there won’t be any today.”

“You have never made a pass at me.”

“And that is not what is happening now.”

“I’m a model, not an escort. I’m no whore.”

“I know that. What you are doing today will be modeling.”

“Without a camera.”

“Without a camera.” He paused. “Look, we make erotic art that is mostly consumed by men. Those men look at it and masturbate. They make you, at least for a moment, their sexual ideal.”

“Yes. I am well aware of that. I’m comfortable with it. The truth is I like knowing it. It is empowering of my femininity.”

“And your femininity is stupendous! You are deeply sexy, attested to by Lord only know by how many private emissions.”

She looked at him questioningly. eryaman escort He said “All I want to do is just this once eliminate the intervention of photography. It is what you always do. I will direct you, you will pose, I will masturbate.”

She stopped and thought for a moment. “I’ll get paid for the shoot?”


“What the hell. Let’s do it.”

He stripped naked and sat on a stool similar to the one on the set. She noted that he already had half an erection. “Hug yourself.” She put her hands on opposite shoulders. “Move your hands down slowly and then cup your breasts.”

She did, hefting them slightly. “Like this?”

“Yes.” He was starting to stroke his penis. “Rub your nipples. Make them stiff.”

She rubbed her nipples with her thumb tips and they quickly erected.

“Hold on a moment.” He got up and moved his stool onto the set within a few feet of hers. She was now only about five feet away from him. “Sit.” He said. She sat.

“Show me between your legs.”

She flushed slightly. “…between…”

“Oh come on! You show that and more during photo shoots. This isn’t your first time.”

She took a breath. “Of course.” She spread her legs showing her vulva in the bright light.

He stroked his cock harder and faster. He was now fully erect. “Do you think I have a nice cock?” He asked.

“It is quite nice…” , she said in a wavering voice.

“Would you like to look more closely?” He asked.

“I…I don’t know.”

“Come closer. On your hands and knees please, until your face is close to my cock.”

“I’m not sure that would be appropriate.”

“I’m not asking you to touch it. This is no different than if I wanted to take close ups of you.”

“I suppose not.” She conceded as she started to crawl toward him.

“Tell me, have you ever done hardcore?”

She took a breath as she assumed her position only a foot from his hard cock. “I did some girl/girl scenes when I was just starting out.”

“Really?” he arched an eyebrow and continued to stroke his dick. “Was it something you enjoyed?”

“I like men. Women can be very beautiful and during that shoot a woman gave me an orgasm, but my main focus is men. I’m not a lesbian; I have never sought out sex from a woman on my own time.”

“That’s a lot of explaining. So you like cock.”


“But you have never done boy/girl porn.”

“No.” She exhaled hard and he felt it on his cock.

“Oh! That was nice! Get a little closer.”

She got a little closer and now he felt her with every breath. “Do you enjoy fellatio?”

“I often do.”


“A lot of reasons. I like the taste and feel of a cock in my mouth. I like the sense of control I have over the man. I just like doing it is all.”

“Right now, I am giving you permission to suck my cock.”


“Permission, so that if it happens, it is consensual.”

“Does my pay depend on it?”

“God, no! Your pay will not change if you touch my cock or not! If you did so because I paid you, that would make you a whore. If you do so because yo want to it just would make you a woman who enjoys her sexuality.”

“I don’t…”

“I give you permission to touch it as well.” His stroking had slowed down. Now it was mostly with his fingertips, The tip of his cock was starting to drip with precum. She watched sincan escort from only a few inches away as the fluid slowly gathered and ran down toward his balls in a thin rivulet. “Sit on the stool, I want to take a close look between your legs.”

She did and spread her thighs wide. Her well tended womanhood was a thing of beauty. To him it seemed almost jewel-like. He put his face close to it and inhaled deeply, intoxicated by her aroma. She shuddered slightly from his breath upon it. He saw that she had some goose bumps. “You have my permission.” She whispered almost inaudibly.

“Your permission?”

“To touch me if you want. To put your mouth on me if you want.”

Again he inhaled her scent. “That is very good to know.” He said softly. “Lay on your back.”

She laid on her back on the wooden floor. Still lightly stroking his cock, he put his face very close to hers, his nose near her mouth inhaling her breath. He slowly looked over her entire body from only inches away, sniffing her skin feeling the radiating warmth of her body.

A bit of his precum dripped from the tip of his penis onto her belly. He sat up for a moment and stopped touching his cock. “I need this to last. I need to take my time.”

She spotted the drop of moisture on her belly and rubbed her finger on it. She put her finger in her mouth. She met his eyes with hers. “I do love that taste.”

“Come close, get on your knees in front of me” He was sitting on the stool lightly stroking his cock again.

She settled in front of him, her face close to his erect penis, still running with precum. She smelled his flesh. She realized that she was actually getting quite wet. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She thought. She reached out and lightly ran her fingers over his cock. “Why don’t you let me.” She said.

“Yes, I shall.” She lightly stroked his shaft pausing occasionally to lick his precum off of her fingers. She really did love the taste. To her his cock was like a fine sculpture, rich in surface detail. The network of surface veins, the urethra running up the underside. The bell of his glans was darker than the rest of the organ, the surface smooth and resilient. She kissed it lightly. She shuddered slightly, her nerves coming alive. She kissed it again and then took the glans into her mouth savoring it. It made her slightly dizzy.

“Oh! So sweet.” he said almost under his breath, “So sweet.”

She was aware that she was on the edge of losing control and wanted to reign herself in before this went too far if indeed it hadn’t already. As if he had read her mind, he said, “You can stop anytime you want.”

“I know, I just don’t know if I want to.” Her hands and lips seemed to make their own decision as she took half his length into her mouth with her fist tight around the rest. She sucked and licked his cock for a minute or so and then momentarily released it. “I told you I loved to suck cock.”

“You have made me believe it!” he exclaimed breathlessly.

She went back to sucking his cock with gusto, losing herself in the act, her tongue and lips claiming what they wanted without the intervention of her mind. Why not? She knew this man, he was a good guy. Why not have sex with him.

Her internal monolog was interrupted by him saying “Stop, stop! You are going to make me cum and I want this to last a while!”

She batıkent escort backed off, her lips slack with a trickle of drool dripping from them. “Don’t make me stop.” She pleaded.

“Let’s try something else. If I recall you gave me permission to put my lips on you.”

In a surprisingly low voice she responded, “Yes I did.” He got off the stool and leaned over to kiss her on the lips. There was only the tiniest bit of tongue play. Then he kissed her neck right below the ear and then lower and continued making a line of kisses down her body lingering first on one and then the other nipple giving each a very light bite with his teeth that made her catch her breath. He lingered on the skin of her belly, smooth and perfect. She was in shape, but didn’t have gym muscles, Soft, smooth, beautiful. The redolence of her pudenda was no reaching his nostrils and making his cock all the harder. He rubbed his nose through her pubic hair. His tongue found her slit and she gasped and archer her back. He needed no more encouragement than that do start licking her with a passion!

She wrapped her legs around his neck and pulled him in whimpering and breathing in fits and starts. She was surprised at how close to orgasm she was. He hips were bucking in response to his tongue. He lingered on her clit for what seemed like only a few seconds and suddenly the dam broke! She let out an inarticulate and very low moan as she came. He was having difficulty maintaining contact with her pussy with all of her motion, but found it very gratifying!

There she lay soaked in sweat when a half hour ago she had just come to work. She giggled.

“What’s so funny?” He asked.

“Did you think this would happen, or did you think I would just pose and you would jerk off?”

“I did think that you would just pose, but I was aware that there were variables.”

“Variables! You men! You’re so fucking analytical! I probably would have fucked you if you had just asked.”

“Will you fuck me now?” His cock was still rigidly erect.

Her answer was wordless as she pulled him to her. He plunged his cock into her and started pumping like a madman. “Slow down.” She whispered in his ear, “Make it last.”

He calmed down. He actually didn’t want to cum in her vagina; she had spoken so poetically of how she loved blowjobs. He wanted to finish in he mouth. Even so, fucking her felt so wonderful! She gripped him with internal muscles. He was now working slowly in and out, with sensuality and eliciting small soft noises from her lips. He could feel his orgasm building. He would not be able to hold off much longer.

He pulled out. “Just give me a minute. I need back up a little.”

“The time for backing up is over.” She sat up and pushed him on his back and then took his cock in her mouth. This time she was sucking with intensity. She desperately wanted him to cum.

His entire being was focused in his dick. He was no longer a human being, he was just something that needed to cum. Then he just let loose. She pulled most of his cock out of her mouth just keeping the tip in her mouth and sucked hard as jet after jet of semen filled her mouth. She reveled in the taste and texture and then swallowed it down.

Now it was him lying in a sweaty heap panting like he had run a marathon.

“So”, he gasped, “Maybe I could take you out to dinner some time?”

She bit her lower lip. “I don’t know. We have this professional relationship. It might not be appropriate.”

He laughed breathlessly. “You must be kidding!”

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, I’m kidding. Let’s take a shower and go get dinner. I’m starving!”

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