Plain Jane , Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 11

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The opening day for the Riemer Clinic/Studio was a spectacular success. Jane’s dance performance capped off a great open house. As much as the tours through the pristine facility were memorable to the crowd, with Jim, Dr. Anderson, Victoria, Harry, and Jane proudly showing off Riemer Studios & Health Clinic, along with the delicious catering via Victoria’s connection with a fashion mogul, the dance performance was the crowning moment. The process of peeling away a garment with each dance piece, bringing the intimacy deeper with less and less dancers, culminating in the naked pas de deux with Luke, seemed to enthrall the audience. Seven short dances each stripped away a veil, with the eighth dance a climax of startling naked energy. There was no shame in the nakedness, only beauty of the bodies, the movement and the music. It was a triumph for Jane and Harry and Luke, a major social event. Major exposure in more ways than one. They were being viewed by both respected artists and their patrons. Jane’s company, with its ties to her prestigious dance school, was of interest to the other choreographers in town. And the school, having children of affluence attending, created connections with wealthy NYC professionals. Jane’s mother, through her great charm and beauty, had made quick friends with the people from her world of fashion. Models lured their gorgeous mates, film stars and rock stars. Jane and Luke, using Harry’s avant garde music, performed for the elite of the most important city in the world.

The applause generated by Luke and Jane’s pas de deux lasted for several minutes. Long enough for the threesome in the dressing room. Harry awaited his two lovers naked with Vaseline in hand. His cock was hard and slippery. The two sweaty still naked dancers tromped into the room, slamming the door behind them. Luke sat on the small chair that had been tested before. Harry kneeled before him and lubricated Luke’s formidable shaft. Jane impatiently watched the application, fingers sliding inside her cunny, fingers stroking her nipples until they were taut. The excitement of the evening, culminating in the excitement of the pas de deux seemed to have centered itself between her legs. The greatest waves of passion she had ever felt pulsed there. Once Harry lowered his ass onto Luke’s pole and it fully entered, Jane lowered her pussy onto Harry’s rigid cock and felt his cock head entering deep inside. They were all sitting as if on a chair, but only Luke could feel its actual cold texture. The other two sat on flesh cushions which were penetrating them.

Harry guided the movement, rocking his asshole on Luke’s cock and lifting his own fierce arrow inside Jane’s quiver. As his ass lifted up from Luke’s pole, his pole sank deeper into her. At every moment for Harry there was a simultaneous penetration and retreat. The slapping flesh both beneath and on top of him echoed the applause outside. It was their applause to themselves.

The fuck was intense enough to be nearly immediately orgasmic. Both sets of balls were throbbing with blissful tension, ready for release. For a moment the cum was held in, bringing on a sustained orgasm. Jane, sensing the imminent eruption, stroked her clit with her fingers. She slid the nub between the fingers, squeezing it while stroking it. As the applause began its quick descent into quiet, all fluids were released. With his magnificent muscles, Luke thrust up and released his cum. The flooding of his anus, and its thrusting moment, brought Harry’s penis deep inside Jane’s throbbing hole where it released all its pent up love juices. And Jane’s cum flowed down over Harry’s balls, dripping onto Luke’s balls below.

Red faces and chests from the pleasure, they all stood, allowing Luke and Jane to throw on robes and reenter the stage. The applause began again, slowly returning to a full on standing ovation. By the time Jane raised her hand to beckon Harry onto the stage he had managed to dress. Tears of joy, increased by her teacher bringing her flowers and a kiss on her cheek burst forth unexpectedly from Jane’s eyes. Though they had tied their robes, it had been a haphazard job, and as Jane and Luke bowed to the applause, a tantalizing glance of sex organs revealed the flow of love juices down her thigh, and his red, shiny, halfway erect cock sliding along his.

Maybe Don was getting old. He had never considered himself sophisticated in the arts, though he had witnessed some pretty cool performances of dance and music and theater during his years living in Woodstock. But he just didn’t get it.

“You didn’t find it beautiful?” asked Kristen in her bedroom on the 4th floor of her new clinic. They had just entered her room when he revealed his bewilderment. She shut the door and began to undress. He unbuttoned his shirt. He stood beside the bed, turned down invitingly. She removed her jewelry from around her wrist and neck. She worked on the hook of her lovely elegant softly golden dress, her arms raised up stretched her beautiful body beneath the tight gown, but realized a loving assistant was near at hand. She walked escort numaraları eryaman over to him, sat on the bed beside him and turned her back, curling her legs under her, her meaty derriere resting on her feet. He unclasped the top of the gown and unzipped. His hands slipped inside the suddenly loose bodice and held her lovely substantial breasts, pressing her naked back to his naked chest. She leaned her head against his shoulder. They gently kissed a long, leisurely, loving kiss.

“It was…they were…she was very beautiful,” said Don once lips separated.

“And Luke, too?” asked Kristen with a smile as she untangled herself from his arms, walking back to the door where she had stood before. She let the dress drop, leaving her naked except for the short frilly white panties.

“Luke, too,” he said, a bit embarrassed, enough to glance down from the view of his beautiful lover. Not embarrassed enough to look away for long. He undid his pants and climbed out of them. Kristen could see his big cock tenting the boxers.

“Is that for me? Or is that for Jane? Luke?” she asked as she sauntered sexily up in front of him. She knelt down before him, as worshipful as Harry had been to Luke. She pealed away the shorts, revealing his mighty thick, mighty hard and getting harder cock. It bounced when revealed, bouncing again when he stepped out of his underwear. Instead of applying Vaseline, she applied the natural lubricant her mouth contained with her tongue and her lips.

“But you know,” said Don. “The sexiest thing is the little peeks, the promise of what’s behind the cloth. A little bit of dress does wonders. Except when you’re alone and touching and feeling the flesh naked.” When her mouth bore down on his thick hardness, driving it to the back of her throat, he was silenced except for a throaty moan.

“So it didn’t turn you on to see them naked moving against each other dancing?” she asked after releasing his cock. Her tongue dabbed at the little hole at the bottom of his cock head.

“Mmm, yeah, a little. But not nearly as much as seeing you naked,” he said within his sighs. Her fingers gripped his girth, barely reaching around it, and they stroked up and down. Her lips played at the ridge of his helmet. His thick strong workers hands rubbed gently along her face and neck. He lingered on the breasts, lifting them, caressing the rising nibs with his callous palms. Their soft pliant weight was easily held. His hands descended down her chest and belly as he leaned over, careful to keep his cock within her encircling lips. His lips kissed down her backside to the place where her cheeks separated. The tongue emerged, played along the narrow flesh canyon until it grazed her small wrinkled orifice. When his finger slid along her clit and into her pussy, wet, hot, puffy and slippery it triggered her need to fuck her new lover immediately.

She rose up from between his thighs and straddled him, sending his ass down to bounce and settle on the giving bed.. Her legs crossed behind his muscled ass. Both his hands on her big strong cheeks and hers on his thick shoulders helped her pussy to ease down his massive hard on. All they could feel was his cock penetrating her. Slowly lowering her down his pole was the most magnificent feeling. A most anticipated and most welcome return visit. The kind of feeling you wish could last forever. Until she felt him fully inside her, stretching the inner walls, touching her cervix without threat, totally filling her, she had never known what true sexual bliss felt like. His tongue stroked her nipple. His mouth suckled. His finger pressed against her clit. She was cumming.

The ripples of orgasm he felt inside her were like the most subtle and intense fucking motions. They sent him off into a fucking frenzy. His thighs sprang her up and down on his lap. That wasn’t enough. His hands lifted her up and down. He was crunching his pubic bone against hers with each thrust. Slowly the control transferred to Kristen. She was lifting herself up and down on his thick pole as he hugged her tight, their tongues licking the napes of each other’s necks. Then their mouths pressed together hard. They wanted, beyond the cock inside, to completely intermingle flesh. The ecstatic, out of control kiss, the tongues uncontrollably lashing about inside each other’s mouth along with fingers sodomizing each other got them as close as they could get to that goal..

When the orgasm hit him, Don fell on his back on the bed with Kristen holding her body tight against his. His ass rose up with immense power, fell and rose again and again and again, pushing along the top of her pussy, giving a pulsating friction to her clit and g-spot, until he stayed pushed up deep inside her and sprayed forth his pleasure liquid with voluminous spurts.

She rubbed her clit against his pubic bone, pulling her pussy up and back, pulling his cum from him, and reaching for her own orgasm. She soon found it, echoing his throbbing cock with her own throbs, and his spurting with her own gush of fluid.

Only the second ankara bayan escort night with him, but when they settled together, her head nestling on his hairy chest, she felt at home. Her hands rubbed over his thick muscular abdomen, playing with his matted curly brown hairs at its base lovingly. She looked upon his broad hairy troll face with its cute and devilish eyes and its red cheeks. The smile they shared, the contact of their eyes, made her feel how the heart became the organ of love as it throbbed loudly spreading heat throughout her body. She could swear she could hear his throbbing beat, a slow tattoo, in perfect counterpoint to hers. She never wanted to leave. She felt more peaceful with him than she had ever felt before. When the throbbing slowed and quieted, she entered an easy sleep. He would be there in the morning and many mornings to come for the rest of her life.

The other post opening party bedrooms were another story. Victoria’s was empty. Jim and Connie’s was filled. The baby Madeleine was sleeping in her nearby cradle as Jim lay naked with Connie carefully easing his oily fingers into her delicate pussy. His head was towards the foot of the bed, leaning on his hand, the elbow holding it up as he watched the play of his fingers and the softening, engorging and dampening of her labia. At the head of the bed, where his cock rested near Connie’s head, her hand, also well oiled, stroked his lengthening thickening club to full, monstrous erection. Her mouth only came into play when occasionally her tongue stuck out and touched the tip of his club, tasting the precum she was squeezing out of him.

Meanwhile Victoria was sitting on an arm chair across the room, talking. The planning and execution of her successful party had tied her up in nervous knots, and she was loosening them. Her monologue played as background to her lover Jim and the mother of his child, Connie, while they masturbated each other. It made their sex play more leisurely, sustaining the plateau of pleasure which would gently rise and fall like the soft contours of a field.

“God I’m glad its over,” said Victoria. “I should be so exhausted I should topple off to sleep. But I can’t sleep. So many exciting moments keep flashing in my head. Watching the clinic’s books fill up with appointments. Making connections for shoots right and left. Seeing the change in people as they realized what a cool place we’ve got here. Seeing their stunned amazement at my lovely daughter’s performance. Seeing the look of utter comfort on the faces of the beautiful women and men, dressed in towels, crossing the busy hall filled with dapper party goers as they went to the shower room. Naked men and women showering while the party was in full swing around them. Other naked men and women receiving your curing massage. God it was so weird and so great. The best party. We have to have more openings. Too bad we can’t. Cocktail parties or something. Not too often. It’d kill me. Maybe shows. Or just society events. Benefits. We got to think on it Jim.”

She watched, lost in her thoughts, just the barest throb of pleasure at her base of sexuality. Her fingers stroking her pussy through her panties were barely noticed by her consciousness. She watched as Jim’s fingers plunged deeper and harder into Connie. He was leaning down, his head resting on Connie’s thighs, his tongue flicking out to touch its tip to Connie’s engorged clit. Her tongue spent more time bathing his club head as her strokes were firmer and faster.

Suddenly Jim plunged his face into Connie’s cunny. Connie could feel the groan, not hear it. It was muffled there. His cock got hotter and pulsed in her hand. She stroked harder. She placed the head inside her mouth and sucked as if she was sucking up his cum through a giant flesh straw. And the thick tangy liquid did come. It splashed inside her mouth. She swallowed some and squeezed the rest out where it dripped down her chin.

For the moments of the club’s spurting, Jim was stilled as his face pressed against her throbbing pussy. Then he suddenly pulled back just enough to ravish her. His fingers pushed inside her pussy lips searching and finding her g-spot. Fast licks up and down ended with his lips encasing her clit, sucking it into his mouth. He too was siphoning off her liquid orgasm. And he too was successful. A long animal moan stopped short at the first giant orgasm wave. Her generous cum covered his face. He greedily lapped up what he could of her sweet liquid, holding the uncontrollable gyrations of her ass as still as possible to do so. She finally settled back into the comfort of her post orgasm warmth. He turned himself around on the bed. They cuddled on their sides, spoon like, her small body curved within his big body. Safe. Peaceful.

The inner monologue outed by Victoria continued, creating a lull of sound that eased the two lovers to sleep. “Oh you two are beautiful. Oh I know what it means. I’m losing you Jim. I know how important you are to me. I know how important I am to you. We will always be lovers. I know your generosity. elvankent escort But how far will it spread now with little Madeleine? So beautiful. What a beautiful life.

“We should take a break some time, Jim,” she continued after a pause. “A weekend like we used to. I need to let it all hang out. I think I could use something like that. It’s been so long. It used to be so much fun. Wouldn’t it be fun? Just you and me and the whole wide world. Mmm. Makes me horny just thinking about it.”

She licked her lips and her fingers stroked her nether lips. Her fingers slipped inside her panties and dug into her pussy. As she stroked at the top of her labia, she pushed her thumb against the hooded clit. It was bringing her closer and closer, but seemingly the target wasn’t getting close enough. She abandoned her fingers to walk back into her room and find her vibrator. She hadn’t made use of it for some time. Jim filled her up enough. Kristen drove her nuts enough with her tongue to not need further ways to pleasure. That night she needed its vibrating pressure. She sunk it in and it soon sent her over the edge and into oblivion.

Three months later, it was definitely time for a break. The place was doing well. Right off the opening party made its effectiveness obvious. It was busy. Most showed up for their appointments. The clinic was a success. People weren’t being just nice, but were actually interested. Once the new clients encountered the place, they were more often then not into it. But some of course didn’t become clients. And after the first time, which was the first time for everyone, then further appointments stretched over different times for each client. So there was a fairly drastic lull. They did gain more clients, and would continue to do so. A significant amount. Word of mouth and careful ad placement in the hippest magazines and newspapers gave them a reputation as the place to be. They got to know major players in town. Most especially they enjoyed a clientele in which they serviced the whole family, the wives, the husbands and the children of these movers and shakers. These were business owners and lawyers and teachers and artists. Actors, musicians. And they trusted the clinic with their family. So after the lull there were more and more appointments.

Both Victoria and Jim were busy every week. Jim was doing a lot of massages. Clients visited him once a week. Others less often but still on occasion. Others were a one time thing, some special present from a loved one. And then there were those who needed him two to three times a week. The more therapeutic the massage, the more Jim enjoyed it. He felt like a healer. So it wasn’t profit which urged him to find the needier of clients. He sent missives and visited chiropractors and doctors and dance theaters and the such. That kept him busy too, and its success brought him more bodies. Not only that but he was the accountant, which he worked on every night for a couple hours, and one full day a week.

Victoria’s success at schmoozing enabled her to keep busy producing successful fashion shoots. She was always making new contacts, and looking around for new faces. She liked finding talent. She had created some fine models who followed her shots with lucrative contracts, which paid some wonderful finders fees. Those fees seemed to give her the biggest thrill, like an author getting paid the first times for a percentage of what she wrote. And finding interesting new photographers and set designers was also fun. Most weeks she was four days shooting, with two or more different talents behind the lens. Setting it all up was another day. And then the schmoozing. Yes, she and Jim were very busy people.

They had to get away. Vic had set it up. She and Jim were going out of town for a weekend. It was the first and most balmy days of summer. The spring nip was gone. One could enjoy the outdoors. So they took off for the Hamptons and some rich beaches. They joined a beach party in which Vic had finagled an invite.

At first they were excited. The roar of the ocean waves impacting the sand nearby was a sensuous background to a cocktail party. And the people were beautifully dressed, in full display of their riches. In both senses. The clothes were current fashion and they displayed their wearer to full effect. The ladies, both young and old were quite beautiful. Their male counterparts, looking dapper as hell, were as often paunchy and plain as they were handsome and fit.

Vic and Jim soon realized the dullness of the party. The guests seemed all too familiar with the trappings. The conversations were all so circumspect, well patterned, well honed. They also realized the cliquish quality. They would be hard pressed to lure any bodies away to their motel room.

Luckily, they connected with a couple who wanted out. It would have been easy just to lure them to their room. Since the couple was flagrantly fondling each other in the midst of the party, Vic felt it would be okay to tell them the plan. She sensed they were as adventurous as anyone about sex. They thought it was wild, of course, and the idea seemed to turn them on all the more. When the four of them during a lull in communication glanced about the lawn, they all reached the conclusion they were by far the life of the party. Everything outside their space seemed awfully dull.

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