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“I like “The Horny Hobbit,” Mark said. “The story’s sick.”

I rolled my blue eyes. Mark always went for the fantasy, harem-style stories. “How do you do bukkake with three women and one guy?”

“It’s fantasy Bethany. He had a magic cock that spurts semen continuously.” Mark simulated stroking his cock, rocking his hips up and off the basement couch. Then he made a gesture with his hands that looked suspiciously like the spirit fingers used by Sparky in the first “Bring it On” movie.

I laughed. “Are you simulating a climax or coming up with a new cheer camp routine?”

“Lebanese witch!” Mark said, putting a Slytherin style emphasis on the “s” in Lebanese. “Watch yourself or I’ll show you exactly what the hobbit did to the elf girl.”

“I’m only part Lebanese,” I said with a smile, referring to how he always called me his ‘half-elf.’” I shifted on the couch, drawing up my knees, so that I faced Mark, my bare feet with black polished toenails on the couch pointed his direction. “And you wouldn’t dare.” My tone teased. I have a round face, light brown eyes, and high cheekbones with a slim, sexy body. I have unusually fine black hair, which cascades around my shoulders and I know Mark has always liked how I look, but he’s never made a move before.

Not for lack of trying on my part. I’ve played the nerd for some time now, letting him dungeon master for me, joining his guild for Sunday raids in his favorite MMO, and removing my piercings and hiding my ink, but he’s never made a move even as I introduced him to the concept of erotic fantasy adventures. But finally, he’s looking at me with those sexy green eyes and I know he likes what he’s seeing.

“You’re my favorite sexy half-elf,” Mark said. “Like that brothel girl you introduced last session.”

I drew in my breath and paused. “If you were the half-Orc pimp, what would you do to my character right now? To me?”

Mark froze, eryaman escort getting that deer in the headlight look I hated. God, he was such a nerd, but beautiful in my eyes. I loved everything about him from his glasses to the way his brow wrinkled whenever he was figuring out a new strategy for taking down a boss mob on one of his raids or coming up with a rule interpretation for one of his fifth edition games. I know he used to get teased in high school, but I couldn’t understand why. I would have eaten him up. “Be the bold high-level half-Orc,” I encouraged.

A moment later, a shiver runs through my body, as Mark finally takes the step I’ve been waiting for as he reached out and pushes my skirt up. I feel small and vulnerable as I imagine the slender Mark as a strong and powerful half-Orc, the sometimes-cruel pimp who runs the bordello of our imagination.

Mark’s eyes light up as he stares at my light brown thighs and now visible panties and then he surprises me as he starts to undo the buttons on my blouse. It’s finally happening. This is real now.

I cover his hand with my own, following along as he carefully unfastens each button, one by one until he’s able to pull the sides of my blouse apart to reveal my petite breasts with their eager nipples. One advantage of having smaller breasts is I rarely feel a need to wear a bra unless I want to show it off. Mark caught me by surprise today.

His expression is suddenly far more confident as he pushes my blouse off my shoulders so that the fabric almost traps my arms. He slips a hand behind my head and encourages me to lean forward and then he bends down and takes the peak of my left breast into his mouth and begins sucking and teasing the hard nipple.

I bite my lower lip as a moan escapes my lips. My heart pounds as his lips slide off my nipple and I hear him whisper, “Dirty, dirty girl. Keep you as one of my whores or sell you?”

Lifting sincan escort my ass off the couch, I part my thighs and he needs no further invitation as he grabs my hips and then pulls my panties down around my knees. I feel curiously bound with my arms trapped by my blouse and my panties at my knees, but I also feel sexy as hell. “Keep me, I’d make a fantastic whore,” I suggest. My brain is buzzing almost like I’d taken a could dabs. My face reddens as he begins to kiss my neck and fondle my boobs again. He pulls my body down so I’m flat on the couch, his weight trapping me.

Then he rolls off the couch and stands. My eyes look up complaining, but then I grin as he undoes his belt and begins to undress. I’m so curious to finally see him naked. His stomach is lean and flat. He’s in better condition than I expected with nicely shaped arms. His cock is larger than I’m used to, but I’ve never been with anyone who has a cock bigger than maybe six inches. I lick my lips and guess he’s going to be close to seven inches and, as a smaller one hundred- and five-pound girl, just an inch over five feet, the thought of seven hard inches sends a delicious shiver down my body.

Soon he’s back on top of me and for the first time I think the situation is moving too quickly, but I’ve gone too far to turn back now. Mark begins to kiss me again, with his tongue attacking my mouth, causing me to momentarily be distracted from the fact that my pussy is about to be invaded by his thick erection. He shifts and reaches down and grabs my legs, pushing up so that my knees are held high, fairly tight together, my labia gaping and then I gasp as he thrusts his hips forward, impaling me on his cock. My eyes water. I’m wet and eager, but still, the sudden thrust almost hurts. I begin to rock my hips as much as I can. He’s slim, but still heavier than I am. I moan as he fills and stretches me.

Behind batıkent escort us, my boyfriend Jack lies on a twenty-year old brown bean bag chair. His eyes are closed and a grouping of beer bottles lie scattered around him. Jack shifts as I cry out and when Mark starts to pull out, I squeeze down with my pussy and sternly tell him, “No, fuck me, I want this.”

It works as he continues to slowly fuck me with long hard strokes. Each time he reaches maximum penetration, driving my tiny body into the couch, I let out a whimper, and before I know it I feel my thighs almost against my shoulders as he pounds into me with his thick cock. I can feel my climax building, an orgasm approaching. Sparkling electricity courses through my veins, until I reach a peak, at which point I spiral up into a flood of deliciously intense sensations, crying out and my hands clenching together into tight little fists as my body bucks beneath Mark. I can feel his cock jerking inside me, flooding me with his sperm and then he pulls off.

He’s breathing hard, his face red with passion as he climbs off me and stares down. His expression is intent as he stares down at my pussy. Then he starts to dress, and I struggle upright and get my blouse back on and then when I reach down to pull my panties back up, I see his sperm leaking slowly out of me. When we’re both finally dressed, my panties damp now with his semen, he grabs me and holds me tight. His lips are hard as he kisses me. “Happy to be my little whore now?” He asks.

I giggled. “God yes.”

Behind us, I hear Jack shifting on the bean bag chair. “Is the game over?” He asks drunkenly. Thirty minutes later, Jack and I walk out to his car. It’s a quiet suburban street with big houses. Mark is in his early twenties, but still lives at his parents’ place, far removed from the shit hole apartment where Jack and I camp out.

I hold out my hand. “Give me the keys, I’ll drive.”

Jack makes a face. “I didn’t drink all those beers. Plus, I sobered up while pretending to be asleep.”

“His folks might be watching or even Mark. Give me the keys.”

“Bitch,” Jack says fondly as he hands me the keys.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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