Please, Daddy? Ch. 01

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***Many thanks to NickJBella for editing this story for me! I appreciate those who rate, leave comments, and send me feedback.***

***This is my submission for the April Fools Story Contest. Enjoy!***

Editor’s Note: Chapter designation was added after the contest to allow author to continue story.


Jack is a forty-nine-year-old married man. His wife, Beth, is a knockout with the help of a myriad amount of plastic surgeries. She was a beautiful woman when he met her ten years ago but aging has not been highly accepted by her. Thankfully he is a multi-million dollar selling real estate agent who brings in more than enough money to satisfy her low self-esteem needs; tummy tuck, liposuction on every area possible, an ass lift, and a great new pair of tits that makes it feel like Christmas every time Jack opens her blouse.

Beth started having body image issues when her daughter, Brittany, hit puberty and started transforming into a young woman. When nineteen-year-old Brittany left for college this past fall, she was cute but carried herself in a pristine way. She was the little virgin who was saving herself for that special someone. Boys noticed her but didn’t bother trying anything with her for fear that she was picky and would turn them away. Then, college dorm life happened.

When Jack, Beth, and Beth’s son, Bradley arrived to pick her up for the summer, they couldn’t believe what they saw. Brittany went from Sunday best to straight-up slutty. Her hair had gone from mid-length, wavy light brown to straight, porn star platinum blonde. She left for college wearing long skirts and loose blouses; being her modest self. Now she fancied a skimpy tank top that barely hid her firm tits away from public view and very short cut-off shorts that showed her long, tan legs. She now sports a cute little flower tattoo on her ankle and a sparkling diamond belly ring. And boy did Jack notice. Beth was one lucky woman that night.

Bradley was only two years older than Brittany. He came home from college only a few days before the family picked up Brittany. They went to separate schools and were oblivious to each other’s lives. Bradley knew when he saw Brittany that she was going to be a handful this summer around his friends.

In the short week that both kids have been home, things seem to flow nicely. No arguing, no fighting, no slamming doors. Brittany spends much of her time lying out by the pool with her friends. Jack will often watch from his upstairs bedroom window while stroking his cock imagining what kind of little slut she has turned into. He was sure she noticed him a few times but the subject was never brought up.

On Saturday morning, Beth has left early to visit her sister. They ataşehir escort bayan try to get together every other weekend to spend quality sister time together. Bradley has gone to their lake cottage with a couple of his friends and will be there until Sunday. Jack sees this as a day he can lounge around the house and do absolutely nothing. Like every weekend, he is sitting at the kitchen table reading the daily newspaper wearing his loose pajama pants and a white t-shirt; he hasn’t even gotten ready for the day. He may be forty-nine but he stays in great shape. He’s an avid runner and even converted most of the basement in their large house into a workout room with more equipment than anyone could ever need. The t-shirt is just tight enough to show the outline of his pecs and abs.

“Daddy, can I ask you something?” Brittany says as she bounds down the stairs and into the kitchen. Daddy; he loves it when he calls her that. He started dating her mother when she was only nine years old and her biological father was never part of her life unless it was to make Beth miserable. Daddy used to be a cute, heartwarming gesture but today it has an entirely new meaning.

“Yes, sweetie,” he says as he lowers his paper enough to peer over the top. Good Lord. His cock gets hard so quickly that it hurts.

She’s wearing a silky nightgown that flows and hugs her beautiful curves as she walks toward him. Her nipples are hard and very noticeable in that material. He clears his throat and squirms in his chair trying to readjust his bulge without being noticeable.

“Chelsea and I would like to go shopping this afternoon. Can we take the Jag? Pretty please?” She pouts. Her bottom lip slightly sticks out and Jack can’t help but think about nibbling it.

Just last year, Jack had finally bought himself a Jaguar. It’s a car that he had always wanted and his hard work paid off when he was able to drive his dream car off the lot. He loves that car; it’s his pride and joy and no one has driven it but him.

“The Jag, huh? You know how I feel about that car,” he says.

“I know. I promise to be real careful with it,” she says as she slowly strides along the table towards him. She gently pulls the newspaper from his hand and places it on the table. Her chest is eye level with Jack and he can’t pull his eyes away from those staring nipples. Is she seducing her own stepfather to get what she wants? Such a naughty little trick she has learned while away. “Please, Daddy?”

He swallows hard and finally breaks his stare away from her tits. He looks up at her face as she pushes her hair back behind her shoulders. Her chest is now fully visible with no obstructions except for that sheer nightgown.

“How escort kadıköy do I know I can trust you with my baby?” He asks. “I’m not so sure it’s a good idea.”

She places her hands on the back of the chair and leans her chest in even closer to his face. He can smell the delicate flowery scent of her perfume. His heart quickens and his breathing picks up pace. He’s certain she can see his heart pounding through his chest. What a seductive little slut she has become. She slides her slender body between his chair and the table so she can straddle his lap.

“I promise I’ll drive slow and watch out for anything that might scratch it,” she begs as she strokes her hands down his stubbly cheeks. She leads his face to her tits and he can’t control himself. He starts kissing and licking every little bit of exposed skin. His hands fondle and squeeze her tiny but perky tits through the soft fabric. He’s eager to get one free and tease her nipple; making her squirm.

“I’m not so sure I completely believe you yet,” he teases her. “Prove it.”

She reaches down and slides her hand into his pajama pants. His cock is so hard and hot. It feels like so many of the guys’ cocks she’s been having at college. Stroking the entire length she is actually jealous at how lucky of a woman her mother really is. She slides off his lap, under the table, and kneels between his legs. He slightly lifts his hips as she starts ripping at the waistband of his pants. They slide down just enough for her to get a face-full of cock staring at her. He’s bigger than any of the frat boys she’s been with. He places his hands on her head as she turns into a greedy bitch; licking and sucking every inch of his cock that she can fit in her mouth. He throws his head back and takes it all in. He’s fighting every urge to blow his load in her mouth.

“Daddy’s still not convinced you’ll be very careful,” he teases her again. The feeling of her hot mouth on his cock is amazing. She’s definitely been studying in college, but apparently, it hasn’t been any of her courses that she’s supposed to be focusing on. Damn, she’s good at sucking cock.

She breaks the suction of her mouth on his cock, looks up at him, and smiles slyly at him. “What will it take for you to say yes? A nice, tight little pussy?”

Ooh, the girl knows just what Daddy wants. She climbs out from under the table, stands in front of Jack, and lifts her nightgown just enough for him to see her smooth little mound. He clenches his ass cheeks and his balls ache at the sight.

“Follow me, Daddy,” she says as she turns toward the stairs. She rushes up to her bedroom with him following right behind her. Her room is decorated as a reflection of the innocent young maltepe escort lady she was when she left. The walls are light pink, her canopy bed has yet to be broken in, and her stuffed animals are strewn about.

She quickly jumps on the bed, turns to face him just as he’s approaching her, and spreads her legs wide open. He can see the tiny slit glisten with her wetness. It’s hard to believe this beautiful little pussy has been brutally fucked over the past two semesters. She reaches over to her nightstand and throws a condom towards him. It looks like the dirty little bitch has prepared for her plans of doing some serious fucking in here at some point this summer.

He kneels between her legs and leans in to devour that sweet little pussy. He buries his nose in deep and inhales her beautiful scent. His tongue caresses and tasted each fold and crease. She moans with delight as he spreads her lips and sticks his tongue deep inside her. Her pussy tightens around his finger as he pushes it inside. Her little clit is fully erect and begging for attention. As soon as the tip of his tongue touches it she flinches and gasps.

“Please, Daddy, make me come,” she begs. “Show me what those young guys in college are too inexperienced to teach me yet.”

He strokes her clit with long, stiff licks. Her pussy grips his finger tighter and tighter. Pussy juice flows out past his finger as she comes hard. Her body shakes and her legs spasm with every lick. He takes his time cleaning her up before pulling his pants off and rolling the condom on.

“Daddy wants that pretty ass of yours up in the air,” he says.

She quickly rolls over and sticks her perfect little ass up as far as she can. Looks like those boys have been teaching her well. He slams his cock into her and she lets out a scream. He grabs a handful of hair and pulls her head back.

“Those college boys teach you how to take it rough?” He asks.

“Yes, Daddy; they took turns with me until I couldn’t take it anymore,” she says between gasps. Jack is pumping her hard. The bed is banging against the wall; the canopy is rattling with each forceful thrust.

“I’ve been such a bad little girl. Spank me, Daddy,” she cries.

He plants a swift smack on her ass and he lets out another scream; that luscious ass of hers jiggling while he plows his cock into her is sending him over the edge. He spanks her again on the other side and can see a pink handprint forming. He can’t hold back any longer. His cock explodes inside of her. He’s instantly covered in sweat and he can hardly catch his breath.

Once he regains himself, he walks across the hall and into the bathroom to flush the evidence down the toilet. He pulls his pants on and starts to head back downstairs.

“Wait! Can I have the keys to the Jag?” She asks with a cute little smile as he walks past her doorway.

“Sorry, sweetie; the Jag is getting detailed and I won’t get it back until Monday,” he grins at her. She scowls as he walks away from her room.

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