Pleasure Alone, Then Together

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I sit alone in my apartment and my mind begins to drift. I think of the last time that we were together and how your touch felt. The thought of you being near me is exhilarating. I think about the kisses you gave, the way that you bit into my skin and how you were gentle yet forceful in the acts you played against me. I begin to tingle at the thought of your tongue pressed against me with your fingers buried deep inside. I start to get wet at these thoughts and slowly my hand slips down my body. I am wearing only a light robe and my hand glides easily to find the place I am searching for. On it’s path, I lightly tweak my nipples, pinching at them until they get hard. I continue my downward journey until my hand is right over my lips. I can feel the heat that is buried beneath. I slowly insert my finger and begin rubbing my clit slowly.

Just as I begin, the phone rings. I answer it and your voice is on the other line. You ask me what I am doing. I tell you that I was just sitting around thinking about you. You ask what I was thinking and I tell you naughty things. I tell you that I was just getting into satisfying myself. You tell me that the thought of me touching myself for you is getting you hard. I ask if you would like to tell me the things you want me to do to myself, while you listen to me doing them and getting myself off. You tell me that you would. You ask me if I am wet for you already and I respond with a whispered yes. You tell me that you want me to play with my breasts. I tell you that I am running my hand over one of them, feeling the hard nipple, pulling at it imaging it is your teeth. I then tell you that I am going to lick and suck at it. I move the phone so that you can hear as I suck at my breast and nipple. You can hear me breathing and notice that it is getting heavier. You can hear the sounds of my mouth on my breast and you can almost imagine the wetness as my tongue and mouth play with my hard nipple. You tell me that you like hearing me and you want me to move my hand down.

You ask if I am freshly shaved and I tell you that I am. You tell me that you can imagine licking my clit, pushing your tongue through my shaved lips to find the sweetness within. I let out a small moan at the thought of your mouth on me. You ask if I like that thought and I tell you it makes me very wet. You tell me that you want me to rest my hand over my freshly shaved pussy. You tell me to not put anything between my lips yet. That you just want my hand to rest there a moment, lightly stroking the flesh. You tell me to run my fingers along my slit, but to still stay outside. I cannot go in until you tell me that I may. You tell me to press a little hard as I do it, so that I can feel the pressure against my clit. I do as you say and I tell you that I want to feel you inside of me. You tell me that I will be able to feel anything I want soon enough. You tell me to slowly put in one finger and push it deep inside of me. You want my finger to get nice and wet. I do so willingly and as I do, you hear me take in a long, deep breath. You tell me to pull out and push in a few times to get my finger nice and drenched. You then tell me to bring it out and up to my clit, that you want me to run that finger around, encircling my clit. You tell me that I should do this slowly and to think of your tongue doing the same to me while I am. You tell me that you want me to bring ankara eryaman escortlar my fingers to my mouth and suck the juices from them and to describe to you how it tastes. I do so and tell you how it’s sweet and that tasting it makes me think of kissing you after you have been eating my pussy. That tasting myself from your lips is one of the sweetest things. You tell me that you love kissing me after tasting me because you love to share such a great flavor with me.

Next you tell me that I should now run two fingers into my wet pussy. You want me to thrust them both in and out, not too fast. I do as I am told and my fingers begin to slide easily from the sweet juices between my legs. You tell me that you want me to run each finger along either side of my clit. To move it up and down, slightly pinching my clit between my fingers as I run them up and down again and again. I start to moan a bit more as my excitement builds. You whisper to me through the phone how you wish you were there to watch me as I played with myself. That you would find it hard to not throw me down and ravage me if you were with me now. I breathe in quick through my teeth at the thought of you just taking me for your own pleasures. You tell me to keep rubbing up and down on my clit with those two slick fingers. Go slowly, you tell me. Be sure to enjoy what you are doing. I tell you that I am and that I am thinking of you taking me, forcefully, to bend to your will.

I continue moving, moaning as I do. You then tell me to slide down and insert three fingers. You tell me to run my fingers so slowly down over my clit as I do, allowing my pussy to consume my fingers as they enter. I ask what you wish of me next. I am starting to breathe even heavier and the sound of my voice, almost at a whisper, makes you want me all the more. You tell me that you want me to push my three fingers in hard and fast and while I am, you want me to rub my clit with them with each inward thrust. I moan even louder as my fingers penetrate my pink flesh over and over. You tell me that hearing me moan like that gets you hot and makes you want to take me from behind, feeling yourself enter me as deeply as you can. Hearing this makes me tell you how I like you taking me, feeling your hardness slide inside and fill me. I tell you how wet I am and that I can hear the sounds of it as my fingers push inward. I ask if you want to hear how it sounds and you simply respond, yes. I move the phone down and continue to bang myself with my fingers. I push in hard and fast and you can hear the sound of my wetness as they move in and out. I bring the phone back to my ear and listen as I can hear you beginning to breathe hard as well. I ask if you need to stop since you are calling me from work and you tell me not to worry, that you will be ok. You say that you want me to add another finger and to continue working my clit with my thumb and I oblige happily. I can feel as the slickness starts to run down towards my ass and I think of how you love to taste me and how you never seem to be able to get enough.

I keep moving in and out, running my thumb around my clit as I do. I ask you if you want me to come yet and you say no, not yet because you want it to last a little longer. You tell me to keep on rubbing and imagine you there with me, watching. That you want me to know how much it would make you want to fuck me hard escort etimesgut and fast, until we both came. You then tell me to twist inside, turning my fingers inside as I keep pushing in and pulling out. I keep moaning into the phone at all your words and the feelings emanating from my warm and very wet place. I’m closing my eyes as I imagine you there, watching me with hungering eyes. I continue to move as I listen to your breathing. I think of how good it would be if you were here with me right now. You tell me you want me to make myself come and you want me to come hard. You tell me to really go for it, pushing into myself and that if I can manage, I should work my thumb up inside of me. I move to get my thumb inside and begin to push harder. My thumb slides in easily alongside the rest of my hand due to my small hands and the amount of natural wetness that has been expelled from my insides. I move my hips into my hand as I bring it in. I do this in an attempt to make as much connection as possible. I keep moaning into the phone and I am beginning to call out your name as I do. You tell me to call out when I am coming. You tell me to scream out to you as I do. I am getting close and I can feel it building within me. I have my eyes closed and am slamming my hand in and out of my pussy. I am having a hard time holding onto the phone at this point since my desire and pleasure is really starting to take over me. I feel my insides start to turn and tremble as I am immersed into my orgasm. I call out to you and I am screaming as my hand continues to move in and out. I slow my rhythm and allow myself to relax as my body continues to shake from the massive orgasm.

I lay there a moment, eyes closed, unable to say or do anything. All of a sudden, I feel a hand on my shoulder and as I open my eyes, I see you looking down at me, bending to take a quick nibble of my neck. I smile and ask what you are doing here. You tell me that you got out of work early and decided to come surprise me. You used the key I gave you a while back to come in. You tell me how you watched me as I fisted myself and that now, you are here to take me and fill me with your hard cock. I giggle a little and slowly pull my hand from my insides. You take it and begin licking it, lapping my juices off with a smile on your face. You tell me how good it is to taste me and you go down to take a few licks from the source. You bury your tongue inside my walls. I am so close to another orgasm instantly. You move your tongue around inside and run your hands up to my breasts. You then pull yourself away and pull me up to stand in front of you. You remove my robe the rest of the way, although it is barely hanging on at this point. It drops to the floor and you take my wrists into your hands. You pull me along behind you as you lead me to the dining room table.

You lay me back against the cold wooden surface and kneel between my legs. You place each of my legs over your shoulders and slowly start kissing the insides of my thighs. You bring your hands up under my ass and slightly grab at it as you tease me by licking around my lips, never allowing your tongue inside. You slowly rise, gently moving my legs so as not to hurt me. You pull me closer to the edge of the table and begin undoing your belt. You take it and wrap it around my wrists, securing them together. You batıkent escort undo your pants and let them, along with your boxers, fall to the floor. I look down at you between my thighs and can see how hard you are. You begin playing with me using the tip of your cock. You rub it along the outside of my lips with a slight amount of pressure. You push forward, allowing yourself entry into my wet lips and waiting pussy. You slide in easily, fitting us together like a puzzle. You pull my legs up so that they are at a 90 degree angle to the rest of my body, laying them against your chest and to either side of your head. You grab the fronts of my thighs, close to my hips, and pull me onto you harder. I feel the hard wood against my back as I slide along it to meet your awaiting cock. I let out a moan as you play with my clit with your fingers, using a sort of twisting motion. You lean forward a bit as you keep thrusting into me, slamming me hard. You slow down and lean in to nibble at my nipples. You lick them and trace with your tongue. You pull your self out of me and grab the belt that is wrapped around my wrists. You pull me up to you and kiss me with the most penetrating kiss you have ever bestowed upon my lips. You then stand me up and grab my ass in your hand. You tell me that you want me to scream out for you as you fuck me from behind. You want to push your hot cock inside of me until I can barely stand anymore, to push and fuck me until I am spent.

You turn me around to face the table and bend me at the waist. You take your hand and smack my ass twice once I am on the table, breasts pressed against that wooden surface. You pull my legs apart slightly and run your hand up inside of my thigh until your fingers gently brush my clit. You lean forward a bit and whisper to me that this belongs to you right now and how you are going to own it for the next little bit. You tell me that you are going to fuck me and make me come for you. You push inside of me fast and hard. I can feel my thighs hit the edge of the table with each of your strong thrusts. I cry out as the pleasure and pain of it swallows me. You push harder as I start to cry out. You slap my ass and then grab it and dig your fingers in. You move into me fast and hard, like a well-oiled machine as it moves through it’s daily routine. I can feel the intensity building between my legs as you push. I can hear the sound of you slamming against my ass as you thrust. You ask me if I like you fucking me like this and I tell you that I want you harder and faster still. I tell you how you are getting my so ready to come for you by fucking me like this.

You slow a bit and pull my legs apart farther still. You then resume at a much faster and harder pace. You are really slamming my legs into the table and I am almost ready to come. I tell you how close I am and that I can’t wait to unleash for you, I want to come for you. You continue slamming, fucking and allowing me to consume your cock in my pussy. I begin to scream as I am driven into my orgasm by your probing cock. You pusher harder, you drive in to me faster. You fuck me as I scream and then you come hard, grabbing a fistful of my hair as you do, moaning and calling out my name. Telling me how fucking good it feels to fuck me. I can feel my muscles as they twitch against your softening cock and you lay against my back. You kiss it a few times and I quiver from the touch of your lips. Every inch of me is so sensitive in this state. You pull away and stand me up. You take the belt from my wrists and kiss me several times. You ask if I am ready to sleep and I nod. You lead me to the bedroom where I drift right off to sleep, wrapped in your arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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