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In my last story I told you how my fellow drama student, Alycia, had taken control of my life and my finances. She has a key to my flat and the only underwear she allows me to wear are plain vests and gym pants which make me feel much younger than the 19 which I really am especially when she makes me put my hair in a pony tail. There is no possibility of me buying myself any grown up undies as Alycia gives me a small amount of pocket money and I have to account to her for how every penny is spent.

Well last Friday evening Alycia told me to be ready for her to collect me from my flat the following morning. I was to be in my full school uniform. As she led me from the flat to her small car I was hoping that any of my neighbours who saw me would not recognise me as when I am in this mode my adolescent hairstyle does make me look quite different from my usual self. During the drive Alycia of course, did not tell me what she had in mind and I knew better than to ask any questions as this is never allowed and unwelcome questions always lead to a humiliating penalty.

We drove to a very rich part of the city where there were trees along the sides of the road and all the houses had very high walls and metal gates. Alycia parked outside of one mansion and handed me a sealed white envelope which she had taken from the glove box of the car.

“You are going to go into that house. You will have to use the entryphone on the gate and you will tell them your name and say you have come for your punishment. You must obey everyone you meet as if they were me and if you are disobedient I will know and I will be very cross with you. Do you understand pet?”

The thought in my mind was “Punishment? What am I being punished for?” but all I actually said was “Yes Aunt Alycia.” I walked to the gate while Aycia sat in the parked car watching me; I guess to anyone looking on I must have looked like a girl arriving for a piano lesson or something of that sort. I pressed the button on the black box attached to the gatepost and waited for what seemed like a long time. My call was answered just as I was thinking of pressing the button again. It was a very sharp female voice which just said “Yes.”

The voice was so curt that I almost forgot what I was supposed to say and then I stammered over it.

“I’m Julie. I’ve ah I’ve come for my punishment.”

The gate silently swung open and I went into the gravel courtyard which had shrubs around the outside. There was one stone step up to the imposing polished front door which opened as I approached to reveal a middle aged lady with short cropped grey hair. She wore a plain black dress with a narrow black belt and her legs were in black tights. The lady stood aside so that I could enter whereupon I stood in a hallway with a large chandelier overhead.

“Come with me.”

She led me into a very pleasant sitting room and told me to close the door behind me which I did feeling quite intimidated by her presence. The woman held out her hand and I remembered the white envelope which I was clasping in my hand. I gave her the envelope and she put it into the pocket of her dress.

“He’s very busy. You’d better start undressing out here to save some time.”

I stood facing her for a moment but her meaning was quite clear so it would have sounded foolish to ask her what she meant. I dragged my school jumper over my pendik escort head and she indicated with a hand that I should place it on a chair which I did. She was studying me with a distinct air of disgust as I took off my grammar school tie and began to unbutton the crisp white blouse. When tie and blouse were on the chair I was just in my tight white vest which was keeping my breasts constrained to just a slight bulge.

“Keep the vest on for now. Take off your shoes socks and skirt.”

I hated unzipping my grey skirt and letting her see me in my horrible bottle green gym pants as the skirt fell and I stepped out of it. Next came my black shoes and my white ankle socks so I was standing barefoot on the maroon patterned carpet with my hands folded awkwardly in front of my knickers covered pussy.

She brusquely ordered me to face the wall and put my hands on my head and when I had obeyed I heard her leave by a door which presumably connected to the next door room. So I just stood there wondering how long she would leave me and what fate awaited me.

Suddenly she was back, standing in the open doorway and issuing another command.

“In here. Keep your hands where they are.”

I hurried into the next room feeling very stupid and humiliated and I beheld a man seated behind a large desk. My mind almost shut down as I realised that it was Ray Doyle. He is a tutor at college and is known to all girl students as a letch. He is one of those men who will “accidentally” let his hand touch your shoulder as you pass him and he gives out embarrassing little compliments like “You are looking lovely today my dear”. He probably thinks he sounds charming but actually he is just oily and no girl likes to be alone with him although it is rumoured that he is sleeping with one or two of his students.

My thoughts were in a whirl. Alycia had brought me here so she had to be in league with him; was she one of “Ray’s girls”?

The letch was moving towards me and he was speaking to me. I noticed that he was holding a piece of paper and I guessed that it was probably the letter which his ladyfriend had delivered to him while I had been facing the wall next door.

“Your Aunt says that you charge the boys five pounds to touch you between your legs. Is that true Julie?”

What was I supposed to say? I had not been given a script so I just had to make it up as I went along. I denied the charge.

“She says that you are often caught playing with yourself and that you sit in an unladylike way with your knickers on display.”

I mumbled a reply.

“Well perhaps sometimes Sir.”

He was walking around me inspecting me.

“You will soon need a bra Julie.”

“My Aunt won’t let me. She says it would make boys look at me.”

He was directly in front of me now.

“Well we’d better take a look hadn’t we?”

He gripped the bottom of my vest and pulled it up over my head. I moved my hands to allow him to pull it off and he was staring at my bare breasts. I felt his eyes boring into me as I stood with my hands now back on my head. He spoke to the woman in quite a friendly manner.

“Let’s have her pants down please.”

The woman went behind me and I felt her grip the sides of my knickers then she pulled them down to my ankles while Doyle stood enjoying the view. His hand reached out and felt my smooth maltepe escort pubic area and then cupped beneath my pussylips and applied a steadily increasing pressure. I wished I could take my knickers off completely as I felt ridiculous just standing there with my hands on my head and my ankles hobbled by my underwear. His hand moved up and had a good feel of my boobs taking each in its turn while the other hand still held the letter. Then he moved back behind his desk, placed the letter on the blotter and picked up a fearsome implement from where it must have been resting against the back of the desk.

It was the cane which Alycia had recently taken me to buy. She had given me a few stingers on my hands and a few strokes on my bare bum but nothing too painful. Now Doyle was gripping the weapon very tightly in a manner that indicated that he could do real damage to me.

“Over here girl.”

Miserably and fearfully I shuffled towards the desk with my knickers still around my ankles and he directed me to place my belly on top of the desk. He gave a sign to the woman and she stood on the opposite side of the desk and took a very firm grip on my wrists pulling me forward so that my feet came off the floor. Doyle was behind me now and he pulled my pants off. I knew that he had a clear view of all that sensitive, private flesh between my thighs. For an extended second there was silence and the atmosphere was electric as we all waited for what we knew was going to happen. All I could see was the red carpet under the desk then I heard the horrible whooshing sound as the cane swept through the air.

Now you might have seen accounts of canings where the intensity gradually builds and the unfortunate victim bites her lip and refrains from screaming until about the fourth stroke but I can tell you that all that is nonsense.

When the cane struck my whole world was filled with agony. I tried to drag my wrists free from the vice like grip of the woman and my legs bucked up into the air and flailed in all directions. The room was full of my scream.

I was just gulping in some air after my yell when the cane struck again on the other buttock. This time my scream was much deeper and I felt a rasping in my throat. My cheeks were soaking with my tears and my nose was running onto the carpet.

The cane struck again and again and I had soon lost count of the strokes. It was just a continuous stream of pain. My heart was pumping and I was hot and covered in a film of perspiration. I was trying to scream for him to stop but I think it came out as just a yell rather than anything intelligible. The torture went on and on and then suddenly I became aware that I was no longer being struck; I lay on my belly sobbing and sucking in precious oxygen and the woman, who had now moved behind me, began to help me off the desk. Doyle had gone. My legs felt wobbly and I leaned into the woman as she steered me to a sofa. I saw my knickers on the floor where Doyle had thrown them. Some of the cane strokes had gone into that very tender crease where the buttocks meet the top of the legs and walking was painful. I lay on my belly on the sofa and hugged a large green cushion. My wrists had the marks where the woman had dug in her strong fingers to keep me over the desk for my thrashing. Now she was making soothing sounds and gently applying cold cream to my bottom. kartal escort She had given me a large handkerchief to blow my nose.

Of course it would be a very long time before I stopped hurting but the cream did help and then the woman told me that I had to go upstairs. As she helped me to my feet and supported my arm I was confused. Was I being taken to a bedroom to lie down or did some further horror await me?

She took me into a bedroom which had the door ajar and there was Doyle lying on a bed wearing a dark blue dressing gown. He smiled at me and the woman gently prodded me in the back. Stupidly I walked towards him and he told me to sit on the bed. The curtains were open but there were nets on the windows. I winced as my damaged buttocks connected with the mattress.

Doyle made similar “There There” noises as the woman had made and his arm very gently went around my shoulders pulling me towards him. His dressing gown gapped open and I saw his erect penis. I thought back to that first weekend when Alycia had made me her captive. I had been blindfolded and taken in a van to a house where I had walked from the van to the front door on gravel. I had then been taken upstairs where a man, hidden from sight by my blindfold, had used me for his pleasure; that man had to have been Doyle.

We were lying side by side now and he had shed his dressing gown and was stroking my body and kissing my face, neck and my small breasts. His hand moved to between my legs and he rolled on top of me so that my tender buttocks were now forced down more firmly into the mattress making me whine slightly. He eased his member into place at my opening and began to press into me. Doyle was a skilful and probably very experienced lover; he had me for a very long time and I could not help responding. Again and again my legs came up and folded around his back pulling him even harder into me and I was moaning and crying out as I orgasmed repeatedly.

Of course it ended by our drifting into sleep. When I awoke it was still daylight and he was already awake beside me. He kissed me lightly and whispered a few meaningless endearments then he said that my aunt would soon want me back. (Oh so we were still playing that game.) We left the bed naked and walked along the passage to the next door bedroom where the woman had left my clothes neatly folded on the bed. Doyle sat down in a chair and I had to dress as he watched me. While I dressed I heard a car and saw out of the window Alycia’s car drawing into the drive.

So that was it really. Doyle took me downstairs, kissed me and opened the front door so that I could go out to the car. After that I became Ray Doyle’s plaything. He would tell me to be an hour early for his tutorials and he would have me up against the wall of his office or on the sofa. Usually on these occasions he would keep my knickers afterwards so I would have to spend the rest of the day without them. I would be flustered when people arrived for the tutorial and hoping that I had put my hair back tidily enough so they would not guess what I had been doing just ten minutes before they arrived. Often he would tell me to meet him at a hotel where he had taken a room for the night. He would buy me a stupendous dinner and then we would go to his room and I would have to make sure that he was well rewarded for the money he had spent on me. My college grades were consistently high and I was given the very clear message that I was whoring my way through college. The wide range of techniques and skills which Doyle made me practice with him would have meant that I could have been very successful as a call girl.

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