Quite A Nice End To The Evening

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They had travelled to London for their anniversary, a great meal in a swanky restaurant, the type of place were you feel completely out of place, but the food was amazing and amazingly expensive. This was the first time they had made it back since leaving last year, and both of them enjoyed walking through the lively street, being reminded that London can actually be a fantastic place to be, although it wasn’t long before they remembered the sweaty arm pits on the tube on a hot summer’s day.

Steph tripped slightly over an uneven cobble and grabbed tighter to Mike’s arm. ‘Damn these stupid shoes’ Steph muttered under her breath, wishing she had worn flatter ones. She was wearing a little black dress, stockings that itched like crazy, but she knew he loved seeing the lacy tops when her dress rode up, and the necklace that he had given her that night.

Although not normally a girly girl, Mike thought that his wife of 3 years was the picture of feminine beauty. When ever they got dressed up for a meal or to go out, he always caught a special glimpse of her which aroused him instantly.

They turned a corner into a side street and couldn’t help but notice the big pink flashing sign advertising peep shows and other shows with XXX girls.

“You should go and get a job sweetheart” Mike nudge Steph,

“No problems, £2 for 5 minutes, easy money”

“Go on then, I would pay at least 50p” Mike smiled, ducking the resulting slap.

“Cheeky bastard; you can get the beers in for that.”

They entered the pub next door to the peep show and ordered at the bar. It took them both about 60 seconds before they realised that the peep show was also in the pub next door. A smile went over Mike’s face when he noticed the stripper strutting her ‘thang’ on the catwalk about 10 feet away.

The women was about 22, blond and very big breasted, Mike kept his eyes on the women as she pretended to take off her g-string. “Come on I want to go” Steph pulled on his jacket.

“No way, we already have drinks and anyway you have always said you want to see a show.” He hadn’t lied, on many late night sex sessions; they had both talked about going to a lap dancing club, or a sex show. It was normally brought up when Steph was sucking Mike’s stiff cock.

“One drink and then we go, okay?”

“Okay, let’s sit over there, it’s a lot quieter and we can stay away from the dirty old men.” They moved and she could feel the lustful looks of the numerous men watching her wiggle across the room”

She sat there nervously and watched the dancer, not moving except to gulp her drink. ‘Those have to be fake’ she thought. Almost reading her mind, Mike nuzzled her and whispered “Definitely fake” his hand moved to her and gently squeezed her thigh, which spreading her legs and putting her a little more at ease. She smiled and noticed the tent now pitched in his trousers. Whether it was the drink or the charged atmosphere, Steph leaned over resting her hand in his lap, “Blokes are so bloody easy.” Mike smiled and moved his groin to ease the pressure.

He kept his hand on her thigh moving now, going higher. Turned his head into her hair and kissed her ear. Steph pulled away as a little, as a small wave of pleasure lapped her body. His hands were moving expertly, getting close to her pussy. Her hands where gripping his cock through his ankara escort trousers and enjoying the heat from his erection.

The dancer finished and came round with a pint glass to collect her tip. Mike barely noticed, and got quite a shock when the blond jangled her pint glass in front of him. Rushing he removed his hand from her leg and clumsily pulled a note out of his snug trousers and dropped it amongst the coins. The dancers eyes lit up when she noticed the £50 note. “Blimey, fank you darlin’, you can come again” she squawked in a cockney accent. “By the look of you two though that won’t take long.” They both turned scarlet as the audible giggles went around the pub. She winked and walked away.

They looked at each other and laughed out loud.

“Come on, lets drink up and go back to the hotel” Mike said taking the last sips of his drink. He noticed the glint in her eye and turned just in time for her to say “No way, you aren’t getting away with it that easy. We are going next door” and pointed to the sign next to them which gave them an easy entrance to the clip joint next door.

She downed her drink and grabbed his hand and marched towards the door. Just as they walked through the door, the blond stepped in front of her; she wore a white g-string and nothing else. “Sorry about that, I shouldn’t have takin’ the piss, but I normally don’t get couples.” “As you are going next door I will make sure you get extra special treatment, I will be doing a show later. It is miles betta than here.”

She smiled and opened the door, not moving a great deal and Steph couldn’t help but squeeze past the dancer’s erect nipple.

Mike got the shock of his life when the dancer moved her hand to Steph arse, and even more when Steph smiled. He carried on walking and got the same treatment. Inside the place was dark and seedy. “Just go over there and pay the man at the booth.” The blond pointed to the corner where a balding man sat bored in a caged booth.

“Are you sure about this?” Mike questioned Steph. She turned around and grabbed his cock in her hand. “Well it feels like you are sure. Now shut up, get your money out and enjoy yourself.” Mike thought that it was not very often that his wife can surprise him, but this was one of those time. The look on her face was confident and very sexy.

“Two please,” He said nervously. Steph moved up behind him and started to play with his arse. Her body moved very slowly, but he could definitely feel her nipples through his shirt. “How long?” the man in the booth asked. Mike turned a little and looked for help. A shrug of her shoulders and a hand groping his arse discouraged him further. “An hour please?” The man raised an eyebrow and requested £40. Mike handed it over and received a key in return.

They grabbed the key and headed off to the door marked 3. “I can’t believe you did that to me” feigning annoyance, “Your cock didn’t seem to mind” Steph said, nodding towards his erection. “Come on you.” He playfully grabbed an erect nipple and pinched. They got to the door, inserted the key and the flimsy door swung open. It was roomy for one, but was a snug fit for two. The room smelt clean, but could not be called pleasant; it looked like it was, a wank booth, but luckily enough no former deposits were evident. It had a large blank screen with a wide bench about 2 elvankent escort ft behind.

Steph and Mike moved to the bench and sat next to each other looking at the blank screen. Not a great deal happened and they turned and shrugged their shoulders. The screen shot up and scared the living daylights out of both of them. As they turned they we both shocked to see the blond dancer from the bar completely naked kneeling on a pink silk duvet. Her hands moved expertly from her bullet shaped nipples down her flat belly and through her thin strip of hair. “I knew she wasn’t a real blond” Steph said, and she immediately put a finger to her lips to try and say her words quietly. “Don’t worry, these booth are sound proof, the last thing they want is the performing ‘artistes’ to hear the punter jerking off” Mike moved an arm around Steph and happily watched the show.

Steph seemed to relax at hearing this and lazily moved her arm to rest on his lap. She could feel his erection, and warmed to the dancer as she thrust and jutted in front of her. He moved his arm and started to massage his wife’s shoulders, kissing and moving closer to her body. She closed her eye’s for a moment and felt relaxed and started to feel sexy again. His hand moved expertly and removed the straps from her dress to gain more access to her flesh.

Steph could feel his cock throb through his trousers as the excitement of the show and massage got to Mike; she was also getting turned on with every movement of Mike’s hands and the dancer body. She moved her hand and unzipped his flies to release his stiff cock. Her warm hands around his rod made Mike moan and he kneaded her skin harder. He moved his hands lower and her dress started to uncover her beautiful breast. Mike caught a glimpse of her erect nipple and immediately moved his body so he could take the nub between his lips. She stopped her hand job, as the pleasure from her sucked nipples reached her damping pussy. She groaned and pulled Mike’s head closer to her tits.

Mike was happy to keep sucking Steph tits but he wanted to make her come, so he used his free hand to move her legs apart and started to touch her inner thigh. He loved the part between her panties and her stockings and spent many moments touching and feeling the smooth skin. He moved backwards and touched her arse, always being very careful not to touch her pussy just yet. Steph could feel her orgasm coming, and started to jerk Mike’s coke faster. She wanted to feel his cock in her mouth and she completely forgot she had her tits hanging out, with a soaking wet pussy in a wank booth in London. Steph moved so that her mouth was only an inch from his stiff cock.

She slowly opened her mouth and gently licked the end of his prick; she didn’t take the whole thing but gently introduced his cock to her warm moist mouth. She could see and feel him jump every time she enveloped his rod. She moved expertly now, sucking as much cock as she could into her mouth and feeling his hands move from her arse, to her hair forcing her head further onto his cock. Slowly the movement built up and she could feel his balls tighten and her pussy tighten as she reached orgasms. She moaned loudly with her mouth full, as he shook and hot streams shot to the back of her throat. She didn’t care as he kept on coming in her mouth; hot otele gelen escort waves of pleasure moved up and down her body, her pussy totally wet and wanting to be filled. She didn’t notice as her hips moved backwards and forwards as if she was fucking without a partner.

Mike regained a bit of composure and admired the view of his wife sucking his still erect cock with just the slightest hint of cum on the right hand side of her mouth. He withdrew from her mouth and kissed her deeply, moving his hands all over her tits and down to her arse. “That was amazing sweetheart. I am going to fuck you so hard. I want to look into your eyes and see you coming.” He moved quickly and lay her down on the bench. He was still erect, but wanted to work on her pussy, so he knelt between her legs and kissed the outside of her black silky panties. He could smell her arousal, and could see how wet she was. He moved his hand over her covered pussy, and gently stroked the area, moving fingers around her clit and lips.

Steph moaned and turned her head and noticed the dancer again, she had been joined by a muscular black guy, who much like Mike was playing and eating the dancer’s pussy. Steph was shocked at how much the blond was enjoying herself, and it was obvious she was coming like a train. This vision of the dancer, plus Mike fingers inside of her pussy was making her come again, and the deep moan which escaped from her lips only pushed Mike to insert another finger in her cunt and to suck on her clit that much harder.

Steph was thrusting her pussy, and must have had a multiple orgasm, as Mike could feel Steph’s pussy juices flowing from her sex. He sucked and licked all of her, as her breathing calmed down. He raised his head up and noticed the silly grin on her face. He turned his head to look at the show, and saw the guy wanking his cock just in front of the blonde’s pussy. Steph couldn’t take her eyes off the couple so Mike decided to copy them; he wanted her to be the show.

He moved his body so he was kneeling up about 6 inches from her soaking pussy, and like the show he massaged his cock to match. He didn’t have to wait long as the black guy slowly inserted his cock inside of the blond dancer. Mike following him, put his finger around his wife’s pussy and slowly inserted his stiff cock. She was soaking, and he slid into his wife with ease. He loved his wife’s cunt; she was still tight and he loved the feel of his balls slapping her arse. She screamed as he entered her, and she turned with a lustful look in her eyes. “Keep watching them” he instructed. She did as she was told and copied the blond by playing with her erect nipples.

Mike could see that the guy was beginning to quicken the pace, so likewise he speeded up his fucking her pussy. The new onslaught brought louder moans and greater hip movement from Steph whose was close to coming again. Mike was fucking her hard and fast, and she loved the fact she was watching someone else. The other guy stopped, turned the blond around and started to fuck her doggy style. Mike smiled as Steph had already moved into position. He mounted his wife and was ramming her pussy as far and as fast as possible. Stephs hands moved down to her clit and started to wank herself. The extra stimulus tipped her over the top, and Mike could feel she was coming as her cunt lips milked his prick. He took the opportunity and started the move a wet finger over her anus, going from her pussy to her arse, she screamed and moaned, and Mike thrust quicker and deeper.

They didn’t notice as the door to the booth widened a little… to be continued…

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