Regaining Intimacy

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Ben inhaled the intoxicating scent of her sex as he kissed her sweet gossamer panties. He felt a distinct tingling as his lips touched the moist surface and he immersed himself in the luscious pleasure of her damp warmth. She moaned sexily and ran her fingers through his hair as he kissed her shrouded pussy lips and drew in the sweet flavour of her. She writhed beneath his insistent kisses as he sucked at her clit through the panties that grew wetter with each of his insistent kisses. His hands caressed her perfect ass cheeks and silken thighs. Each breath, each kiss sending surges of desire to his core and swelling his manhood while she pinched nipples and moaned sexily lunging, gyrating and thrusting against his face buried in her like an addict getting his fix.

The exclusive launch party Ben had been invited to was a surprise. He had heard of the Saint Saen Honeyton Enterprises parties certainly they were the stuff of some kind of fantasy legend amongst the wealthy and powerful in society. The rumours abounded about them ranging from the most sophisticated orgies to the most fashionable and exclusive cult in history. SHE was a formidable company. Over a hundred years old with highly valuable shares and a massive market for their feminine fashion products that ranged from, modeling agency to lingerie through perfume to high fashion and media promotion. Ben had often thought of investing in the company. It seemed incredibly robust even in these tough financial times. It seems beautiful women are a flexible commodity he mused. The intriguing thing about their business model was that they were matriarchal- run by a triumvirate of young and beautiful women ages ranging between 19 and 30. A coterie of male business geniuses gathered around them and ran the business but the leadership was more like a cult than any he had encountered at Harvard business school.

He was curious to say the least and more than a little turned on by the idea of being with pretty models in an exclusive gathering. At 46 after a failed marriage he was ready for a little excitement. His wife had cheated on him, largely because he spent more time working than attending to her. The thrill had gone from the relationship anyhow and the divorce was made sweet by his coming into his fortune afterwards. His stock market acumen and over work bore fruit and he was a comfortable millionaire now on paper. He had celebrated by indulging himself in high-class hookers and other trappings of an indulgent lifestyle but he did miss the intimacy of his former lover perhaps more than he cared to think about.

The Saint Saen Apartment buildings were heritage listed art deco. Seven floors of luxury apartments mostly occupied by SHE female staff, models and the family itself had their residence on the top floor with an adjacent roof top garden. Ben handed his invitation to the security guard. A place full of beautiful women would need pretty good security. He glanced around at the cleverly integrated surveillance system and wondered whether the video security guy had a permanent hard on. He chuckled to himself at the thought as a group of exquisitely dressed hot young women giggled as they entered the ancient elevator. The décor was very French and stylish. There was nothing ostentatious or over the top. It said old money that gets more valuable every moment it ages. He entered the elevator with a group of other men who began to talk to each other about ‘the new lingerie line’ Butterfly Effect. Ben drifted off as they began talking pre orders and sales figures. He noticed the intricate ironwork on the elevator doors and the symbol that looked like XTC woven into the centre of the elevator. He recognized it as runes and wondered about the origin and meaning.

The elevator came to a halt at the top floor and opened onto the party with no doors just a large stateroom with doors leading off from it. A small crowd gathered there. Men outnumbered by the young women there almost two to one. He liked the odds and wondered if any would actually be able to cope with more than one of these sweet embodiments of liquid heat. Perhaps half a dozen women were dressed in Lingerie but with a fabulously stylish matching robe that transformed the underwear into full-length evening wear slit up the sides or front depending on the style and matching the colour of the underwear perfectly. This was like no bar lingerie lunch he had ever been to. He had to virtually stop himself from drooling. The other women who he guessed were public relations employees were equally superb in their dress escort sincan wearing tight revealing cocktail dresses and skin-tight gowns.

The CEO of SHE Yvette Saint Saen greeted him, a stunning brunette in her late twenties perhaps even thirty. As he shook her hand he felt any corporate arrogance melt. She smiled at him.

“So good of you to come. I suppose you are wondering why we invited you to a women’s products launch?”

A blonde girl in lingerie passed him with a tray of cocktails and offered them to him. She smiled sweetly:

“We hope we have almost everything you want. If I can do something special for you please let me know. My name is Tara.”

” Yes Ben we go to the trouble of finding out everything about our guests so we can give them everything the want at this gathering. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you. Come let me introduce you to my niece Candice. She is newly arrived from Paris and one of our best models. I hope she will take care of you tonight, but if there is anything you want please let one of the girls know. The menu here is open with many courses.”

She smiled sensing he was lost in her exquisite body. He had dwelled on her firm large breasts clenched in a cleavage by the backless halter dress, traversed her delicious legs that stepped from the gowns slit seductively and as she turned to walk him to introduce Candice her ass sucked him in like a vortex- so perfect so round so hot.

Meeting Candice was like meeting a composite of every marked porn video or magazine he had ever seen. Ben’s profile was young women, he loved women under 25 there was something about the youthful tightness and lithe supple bodies entranced him. He loved petite too small-breasted women with firm perky breasts, blondes, long legs and angelic faces. Something about younger women made him feel more experienced more in control though he didn’t think of girls under 20 usually. Though he would have trouble with any form of control around Candice, he was already lost in her baby blue eyes. He was surprised how quickly he became comfortable with her. Her sweet demeanor and charming French English accent seemed to caste an impenetrable spell on him. She was dressed in white. A simple tight lace and silk evening gown that hugged her body like a second skin. Her deliciously perfect breasts pressed together by a skimpy halter. Her dress split both sides so her shapely legs escaped into view regularly.

The night was full of surprises. He could not imagine how he came to be discussing stock market strategy with someone so young. She had done a student exchange at Harvard and even knew some of his old professors. He wondered what some of those lecherous old guys would have made of her. There is nothing more disarming than beauty youth and brains he thought. The drinks flowed continuously, so too the gourmet food. He noticed some men come and go with one and sometimes two women on their arms. They would disappear into the private chambers that surrounded the stateroom. Sometimes they returned sometimes just the women returned. Some of these old guys couldn’t hack the pace. He laughed to himself.

There was a small jazz trio playing in one corner of the room and some were dancing. An opportunity to get close to the women he guessed.

” Would you like to dance Candice?” He said hopefully. As intriguing as the discussion the discussion had been all business in a hot very distracting wrapping.

” But of course Monsieur Benjamin, I am making you work when you cam here to relax and enjoy our company. I would love to dance with you.”

He encountered her body intense gentleness, savouring the slender waist where his hand pulled her to him, feeling the warm firm breasts touch his shirt, and shivering as her breath touched his neck. Her hands caressed him lovingly, immediately they touched like he was a long lost lover. Her body moved close to his until he felt her almost grinding against him.

” Do you know I wanted to do this all night? Do you believe in instant attraction?”

He moaned a ‘yes’.

” I had just hoped you would not find me too young or too shallow!” She purred in his ear with her sweet French tones.

” Are you kidding? I mean every guy in this room would want you. The only thing that I wondered was whether there was some catch to all this. You know I mean are some of these women hookers?”

He regretted saying that instantly.

“Monsieur, no money changes hands here, but some are rewarded for their devotion and some who crave intimacy are ankara escort given the opportunity to have it. Do you crave it?” She kissed him sweetly on the lips. He felt a tingle where the flesh met and a wave of excitement. Suddenly she was the only thing he could see and feel. He struggled to answer her.

” If you mean do I want you? Then the answer is perhaps more than I’ve wanted anything in a long time. I don’t even care if it costs.”

She kissed him this time like a lover, deeply gently and passionately. He held her close feeling the warmth of her body against him.

” There will be no cost only dividends that will be beyond your wildest dreams. Come with me. I want you to make love to me.”

She took his hand and led him to the elevator. She pressed the button for the 6th floor and then kissed him deeply.

” Touch me!” She purred.

As the elevator descended slowly he felt the outline of her nipple rise against the tight thin halter. He pinched them one at a time and then slid the halter aside so he could attack them with his tongue.

“I’m so wet for you Benjamin. Feel how much.”

He slid his fingers beneath her skirt through the slit and found her panties, moving urgently to her pussy. The fine silk was soaked with her excitement. The elevator came to a halt. She giggled and adjusted her halter and led him down a corridor to an apartment. He pawed at her perfect ass and she stopped to kiss and tease him briefly. She punched a code into a combination lock and the door opened. The apartment was large but seemed to have only one bedroom a kitchen dining room bathroom and balcony. She led him to a couch and they kissed deeply, longingly lost in each other’s endorphin haze. Her scent filled the room rising with her heat. He recognized it from the scent on his fingertips and the taste of it on his lips seemed to evoke all kinds of sexual fantasies with her. He felt her hand on the lump in his pants. Her fingernails tracing an outline and teasing the tip, while her warm palm stroked it excitedly as it swelled. He was lost in her breasts once more and suckled her nipples to evoke the sweet sighs and moans that indicated she enjoyed it. His hand crept beneath her dress and began to massage her clit through the sweet little silk panties. She began to moan more deeply now. Her kisses became more urgent and her sighs deeper. Her hand clenched at his burgeoning cock. ” Je veux que tu chérie tant (I want you so much darling.) Oh mon dieu je suis paroxysme “

His rudimentary school French and the accompanying squeals told him she was cumming. He loved the sound of her climax, felt his cock throb in her hand. She convulsed as he sustained the pressure on her clit. Her panties were soaked with her torrential squirts. She took his hands from her and guided them to his lip and they kissed the hot sticky damp fingers inhaling its intoxicating scent. She stood up and untied the halter, shimmying the tight dress over her shapely hips to the floor. She turned to him sitting on the couch and let him enjoy her lithe young form. He grabbed her hips and pulled her towards his face. This time he hooked the panties aside so he could see her pink swollen labia. She was shaved. He sucked at her wetness and flickered his tongue over her clit drinking her juices like a thirsty man. She clutched at his head and writhed against him. He brought her to another orgasm in minutes. She could no longer stand she was overcome with pleasure. Ben pleased her until she was exhausted from screaming and pulled him up to kiss him.

” Viens te coucher, ma chérie. Come to bed, darling.” She breathed sexily.

She led him to the large bedroom with king-size bed, mirror on one wall and another on the ceiling. She hurriedly undressed him kissing him with every article of clothing she removed. She fell on his bare chest and teased and nibbled his nipples until he felt the tingle of excitement fill every nerve ending. Unzipping him was an art form for her. She unleashed his distorted manhood and smiled cheekily as his pants and shorts fell to the floor.

” Ma chérie I have to kiss this all over. Would you like me to do that?”

He could only moan a yes. Her fingers curled around his cock expertly. One hand cupped his balls and teased them with his fingernails gently then tickled them until he felt shivers flow over him. Fingers slid up and down his shaft as she kissed him peeling back his uncircumcised foreskin and bringing him close to an orgasm so quickly he could not believe it. As he felt his orgasm rise she stopped and pinched etimesgut escort bayan his tip. The orgasm hit him like a thunderbolt but the ejaculation was stopped. He had heard of these techniques where the mind experiences pleasure while the body remained un affected. He screamed “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucck that’s so good!” She let his cock go and a pearl of cum appeared at the tip. She kissed him longingly, deeply and more intimately than he had ever kissed before. The wave of pleasure flowing over him was intense. She kissed her way down to his cock alongside him as he pawed at her body excitedly and forced a finger into her wetness feeling the tightness of her youthful vagina lips clamp him and dribble her sweet juices.

She kissed the tip carefully smearing the pearl of cum against her lisp and swallowing it. She kissed his cock all over covering it with a trillion tiny wet kisses. Her fingers returned to tease his balls and stroke the shaft while her tongue flickered wildly over his tip and licked up and down the shaft. When she finally took it into her mouth he felt his eyes roll back in his head as his cock began to throb violently. As he felt his second orgasm rise in him she deep throated him he felt no control, he almost lost consciousness. Then she simply stopped and returned to kiss him. The anticipated orgasm calmed.

” Je ne peux pas attendre d’avoir votre bite au fond de moi, I want you inside me soon.”

They recovered enough to rest in each other’s arms. The intensity of the foreplay was unbelievable. His cock was bigger, harder and more sensitive than he had ever seen it. She opened her legs and straddled him and he felt her sopping wet panties against his cock. She reached down and rubbed the tip across the silk clad valleys of her labia and shivered as her own sensitivity getting more excited with the proximity of his cock to her hot cunt. She slid the panties aside so the tip could feel her wetness and heat sliding it up and down against her clit until she began to shiver and moan. She put the tip against his tip and pressed against it so the tip alone entered her. Drizzles of her juices rolled down his thick shaft.

” Don’t Move Ma chérie, resist being inside me a little longer I know you will enjoy it.”

He shivered and summoned all his strength to resist her delicious hot sweet tight pussy. She gyrated on him resisting his entry to teasing him until neither could stand it. He reached up and pinched her nipples and cupped and caressed her gyrating ass. She had her fingers buried in her panties and masturbated slapping at her pussy teasing her clip and writing wildly with his cock on the edge of entering her. Steams of juices ran down his shaft. She squealed incoherently and came loudly writhing, moaning and shaking with pleasure.

” Fuck me now Fuck me hard be inside me Ma chérie “

He grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her back, spreading her legs and sliding his cock against her saturated pussy pressing urgently against the tight lips until they parted to take his hugeness into their tight joy. He pushed deep until every inch of him was inside her. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed him as he caressed her loveliness, her silken skin. He pulled backward until his cock almost left her. She squealed begging him to fuck her hard deep and make her cum. Over the next3 hours they fucked in every conceivable position, she rode him, doggy, reverse doggy, across the bed. She climaxed repeatedly each time she teased him to extreme so he was on the edge of orgasm the whole time the pleasure of deferring pleasure was exquisite.

It was 3am in the morning when their lovemaking became so tender that their every movement was felt deeply and so erotically that they almost wept with joy. It was then that Ben entered her to fill her with his seed. He was entranced in the way a man in love is. Captured to the core by her generous intimacy. They kissed longingly, deeply and with intense emotion like lovers who want to bare a child. He moved slowly inside her. Her sweet swollen pussy sucked him into her. His cock throbbed and swelled uncontrollably. When they were perfectly still and immersed in the deepest of romantic kisses. They both exploded. His cock shooting repeated spurts of cum into her while she convulsed with wild excitement, the room was full of their heat, the scent of their pheromones. Their bodies a wash with endorphins so that time and space were suspended. Their only consciousness was the waves of pleasure that crashed over them as they slipped in and out of consciousness. Their bodies so deeply connected by the electricity that sparkled in every nerve ending until they drifted into sleep. Ben would awaken to her beauty for the next few days and crave her rich scent and intoxicating juices repeatedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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