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The bell on the door rang as I entered the store…I walked into a seemingly deserted business, so started to browse, waiting for someone to come out through the “EMPLOYEES ONLY” door. When the door finally opened, a sexy specimen of a man walked out with a big grin of recognition…

I wanted to be sucked into a hole in the floor at this moment, because to my surprise, this was the same man that had “found” me tied up in a barn, “saved” me and then seduced me in the hay loft…or maybe I had seduced him…either way, I looked around for a means of quick escape. He sauntered towards me, finally saying hello.

Sheepishly, I returned the greeting, knowing my face was flaming from the guilt I was feeling. I had told him I would call, but I never did…I guess life does catch up to bite you in the least expected-and most awkward!-circumstances.

Why hadn’t I called? Well, there was one very big reason…he is single, and I am married. The sex was hot, the chemistry was there, it was quite enjoyable and passionate and fulfilling for both…and I had wished that I could have called him afterwards, but in the end, he was Single. The last thing I had said to him was that I was looking forward to a repeat performance, preferably without the straw…

I realized, shaking the memory from my head, that sincan escort he was talking…and worse, that I had not heard a word. I had to ask him to repeat it, admitting that my mind had been…elsewhere. (In a hay loft, to be precise!)

He knew exactly where my mind had been, and chuckled at the colour once again rising in my cheeks. “I was asking how I could help you…if there was anything in particular you are looking for,” he repeated. The double meaning was not lost on me, and as I looked at his face in surprise at the words, I saw that it was not lost on him either.

I had forgotten the scent of him, and as he got closer, walking me through product options, I almost found myself leaning in to catch more of the smell…gawd, this was distracting! My mind was racing off in sexual tangents….could I blow him here? Would he even let me? Are there more staff on the other side of that door? Or are we alone in here?

I began fantasizing about snippets…my knees touching the cold floor as my fingers grasped his ass, pulling his cock deeper into my throat…sliding my skirt up to my waist as he lifts me to a countertop… I quickly shake myself out of the fantasies, remembering that we are, after all, in a business setting…and he is very much at work and being professional, given the circumstances…

He ankara escort has been standing in front of me, watching my face as he spoke, and suddenly, I knew what was coming…Quietly, he asked me why I had never called again all those months ago. I explained, as best I could. I suppose it helped his ego, realizing that it was not a BAD experience in the barn that had driven me away…but he was rather peeved at being abandoned simply due to his relationship status.

A slightly heated debate followed, during which I burst out in frustration that I had wanted to fuck him again, and that I had spent the last twenty minutes imagining fucking him on every surface around us! Well, that did it!

I found myself being pulled into the “EMPLOYEES ONLY” area…quickly, I was pushed against a desk, a skirt was raised, a thong pushed aside, his cock-hard and throbbing-was being wrapped, and swiftly entering the wet heat created by the fantasies I had been having…It was all so fast, so passion-driven!

Our interlude lasted only minutes, but they were minutes spent in the breathless agony of intense pleasure. Our bodies moved towards each other in unison, striving for maximum depth…within seconds, I felt the shockwaves beginning to build in my toes, my legs, my arms, my pussy…my breasts etimegut escort were begging to be sucked and nibbled, and as his mouth gently touched the erect nipple, a moan escaped my lips…

I urgently begged him to be rougher, to bite, to suck…and as he did, I rose higher, closer to the peak, until finally I could not control my body’s reaction…as I crested, so did he…his guttural groans at the end of each stroke seemed to relax me, and I could feel my pussy contracting, soaking the condom around his cock with my juices…As my clit slowed its pulsing, the muscles within slowed their continued grip on his shaft as he, too, came down from the height of orgasm. We both collapsed against the desk, spent.

Within a few minutes, I had moved, straightening my skirt and thong, readying to leave…only, instead, I bent to my knees in front of him, carefully removing the condom and replacing it with my lips. I sucked on the now limp shaft, sending tremors through his body, and was just beginning to get into it, enjoying it, when the bell over the door rang… I stood up, ensured that my clothes were set, and waited for him to finish quickly dressing.

While he washed his hands at the sink, I confirmed my order-all business. I thanked him, and was walking through to the retail area when he quipped…”I’ll call you when your order is ready-I know how you are when it is left up to you to call.” I smiled as I walked to the exit, thinking that perhaps an excuse was just what I needed to take a chance on a Single man again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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