Revelation , Resurrection

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The front door rattled. The dull, thumping sound of flesh tapping glass quickly followed. A middle-aged, black man had his hands cupped to the door glass peering into Terri Jenkins’s book store.

“Great!” Terri whispered to no one in her frustration. It seems that her reading was always disturbed right in the middle of the good parts, especially in the middle of the steamier Harold Robbins romances. Terri put the paperback down on the top of the sales counter. She’d just have to get back to her adults only lesson in preparing banana splits.

Apparently, Harold’s writing had gotten her a little more excited than she’d first imagined. Walking toward the door reminded her of just how excited she’d become. The moisture from within her seemed to have collected at the apex of her legs giving her a slippery sensation as she moved.

Standing outside the big wood and glass storefront door was a very large black man. He had turned, and was looking out toward the street. He took a few last drags from a cigarette before flipping the butt away. A tool belt hung from his hip. A van was parked beyond the man on the street. The words “Wilson’s Electric Company, Inc.” were painted brightly on the sides. Below, in smaller print was a phone number and promises of bonding, licensing and insurance.

“Finally,” she whispered under her breath. The electricians were supposed to have been here this morning. It was now after four in the afternoon on a Saturday!

Terri just wanted to go home.

At least, she wanted to go. Home just didn’t seem like a real warm place, lately.

Terri Jenkins turned the key in the lock, and swung the big door open, determined to give this guy a piece of her mind. It didn’t matter why he was so late. Half the day was shot, and Terri was frustrated. “It’s about time,” she snapped as the man turned to face her.

When the tall man looked into her eyes, Terri’s irritation seemed to melt away. His eyes were a deep, penetrating brown. His smile was warm and reassuring. His demeanor seemed relaxed and friendly. “I’m sorry I didn’t get here earlier,” he offered. “My crew got held up over at the water plant…Working with some pumps. I left them to finish up themselves.”

“That’s okay,” she replied, suddenly embarrassed by her impatience.

Though his gaze lingered a bit too long on her chest, the man’s voice seemed genuinely sincere. Terri relaxed.

“Mrs. Jenkins?” he inquired politely.

Terri smiled, and nodded slightly.

The man offered his hand. “John Wilson.”

Terri took his big, rough hand, and nodded, again. His touch seemed warm and gentle, yet almost electric in Terri’s banana split obsessed mind. She wondered if the room was getting warm.

Arms crossed, she released his hand, and leaned against the door deliberately appraising the man. The realization that this guy was actually attractive had completely taken her by surprise. He was tall, with broad shoulders. His arms were big, and rippled with muscle. His skin was very dark. His face was pleasant, giving him a non-threatening appearance. She guessed that he must be in his early forties. She, also, guessed that she’d recover from her romance novel inspired horniness no time soon. ‘No more Harold Robbins,’ she told herself.

John Wilson continued in a very businesslike manner, “So, where’s this problem light fixture, ma’am?”

She smiled, and directed him inside “It’s right over here” She walked toward a row of track lighting which should have been illuminating a rack of today’s best-sellers in the front window. Instead, the books were lit only by fading sunlight.

John watched as the woman turned toward the display window. He’d already noticed how pretty she was, and how full her breasts were. The thin sweater she wore revealed just enough cleavage to make him want to see more. Once she turned, he felt free to admire her perfect little ass. She wore polyester slacks that hung in such a way that they accentuated those little round globes to perfection. Just looking at her fine ass made him hard.

‘Man,’ John mused silently, ‘I gotta find a woman…soon!’

Memories of his ex-wife came flooding back, as they typically did when he started to get a little excited. This technique usually worked better than a cold shower.

This time, though, it didn’t. Suddenly, John was looking for ways to hide his erection.

He wondered if Mrs. Jenkins kept the bookstore this warm all the time. Or, was it just him?

Mrs. Jenkins stepped back, and John easily slipped back into his professional mode. He had years of experience to fall back on.

While looking for a light switch, he mused about the fact that he had never had sex with a customer in over twenty years in the trade. Hell, he’d never been with anyone but his ex since he was nineteen.

Then, twenty-five years later, the bitch left him for that little white prick of a business partner!

No, John wasn’t bitter. Just because he fantasized about strangling the skinny, little slug, and his fat-assed ex-wife several escort sincan times daily, he wasn’t bitter–Just pissed!

John Wilson saw no switch or exposed cord on the track light fixture. He looked around for a wall switch, and found one at the far side of the window case. “Is that the switch?” he asked as he walked toward it.

Mrs. Jenkins said, “Yes,” and reached for the switch at the same time as the electrician. They bumped into each other, before they both backed off. They excused themselves simultaneously. Terri felt embarrassed, but noticed Mr. Wilson acting much the same way. They both laughed nervously.

Finally, Terri said that was the correct switch and John turned it on and off a couple of times. “This is going to be easy,” he said. “The switch feels a little loose. Kinda like my ex-wife!”

Now, it was John’s turn to be embarrassed. He had no idea why he said that. He was beginning to feel like an idiot. He pulled a screwdriver from his pouch, and started to work on the switch plate screws.

“Recently separated,” Terri asked.

“Ah, yeah.” John felt a little self-conscious, but the woman seemed sincerely sympathetic. “She decided she liked my partner a little more than me,” he explained.

“That’s too bad. You seem like you really cared.”

“I did, but I feel much better, now.” He pulled the cover plate from the wall, turned and smiled at the pretty, white woman just behind him.

Terri Jenkins smiled back, then added, “My husband cheated on me once, but …”

“Let me guess…He apologized, and you forgave him?”

“Yes, but I really do love him…He’s been faithful since…I’m sure.” Terri wondered who she was trying to convince.

“I’m sure he has,” John consoled her. “You’re a very beautiful woman.” He had the switch mounting screws, and pulled the device from the box in the wall. Pieces of plastic fell to the floor. “That’s it,” John confirmed. “Bad switch.” He bent down to pick up the little pieces.

Terri stared at his round bottom. She was making mental comparisons with her husband. Her husband was about the electrician’s age, but he was falling apart physically. Her husband’s butt was flat, and very unattractive. The more Terri thought about it, the more she was convinced that her husband didn’t compare to John Wilson physically. Mr. Wilson simply looked good, and so far, he seemed much more sensitive and understanding than the man that she married fifteen years ago.

John stood and turned back toward the door. Terri realized that she was still staring. John smiled as Terri tried to regain her composure.

“You have another?” she asked.

“Sure do. It’ll be a few more minutes.” He brushed by her, and out the door. The smell of her perfume stayed with him. He recognized the scent from years back. He remembered the white girls he knew in his hippie days. He remembered the essential oils–Jasmine…No, Patchouli! The scent brought a thousand memories flooding back–A thousand good times.

He found himself fumbling around in the back of his van with absolutely no idea what he was looking for. He had to stop and clear his head. He had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. It had been years since he felt those butterflies. It felt good, but at the same time it made him nervous. He rubbed the palms of his hands across his pants legs, continually trying to keep them dry.

Terri walked back to her stool at the sales counter. She picked up her book, but found she had absolutely no more interest in banana splits. She could still smell the man that just walked out of her store. He smelled of musk. The same scent that her boyfriend in school used. ‘God,’ she thought, ‘that was so long ago.’ Her mind was turning with memories, and the good times before she was married–Before mortgages, kids and all the things she looked forward to back then.

Suddenly, Terri no longer felt those things were very important. She wanted the old times back. She wanted to party, again. More than that, she wanted to feel what it felt like to be in love and to be loved. She wanted to feel those first nervous caresses of youth.

She looked out the front window to see John Wilson hopping like a kid out of the back of his work vehicle. Her husband hadn’t hopped out of, or into anything, in so long she couldn’t remember. But, why should she care? Her husband was good to her. He was a good provider. After all, he helped her purchase this bookstore.

She watched John Wilson nearly skip to the door where he hesitated to straighten his perfectly pressed work uniform.

When John had reached the door, he stopped to check his appearance. Then, he wondered why. This woman wasn’t interested in him. She was married, and probably lived out in the suburbs with the perfectly manicured lawns and the swimming pools. Most likely, the only black man they ever saw was the guy that cut the grass.

Nevertheless, he found that his hands were damp with perspiration and he was trembling slightly. He felt like he was sixteen years old, again.

John pulled ankara escort himself together, and went back into the bookstore. He looked around the store, but at first didn’t see the woman in the dim light. He finally spotted her sitting behind the counter, smiling coyly.

He held the switch up, and said, “Five minutes, Ma’am, and I’ll be out of your hair.”

“Ahhh, so soon?” Terri wondered why she said that. Perhaps, she was accepting the fact that she really didn’t want this man to leave.

John wasn’t sure what to think about that comment. Either she was being facetious, or she really felt the same way he did. He flashed a blank smile at her, and decided it was the former.

He removed the old switch, and then installed the new one in silence. He didn’t even take the time to find the circuit breaker. He simply did the work hot.

Terri tried to read her novel, but she could not recall a single word that she read. She kept looking over the top of the book at the man half way across the room.

John kept thinking about Terri Jenkins’s fine little ass. He was so distracted that he nearly shocked himself–Twice!

Terri couldn’t sit still. She felt too restless. She wanted to party. She wondered what it would be like to smoke a joint, again. The last time was over ten years ago.

Then, she remembered the wine. She had a bottle of cheap merlot in the refrigerator in the back room. She walked around the counter to the front door, and turned the key until the lock clicked.

John turned to look over his shoulder to see what the woman was doing. She told him she was going into the back room and would be right back.

He finished installing the switch, tested it, and then put the cover plate back on. He left the lights on, and went to the sales counter with the broken switch in his pocket. Once at the counter, he wrote out a job ticket.

Terri came out of the back room. She had washed up a bit, and carried a bottle of wine with two plastic cups.

John was leaning against the counter staring at her. He immediately noticed the two cups and the bottle. He wondered if she expected someone.

He tore the ticket from the book, and presented it to Mrs. Jenkins when she reached the counter.

She put the wine down, opened the register and took out forty dollars. She put the money and the bill behind the register so that Mr. Wilson would have to come around the counter to get it. Then, she poured two tall cups of cold wine. She pushed one toward Mr. Jenkins. “Join me?” she asked.

John looked into her eyes. They were a bright, beautiful blue. “Thank you, Mrs. Jenkins.”


He looked into her eyes once more.

“Terri. Call me Terri,” Mrs. Jenkins answered his unasked question, while inviting him to a new level of intimacy. She had made the relationship personal.

He picked up the plastic cup half full of the dark red wine, and said, “Thank you, Terri.”

He touched the rim of his plastic cup to hers. Then, they both drank.

Terri lowered her cup, and asked, “And, you?”

John looked at her quizzically. “Pardon? Oh, I’m sorry. I’m John.”

Terri thrust out her hand. “Pleased to meet you, John.”

He took her tiny, pale hand in his big, dark hand. He looked deeply into her eyes. She stared into his. Both got stuck in a moment of awkward indecision.

Finally, John leaned forward, and pressed his lips to the backs of her dainty fingers. His eyes never left hers. Her eyes never left his. She leaned forward, across the counter. They stood face to face lost in one another’s gaze for some time.

At last, their lips came together. They held hands and kissed like teenagers across the counter. At first, their lips simply touched very lightly. Soon, they began to move about some. Their mouths opened. Tongues began to slip out to explore new horizons. Their hands locked tightly together across the sales counter. Awkward was an appropriate description of their new found contact.

Terri and John were breathing heavily when they broke the kiss, but they continued to stare into each other’s eyes. Terri smiled and batted her eyelashes. John touched her cheek before he broke the silence. “What are we–Teenagers?”

The awkwardness was quickly being replaced by other, equally uncertain emotions.

Terri was well aware of the fact that she really was giggling like a fourteen year old girl. She didn’t care.

John came around to the back of the sales counter. He took the small woman in his arms, and pulled her close. His big hands nearly covered her entire lower back.

Terri felt John’s hard shaft pressing against her hip and stomach. She marveled at how easy it was to recognize, even through their clothing. It seemed huge and throbbed as it pressed insistently against her. She kissed him while she rubbed her hip against John’s raging manhood.

John let his hands wander down over her ass cheeks. He squeezed them. He loved how the little globes felt in his hands. They were firm, but not hard. He massaged them as he etimesgut escort bayan kissed her soft lips.

Terri’s breasts pressed into John’s upper stomach and chest. She held onto his shoulders pulling him down to her. Her breathing had become erratic. She had to break the kiss and let her head roll back to catch her breath.

John kissed her neck, and nibbled her earlobes. She moaned her appreciation into his ear. Her hands dropped down his sides. She took a hold of John’s ass, and pulled his hips more tightly into herself.

He seemed so much different than her husband. His cock seemed so large. She had difficulty believing her own senses. She needed to find out for sure. She kept her left hand on John’s solid glute while she slid her right hand around. She pressed it between their hips and slid it down until she found the object of her desire.

It WAS huge. It was twice as long as her hand and as big around as her largest sex toy. She rubbed it’s full length up and down through the material of John’s uniform pants.

Terri kissed him, again. She held the kiss while she brought both hands around to release his belt, and open his trousers. She reached in, and could not even wrap her hand all the way around the big, throbbing tool. She pulled it up by the base. In response, the head and the majority of John’s shaft sprung out like she’d opened a jack-in-the-box.

She looked into her dark lover’s eyes smiling lasciviously. She unbuttoned John’s shirt. She kissed his barrel chest, and his firm stomach. She pushed his pants down, exposing his entire set of family jewels. Terri took his massive meat in her hand. She stroked it as she knelt before it. She kissed the bottom. She licked the pendulous balls. She nibbled the skin of his scrotum.

John moaned. He ran his fingers through Terri’s long, auburn hair. He stared down at his new lover performing wonders on his big balls. He couldn’t help but notice how sexy this pale, little, white woman looked servicing his big, dark privates. The sight was beautifully erotic. His dick throbbed in response. Drops of clear precum began to drip from the head of his dick. John knew he hadn’t been this turned on in years.

Terri noticed the fluid begin to seep from her lovers pee slit. She took the fat, spongy head of John’s cock into her mouth. She sucked it hard while her hand pumped the swollen shaft. She stared into her new man’s eyes. She could see and feel his excitement. Even though she hadn’t been with any man besides her husband in twenty years, she knew her new lover was too excited to last for very long. Terri wanted to fuck him, and fuck him for a long, long time. She was going to make him cum now, and then get him up again to really make love. She knew it was a gamble, but it was one she was willing to take.

Terri pumped the rock hard shaft in her hand. She sucked the head with all the intensity she could muster. She stared wantonly into John’s eyes.

John’s cock throbbed and pulsated. He was so close. His knees felt weak, and his head swam in the blue eyes of his lover. He started to moan uncontrollably. He held her pretty face in his big hands. ‘God, she was beautiful,’ he thought. He didn’t want to come so soon, but she gave him no choice. She simply wouldn’t relent.

Gradually, all of his being began to focus in on one point as his desire built to the point of no return. John Wilson tried to hold back, but Terri’s actions over came him. He released violently into her mouth.

Terri wasn’t ready for the suddenness and the sheer volume of John’s first load. She gagged as the first, powerful blast of cum slammed into the back of her throat. But, she was determined not to lose a drop. She swallowed as fast as she could, and continued pumping her lover’s tremendous tool.

John held onto Terri’s head and face as he shot load after load into her sweet, little mouth. His huge cock bucked and recoiled after each jet shot forth until he felt completely drained. He staggered, and had to catch his balance by grabbing onto the sales counter.

Terri continued to suck on his fat, ebony log. It was wet and shiny from her spit and his cum. She loved the way it glistened in the rapidly fading light.

She kissed and sucked his balls a little before moving back up. She kissed his body all over as she stood.

Their lips met one more time. “Damn, that was good,” John commented.

Terri just said, “Mmmmm,” and kissed him, again. Then, she handed him his wine cup, and took up hers. They drank as they stared affectionately into each other’s eyes.

Terri held John’s cock in her hand. It was still erect! Her husband hadn’t had a hard-on this long since their first date. “Ooooh,” she cooed, “it’s still hard.”

“You make me that way.” As corny as it seemed, John knew there was no more certain truth than that. Terri, at that moment, was the most beautiful, sensuous and desirable woman he had ever known. “You’re so beautiful. Your husband’s the luckiest man in the world.”

“No,” she replied, “You are–Now.”

They drained their wine glasses. John poured more. Terri took his hand, and led him toward the back room. John scooped up his cup and the bottle as he followed, holding his unfastened trousers up with the same hand he held the bottle.

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