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It was December, and in case anyone didn’t know that, all they had to do was look out the window to know. The sky was grey and cold, the trees were bare, and snow covered the tops of everything. The furnace was on in Lana’s place, and she kept it so warm she didn’t even need more than a sheet and a blanket, but just looking outside into the morning gave her a chill.

Lana was not one to get depressed just by a season, but she found herself really missing her favorite part of the year, summer. She knew a big reason for that now was because she was going through her first winter since she had broken up with her husband. The divorce was going surprisingly smooth and fast, and in a few months Lana would be going into her favorite season as a single woman again, and that was more than enough to keep her excited throughout the winter and spring. At 33, she felt she still had a lifetime ahead of her, and she planned to use it much more carefully than she had before.

Lying in bed, naked under the covers, Lana stared out the window at those empty gardens and snow-covered trees and remembered the last summer fling she’d had before serious relationships had started to take over…

She was 18, and barely that. Leftovers of the birthday cake Lana’s friend’s had shared with her was still at home in her parent’s fridge. Her 13 year old sister Claire was probably snaking on the rest of it right now, Lana thought, but she didn’t care anyway. It was June, summer was in full swing, and all Lana could think about was what the next couple months would bring her. High school was over, college would begin at the end of August, but until then Lana didn’t even have to work during the break. She had worked two jobs last summer, and her dad was rewarding her this summer by paying her to take it off. The days were hers.

As cool as her dad was about money, he was not so cool about plenty of other things, but they were things he couldn’t control now that she was 18, had a car of her own, and had been accepted into a good college. She still lived under his roof, but he couldn’t keep an eye her all the time, and with Claire entering the teen years, he didn’t have time to.

That was why, as Lana entered the local garden store that day, she was wearing heels, shorts short enough to tease someone into trying to glimpse her butt cheeks, and a top that clung to her body everywhere except at her cleavage, which was open and easy to spot, Lana was sure, from across the store parking lot.

She didn’t dress like this for any reason other than that it felt good. It felt good because these were the kind of clothes she was never allowed to wear before becoming a legal adult. They felt good because it was a steamy, humid 96 degrees outside, and the noon sun was blazing right overhead. And the clothes felt god because showing so much of herself after having to keep hidden for so long was an immense turn on for Lana.

As horny as the clothes, or lack of clothes, made her, Lana wasn’t looking for sex. If she wanted that, she would’ve found somewhere better than the neighborhood lawn care store to show off. And besides, despite her dad’s attempt to keep her “his little girl” Lana had had sex several times before, and she had no shortage of young men (or older, probably) willing to fulfill her needs should they arise.

No, Lana was just looking to go out and enjoy her new freedom in the sun. The fact that it made her horny was just a side effect.

The store was small on the inside, but she passed through it and went into the back, where the larger gardens were. There was no roof there, just lots of shelves of plants and sod and dirt and weed-killer. But mostly there were flowers, and it was because of those that Lana had chosen to come here. It was Monday, and on Mondays in the summer the garden store always had fresh displays of flowers that were so beautiful that people would often come just to see them. The displays were in the center of the outside area and arranged in a kind of maze, so people could almost literally become lost amidst a sea of flowers of every color. Lana loved to see the flowers, as did a lot of people, and in this small city, it was about as close to a botanical gardens as the citizens could get.

The crowd at the gardens on that Monday afternoon was small due to the heat, but the flowers were still there, and Lana was so excited about seeing them that she momentarily forgot about how good it felt to be wearing almost nothing in public. She took her time going through the maze of displays, trying her best to ignore the pounding sun and heat. Because Lana wasn’t allowed to wear skimpy outfits before, parts of her were seeing sun that had never done so before outside of a swimming suit. She was still pale from the previous winter, and her white skin glistened from the healthy coating of suntan lotion she’d applied just before leaving the house.

Though she hadn’t been out for very long, Lana checked her arms and legs out to see if they’d begun to tan yet. As she did, she caught a glimpse of a man a few yards behind etimesgut escort her, facing her way. Lana didn’t think anything of it until she turned around and looked in the direction he was looking to see what had caught his attention. But there was nothing really there. A nice display of annuals was right there next to her, but the guy had seemed to be looking more directly behind her, Lana thought.

Or was he looking at her?

A burn, the good kind, tickled up her spine as Lana realized he must have been checking her out. She didn’t turn back to face him, but stayed with her back to him, thinking about what he could see. She knew she was attractive from her head to her toes, but this guy wasn’t seeing her face. He could see her long, smooth legs supporting her tiny body and generous chest. Her ass looked great in those shorts, she knew, and the heels, though they weren’t very high, only emphasized her form. Her long, blonde hair must have looked particularly bright in the sunlight.

Lana looked back to see if the guy was still there, and he was, but he wasn’t looking directly at her anymore. He had sunglasses on now, and pretended to be reading a package of garden soil or something, but Lana could tell he was trying to watch her out the corner of his eye.

He was young, but looked older than her. Maybe 20. He was very handsome and had a good build, and even in his baggy khakis she could tell he had a nice ass. He had black hair and strong jaw, and though she couldn’t see it now, as he pretended not to look at her, she felt confidence coming from him. Maybe it was the way he stood, or how he dressed so neatly despite the heat, what with the khakis and a long sleeved shirt and tie, but Lana was instantly attracted to him. She wished to God that he would look her way again so that, if for nothing else, she could enjoy the feel of his eyes fully on her.

But now she was staring, and he noticed, and so he did look up at her. It wasn’t as thrilling with him wearing the sunglasses now, but then Lana saw his smile and nearly melted. She couldn’t help but smile back. It was more than just a smile of friendliness, or approval. It was a smile that told her he was glad that she had noticed him, too, and because she had done it, he intended to do something about it.

He started walking toward her, and Lana didn’t even realize right away that she was walking toward him, too. He casually looked down at a flower on his way to meet her, and Lana mimicked him, trying to communicate her own relaxed attitude. She didn’t know what was coming over her. He was a handsome guy, sure. Even gorgeous. But he wasn’t the hottest guy she’d ever seen. Why was she so drawn to him? It was confusing, sure, but the strangest part about it was that she didn’t feel the least bit nervous. It was as if she were approaching a friend just to say hello.

But he wasn’t just a friend, and this wasn’t going to be just a hello. For in the heat of the summer sun, Lana’s nipples grew erect. And then she felt a warm, subtle throbbing between her legs that had nothing to do with the weather.

When he was just a few feet away, the guy took off his sunglasses and revealed his green eyes. They may have been trying to tell Lana something, or nothing at all. But when she looked into them, Lana knew she wanted this man. Her breath caught in her throat, and her heart skipped. She was so suddenly overwhelmed that she stopped walking. Or had she stopped walking because he was already right there? It didn’t matter. The magical moment was fast becoming a miraculous one. Without saying a word, the two strangers understood each other completely. Lana had no idea how she read his face, or how he could read hers, but they both knew without a doubt what the other wanted, and what they were agreeing to when at last they smiled brightly to each other.

Lana offered her hand and he took it not to shake it, but to lead her away from the few people in the garden there were and to the outer area of the outside store, where big stacks of bagged wood chips and mulch and soil offered the couple more privacy. They started out walking slow, but excitement overcame them both, and by the time they got to the very back of the store they were running. Lana almost tripped in her heels and stumbled into a hiding spot that only fate could have provided. The stacks of soil and wood chips were arranged haphazardly here, the bags towering on wood pallet bases, and their position created a little hideout with one way in, and therefore only one way to see in. But everyone in the outside store was there to admire the flowers. No one was nearby. But if Lana was honest with herself, she wouldn’t have stopped if there had been a crowd around them.

They didn’t attack each other with their lust. As intense and odd as it was for these two to have gotten together like this, they were still strangers, and Lana at least still had some hesitation. Reality had to interfere at some point, she thought. But as the two looked at each other, breathing hard but saying no words, they seemed sincan escort to come to an agreement about what to do. Lana was so aroused she imagined an orgasm could rock her at any moment.

The guy cleared his throat as he began to loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt. “I’m Chris.”

Lana’s gasped with arousal, shuddering. It wasn’t that he revealed his name that turned her on so much. It was that her first thought was to tell him she didn’t care. This wasn’t about starting a relationship. It was about a primal lust and an unbreakable connection between two people that was based entirely on the sex they were determined to have. It was cheap and naughty and wrong and empty, but oh, God it was hot.

Lana kept her eyes on Chris’ chest as he stripped while she began to remove her own clothes. She might have taken off her top first, but the most important thing on her mind was feeding her pussy. She unfastened her short shorts and bent over to pull them down her legs, letting them lie on the floor, then stepping out of them with her heels still on. She was wearing no panties, and so already she was half nude. Chris could see her white thighs all they way up to where they joined at her beautiful young pussy, bare except for an expertly shaped strip of blonde fuzz above an already hard and extended pink clitoris. Lana leaned back against the stack of bagged wood chips and felt the cool plastic stick to the taut skin of her ass.

She was reaching for the bottom of her shirt to pull it up when Chris came to her, unfastening his pants as he did. She left her shirt alone and extended her arms to accept him, embracing him and kissing him at least has hard as he kissed her. Their tongues traded places, coiled and spun, their wet mouths growing wetter and their lips flush. He tasted fresh and cool even though the heat of his body against hers was exceptional. He wrapped his arms around her and palmed her ass with one of his hands.

Lana feared he was going to delay freeing himself by feeling her up, but then he felt him below, hard and definitely in the flesh, somehow already free of his khakis and underwear. He felt huge, and because he was taller then she, Lana could feel his entire length as he pressed against her. His balls were big and full and hung against her clit. His shaft pressed into her tummy all the way up to her belly button.

Lana put a hand on him and found there was almost room for two, so she added her other as well. He was so hot to the touch there, and if she hadn’t been so aroused Lana would’ve considered the burn of his skin painful. But in that moment she wanted only one thing more than feeling him against her, and that was to feel him inside her.

She maneuvered him down, poking his member between her thighs, all while still kissing him and sucking his tongue. She clamped her thighs around his cock, then rocked back and forth so her pussy could spread it’s wetness over his rigid length. Then she reached for his shoulder to help prop herself up. He grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her, determined for the same goal. Lana was suddenly off her feet, her back resting against the bagged wood chips, and then the head of a huge, pulsing, unfamiliar penis was inside of her body.

She knew he was too big for her to encompass him quickly, so she clung to him to make sure gravity didn’t sink her fully onto his cock right away. The result was so arousing and frustrating that she had to remind herself over and over again that speeding up wasn’t an option. She needed patience, but she wanted him entirely. It seemed to take forever, but eventually his cock was in her as far as she could take him. Lana had grown so wet that by then he was properly lubed to begin thrusting into her right away. He rocked his hips fast and hard, drilling her with his cock as his hands still clenched her ass. Lana’s feet swayed back and forth, hanging freely, still in heels, over the ground.

They both had to stop kissing just to keep breathing. The effort this guy was putting into it by lifting Lana fully and fucking her so hard was one thing, but he was also doing it outside in near 100 degree heat. The sun was directly overhead, causing him to expel a torrent of sweat. And even though Lana was doing less work, she was at least as tense and aroused, and she too was so hot that by the tenth stroke of that big cock up inside of her she was already dripping with sweat everywhere.

The heat of the day was obvious, and with all the sweat, it felt to Lana like they were melting. And yet her partner’s dick was rock hard as it plowed into the soft yet firm core of her sex. Being outside like this, in a sunny, rather enclosed area where there was no breeze, would have been uncomfortable in any other situation. But Lana was far too excited to be lured away by a soft bed, a cool room, or even a shade tree. The heat of the moment wasn’t just the sun and the summer. It was coming from them, and it was getting progressively hotter.

Lana had heard that by stifling one’s breathing, sex could be intensified. She’d never tried escort etimesgut it or even wanted to, but she was sure something like that was happing now. In the heat like this, every move they made was harder and harder. They were losing bodily fluids rapidly, and their strength was draining. But that only made the couple work harder to keep up their intensity. The guy hadn’t slowed his thrusting even though she could feel his heart pounding dangerous fast and she could hear his breathing getting heavier and more desperate. She didn’t stop him because the same thing was happening to her, and it only made the encounter all the more erotic.

Lana lifted her shirt up to give herself some more air, making sure to pull up her bra as well. Her large, round breasts spilled out, bounced, and glistened with sweat before the guy ducked down to replace it with his saliva. He sucked her salty boobs as vigorously as he fucked her pussy, and she enjoyed it almost as much. The sensation of his hot, soft, wet tongue literally dripping with hunger for her was a wonderful contrast to the rigid cock ramming her insides. She held his head to her, encouraging him to feed on her and throwing her head back in ecstasy when he lapped at her hard nipples.

She could have let him do this to her all day, but as hard as he was trying, Lana knew her guy was losing his battle with the heat. His breath was coming so hard and ragged now that he was growling with each gasp. He had been holding her up off her feet and fucking her vigorously for more than five minutes in this sun, and she knew he needed a break.

It wasn’t such a bad thing. She loved sucking cock, and she was looking forward to wrapping her lips around that thick pipe of his. But being fucked like this, so hard now that droplets of sweat were literally flinging from her jolting, thrusting body, was too difficult to give up. Lana wanted to tell him that he could stop and rest, but she couldn’t get herself to say the words. She told herself he would stop when he wanted, and she should just let him go.

But Chris was also losing strength fast. His hips pumped her as forcefully as ever, but he could no longer support her light weight. Her feet were on the ground for the first time since he took her, and he had taken his hands from her ass to her hips. Lana had to squat and spread her legs to give him the best access to her pussy so he could keep fucking her in his new stance. This brought her chest too low for him to suck, so he relinquished that part of her and stood straight, still fucking with every last ounce of energy he had, but now it was his chest and hard abs that were in Lana’s face.

He was not ripped like some model, but he had a hard, smooth body, and the streams of sweat only accented the sight for her. She leaned to him and kissed and licked his abs, his pecs, and his nipples. She tasted his sweat as he had tasted hers, but it was the act of being so totally unbound that was the real turn-on. She couldn’t hold herself back. She was soon making out with this stranger’s chest, and it was enough to send her as close to orgasm as she’d been thus far.

But then Chris was close, too, or at least that was what Lana guessed when he put a hand into her blonde hair, now wet with perspiration, and pulled her to him. He leaned down and, still fucking her like a madman, kissed her with ultimate intensity. This was not a beautiful, lover’s kiss, but a wild, savage mauling in which both of their tongues were the predators and the prey. Lana’s breath was dangerously labored already, but she held it back as much as she could during the kiss. Meanwhile, between her legs, a time bomb was ticking away it’s final seconds, and Lana shuddered violently in anticipation.

But Chris came first. He growled into their kiss and somehow thrust into Lana’s sopping cunt harder than ever before. He poured himself into her, and Lana felt the cum blast so hard and so thick that she wondered if his load might have broken world records. It seemed like it was filling her whole body, and both the sensation of that and the thought pushed her over the edge and deep, deep into orgasm.

She went wild, attacking him with her own ferocious kiss, trying to consume him from the tongue on down. She couldn’t help but gasp and cry out occasionally, but the kiss never stopped. Lana’s body shook uncontrollably, and she fucked her hips against him as hard as he had done to her. She ran her hands up and down his body, making contact with as much skin as possible, relishing in the hot slippery touch.

When she finally began to return to the reality of the moment, Lana found herself on top of Chris, who was on his back on the concrete. Fortunately their bodies had provided shade on the area long enough to allow the ground to cool, otherwise Chris probably would have had scalded his butt on the hot pavement. As it was, however, he let her lay upon him, still inside of her and still hard, and she was still fucking him even as the white passion he’d already flooded her with oozed out from her pussy and drained across his hips. Lana’s sweaty tits pressed tight against Chris’s firm, sweaty chest, and both of their nipples were still hard. Chris rested a hand on her tight, slippery ass, slowly running his fingers along the outside of her crack.

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