Role Reversal

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Public Sex

This short story is a slight departure from my previous stories. I usually like to work on the build and the action, this story is more “getting to the point.” Sometimes, even in Literotica, it’s nice to have a true wank story. Enjoy.


“Look we all have family” the woman sitting at the desk spoke. “If you have problems then see personnel and take time off. You DON’T bring it to the office; understand.” Her voice was firm.

“Yes Ms. Crawford” Mark Benson answered softly.

“I want that research by the end of the day, got it.” The icy voice continued.

Mark knew the meeting was over and silently left the office. God, how could someone so hot, be so fucking cold; he wondered. Well, at least he wasn’t fired. Time to hustle, he figured heading for his own office.

Behind him, Carolyn Crawford paid little attention to his leaving. She had spent years of hard work making her way up the corporate ladder. Not a moment had been spent on her knees either. Hard work and proven results had gained her the Vice-President of Marketing; and she was damned well sure no upstart runt was going to make her look like an ass at the next management meeting.

Just as Carolyn reached for the keyboard to her computer, she heard her cell phone buzz. Glancing over, she froze in mid motion staring at the screen. The image of a red bullseye flashed slowly on the small screen.

The image caused two rushes of emotion through her; the first was a rush of fear, dear god he wouldn’t…not now; her terrified mind thought. At the same time she was totally unable to prevent the sudden gush of fluids that soaked the gusset of her panties.

Carolyn knew everyone in the office thought of her as the Ice Queen. What would they think watching their corporate vice president quivering like a child as she sat at her desk?

Carolyn tried to think clearly. He couldn’t, not here at the office; and besides how would he know where she was. When the next image came across the small screen, she felt her stomach almost roll.

It was a snapshot of her calendar book, the same one resting on the corner of her desk. She could tell by the image it was of her schedule for today. Pulling the book closer she compared the images. Oh God, it WAS her schedule for today; he knew she was all but OCD about her calendar; and he had used it.

Carolyn touched her intercom. “Grace, I’m heading over to the tower for the board.” She was surprised at how calm her voice was.

“Yes Ms. Crawford” the disembodied voice of her secretary came back. “I’ll prepare for your interview at three” Grace said.

A shudder went through Carolyn; a meeting from one to two, then the interview at three with the new marketing company. She knew that meeting would take most of the rest of the afternoon, that meant somewhere between…Carolyn almost moaned.

“Good, have them waiting.” She told Grace, and then snapped off the intercom.

The ten minute walk and elevator ride over to the “tower” as it was known was pure hell for Carolyn. She kept looking at faces, watching dark corners, worried. The game bursa escort was on, and the prey was growing more frightened by the moment.

Once the meeting started, the mental shift for Carolyn was almost a relief. Her mind was totally consumed and all other thoughts she pushed to the back.

As the small group filed out of the conference room, the sudden rise of darkness threatened to overwhelm her. She barely heard the voice beside her.

“Hey want to grab a quick bite, we have some time” Andrew Pritchard assistant head of accounting said.

Her first thought was to say yes, keeping someone beside her would offer her a sense of protection. When she looked at Andrew and saw his eyes staring at her breasts with almost a leer, a shudder of revulsion went through her.

The prick had been trying to get into her panties for almost a year. Forget the fact he was married, she thought.

“Sorry have to pass” she tried to smile. “I have a marketing interview.”

“No problem” she could see the disappointment in his eyes. “You know maybe we could catch dinner sometime, just the two of us. I really think we would have a good time.” He flashed a leering smile.

On your deathbed asshole, she whispered to herself. “I bet” she only replied sourly. “Later” she cut him off and strode down the hall.

Just the image of Andrew sweating above her sent a shudder of disgust through her. Her mind so preoccupied with fending him off, she dropped her guard, if only for a second. That was all it took.

With a squeak, Carolyn felt a powerful hand grip her upper arm and jerk her entire body to the side. Before she could even react, she stumbled into a small room and the door slammed shut, enveloping her in total darkness.

A hand clamped over her mouth, cutting of the small scream that rose in her throat. She could feel her body shoved forward until she pressed against a shelf.

Carolyn could smell pine sol and cleaning supplies; they had to be in one of the housekeeping closets, but where. She was furious with herself for letting her guard down, and now HE had her.

“Slut” a male voice hissed in her ear from behind, as his weight pressed her into the shelf.

“Unnngggggg” was all Carolyn could moan against the hand over her mouth.

Carolyn shuddered as she felt a steel pipe pressing against the cheeks of her ass through her skirt. God he was hard, her terrified mind thought.

The hand over her mouth shifted, and she opened to try and speak. Just as she started to try and tell him that here at the office was not the place, she felt a small rag stuffed into her open mouth, effectively gagging any sound.

NO, she tried to scream; not now. She struggled back, trying to turn her body to face him in the darkness. All the fighting did was to spur him on more.

“I’ll bet your fucking soaked” his voice filled her ear. “Little bitch.”

Violently Carolyn shook her head, to no avail. She felt the weight pressing her forward until her breasts mashed painfully into one of the shelves.

“The Ice Queen is a fucking SLUT” the voice pounded in her bursa escort bayan ears.

Carolyn’s eyes grew wide in the dark as she felt her skirt suddenly jerked up and over the curve of her ass.

“Nnnnnnnn” she tried to muffle out over the cloth gag. Then her mind literally blanked as two fat fingers bypassed the gusset of her wet panties, and rammed up into her cunt.

“Fffffffuuuuuuuggghhhhhh” she moaned into the spit soaked cloth.

“Tight little twat bitch” the voice hummed.

Carolyn couldn’t even respond as she felt that hand pump hard into her. Every shove of his fingers drove her to her tip toes as he almost lifted her in his powerful grip. Reaching out she held onto one of the shelves as he rocked her body in the dark.

Carolyn felt her eyes wanting to roll back as a knot grew deep in her belly. Fuck, he was going to make her cum, she dimly realized. Then, just as the wave started to crest she felt him jerk his hand back, his fingers coming free of her grasping walls with a wet slurp.

“Nnnnnnn…nnnnn” Carolyn almost screamed as the sudden emptiness between her thighs rocketed through her. She was so fucking CLOSE, she raged.

Quivering and shaking, she felt her body violently twisted around. As she was shoved to her knees she heard boxes fall and a small can roll across the floor. With a sudden jerk, the cloth came free of her mouth. She wanted to speak, to tell him to stop, but she couldn’t. Instead of the cloth, her mouth was suddenly filled even more, as his hard cock drove down her throat.

“Ullkkkkkkkkk” Carolyn gagged as her mouth was totally filled with throbbing dick.

Fingers wrapped in the hair, pulling the strands tight on her scalp. The motion sent a quiver of pain through her body as she knelt in the dark storeroom.

“Ullggg…ulllgggg” she panted as his cock began to drive in and out. She could barely move as he began to fuck her mouth in earnest.

Fighting to catch her breath between strokes, it never occurred to Carolyn to fight back. Instead she knelt there in the dark, submitting to his need. She could feel her spit dribble down her chin as her own juices dripped down her soaked thighs.

She could feel his veins throb along her tongue, the smell and taste of him swarming over her. His balls slapped lightly at her chin as his length slid in and out.

“Suck it slut, suck my cock” he growled above her.

“Ulllkkkkkk” was all Carolyn got out in reply.

Just as she felt his balls tighten up against her chin, he suddenly once again pulled back. This time he was denying himself. Gasping in the dark to regain her breath she felt him bend over and pressed his sweat covered forehead to hers.

“You want it slut?” his voice hissed in her face.

“Yes…please” she softly mewled.

“Yes WHAT?” his voice commanded her.

“Please…fuck me” she gasped up at him.

Suddenly she felt her body jerked back to her feet, flailing in the dark she finally gripped a cardboard box of some kind as he bent her at the waist. Her ass jutting out, her skirt wadded at her waist, she heard escort bursa him shuffle behind her.

He never even removed her panties, as Carolyn felt the gusset roughly jerked to the side, then eight and a half inches of hard cock ram up into her in one stroke.

“Cummmmmmmmmmmmm” Carolyn moaned as her body erupted in pleasure. The orgasm she had been denied on his fingers rolled through her body as she felt herself filled with him.

She could feel her juices gush out around his driving cock, and hear them as they splattered to the floor between her spread feet. She didn’t need to see to know he was making her squirt as he began to pound into her.

There was no finesse, no tender grace as her cunt was plowed over and over. She heard his hips slapping the cheeks of her ass in the darkness as she desperately hung onto the box in front of her.

“Yes…fuck me…fuck me…” she groaned as he rammed in.

“You like that cock?” his voice rumbled behind her.

“Yes…oh God.” Carolyn moaned back, totally lost now.

“You like that cock?” he said again.

“Yes…love…cock…oh fuck.” She grunted in surrender.

“Going to cum” Carolyn gasped out.

Her whole body erupted as a sting of pain shot from her ass through her. She could hear the loud slap as his hand came down on her quivering cheek.

“Not yet slut.” His voice growled. “I cum FIRST.” He told her.

“Yes…you first…please…” Carolyn almost begged.

“Cum in me, cum in your slut” she whimpered in the dark.

“You want me to cum in your whore cunt?” his voice egged her on.

“Cum in your slut…cum in your whore…oh god cum in me” Carolyn babbled as her belly rolled over and over.

“Take it slut” his voice grunted behind her.

As if on command, she felt his thick cock swell inside her, and then jerk as it began to spit its hot load. The sudden sensation of warmth filling her belly was more than she could take.

“OH shittttttttttt” Carolyn moaned as her body erupted again.

Bent over she could feel her juices spray out around his buried cock, as he mauled her swinging breasts trapped in her bra and blouse. Every jerk of his hips kept sending another hot rope of seed deep into her belly.

“Thank you…thank youuuuuuu” Carolyn moaned

Just as quickly as it had started, it was gone. That thick pole slid free of her with a wet slurp, and she heard him rustle in the dark as he rearranged his clothes. She rested her forehead against the cool of the cardboard box as she caught her breath.

“Catch you later.” Carolyn heard him say as his shadow shifted towards the door.

“Hey” she stopped him. “Want to grab Chinese on the way home?” she asked.

“Sure” the dark form answered. “Are you going to be on time?” he asked.

“I should be” Carolyn rose up and began to straighten her clothes.

“See you at home” and then with a soft voice he told her “I love you mom.”

“Love you to baby” Carolyn shuddered at his words. “Very much.” She added.

As the form slipped from the dark storeroom, Carolyn glanced at her watch, the lit digital numbers showing her barely thirty minutes had passed since the meeting. She might have time to grab a bite before the marketing interview; she smiled and slipped from the storeroom into the busy hallway.

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