Sam’s Love Pt. 02

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Paula was sitting on the couch in her pajamas reading when we burst into the room.

Sam stopped suddenly, causing me to bump into her from behind. “If you hear any unusual noises tonight, Paula, try to ignore them.” Samantha said breathlessly. “We may quite possibly break the bed!”

“Why?” was all Paula asked watching my hands as they encircled Sam’s chest to tweak her already tight nipples.

Paula looked at me questioningly and I said, “Samantha thinks I’ve got some unusual equipment,” as I reached down to the front of her jeans and began to open them.

“Not unusual,” Sam answered, wiggling her ass back against my cock as my fingers combed through her pubic curls in search of her split, “unless there are more men out there with equipment like Dave has. Enough talking, let’s go to bed!”

I pulled my hand out of the front of her now open jeans, let go of her breast with the other, seized an enticing hand full of ass cheek and followed her into her bedroom. She switched on a small lamp and some soft music as we entered. A king-size four-poster bed almost filled the entire bedroom.

She plastered herself to me as soon as the door was closed. Her mouth found mine as she ground her hot body against me.

“Let me,” I said when she started to tug at her clothes. I swiftly removed my clothes and started with hers. I pulled off her boots, then moved up her legs to finish the task of unfastening her tight jeans. I peeled them down and off her fantastic legs. Her silken panties had disappeared between the plump, feverish lips of her pussy. I moved up to remove the shirt that she was just barely wearing. I laid down beside her and we kissed passionately, her slender body undulating impatiently against me.

I cupped her firm breasts, teasing her pink nipples until she begged me to suck on them. I nibbled into the valley separating her firm breasts, tasting the erotic flavorings of her silken skin. Cupping one delicate tit in my hand, my mouth went to work on the other one, running my tongue all around the pert globe before centering my attention upon the quivering nipple.

Sucking blissfully, I massaged one tit with my right hand, while my left strayed down the supple length of her hip and thigh. I opened my mouth and tried to suck her entire tit between my lips.

Switching to her other breast, I loved it with the same lustiness as the first while my hands were busy pulling off her soaking wet panties. With a soft touch I pressed against the slightly parted crevice of her pussy. It opened with a wet, sticky sound and my finger slipped into the velvety folds. Her clit throbbed as I brushed against it sending a shudder of pure pleasure through her body. The more I worked my finger against her swollen lump of clit flesh the hotter she became.

I moved my lips slowly down from escort ataşehir her taut breast, licking down her rib cage. At her flexing belly I bathed the tender flesh with my tongue and found the dimple of her navel. Corkscrewing my tongue into the shallow valley I tickled her there while her hips rocked hungrily. She arched her back urging me lower to the golden treasure of her pussy.

I licked around the edges of her pubic mound discovering the rich scents of her pussy. I was drooling when I at last burrowed into her inviting gash, she lifted her knees, bent them as her thighs spread wide to give me room.

Her ass cheeks were warm and firm in my hands, rolling in my palms as I nuzzled into the sparse hair of her mound, my tongue found the slick, hot sweetness of her labia. Her pussy lips were delicious and I lapped at them making thirsty, slurping noises.

Tasting of honey, of a thrilling and exotic musk, the very essence of woman, her pussy rolled and quivered against my lips. With a deep sigh I opened my mouth wide and thrust my tongue between the slippery lips, plunging it deeply into the satiny depths of her vagina, reaching as far as I could, her labia grinding against my teeth.

“Oh darling,” she gasped, “that’s it. That’s the way I love my pussy eaten.”

Holding the cheeks of her sleek and twisting ass, I did as she commanded, enjoying the flavor of her vibrant snatch, sucking in the flow of her love oils.

She pumped her crotch into my face, her ass began to whip from side to side as her belly made eager waves. I felt the exciting pressure of her smooth thighs against my head, felt the wrapping of her legs as she drew them around my shoulders and down my back. Samantha ground her pussy into my mouth, thrust the sweet furry length of it against my teeth, bucking and heaving.

“My clit, tickle my clit.”

I devoured her, chewing on her pussy lips, ramming my tongue against the leaping little nubbin that was the center of her passions. I plumbed the depths of her snatch and sucked on her, her thighs clamped my head harder and rolled her upper body toward me. Her fingers dug into my scalp as she tried to pull my whole head up into her inflamed pussy.

Clinging to the writhing cheeks of her bouncing ass I ate blissfully, sucked happily, plunged my tongue in and out and circling around. She thrust strongly against me, smearing her hot juices over my cheeks and chin, straining against my nose, and her body went as taut as a bowstring.

“I’m cumming,” she screamed. “Oh baby, eat me, make me cum, eat me. . .!”

Her juices were delightful and I drank them down, swallowing eagerly as she pumped her pussy into my mouth, her heels pounding a tattoo against my back.

Samantha fell back upon the bed, her thighs going limp as the tidal wave of her kadıköy escort bayan climax subsided. I kept licking at her pussy, not driving as deeply now, just tickling her succulent lips and reveling in her buttery wetness. At last lifting my dripping face from her hot pussy I kissed slowly up her tummy, passed her heaving bosom, directly to her mouth, driving my tongue between her lips, letting her taste her own sweet nectar. She sucked greedily on my tongue, savoring the taste.

Our tongues fought a pitched battle between our lips as she reached down to stroke my erect cock. Her supple fingers slowly began to slid up and down the length of it. They gripped harder and moved faster . . . and faster.

“Do you like it, darling? Tell me you like it,” she implored, her eyes fastened with great intensity on her rapidly pumping fist.

“Oh. . . yeah. . . now, baby, massage the tip with your fingertips. . . that’s right. . . OH God. . . beautiful!” I groaned as I felt my balls surging.

As she varied the tempo of her gliding fingers I cupped her right tit squeezing it, circling the taut, erect nipple, letting my fingers brush against the torrid bud almost as if by accident. She cupped my balls in her other hand, gently at first, then with great adoration.

I rolled over pulling her with me until she was laying flat on my abdomen, her pointed breasts poking into my chest. I closed my legs forcing hers to spread around my hips. I cupped a butt cheek with each hand and pulled her hips against my throbbing cock that was trapped between our bodies.

I lifted her and she reached down to guide my cock-tip into the welcoming split of her loins. As I felt it find the opening of her pussy I pulled her slowly down over it. She whimpered slightly and spread her legs as wide as she could to accept my hard cock. She squirmed her ass excitedly, as inch by inch, she gradually fit my entire length into her tight sheath. At last it was fully in and I felt her twitching ass cheeks brush my sperm laden balls. She lay still for a moment allowing her tight pussy to become accustomed to my shaft.

“God, it’s so big. It feels like it’s reaching all the up through my body to my throat.”

Samantha kissed me hungrily and eased her whole body up so she could watch my impassioned prick reappearing from her voraciously sucking pussy. Then relaxing again while it slid back into her.

She pushed against me, raising her chest up from mine and brought her knees forward, offering the deepest reaches of her pussy to my cock. Slowly she began to pump her hips up and down, luxuriating in the sensations of being stuffed full. Gradually she picked up speed and was soon thrashing around on top of me out of control. Within seconds she was coming again, her pussy spilling it’s slippery juices, bathing my escort bostancı prick.

“OH GOD. . . OH!!! YOU’RE FILLING ME UP. . . I’M CUMMING. . . OH. . . SO BIG. . . . . AH!!!”

She collapsed on top of me, trying to catch her breath, writhing in ecstasy.

I still hadn’t reached my peak, so I rolled with her again and began to pound my rod into her drenched pussy. Once again her orgasm surged back and she wrapped her legs around my hips, urging me deeper with each stroke. Finally I could feel my sperm boiling in my balls, surging up my shaft and adding the flood of my sperm to her already overflowing snatch. Her passion reached a new crest as she twisted her loins under my spewing pole. She cried out in ecstasy and fainted.

Moments later Paula was pounding on the door demanding to know if she was alright. The loud hammering roused Samantha and she answered in a weak voice that she couldn’t be any better and passed out again.

I rolled off to one side and leaned up on one elbow to take in the beauty of her thoroughly sated body. I reached over to fondle her heaving breasts, softly pinching her yielding nipples. Her eyelashes fluttered and she opened her blue eyes to gaze up at me in devotion. I bent over her and kissed her moistly, teasing her slightly parted lips with my tongue. She wrapped her arms around my neck and crushed herself against me.

“Oh Davie, that was glorious. I’ve never been so thoroughly fucked in all my life!” she said after a few moments of arduous kissing.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself so much. You gave me quite ride. I thought Paula was going to break down the door when you screamed and passed out the first time.”

“You mean I fainted more than once?”

“Yep. Only twice though,” I said as I kissed her tenderly. “As much fun as it was, I’ve got to go.”

“No, you can’t, we are just getting started.”

“Maybe we can continue this another time. I promised my dad I would do something for him at eight this morning.”

I moved away from her and stood up.

“I really was hoping you could spend the night, Davie. I want to fall asleep with you next to me. When I wake up tomorrow I’ll wonder if I had been dreaming if you aren’t here with me.”

“I’m sorry, hon. I really have to go,” I said getting dressed. I pulled on my boots and bent down to kiss her before leaving.

She wrapped her arms tightly around my neck and kissed me hard.

“Please stay!” She pleaded, after breaking the hot kiss.

“I can’t,” I replied, my resolve weakening.

“If you won’t spend the night at least stay until I fall asleep. Will you do that much for me?”

“Okay, but only until you go to sleep.”

I kicked my boots off again and laid down beside her.

“Thanks David. We will continue this later, I promise.”

I kissed her softly. Within the space of only a few minutes she had drifted off into dream land.

“Samantha?” I whispered, and when she didn’t answer I slowly raised off of the bed. I picked up my boots and walked slowly out of her room, quietly closing the door behind me.

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